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Find all of the past sermons from Great Lakes Church on this podcast.
GLC London
GLC helps you discover Jesus Christ and express your love for Christ in your own way. Our ministries focus on helping you connect, grow, serve and ultimately go on and impact the world for Christ.
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GLC’s podcast discusses market trends and features commentary from advisors.
GLC 06-03-1
Pastor Matt Smuts. Matthew 25: Sheep and Goats
GLC London Podcast
GLC helps you discover Jesus Christ and express your love for Christ in your own way. Our ministries focus on helping you connect, grow, serve and ultimately go on and impact the world for Christ.
The adventure comedy podcast that tries to unexplain the unexplainable. Join skeptic Mike and believer John, as they travel the world in search of unexplainable stories. From UFO crash-landings to extra dimensional beings, we will blow your mind. The permanent home of all the Unexplainers past shows and extended content.
Sermons from the pulpit of Grace Lutheran Chruch
Grace Life Church is a place where the Word of God is taught with boldness, the presence of God shows up where we worship Him, and the love of God is changing people's lives everyday.Pastor Robert Floyd has been teaching the Bible for over 20 years. He has personally seen and experienced the blessings that come when the Word of God is applied to our everyday lives.We invite you to hear the uncompromising Word of God as it is taught to us through the Holy Spirit by Pastor Robert Floyd.
Loz n Belly
GLC's Managing Director Lawrence Staden and Chief Economist Steven Bell give their views on the markets.
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As GLC and GLIC bigwigs fall in Malaysia, victims of their perceived political allegiance in the aftershocks of GE14, Corporate Governance and Public Administration lawyer Derek Fernandez, asks: was due process followed? And is Corporate Malaysia ready to fill the gaps with qualified people?
Here's a special bonus edition of Run it Red ahead of the next, full, broadcasted episode at midnight (BST), Saturday June 23rd on Don't forget to like/subscribe... 1. S3A - Something More 2. Elliot Adamson - For Club Play 3. CJ SCOTT - CJ's Flyby 4. ART ALFIE - Front (feat Manns Glaeser) 5. Will DiMaggio - Steppin W Friends 6. CJ ...…
The presence of God to succeed: a sermon preached by Deaconess Kofo Sanusi, recorded live at RCCG Great Light Connections, Canary Wharf Campus.
Grace to accelerate: a sermon preached by Pastor Janet Awolesi, recorded live at RCCG Great Light Connections, Greenwich Campus.
Episode 48 "RIP Winchester and The Hawk" Chuck and I talk geek talk, and the topic of a "Hall Pass List" comes up. You know that list when two married people agree on 5 celebrities it would be okay to lay with in a biblical way, and you cannot catch flack for it. We talk Hulk and Green Lantern and Tom Cruise, and shake weights come up again. Th ...…
Crawling Home Episode 37 – Space Zombies and Flatmates On the show: -Awful flatmates -The campaign to get Space Zombie Xmas back -The Cupboard Booze Chronicles Music: -Space Zombie Xmas -James Brown -GLC
Dark Knights Metal #2 (00:03:49), Mister Miracle #2 (00:12:45), Titans #15 (00:16:22), Action Comics #987 (00:21:00), JLA #14 (00:31:41), Teen Titans #12 (00:33:41), Batman Detective Comics #964 (00 :36:41), Flash #30 (00:40:40), Hal Jordan & The GLC #28 (00:42:58), Batman #31 (00:46:22), Green Arrow #31 (00:49:52), Super Sons #8 (00:52:33), Su ...…
EPISODE 22 Rating system DON’T GO, GO, LET’S GO, GOTTA GO! NEWSPost San Diego Comic-Con 17 breakdown! Henry Cavils Stache' Trailers: Justice League Thor The Defenders Ready Player One Stranger things S2 DCEU Film releases - Shazam, GLC, SS2, WW2, FLASHPOINT, JLDARK, Batgirl, The Batman Avengers Infinity War footage Michelle Pfheiffer is Janet V ...…
Celebrity Guest GLC. | Kevin Hart Turns 38. | Rob Kardashian vs Black Chyna Update. | Nicki & NAS. | Amber Rose & 21 Savage. | 4:44 Celebrity Reviews. | Power Updates. | Etc.This. That. & The III provides a fresh perspective on most any situationship one may face in life. From health and happiness, to family, business, music and culture, This. ...…
Rapper, activist and Chicago legend GLC joins Dan on Episode 25 of Sool Radio!#IndieSpotlight "The Light" - GLC
Akilah Hughes (Akilah Obviously) joins Rob & Chris in-studio to talk "Put On" by Young JEEZY featuring YEEZY. Later, the trio talks Katy Perry, Kanye's many movie trailer appearances, GLC's recent comments about Ye, and much much more. The Book Of Ye is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and! Get list ...…
I Love KanyeThrough The WireI Won (feat. Future)CliqueSide To Side (feat Three 6 Mafia)Run This TownCrack MusicThe Whole City Behind UsI'm Kinda Like A Big Deal (feat. Clipse)We MajorFigure It Out (feat. French Montana)Good Life (feat. T-Pain)So AppalledFamous (feat. Swizz Beatz & Rihanna)RunawayNew God FlowDark FantasyHeartlessGet Em HighFligh ...…
John Rutledge, also known as Eggsy of Goldie Lookin' Chain, is far more humble than you'd expect for someone of his talents. Despite being one of the frontmen to a somewhat novelty hip-hop act, he manages to imbue their parodic and humorous music with a very real credibility. He's a far better rapper than he may give himself credit for, having ...…
News (00:04:36),Batman Beyond #8 (00:15:10), Wonder Woman # 23 (00:21:50), Hal Jordan and the GLC #21 (00:33:10), Batman Detective Comics # 957 (00:40:00), Suicide Squad # 18 (00:48:56), Deathstroke # 19 (00:54:53), Superman ACtion Comics #980 (01:01:32), Batgirl # 11 (01:09:54), Justice League of America #7 (01:17:15) Questions? Email us at Ne ...…
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