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GLIDE Podcast
Experience the GLIDE Sunday Celebrations featuring Cecil Williams, Janice Mirikitani, Karen Oliveto and Theon Johnson III with the sounds of the GLIDE Ensemble, John Turk and the Change Band in San
Gliding Through Change
Gliding Through Change is a podcast about successfully creating the positive change you want in your life. Your host is Dr. Kevin Stouffer, licensed counselor and change specialist.
Glide 2.0 - Refresh Podcast
The Latest Progressive & Trance
Adelaide University Gliding Club
The Adelaide University Gliding Club (AUGC) podcastfeatures material produced by club members to highlight the sport of gliding.AUGC is a non-profit club affiliated with the Adelaide UniversitySports Association.
Road Glide Podcast
Road Glide PodcastCreator / Editor - Tony KarlovichThis Podcast was created using
Glide FM - Get It On!
Glide fm Get It On is a campaign from Glide fm and NHS Oxfordshire aimed at raising awareness of sexual health and long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCS) in Oxfordshire.
We're talking breastfeeding on glide fm
We’ll look at the benefits and also the reasons someone may choose not to, or is unable to breast feed.Plus - is there a still a stigma about doing it in public?
George Emsden - finance, swimming, dancing, gliding and anything else
The George Emsden podcasts are a series of thought pieces on financial advice and any other matters that come to mind. George is an independent financial advisor, swimmer, dancer and glider pilot. In these podcasts he talks about things that are dear to almost all of us - money and fun.
Cross Country Magazine – In the Core since 1988
Paragliding, paramotoring and hang gliding news, reviews, travel and adventure and events
Discover More 2015 - Harley Davidson Rider Wanted
This is the Beginning of an Amazing Journey. Ride a Street Glide Special, that will takes on a European Journey to visit 49 countries in Europe, over 30.000km, as the official rider and Ambassador for Harley Davidson.A boyhood dream come true, an adventure comparable to the great explorers of times passed.This is the story on how it begins. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.Screw it! Let´s Ride!See you on the Road.
Strengths In Action: Customer Success | SaaS | Career
Join Nils Vinje from Glide Consulting as he learns about top performers in the fields of Customer Success, sales, and SaaS. What makes a great VP of Sales? What is Customer Success, and how can SaaS companies use it to maximize revenue growth over time? Nils is an expert coach and previously worked as the VP of Customer Success at a hyper-growth SaaS company. This podcast is the intersection of business and personal development
Soul Provider
Glide into Thursday with an hour of acid jazz, urban soul, and smooth deep grooves from the 90s to today
Soul Provider
Glide into Thursday with an hour of Acid jazz, Urban Soul, and Smooth Deep Grooves from the 90s to today.
Ranking The Kingdom
Are you ready to critique mother nature with the same passion you feel for movies, music, books, television, and video games? Haven't animals had it a little too easy for a little too long? Ranking the Kingdom is an attempt to review animals and finally decide once and for all who deserves to be on top. And while the host will give a score at the end of each episode, it's up to all of us to truly decide what the most badass, high-class, top brass, karate-kickin', take-no-names', no-nonsense, ...
Save the Girls by LONG, Mason
Save the Girls is an 1880 American anti-white-slavery book by reformed gambler Mason Long. In it, the author crusades against the social evil of prostitution by presenting a series of pathetic portraits of young women from various social classes who are brought low by such temptations of city life as the theater, the racecourse, and street flirtations. Included are vignettes of vice like "The Evils of Dancing - Sad Results of a Public Ball," in which innocent Marie, out for a good time, fall ...
Veritable Infusion
VERITABLE INFUSION is one of several French translations for Naturally Flavoured. That is the only common denominator going on here; the music is naturally flavoured, crashing and gliding through many styles, from really old country and blues to dalliances with psychedelia, a lot of soul and funk from around the world, and usually topped off with a dose of reggae. Most weeks I insert some theme which is hoped to add some edification to the entertainment. Themes vary from the earliest Canadia ...
Sydney Harbour National Park - Audio tour - Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay
Close to the city and immersed in bushland, this walk weaves along harbour headlands, revealing spectacular views of Sydney's icons. Explore beautiful trees and interesting animals, dip into Sydney's past and watch the boats glide by. This self-guided audio tour takes you through each section of the walk. Download it to your mp3 player or phone, and take it with you on the walk.
SS4A Podcast: Street Dance Life - dancing, training, competing, performing, making a living
Rob (Smoov Groove) from "Street Styles 4 All". tackles topics and issues related to Street Dance and being a Street Dancer, going from being a complete beginner to being a professional performing, teaching, running a school and making money from being a Street Dancer. He discusses his experiences, lessons, tactics, inside tips on how to progress in your Street Dance journey. Smoov considers himself a student but has a lot of knowledge to share. He also has accompanying guest Street Dance sta ...
The Series - For Kiters... By Kiters
KITEBOARDING and SNOWKITING - Subscribe in Youtube or iTunes. Join world class kiters competing for top titles. Harness the power of the wind and glide across lakes, rivers, and snow. Check out the The Main Vlog Page of The Series and subscribe now in Youtube or iTunes.
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Welcome back to the ModState Podcast! Please join John and Nate as they discuss the happenings of this week in late September! John and Nate initially wanted to discuss the President Donald Trump's inaugural UN address the worldwide push for nationalism, but the hour seamlessly glided on as they moved from the inaugural address to "American Int ...…
Funnybooks and Firewater
The original Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, reemerges after years of being assumed dead. But many people, including Black Canary, his ex-lover, Arsenal, his ex-partner, Connor Hawke, his son and temporary successor and Batman, the Dark Knight Detective, want to know how Green Arrow survived the airplane explosion and where he has been. Using strong ...…
Welcome back to another new episode of Talking Terror! This week, it's the Demonic Doctor's pick, and it's sure to be a controversial one! We are going back in time a bit, to 1971 to be exact, as we will be discussing Mario Bava's "Bay of Blood". Thought of as many to be the progenitor of the "Slasher" genre, this film caused quite the stir upo ...…
Vince Tracy's Podcasts
The song this week is called Exotic Adrian and is one of the many I composed and produced for wrestler Adrian Street.........I intend to re-release a double album of all the songs in the near future....a lot of the songs are not for the faint hearted or the PC Brigade.I have been watching the horrendous storms in America....I was once on holida ...…
The song this week is called Exotic Adrian and is one of the many I composed and produced for wrestler Adrian Street.........I intend to re-release a double album of all the songs in the near future....a lot of the songs are not for the faint hearted or the PC Brigade.I have been watching the horrendous storms in America....I was once on holida ...…
The Woods: The Map: Dave – Taylor – Vi – Past – Sarah – Nyssa Help The Show On Patreon Riverhouse Games Website Twitter Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe via RSS! Riverhouse Games Thanks You! Thank you for listening to this Riverhouse podcast. You can find more podcasts at as well as games and resources about queer & LGBT+ table ...…
Chat n Choonz Podcast with Marc Collins & Andy Mason​ on ….. Choonz from 1968 Ft Rasheed Ali​, Mario Biondi, Snarky Puppy, Tristan Ft Heston Francis​, Del Afrique​, L.j. Reynolds​, Stan Mosley​, Tom Glide​ Ft Hil StSoul​ (Ashley Beedle Nth St Mix), a Barry White double, T-Yuki Takahashi​ Groove Ft B. Thompson, Samuel Sanders​ ...…
The gang is back and just gliding by...with help. Jesse Go Fund Me. Dane has a new chair. Sam has some Issues. Call the comment line at (337) 366-1606. Thanks for listening.
1 Sparkle (Soulpersona)- Dimitris & Sulene2 Without You (T Groove) - DJ Hakuei 3 All Work No Play - Jayna Blackwell4 How You Doing - Ed The Red Ft Troy Nicholls5 Look To The Sky - Simon Law6 Never Trust Another Man - Greg Blackman7 Start Over (Rob Hardt)- Musiq Soulchild8 Your Body - DR King9 American In Chelsea - Sir Piers10 I'm Running Away f ...…
Surin Beach Chillout Session plays some exclusive Acid-Jazz, Ambient, Chillout, Bossa Nova, Pop cuts from around the world and all revisited. It’s all about then and now, music from the past and the future blending and melding into a gliding sound selection. Selected and mixed by Chris Delahouse. TRACKLISTING: 01. Blank & Jones with Zoe Dee - R ...…
This is a bonus episode, where I take some time to talk about the My Peace Corps Story podcast and share a little more about my service in Burkina Faso. In this episode, I confront my lifelong fear of reading aloud (sorta) and read the first two chapters of my book, Service Disrupted, with the addition of a few added soundscapes. I’d love to kn ...…
Episode 21 - “Real Science Words, Real Science Facts"The Donut Crew are back to discuss Canadian-UK Co-Pro PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD. A spin off of the smash UK success “Primeval,” was this one-season wonder not given the chance it deserves? Speaking on behalf of people who love dinosaurs, time travel, portal anomalies, pseudoscience, dead wives, wif ...…
BPMF will release a new EP. As BPMF started making techno again, he surveyed his techno friends asking them what it was about his music they found the most annoying. The answers: TR-606 hi-hats and Portamento. He proceeded to focus on these aspects of his music and today the results are here: Abide the Glide […]…
The time has arrived once again, loyal listeners, to invoke the Hall of Shame Showdown ritual and dishonorably crown the absolute worst episode from Make It So-So's second season! Will Kes and her strange mating rituals be victorious? Or how about Quark's journey into becoming female? And wait... a hang-gliding Janeway and Leo Da Vinci?! This e ...…
Welcome back for another Quick Bite! This time it is a “bite” of information about Jeff Galloway’s Training Program, using the Run-Walk-Run Method. On Sunday, August 6th. America’s Coach and Olympian Jeff Galloway hosted a running school at the Orlando Track Shack in Orlando, Florida. He talked about the different aspects of his training progra ...…
Nerd Noise Radio - Channel 1 (Lo-Fi)
Today’s broadcast is Episode 14 for Scene Sunday, August 20th, 2017. Today, we will be hearing the "Neon Dreams" chiptune album by Dya, aka Diagamblic, aka Aaron Hickman, featuring Rudy Escobar on guitars. Track Number / Track Name / Timestamp 01: Intro - 00:00 02: Lazarus (feat. Rudy Escobar) - 01:51 03: Chora - 05:36 04: 2A03 Strut - 07:51 05 ...…
The August 14th episode of Music Unframed is featuring “The Second Hand”, a 2017 released album by “Anubis” from Australia. In this episode, you will also hear new Music by Barock Project, Gentle Knife, Mastodon, Wave, Mostly Autumn, Steven Wilson, Ekos and more! 19:07:08Barock ProjectHappy to see you07:32Detachment201719:18:37AnubisFool’s Gold ...…
Physics professor, bestselling author, and dynamic storyteller James Kakalios reveals the mind-bending science behind the seemingly basic things that keep our daily lives running, from our smart phones and digital “clouds” to x-ray machines and hybrid vehicles. Most of us are clueless when it comes to the physics that makes our modern world so ...…
Podcast: Día de CómicsFecha de los cómics: 9/Agosto/2017Host: ElíasCo-Host: FedeNotas del showTag inicialINTRO MUSICALBienvenida al Podcast “Día de Cómics” / Introducciones Alerta de Spoilers_________________________________DC Rebirth:– Action Comics #985– Justice League of America #12– The Flash #28– New Super-Man #14– Superwoman #13– Supergir ...…
This edition of The Jaunt will feature new music from Mr. Heavenly's forthcoming album, Boxing The Moonlight, which will be out on October 6th via Polyvinyl. Also, I will be highlighting several artists that were on my latest edition of Spotlight on the City, in which I featured Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Listen here!00:00 - The Jaunt on BTR00:38 ...…
The MMOsketeers - An MMO News and Discussion Podcast
I’m sure we’ll get this right eventually! Another week’s MMO news from Jen and Tepp. Show notes and links: Update 21 Release Notes ( Update on Server Issues and Compensation – News & Announcements ( Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire ( Everything you need to know about Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire expansion, lau ...…
Breaking Waves
Show #62Breaking Waves 7-27-171. NÖVÖ - Groupe 8/2 (Commuter remix)2. Umwelt - Refraction3. Jaime Read - Timewave4. Jani Ho- Sequence C45. Underworld - Cowgirl6. Gian - 1047. Spekulant & Timur Basha - Eat your mind8. PL_anet - Cybertronic Clones9. Gian - 38110.Carl Finlow - Suspect Reanimation11.Machine Boy - Shame12.John Barera & Paul Morse - ...…
KEXP Live Performances Podcast
“That's all I got,” chuckles Marty Stuart after gliding through a gorgeous, breakneck rendition of “Mississippi Railroad Blues” with His Fabulous Superlatives. Notably affable and even more instrumentally impressive, Stuart runs through cuts from his latest album, Way Out West, and trades stories with Don Slack on a relaxed and dazzling set on ...…
Everyone, say hi to my good friend Ricky Deleon. I think the one of the main themes in this talk (among so many) is the thought of forging your own way... no matter what external forces tell you. Ricky was born and raised in Waiminalo on the the island of Oahu and we talk about how this can shape a through-line in his life. We talk about what h ...…
Jim Proctor Sings (You a Song)
[Lyrics/music credits: James Taylor] The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. Any fool can do it, there ain't nothing to it. Nobody knows how we got to the top of the hill. But since we're on our way down, we might as well enjoy the ride. The secret of love is in opening up your heart. It's okay to feel afraid, but don't let that sta ...…
You Can All Join In - Traffic Stuff Up The Cracks - Frank Zappa Gettin' Hard - The Electric Flag Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!/I Want You (She's So Heavy)/Helter Skelter - Love Version - The Beatles March! For Martin Luther King - John Fahey Getting on for 50 years ago, from the famous Palace Radio Monte Carlo (RMC), after midnight each wee ...…
Frederick Advice Givers | Interview Frederick's Brightest Minds | Eric Verdi
ENJOY THIS EPISODE: From graduating college, stepping into the workforce, and living in Rome for over 5 years to teach English, Sara found herself deciding what her next life path would be. She knew she was Sara Clement passionate about helping people and began exploring her options. Sara stumbled upon massage therapy and began taking classes. ...…
The 2017 Red Bull X-Alps was the hardest yet- a very difficult course and extremely poor flying weather. 5 athletes were eliminated and 7 withdrew due to exhaustion or injury and only two made it to Monaco. The race ended after 11 days and 23 hours. Here are some clips from Day 8, 9, and 10 that highlight how amazing the journey can be, and som ...…
Un quatorzième numéro seasonement finale (ça ne veut rien dire), dans lequel il est entre autres question de :- Charmeur de serpent- Solution extrême et défaut de goût- Path of Exile (The Fall of Oriath)- Espace en VR (Star Trek : Bridge Crew et Far Beyond : A Space Odyssey)- Totorro- Castlevania (Netflix)-- Playlist --N. Shimizu / K. Adachi / ...…
The Souled Out Show
1 Trying - Rob Hardt Ft David A Tobin 2 Fight For The Right - Peter Symphorian 3 Looking Up To The Sky - Izzy Dunn 4 Outrageous - Simon Law Ft Lain Gray 5 (Baby) Bring it On - Kingdon 6 Rising To The Top - Blacknuss Allstars 7 The Penny - Dara Tucker 8 Old Skool Dayz - Tom Glide 9 Loving You - Brian Power Pres Shiv 10 Love - Ed The Red Ft Troy ...… Dancing as a social event has completely changed over the past century. It’s still something we do as a way to have fun, meet people, and respond physically (if often awkwardly) to our favourite music. But the real decline has be ...…
Podcast – Living the Good Life Naturally
Transcript Kristen Bowen:Welcome to Living the Good Life Radio. My name is Kristen Bowen and I am over the moon to introduce you to not only a dear friend but a mentor of mine because Erin Oakeson from Sports Academy taught me about our topic today before you saw it all over Facebook. She is the go-to expert when it comes to fascia, and I want ...…
Just a fun song to answer the Week 2 challenge, to write an advice song.Pay the PriceChorus:You’ve got to pay the priceYou’ve got to pay the priceWon’t cross the finish lineWithout some sacrificeEvery ounce of pleasure’sGonna cost a pound of painAnd you know that you’ve got to pay the priceV1Willie listens to the band whileBoozing at the barWis ...…
In this month's Fixed Income Strategist Report, we review the solid performance that fixed income assets experienced during the first half of the year. Unfortunately for investors, this pace of returns is unlikely to persist as the tailwinds from lower rates shift to headwinds, as rates edge higher.
The Throwback Lounge W/Ty Cool
Excuse my lateness, but duty calls all over. That said family, here we go. On this episode, great cuts from The Ohio Players, Bootsy's Rubber Band, The Doggett Brothers, DeBarge, and the list goes on and on. Thanks as always for tuning in, and remember... Tell a friend to tell a friend, all about The Throwback Lounge. It's not just a show... IT ...…
Oh Behave - Harmony in the household with your pets, & animal behavior - Pets & Animals on Pet Life Radio (
Veteran actor Michael McGrady is currently starring on two television shows: Showtime's Ray Donovan and Freefrom's Beyond. Yet, as he shares with Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore, he finds time to hang glide, play gigs in LA with his band called Michael McGrady's Sonic Groove, earn black belts in two forms of karate and have his artwork on exhib ...…
In the past, one of the indications of being good in business and a successful and respectable person in general was job stability. You graduated from high school or college, you got a job and you stuck at it for 40 years. If you did well, you d work your way up through the ranks and end up in management. But even if you didn t, you appreciated ...…
Listener Shanna asks if her willingness to be poly will help them get past her husband’s cheating Download the episode directly Under 18? Stop listening now and visit Scarleteen 0:00 Introduction and host chat Under 18? Stop listening now and visit 1:00 Announcements Minx and LustyGuy will be at Poly Dallas Millennium ...…
Listener Shanna calls in to ask if her willingness to be poly will help them get past her husband's cheating. 0:00 Introduction and host chat Under 18? Stop listening now and visit 1:00 Announcements Minx and LustyGuy will be at Poly Dallas Millennium next month Koe is coaching; hire them at or email ko ...…
The Hollywood Outsider - Film and Television Podcast
The Sabbatical follows James Pittman (James Whittingham), a professor who is forced to produce a photography book on his year off - publish or perish, as they say. With his wife (a charming Bernadette Mullen) busy working on a project of her own and his best friend submerged in family life, he makes fast friends with a carefree artist named Luc ...…
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