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You can’t spell Game Master without “pretentious.” Well, you can, actually. But let’s pretend you can’t so I can make a point. My point is a good Game Master needs a lot of big, fancy words at their disposal to make their flavor text as confusing as possible. Oops. I mean engaging, not confusing. More at
Go Behind the GM Screen
The GM's Guide
In-depth podcast on how to improve your campaign, focusing on the adventure, world and character design. We apply proven and practical game design techniques to the world of running pen and paper campaigns. There's a lot to get into, so let's get started.
Sixers GM
Tyler Wellener and Josh Moskow feed your mind with a statistics based podcast, in honor of Sam Hinkie.
GM Intrusions is the podcast devoted to Numenera, The Strange and other games using the Cypher System. This podcast provides insights to players and GMs as well as product reviews for Numenera, The Strange and other Cypher System games.
Go Behind the GM Screen
A biweekly discussion about GMing table-top RPGs. Tips, tricks and concepts to up your game.
Seize the GM
Helping to improve your art of GMing.
GM's For Hire
GM's for Hire is podcast dedicated to helping you improve as a Game Master, Dungeon Master, Storyteller or whatever other name you go by.
The GM Showcase
An actual play podcast, where we bring GMs, podcasters, authors, actors, comedians, bloggers and others...all one place...the tabletop.
GM Puffing
Bite sized info on roleplaying and gamesmastering, from one of the top proffessionals.
The Podcast for G*M*S Magazine Podcast Channel. Your podcasting channel for all your tabletop gaming goodness!
GM Wedding 2015
General Motors News, Rumors, Reviews, Forums
The latest feed from Reformed Presbytery in North America GM on
GM Jr. Scouting is a show hosted by real scouts who talk about real scouting based on real film evaluation. We are passionate about the game and base everything we do on the film we actually see.
Nobilis RPG campaign and podcast
Social issues and GM crops - for iBooks is an automotive performance website. With news and a forum for members to discuss news and information about the Corvette. Visit the today.
The Arcology Podcast - A Shadowrun Community Podcast
Hola!! Hola!! amigos del House. La mejor música electrónica en Madrid Subway Podcast, con Daniel GM. El mejor sonido deep, tech house y techno. Are you ready??!! arrancamos motores!!!... enjoy the set!!!!
Complex Action
The official Shadowrun Actual Play hosted by Your Friendly GM Bobby of Complex Action. Join Bobby, Mr. Johnson of the Arcology Podcast, Damian of the Violent Life Podcast, and others as they dive deep into the shadows of Columbia, South Carolina in the CAS circa 2078.
In this podcast we hope to provide examples and reusable material for you, the DM, to use in your stories and campaigns. We hope inspire you with functional content that you bring to your own table to the delight or potential misery of your players. This is a podcast inspired by years of playing Dungeons and Dragons from both sides of the screen and also by our friends at the table who have helped us get to the point where we are confident enough in our geekery to do a podcast about it. This ...
What happens when two Dungeons and Dragons DMs decide to share a world and play in each others' games? Well, apparently, they decide to podcast about their experiences. Equal parts campaign diary, game philosophy, DM tools, and long tangents, the tl;dm podcast is a place for some nerds to nerd out about their games and the unique experience of sharing a lore while still trying to keep secrets from each other.
FOX Wheels
All the latest and breaking news from the automotive industry from FOX News Radio!
RPG Circus
Each episode, we talk and discuss a variety of RPG and RPG related topics.
CamaroZ28.Com is the Ultimate Source for 2010 Camaro News, Info and Community! Chris Frezza and Jason Debler talk about the site, Camaro news, interview guests and much more!
Step inside the Masters Studio and go Behind The Screens with your host, DaMoonRulz, as he interviews Dungeon/Game Masters. Learn how worlds are created, recount epic tales of Adventurers, and get to know the GM a little better.
Lauren Fix, The Car Coach lives life in the fast lane–literally. When this automotive expert, author, spokesperson, keynote speaker, TV personality, ASE certified technician, and race car driver roars past, head’s turn. Join Lauren and her team for a fun-filled automotive podcast full of car reviews, test drives, auto shows and automotive lifestyle events!
The Order 66 Podcast is dedicated to the Star Wars Saga Edition role playing game by Wizards of the Coast. We talk about SWSE, but also about relevant details from other d20 systems, including D&D and miniatures.
Leafs Nation
Former Toronto Maple Leafs GM Gord Stellick & former National Hockey League forward & Olympian Todd Hlushko team-up to provide the most insightful Maple Leafs pre- and post-game show with Leafs Nation.
Anna Kavanaugh hosts the weekly radio series, "Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad." The program aims to raise awareness and provide education about genetically modified organisms (GMO), in the world food supply and the practices of the GM biotech industry. The series is dedicated to all issues surrounding GM foods, its usage and ramifications thereof.Anna is a writer, advocate, and founder of the (AKCF) Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation. Her original novel, "The Cord of Callows," now an u ...
Cosmic Crit is a weekly Actual Play podcast centered on the new Starfinder RPG from Paizo. Listen to the shenanigans as a seasoned GM, a couple of noobs, and some RPG veterans explore the galaxy and fight monsters on behalf of the Starfinder Society. It's a little roleplay, a lot of natural 20s (we hope), and plenty of fun.
Welcome to Horsepower Chrome and Rust, covering car culture and the automotive world with Shane Osborn, Brady Wright and Steve the producer Johann.
Opel Video Podcast
Opel is the innovative brand at the core of GM's business in Europe. The fresh-thinking brand offers customers a comprehensive range of vehicles that lead with bold, dynamic style, versatility, and driving excitement.
Vauxhall is the innovative brand at the core of GM's business in the UK. The fresh-thinking brand offers customers a comprehensive range of vehicles that lead with bold, dynamic style, versatility, and driving excitement.
Remember: Talking is a Free Action
Opel Video Podcast
Opel is the innovative brand at the core of GM's business in Europe. The fresh-thinking brand offers customers a comprehensive range of vehicles that lead with bold, dynamic style, versatility, and driving excitement.
An RPG Podcast where the gaming table is set for two. GM Jeff Stormer sits down with friends and guests to play tabletop RPGs one-on-one to see what happens when adventurers leave the party behind and strike out on their own.
Scott Adams is host of the nationally syndicated Scott Adams Show that airs LIVE weekdays at 8am EST, and is also the Owner/GM at Red State Talk
THE WEEKLY MOTOR is a weekly video podcast that brings forward the world of motoring. From amazing races, to short cinematic stories about electric cars that are still being imagined as concepts. Scenes from the life of motoring and glimpses of roadtrips to destinations that are arrived at by just a sudden whim.
Edmunds’ Inside Line is an online automotive magazine that delivers to you exclusive road tests, spy videos, news, auto show coverage, blogs, and more. Check out for daily updates.
OFF ROAD 4K29 is an editorial video podcast giving us a look at the dirt roads and wet mud filled side tracks along dusty dry desert settings that play host to monster racing trucks and the privateers that try to conquer the roughness of nature.
CapFigure PodCast
Exploring Absurdity
MD Aurangeb
nj GM
Delving Dungeons is a podcast aimed to help you become a more thoughtful and engaging player or GM in you tabletop RPGs of all kinds.
Exhaust Fumes
Lets' talk about cars
Turn Order: Warped
GM of Doom "wacksteven" runs a weekly What's OLD is NEW (WOIN) tabletop roleplaying game.
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Gambo is out today, Jordan Byrd fills in, as him and Burnsy talk about Suns GM Ryan McDonough's comments from their rookie workout today. The guys also relive some of the interviews from Doug and Wolf this morning and talk Josh Rosen.
Daily Fire Eng June 12 2018 by Rev Paul ThangiahBy
Join Mark Malone Under Center on a Thursday Night following the NFL's decision to make standing during the National Anthem required. Mark says it's a compromise that the NFL reached allowing players to stay in their locker rooms if they chose to do so. Meanwhile the Washington Capitals and Las Vegas Golden Knights are set to square off for the ...…
Come join Gator as he talks about the goings-on in the Seattle shadows! This episode will cover the r/RunnerHub job “Zapunkt” which was also covered in the r/RunnerHub news article “ Home Invasion gone bad! Arson in North Downtown - is your home safe?” The GM of this run is u/SevastapolNights The Players of this run are: u/Detroct as Wizard u/A ...…
Rae starts off talking about game 5. Is It over for Cleveland. Can The Rockets get it done & All NBA Team discussion
Trent is at a remote at Exile Brewing Company and Jimmy B calls in to talk NBA. Then it's time to talk Hawkeyes with Rob Howe from Hawkeye Nation before some players of the Des Moines Menace along with the GM Tiley Nunnink talk about the upcoming season and 25 years of Menace soccer in Des Moines.
Halifax Moosehead GM Cam Russell on top prospect Fikip Zadina, Golden Knights pre-game skits, TSN Weekender and texts.
Halifax Moosehead GM Cam Russell reminisces about his time with the Gatineau Olympique but JR and Simmer focus on top prospect Filip Zadina and how he could impact a team next season.
Gm Kings & Queens..Listen to my morning random thoughts
This week on The Oracles of Olympus Kyle, CJ, and GM Drew talk about this weeks new releases, The Harliquin, Star Wars Legion, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, and still dripping with sarcasm
To: Audience From: LPolice Radio Date: May 24, 2018 Subject: Episode # 36, The Police Car Main Topic:Host Alpha Mike talks about the police car, do current police agencies need high horsepower engines and transmissions in today's anti police society? What type of police vehicles do the 19,000 police agencies need. What is Ford, Dodge and Chevy ...…
To: Audience From: LPolice Radio Date: May 24, 2018 Subject: Episode # 36, The Police Car Main Topic:Host Alpha Mike talks about the police car, do current police agencies need high horsepower engines and transmissions in today's anti police society? What type of police vehicles do the 19,000 police agencies need. What is Ford, Dodge and Chevy ...…
Pension Crisis In this episode, John Smallwood of Smallwood Wealth Management revisits the sources of retirement income and highlights the trouble many pension funds are currently in. He emphasizes that in this uncertain atmosphere, it’s vital to ensure your retirement plan has protection, backups, and redundancies you can access when markets a ...…
just a quick poddy about adrenalin
It's a very special episode of Live Quest everyone, It's Phil "Kill Phil" Chandlers first episode as GM! I don't recall most of what happened because I drank all of the beer in the building, but I do recall something about Nerf football bombs, girl scout cookies, and I'm pretty sure there's a plot twist. Max Shatz, Dom Vadino, Phillip Chandler, ...…
some thoughts on the first session
We start the pod by addressing some listener feedback (0:00) before diving into, and grading parts of, the Nets rebuild (4:40). We touch on things such as Paul Pierce signing with the Wizards (6:25), the KG for Thad Young trade (10:35), the Rondae Hollis Jefferson trade (12:35), Sean Marks becoming GM (19:35), Kenny Atkinson becoming the coach ...…
James discusses Matt Harvey's Great American ballpark debut. Bengals OTA's, Reds Gm Nick Krall and Joe goodberry of the Athletic
GM message and summertime thoughts🌞🌡🔥
Milan Desai, GM of VMware Cloud Services, joins the podcast to help the masses understand VMware's Cloud Services offerings. We know about VMware Cloud on AWS but VMware has 9-cloud services which include Network Insight. Are these services just "SaaS-ified" versions of VMwVMware's existing products and offerings? And how are they delivered? Au ...…
Good morning 👸🤴message and recap yesterdays segment, Billboard Awards recap
Craig and Joe talk about the latest with Royal Golf Club, and later chat with Mike Olson, the GM from Bulrush Golf Club in Rush City!By
Tom is joined by Phillip Watson to talk about 5 Minute Dungeon & Shadows Over Camelot. Phil imparts his vast knowledge of RPGs in the form of tips and advice to prospective Game Masters.
Wherein the dark and terrible world of Blackspire is revealed to its newest citizen. Join Blackspire’s creator and GM: Robert Randle and the rest of the Baltimore Role-Players Unite Weekly (or B.R.U.W. Crew) as they introduce the newest Player Character to the Blackspire world… Laughfinder‘s own, comedian Jim Meyer. RESOURCES Welcome to the Bla ...…
Wayne Rooney to DC, Curt Onalfo as GM, and the fizzling of Zlatan. It's a cheerful one today.
By (Risen Life Church).
Willard Saperston and Peter Greco discuss stocks, bonds, retirement plans and the economy in general. Stocks discussed this past week: GNL, LITE, RYAM, IMMU, DIS, MU, UAA, OMC, MS, NTDOY, DNR Visit their website at @import url('') all; Pl ...…
In this episode, we talk about Kurt Cobain’s Martin Guitar and bring on the Lehigh Valley SteelHawks GM, Mike Clark. The Podcast is currently available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Pocket Casts. As always, you can listen to the podcast directly on our website and insert it into your favorite player via our podcast feed. This episode fe ...…
Talking tourism with the incredible perspective it all brings to our beautiful city with General Manager of Biltmore Farms Hotels, Robert Foster. Greg has lots of questions about if the city can sustain the growth, the balance of locals to visitors and more. Robert shares a wealth of knowledge, both from his personal and professional experience ...…
Suns GM Ryan McDonough wasn't against the idea of trading the number one pick for a veteran, star player. Chris, Jaime and Alex discuss if there's a star worth moving the pick for and what the Suns will do with that pick.
Brian Cox- Greeneville Reds GM
Toronto Star Columnist Bruce Arthur and Former Blue Jays GM Gord Ash join the guys in studio for the Breakfast Club to discuss the Blue Jays plan for Vlad Guerrero Jr, last night’s loss to the Oakland A’s, the NHL Playoffs, the Raptors firing Dwane Casey and more.
On this weeks episode of Oracles of Olympus Kyle, CJ, and GM Drew talk about D&D. Jim Weaver Return along with SamSquantches
A new MP3 sermon from Reformed Presbytery in North America GM is now available on with the following details: Title: Ecclesiastes #44 Is God’s Patience Leading You to Repentance? Subtitle: Ecclesiastes Speaker: Rev. Greg Price Broadcaster: Reformed Presbytery in North America GM Event: Sunday Service Date: 9/3/2006 Bible: Eccles ...…
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