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As you can imagine, this week we have some very long discussions about Sea of Thieves, Far Cry 5, Ni No Kuni 2, and even Detective Pikachu. These are the games that will be dominating the airwaves in the lead up to a rather quiet April, but there's also time to discuss A Way Out, too. So many games have been released (or are coming soon) that t ...…
On this week's podcast, Chris is joined by Adam and Nicola to talk about Splatoon 2, The End is Nigh, Superhot, and Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Also, Chris talks about the lovely time he had in London playing Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony with Kazutaka KodakaBy (
Chris, Nicola, and Gary get both disappointed and excited about this week's releases, including Micro Machines and Crash BandicootBy (
Chris, Dan, and Gary talk about some of the smaller games they've been reviewing, along with our favourite games of the year so far. Chris also talks to Marc Flury, co-creator of ThumperBy (
Chris, Dan, David, and Gary talk about the final showcase of E3 2017, and why Nintendo's offering was probably the bestBy (
Chris, Adam, Dan, and Gary delve deep into Ubisoft and Sony's E3 conferences, and manage to talk about all 29 games that were shown offBy (
Chris, David, Adam, Nicola, and Gary chat about the newly dated, priced, and named Xbox One X, all the games, as well as Bethesda and what it had to show.By (
With E3 2017 in full swing, Chris, David, Adam, and Gary reflect on the first big conference of the eventBy (
This time, Adam, Chris, and Dan talk through what we know to expect, what we hope will happen, and a little prediction game for this year's E3By (
In a monster podcast this week, the gang talk about fighting, racing, and shooting, as Chris, Dan, Gary, and Nicola share their thoughts on the recent releasesBy (
On this week's podcast, Chris, Adam, and Nicola have a right good chat about The Surge, Injustice 2, Portal Knights, and moreBy (
Chris, Nic, and Adam spend most of the pod chatting about Bethesda's brand new science fiction horror Prey, and they shoot the shit about basketball, gangster bears, and bastard hard shootersBy (
This week Chris, Nicola, and Adam talk about how fucking terrifying Outlast 2 really is, Little Nightmares, What Remains of Edith Finch and much moreBy (
Chris, Nicola, Dan, and Adam talk about plenty this week, including Persona 5, a couple of retro releases, Dan's trip to an abandoned asylum, and PaladinsBy (
Chris and Nic have a very special guest on the episode, as Gone Home developer Steve Gaynor pops on to tell them about his upcoming release, TacomaBy (
Chris, Nicola, and Dan talk about loads of games, inclusing plenty of cool little indie titles such as 88 Heroes, Kona, Thimbleweed Park, Snake Pass, and Blackwood CrossingBy (
Chris, Nicola and Gary talk about Mass Effect: Andromeda, Everything, Tacoma, Uncharted 4, and moreBy (
Chris, Nicola and David talk about LEGO Worlds, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, tartan underpants (yes, tartan underpants), and loads moreBy (
Chris and Dan talk about the four biggest releases of March (so far), and why 2017 is shapping up rather nicelyBy (
Adam, Chris and Nic talk about the Nintendo Switch, the new Zelda, and what's going on with the Xbox OneBy (
Chris, Nic, Dan and podcast debutant Gary discuss the glory of Horizon Zero Dawn, the new Resident Evil 7 DLC, Forma.8, Dan's recent trip to Paris, and loads moreBy (
Adam pops by to talk to Chris about lots and lots of games. It's a surprisingly busy time, and we're bloody loving it! We discuss For Honor, Sniper Elite 4, Halo Wars 2, and plenty moreBy (
Plenty of fighting talk this week, as Chris talks Nioh, Nic talks about Infinite Warfare and Uncanny Valley, and David lets us know what Fire Emblem Heores is like, along with Killing the Bad GuyBy (
The gang talk about the For Honor closed beta, Yakuza 0, Hitman, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, and Knee DeepBy (
Chris has been playing Yakuza 0 and Kingdom HEarts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Nic's been playing Dead Effect 2, and Dan has been indulging in some of the best of 2016By (
Chris went to play on the Nintendo Switch in London and has plenty to say about it. Dan has been playing Flame in the Flood, and Nic has been dropkicking zombiesBy (
Chris, Nic and Dan talk about the games they're looking forward to, and what they played over ChristmasBy (
Adam, Chris, Dan, and Calvin give out the site end of year awards. Game of the year, most disappointing, best story? All here!By (
Adam, Chris, and Dan discuss all the big games of December. Can any of them live up to the hype?By (
This week myself, Chris, and Dan are very current, with discussions on how Chris and I love Watch Dogs 2, Pokemon Sun/Moon, and how Adam isn't a fan of Dishonored 2. Dan, meanwhile, plays Yesterday Origins and likes it, and we have a good chinwag about video game vaginas.By (
Apologies for the lack of an episode last week, but we've been so busy we couldn't all sit down and record. Chris is still away, and as we recorded this he's on a coach back from London, while Adam has been all PS4 Pro and nothing else, but Dan is playing indie games for GOTY season. Yay!By (
We're back, albeit is slightly later in the week than normal to talk about loads of games: Mafia 3, Titanfall 2, Dragon Ball, Batman: Return to Arkham, Telltale's Batman, Jackbox, and of course, the fact that Dan is the only person in the world to do something a certain way.Elsewhere, the news is dominated by Bethesda's review policy, but there ...…
Rockstar has been teasing a new Red Dead game, and during this very recording it released the latest concept art. But that's not all, we also talk about Battlefield 1, WWE 2K17, and Rez Infinite, before hitting the news and answering a few questions.By (
After a short break, we're back. Adam has played loads of PlayStation VR, and Chris is playing Mafia 3, while Dan just wants to. Lots of games, and we're firmly into silly season, but we still find time to answer some listener questions. Hope you enjoy the throwback at the start of the pod, and do shout at us on twitter @GodisaGeek to tell us w ...…
This week's God is a Geek podcast is a bit old school as Colm, Adam and Calvin jump in to talk in-depth about FIFA 17 and The Journey. As well as that, Colm's been really enjoying Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (or Human Revolution 2) and Calvin's had a look at Paladins -- the game that looks surprisingly similar to a certain Blizzard title that rele ...…
PES is out, FIFA 17 demo is out, The Tomorrow Children is, well, it's weird. We've played the lot, so get listening.By (
This week on the God is a Geek podcast Dan and Chris are joined by very special guest Asim Tanvir, the online and social media manager for Pro Evolution Soccer and Konami.By (
Join Dan, Greg and Nick as they discuss the summer�s biggest release, No Man�s Sky, as well as I Am Setsuna, PS2 Classics and Suicide Squad.By (
Party like it's 2014! Dan's show is crashed by Calvin, Colm, and Adam, who talk about turnips and soups, before eventually discussing Pokemon Go, Overcooked (a bit), and Uncharted 4. There's also plenty of chat about the Xbox One S, Nintendo's NX, and of course, No Man's Sky.By (
Not wanting to be the only people in the world not playing Pokemon Go, the gang are catching all of the mons, but also playing Uncharted 4, Kerbal Space Program on PS4, Overwatch (we never stop playing this), The Escapists, Dangerous Golf, The Banner Saga, The Sims, and Civ.By (
The whole gang is back together as Dan, Stubbsy and Greg are all on the podcast for the first time since before E3. So tune in to see who predicted the most correct stuff from E3 and hear what we've been playing in the meantime.By (
It�s the first podcast since E3, and Dan is joined by Adam for some talk of LA and some of the best games on display at E3. Inside and Overwatch are also hot topics of conversation.By (
E3 is over and it's all very sad. Dan and Stubbsy had a packed schedule on Day 3, and you can listen to this to hear about everything they played, including: The Last Guardian, Agents of Mayhem, Attack on Titan, ABZ�, PES 2017, Telltale's Batman and new Turtle Beach technology.By (
It's the second day of E3, which means Dan and Stubbsy have been right in amongst it and have been playing loads of new games. Listen to the podcast for details on Resident Evil 7, For Honor, Steep, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Absolver, Straff, Shadow Warrior 2, Serious Sam VR, Overcooked, Lucid Sound and Lego Dimensions.…
It's Day One of E3 which means Dan and Stubbsy have braved the show floor and other such places in Los Angeles in order to get their hands on some sweet, sweet new games. In this podcast the lads will discuss: God of War, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, PSVR games, Final Fantasy 15, Deus X: Mankind Divided, Necropolis, Tekken 7, Gravit ...…
Join Dan and Stubbsy live from L.A. as they delve into all the details and give their own views on the press conferences from Bethesda, Microsoft and Sony.By (
This week�s episode is the final episode before Dan and Stubbsy jet off to E3. So join the pair and, of course, Greg, dish out their five predictions for the conferences and we�ll see who predicts best. Before that though Dan waxes lyrical over Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, Greg gets inducted to the world of Overwatch and gives thoughts on three g ...…
This week the crew of Dan, Stubbsy and Greg only have one game to talk about, and that is the finally released Overwatch. So to fill the rest of the time they debate over spoiler culture, rage at their social media annoyances and, for some reason, get political and talk about the EU referendum. - for the extended pa ...…
What a week it�s been. Mikey has been to London and played GT Sport on PS4, but in-between, has also been playing the phenomenal DOOM. Greg, however, not wanting to join in with DOOM (ha, only joking, he�s dying to play it!) has been playing on his Wii U, specifically he�s been on Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. If you know what that is, you�ll be d ...…
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