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Grant and Steve, from The Golden AGES Podcast, pick up their cape and trident to take a side quest of making their very own podcast to bring you even more of the awesomeness! (Artwork by Madison Laurence)
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Alas, we are once again without the aid of AquaSteve. Will our heroes ever reunite? Will the world be able to survive without the Dysfunctional Duo? Or will SuperGrant ramble on by himself in the Grant Cave for another episode? Tune in to find out.…
Grant catches you, The People, up on what the heck is going on.
Our heroes are finally back together! Just as Batman and Robin eventually have the distance of Bludhaven to Gotham between them, SuperGrant & AquaSteve have Orange to San Antonio. However, in this episode, using SCIENCE, the team gets back together to bring you joy!…
Thank you if you’re actually reading this description. This episode is of course, just SuperGrant ranting about teaching and specifically teaching philosophy but it’s really interesting I promise. This was recorded late on a Wednesday night after SuperGrant was sick, tired, and irritated with many students, so please forgive the intensity of th ...…
SuperGrant is back with another solo mission to save you from the forces of evil! (aka life without this podcast)
Our heroes return with special guest BatFracc to discuss the movies we did (and didn’t) see this year, and who should go home with the highly regarded golden midget.
Steve would like to thoroughly apologize for this episode. Our heroes gather at the Fortress of Grantitude with special guest BatFracc! This episode takes you on an amazing journey, so make sure you follow the map.
The third edition of SuperGrant telling you a 100% true story before the Just Us League can get back together and get weird.
Another in-between the awesoneness episodes where SuperGrant tells a 100% true story to grace your ear hole before the team can reunite.
Our heroes drive around “good” old Orange, Texas and do some super pondering.
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