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Talk in French's podcast
Learn French the Unboring. This podcast shares every week some information about French Culture, French Language, a list of vocabulary and expressions with English translation so you can learn French on the go. This Podcast is produced in English and a French Version is coming soon.
Stop the Show!
Hi! We are "Stop the Show", an internet radio show or "podcast" in Arizona. It's mainly a comedy show and we discuss anything in pop culture. As you can tell we like to say "fuck" a lot so there's your warning. We hope you enjoy the show and contact us and tell us what you think.
AEI Events Podcast
The AEI Events Podcast gives you a front-row seat to some of the most important events in DC. AEI hosts more than 200 events each year with leading thinkers, politicians, newsmakers, and scholars. Whether you're in the car or on the go, this podcast lets you listen in so you don't miss a thing. Listen each week to the full conversations, debates, and speeches hosted by AEI scholars.
The DIME Podcast
Every week Martin Rickman, Robby Kalland, and a special guest huddle up to talk through the compelling spectacle we all can't get enough of -- the NBA. But they aren't discussing box scores, they're diving head first into the culture and social narrative surrounding the game of basketball. They're tapped into what makes the NBA the sports interest choice of millenials. Martin Rickman is Uproxx's well-connected Sports Managing Editor, who got his start at SI. DIME Editor Robby Kalland came fr ...
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
If ever there was a story written based unabashedly on adventure and trouble, this is it. There are treasure hunts and murderers on the run in this book that will keep you spellbound. Tom and his half-brother, Sid, lived with their aunt, Polly. Tom was a boisterous young fellow who constantly found himself in rather awkward situations that landed him into trouble. These situations were however exceedingly hilarious. On one occasion, Tom dirtied his clothes in a fight and his punishment was t ...
Jake Robinson Sports Experience
It’s the Jake Robinson Sports Experience from the Let’s Talk Baseball Podcast Network. Listen in as Jake covers baseball like only Jake can. An honest, irreverent, comprehensive look at the greatest game in the history of mankind and the topical news that makes it go. This is the place where baseball never has an offseason. It’s the Jake Robinson Sports Experience on the Let’s Talk Baseball Podcast Network.
Brian Copeland
Copeland got his big break at KGO with his spot-on impression of overnight host Ray Taliaferro. Now he hosts his own show where he discusses the day’s issues, popular culture and whatever topic he thinks will captivate listeners.
Devo Spice's The Insider Podcast - Public Feed
Devo Spice has been described as the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem, a fitting description since his comedy rap songs have topped the charts on the Dr. Demento Show, where Weird Al himself got his start. On The Insider Devo gives you a behind the scenes peek and what is going on in his demented world every month including some sneak peeks at new projects, and plans for the future.
Unexplained Paranormal
My name is Courtney Cato and I started this show to bring more awareness to the paranormal world and get the message out there. Many people are afraid to speak about their encounters and don’t know where to go. This podcast is designed to help people through their experiences and bring forth a community that can feel safe. Share your experiences with our team by either calling (607)444-2868 or by email at You can also submit your encounter at www.unexplainedpar ...
DJ Max Bruce presents
Max got his start spinning in Toronto, over 25 years ago opening for such legends as Susan Morabito, David Knapp and Barry Harris. After a long hiatus, Max is busy again playing parties throughout the continent: DILF, Bearracuda, BRUT, Reflex, Meat Rack and a multitude of special events including Folsom Street Fair, Mid Atlantic Leather, IML, Provincetown Bear Week, and numerous Pride festivals across the U.S. and Canada. You can find his podcast, "Red Light Feeling" on Soundcloud, Mixcloud ...
Franchise Today
Welcome to Franchise Today as it celebrates its 8th year on the air in January 2017. Join co-hosts, Paul Segreto, CEO of Franchise Foundry and Stan Friedman, President of FRM Solutions every Wednesday at 11AM CT / 12PM ET as they provide full disclosure on what’s going on inside Franchising today and serve up discussions with their weekly guests, who will talk about best practices for building and growing sustainable franchise brands. Typically, each podcast will begin with the Front of the ...
Reen's Time Machine
Ever wonder how Hannibal got his elephants to Italy? Or what about the Native American empire that rose after the Europeans arrived? Join me as we delve into topics like these in no particular order delivering a colorful picture of our world's past. Episodes are served in bite-size segments to fit the moment, whether you're working or playing. It's history on your time. Tune in every Tuesday and enjoy!
Weekly presents, GothHaus, the comedy reality show with a deadly twist. GothHaus is about a group of Goths, picked to live in a haunted house by an eccentric artist who wants to teach the world what being Goth is really about. The mini-sode audiodrama that has been called "The Addams Family on speed" and "Saturday Night Live meets Elvira" is offered up for your pleasure. Starring: Emerian Rich, MJ Hahn, Camellia Rains, Kirk Warrington, and Rhonda Carpenter.
Mother West Wind "When" Stories by BURGESS, Thornton W.
Thorton Burgess gives us a collection of stories about the animals, explaining 'when' they got their peculiar traits. As usual the stories are short and delightfully written so as to be enjoyed by child or adult. Have you ever wondered when Mr. Bluebird got his beautiful coat? or when Bob-White won his name? or Old Mr. Bat got his wings:? well these stories explain how they all happened along with many,many more. - Summary by Phil chenevert
Taboo Tales Podcast
Story by story, Taboo Tales has been tearing down societal taboos on stage in Hollywood since 2010. We define a taboo story as something you would never EVER talk about at the dinner table. Society has made the rules, and our mission is to break them because we honestly believe: The more we all talk about how f'd up we are, the more normal we all feel. With anonymous audience participation and seven storytellers per show, Taboo Tales has covered everything from living with HIV to being born ...
What's So Funny!
What’s So Funny! is a comedy show originally recorded for radio which ran until 2008. The host of What’s So Funny! is Dave Schwensen, a former television talent coordinator in Los Angeles and New York, author of "How To Be A Working Comic," and comedy coach for The Improv comedy clubs in Chicago, Cleveland and Tampa.In each episode, Dave interviews a guest comedian, discussing how that comedian got his start and tips of the trade. They listen to and comment on bits of his stand-up performanc ...
Khabar Kay Peechay With Fawad Chaudhry
Born on April 7, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain opened his eyes in strong political and educated family. He is from Jehlum Punjab. Studied at GovernmentCollege Lahore then went abroad for higher studies and return Pakistan with a degree of Barrister. He is lawyer by profession. He got his own chamber named"First Law Company" in Lahore. He was consider as a strong and time tested companion of President Pervez Musharraf.He was working as a General Secretaryof APML in Punjab. later he joined PTI, does ...
Radio Eshraval
Want to take Eshraval with you on the go? This is the place for the latest news and features from your favorite geopolitical game.
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The Christian Nerd Podcast
Scott got his computer back, but The Christian Nerd Podcast is still getting up to speed. Scott kicks off the show by talking about his busy week, which was made worse by an aching back. In honor of Isle of Dogs hitting the theater, Scott does a Countdown of his favorite Wes Anderson movies. In Jesus Time Scott talks about running our race for ...…
Segment 1: How has our relationship with social media has changed over time? In light of a report that data was harvested from 50 million unknowing Facebook users , many are rethinking their relationships with social media. Today, we explored the changing public perception of online social networks. Ethan Kross , professor of psychology, Univer ...…
The407Show Live w/ CaliboiJones
Every man needs a woman that’s on his side 100% got his back anytime of the day anytime of the year in any season my rock
Dawn of the Dad podcast
Sean Hannan talks about how he got into movies, how he got his kids into movies and why I should get my kids into ParaNorman.
Brandon got his bachelors degree in biochemistry from Portland State University where he conducted research on mitochondria with Keith Garlid. Additionally, he got an internship sponsored by the SENS foundation in the lab of Henrich Jasper at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging where he modeled the effects of individual tissue aging on the ...…
COMMIT TO WEALTH: Creating Wealth through Real Estate
In this episode James Eng brings us a very experienced background in the financing space. James got his with GE Capital where he provided $750M in financing for all types of commercial real estate loans throughout Texas. Now at Old Capital Lending, he provides $150M in Texas multifamily properties every year. In addition, he is a limited partne ...…
Two Blokes Trading - Learn to Trade Online
Episode 095: No BS, Order Flow and Volume Mastery This week on episode 95 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast: John Grady from No BS Day Trading joins for a no BS discussion on order flow and volume. Brandon apparently is too important to show up for the interview. Tom extends his man crush to a whole organisation. B ...…
What are you afraid to say out loud? What places do you feel stuck? Sharon is joined by her dear friend and fellow executive coach Bethany Dufour in this week’s episode to explore these questions and more. You’ll get an honest and unfiltered look into the places where Sharon gets stuck and also get to observe a coaching conversation in action. ...…
If each pod was a year we would be able to buy booze this episode. Too bad it doesn't work that way and we are still the same as we were at episode 12. Pat talks about Monster Mania, and Justin got his grubby dickbeaters on Fortnite mobile. Josh has an offer for our listeners who review us and Amanda tells us about rubber horse appendages. We c ...…
CrossPointe Church Fayetteville
Dirty is the new Holy. Jesus often got his hands dirty when showing love to people. What does love require of us as Christians?
Episode 2: SOAP Notes with Dr. Warren Jahn Download your SOAP Note Quick Tip Sheet and SOAP Example by clicking here. We talked about all of these great ideas in today’s episode and we hope you find our gift to you incredibly helpful. << Episode 1: Welcome Episode 3: SOAP Part 2 >> Dr. Joshua Eldridge: Welcome to episode two of the ChiroPractic ...…
Cory Violette on what he saw in the Zags 1st round nail biter over UNCG, and how far can the Zags go this year.
This week, screenwriters discuss adapting novels and comic books for both film and television. First, Bryan Fuller and Michael Green give an inside look at the process of turning the critically acclaimed Neil Gaiman novel American Gods into a television series. Then, Green joins Ashley Edward Miller and Nicole Perlman for a discussion on the wo ...…
Jess reckons sleeping in the same bed as her straight, male friend is totally normal – the boys disagree When people dye their hair to cover greys, is it cool to compliment someone on this kind of new doo? Nick had to buy pads for his wife and it was confusing AF The Hit family shared what things they got stuck in, after a man got his eyelid st ...…
Born and raised in Winston Salem, NC, DeCarlos got his musical start in church at the age of 5. Throughout his musical career, DeCarlos has had much success, with his latest accomplishments being; In 2014, DeCarlos was awarded "Musician of the Year" and Entertainer of the Year" at the Forsyth County Entertainment Awards ceremony.​DeCarlos start ...…
Nearly five million people in the United States have Alzheimer’s disease. In 30 years, that number is estimated to be 16 millionIn today’s episode, Ken and Dawn interview Dr. Stephen Cunnane, a Canadian physiologist whose extensive research into Alzheimer’s disease is showing how ketones can be used as part of a prevention approach that helps d ...…
Get Free Audio Books of Fiction, Contemporary - Fast, Easy and Legally
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Dark MatterSubtitle: Star Carrier, Book 5Author: Ian DouglasNarrator: Nick SullivanFormat: UnabridgedLength: 11 hrs and 52 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 07-17-14Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers LimitedGenres: Fiction, ContemporaryPublisher's Summary:The fifth ...…
In this episode we get to chat with Rik Lomas: CEO of SuperHi and author of Learn To Code Now. We get to know Rik as a crazy cat-loving englishman from Manchester currently residing in NY. We discuss how Rik got his start and what fanned the flame of his love for teaching. We also talk about how and why Rik started SuperHi, and its value to the ...…
Spotlight: Richard Peddie on how he got his job with MLSE, his most gig, his relationship with Larry Tanenbaum, bringing the Raptors to Toronto, and the Vince Carter era (1:30); CBS Sports' Jim Nantz joins Bob and Richard Deitsch to discuss his relationship with Tony Romo, the play of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, and what March Madness teams ...…
The WWE is in Detroit tonight, so Braun Strowman made the rounds of press today, and swung by to speak to me. We talked about his fast rise in the WWE, how he got his name, his father and his huge softball background, Andre the Giant and more. You'll never guess what rock star he's become friends with, which he talks about. He told me the key t ...…
Listen to Free Audiobook of Kids, Ages 5-7 New Releases
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: How Tiger Got His StripesSubtitle: A Folktale from VietnamAuthor: Rob ClevelandNarrator: Rob ClevelandFormat: UnabridgedLength: 7 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 06-10-08Publisher: August HouseRatings: 3.5 of 5 out of 8 votesGenres: Kids, Ages 5-7Publisher's Summar ...…
Listen to Free Audiobook of Self Development, Motivation & Inspiration Popular Authors
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Ditch the Baggage, Change Your LifeSubtitle: 7 Keys to Lasting FreedomAuthor: Nancy AlcornNarrator: Tavia GilbertFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 13 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 10-06-15Publisher: Oasis AudioRatings: 5 of 5 out of 19 votesGenres: Self Develop ...…
Listen to Top 100 Free Audio Books of Romance, Fantasy
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Darkness UnboundAuthor: Keri ArthurNarrator: Saskia MaarleveldFormat: UnabridgedLength: 10 hrs and 24 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 03-19-12Publisher: Recorded BooksRatings: 4 of 5 out of 217 votesGenres: Romance, FantasyPublisher's Summary:New York Times best-sell ...…
Get Most Popular Free Audiobooks of Kids, Ages 0-4
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Just So StoriesSubtitle: How the Leopard Got His SpotsAuthor: Rudyard KiplingNarrator: Johnny MorrisFormat: UnabridgedLength: 14 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 06-17-09Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 4 of 5 out of 2 votesGenres: Kids, Ages 0-4Publisher's Summary: ...…
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Laugh Factory Vol. 02 of All Access with Dom IrreraAuthor: Paul Rodriguez, Sunda CroonquistLength: 45 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-02-06Publisher: Laugh Factory IMG Media, LLCRatings: 2.5 of 5 out of 3 votesGenres: Comedy, Stand-Up & JokesPublisher's Summary:Pa ...…
Hashtag Just Sayin - The Podcast
Happy Birthday to Sean!We talk trash about some mean celebrities, Talk plot holes in Gotham, Things people do that make us question their intelligence, and Mark Hamill got his walk of fame star!!Did Tara wear a hoodie? Check out the youtube video to find out. Send Sean a birthday…
Stephen Silver was born in London, England on August 30, 1972. Aspiring to be a professional artist his whole life and knowing drawing would be his vocation, he got his professional start in 1992 drawing caricatures at Sea World in San Diego.Stephen has designed characters for Disney Television Animation, Sony Feature Animation and Nickelodeon ...…
The Sound Podcast
For those unfamiliar with Kevin Kendrick, he is a New York based singer songwriter, who got his start with Fat Mama back in the early 2000s. In fact, virtually all of the members of Fat Mama are now in Kevin's project Big Yes and a small no. His latest record Mise En Abyme due out April 20th, is a musical ode to Kevin's trials and tribulations. ...…
Get Most Popular Free Audiobooks of Romance, Romantic Comedy
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: The Cad and the Co-EdSubtitle: Rugby, Book 3Author: L. H. Cosway, Penny ReidNarrator: KC Sheridan, George AllanFormat: UnabridgedLength: 10 hrs and 57 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-14-17Publisher: Cipher-NaughtRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 262 votesGenres: Romance, R ...…
Fletch Come Back. This isn't an attempt to reboot Chevy Chase's career, Duffman issued a plea for the Man in Tan to return to 'Da Out House. And after hearing Duffman channel some pretty scary guys he might want to consider it. No one wants to wake up with a horse head in their bed, ya feel? That's right everybody it's Gangsta' FOB time and let ...…
When people read 1 Peter 3:21, they wonder if baptism is necessary for salvation. And this is indeed what 1 Peter 3:21 seems to say: There is also an antitype which now saves us—baptism (not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God), through the resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:21). So does ba ...…
"I always thought that honesty would rule the day. I always thought integrity would rule the day. I always thought that telling the truth would rule the day. And it doesn't," says Gary Johnson, the 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate and a two-time former governor of New Mexico, in an exclusive new interview with Reason.Visiting Washington, ...…
InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast
When I am completing up to 22 flips at once, having great contractors and a system to keep track of them is vital to my business. It has taken some time, mistakes, and multiple people, but I have things running relatively smoothly now. On this episode of The InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I go over exactly how I have developed my contracto ...…
Download Most Popular Free Audio Books of Romance, Contemporary
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: CuffedSubtitle: The Everyday Heroes Series, Book 1Author: K. BrombergNarrator: Maxine Mitchell, Joe ArdenFormat: UnabridgedLength: 11 hrs and 36 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-05-17Publisher: JKB Publishing, LLCRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 159 votesGenres: Romance, C ...…
Download Popular Titles Free Audiobooks of Romance, Historical
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Love RemainsAuthor: Sarah M. EdenNarrator: Nancy PetersonFormat: UnabridgedLength: 11 hrs and 41 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 09-12-17Publisher: SMEDENRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 90 votesGenres: Romance, HistoricalPublisher's Summary:From Sarah M. Eden, the USA Today ...…
Get Best Sellers Free Audio Books of Nonfiction, True Crime
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: I'll Do My Own Damn Killin'Author: Gary SleeperNarrator: David CarpenterFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 53 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 10-08-12Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 3.5 of 5 out of 12 votesGenres: Nonfiction, True CrimePublisher's Summary:In the ...…
In this episode, Nathan shares how he got his start in competitive lumberjack sports, beginning in his college days at SUNY ESF. Wondering what type of workout routine is needed to produce the immense amount of strength needed to be a lumberjack? Nathan expresses his opinion on which exercise is the biggest bang for your buck, and why it consis ...…
Success Member Podcast with Freddie Dreamer
Meet Fredrick Schulman, aka “Freddie Dreamer,” the founder and president of Success Member Inc. He’s a multi-million-dollar business developer, psychology of success expert, and trainer of million-dollar producers in the lending and financial services industries. He shares how he got his nickname, and how he’s able to take an idea, bring it to ...…
When Dave Alperson got his first job at an Amazon warehouse in 1997, as a temporary hourly employee, it involved walking around the warehouse with a list of where to find products—mostly books—that customers had ordered.Twenty years later, as a regional director of operations for Amazon in Indiana, he oversees 18 warehouses that barely resemble ...…
How did FBBC Owner Dustin Bogle learn about fitness? It was a byproduct of his obsession with pro wrestling. Dustin spoke with us about his pro wrestling career, how wrestling turned him into an amazing fitness coach, and the health tips he’s learned along the way. Here’s what you’ll discover: 0:32 - How Dustin got his start as a pro wrestler. ...…
The Cipher
Erick Sermon got his start alongside Parrish Smith as a member of the iconic duo EPMD. Starting with their debut single in 1987 and their first album the following year, the group released four classic LPs in a row - a nearly unprecedented run in a still-new genre - before splitting (for the first time) in 1993. At the same time, Sermon was ins ...…
Hello everyone!This episode is a little bit different. It's a new format I'm calling Quick Charge (identified by QC in the title). The idea behind it is to be an even smaller episode, 15 minutes at max.It's an episode that you can listen to at any time, and anywhere you go. This time I bring you a topic that crossed my mind recently: you should ...…
In episode 04 we cover Arsenal’s week from hell, the weird stuff that happened in the Spurs games and how Harry Kane finally got his hands on some silverware.
Covered Shift
Welcome to our very 1st Episode! It is our pleasure to introduce to you to Kyle Tran.A Phenomenal person, and an amazing bartender/operator.On this episode, we talk how he got his start into cocktail indrustry. Philosophies on working behind the bar. And upcoming future projects!
Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship with Miles
This episode is an interview where I was a guest being interviewed by Jason Rogers with This interview was powerful and we covered everything from how to grow a business online to being a digital nomad and how traveling can help increase happiness through perspective. I liked it so much, I wanted to share it wit ...…
Swedish country singer/songwriter, TJ Leonard got his first guitar from his grandfather, when he was eight; he taught his grandchild to play Swedish folk music and evergreens. Soon, TJ was introduced to pop and blues through his cousin, who was a little bit older and played in a famous Swedish pop band. At eighteen, TJ became lead singer and gu ...…
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