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Gravity Assist
Dr. Jim Green, NASA's director of planetary science, takes you on a guided tour of the solar system and beyond.
A podcast about modern music, modern beer, and the people behind these arts. Hosts Keith Kirchoff and Greg Carlson chat with composers of experimental music and brewers of all stripes about their work, their influences, and their inspiration. Each episode, the hosts and guest listen to a new piece of music and together design a beer that captures the essence of the work. Recipes are available on their website,
The new podcast hosted by Nate Raubenheimer of Protoculture serving up the latest and greatest in Trance and Progressive.
Curated conversations with the Gravity Leadership Community on what it looks like practically to orient our lives and our leadership in the love of Christ, learning to lead like Jesus, live on mission, and make disciples in our post-Christian world.
Gravity Lab Radio
Gravity Lab Radio
Mostly weird experimental stuff, noise, drone, ambient, avant-garde, musique concrète, abstract whatever, also some beat heavy techno type jams, a dose of raw black metal or crushing doom, maybe some worldly pop/funk/psych/etc, the occasional ancient folk from America or elsewhere, and whatever else happens to catch my fancy at the moment. Basically, anything that you might find me getting psyched about on my website, Anti-Gravity Bunny ( Every so often I'll do a ...
Gravity Falls episode discussions.
Final Gravity Podcast
All about homebrewing beer,Craft and micro brews,We talk about Homebrewing tips and tricks,Taste Micro brewed and homebrewed beer,Interview industry pros and more...Explicit content!visit our main page for forums,store, and more.
The lifestyle we live and the way we live it. All for success
Podcast by Financial Gravity
Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground - it’s one thing to have a game-changing idea, but pulling it off can feel like trying to defy gravity. Xero Gravity shares the business+life stories from those who spin the world on their own axis: the highs, the lows, the big wins, and the massive fails from those who have lived to tell the tale. Check us out at
Malty Gravity
Culture and lifestyle extravaganza helmed by two mid-millennial men navigating through this strange world self medicating with craft beer.
No Gravity
Join friends Dre Boy & Tre in reckless and intellectual conversations about Pop culture, Sports, Music, Films and more. There is no limits on what they might say.
You are now listening to the Miami local DJ/Producer coming up big in the music industry.
PODCAST INFO:Welcome to the Gravity Lift Podcast, a mostly entertaining, and at times informative place where we get to chat about all the things we love. Music and festival life, yoga and wellness, travel and adventure. We are your hosts Jordan & Antonella.SOUNDCLOUD INFO:Showcasing material from Jordan Goff & Gravity Lift.Jordan Goff is currently playing events, nightclubs and festivals, predominantly as a "Yoga DJ," where he combines a love for yoga and music. Gravity Lift was previously ...
Tune in for a weekly dose of Trance and Progressive tracks from around the globe!
Online Personal Training and Transformation Programs
The newest podcast about Disney's Gravity Falls and all the strange things going on there!
Gravity FM
Discussing human rights and environmental issues from the legal, political and ethical fronts with interviews from activists, NGOs, authors and professors.
Gravity Sessions
Gravity Sessions brings you the best Progressive House, Electro, Techno, Trance and Breaks. Check back monthly for a new mix by DJ Brook B and other guest DJs.
Gravity Ray
Join veteran radio hosts Josh Barsky and Paul Black as they attempt to navigate the unknown. New episodes every Sunday at midnight.
Gravity Church
We are a group of regular people based out of Lodi California with a mission is to reach those in need. Period. No strings attached. Our heart is for the lost, the hurting, and those who have not experienced the real and unconditional love of God.
Gravity Institute
Gravity Institute
A group of friends playing games and enjoying drinks. As you would expect, nothing works out.
Craft beer news, views and idle gossip. Original Gravity Radio is a monthly podcast from the makers of Original Gravity magazine ( It is dedicated to everything related to great #beer, whether it is #realale #craftbeer. Each episode, editor Daniel Neilson is joined by contributor Ant Miller. They usually take the following format: The Mash: News, views and idle gossipThe Feature: A great interview, or outside broadcast. The Essay: An in-depth look at a fascinating ...
Welcome to my podcast featuring live recorded mixes of the latest in electronic dance music!
We have down to earth conversations with far out there guests from all walks of life. Without the worry of stepping on each other’s toes we get to know the real energy and discuss topics of pop culture, current events and life! Subscribe with the link below!
Academy Award and BAFTA-winning special effects supervisor Neil Corbould (Black Hawk Down) and Framestore visual effects producer Richard Graham (Iron Man 3) discuss making the visual effects behind the BAFTA-winning film, Gravity. Hosted by Chris Hewitt at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Podcast for Defying Gravity Music
The Sanctuary Church of Huntington Beach
Motion under gravity - for iBooks
Are you an Entrepreneur, Coach, or Consultant, who is passionate about your mission, and ready to let the world know it? Kristin Thompson, Professional Speaker and Coach, shares weekly topics focused on easy to implement tips, tricks, and training to help you shine a light on your expertise and power up your presentations so you can authentically attract more business more easily, and gain greater visibility for you and your business. Deliver stronger sales presentations without being "sales ...
Zero Filters. Zero Relevance. Zero Sense. I like dogs. Hosted by Indie Electro Pop Artist, JONATHAN MILLER.
If you want to get more from your marketing and business networking, then this might be what you have been looking for. Welcome to the World of Dr Marketing and Mr True Graivty! We will share marketing and networking strategies that will help you to grow your small business.
Vortex Network News
We Talk About:Government Cover-upsUFOs & ET ContactSuppressed TechnologiesHealth Modalities
DJ GSP's podcast
Anon Time
What if you weren't who you thought you were, what others saw you to be? What if the structure of time depended on you to keep it steady. What if unseen forces, both good and evil, surrounded you, effecting your life in way's you could not begin to imagine? Well, if that were the case, you'd be Mark De Martel, unobtrusive advertising agent in Los Angeles. Or would you? Possibly you were a Mark, but possibly you would be a powerful warrior, using skills such as the manipulation of gravity its ...
Destiny Pizza
Grab a Slice & Enjoy!
Tidepool Orchestra
You're in your car, in the drive through, but you drop your wallet. While looking for it in between the cushions of the seats, you find a dusty old tape cassette. You shrug, and place it into your neglected tape player. A female voice comes on and says "Welcome to the calming sounds of the Tidepool Orchestra. Side A."
ASC Workshops
The Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics (ASC) in Munich regularly organizes workshops and conferences on special topics in theoretical physics, sometimes in collaboration with other institutes in Munich, like the Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP). A selection can be found in this channel.
Onirikalab is the 1st Eurodream Label created in Italy in 1995 by Jk Lloyd (Giancarlo Loi). Eurodream (that means "Trance, Tech House, Deep House, Chill Out") is the podcast from Onirikalab Music. During those years Onirikalab produced talented artists and Djs like Jk Lloyd ( - ), Alex Remark and many more. Jk Lloyd On iTunes: .Alex Remark on iTunes: ...
Masters is a veteran broadcaster and writer who’s made a career out of challenging accepted wisdom and debunking the “experts” who tell the rest of us what to think.
Every Friday morning Dr. Melissa West releases a one hour free yoga class for you to enjoy. She is a yoga instructor who helps people to surrender to peace in their lives by connecting to the vital energy within their body through breath, cultivating optimal functional movement by harnessing the power of gravity and increase overall mobility by creating more suppleness in the spine.
Tad Strange
Tad Strange is a weekly Gravity Falls podcast dissecting each and every episode of one of the greatest animated shows of our generation. We find and break down the clues, the mysteries, and our personal connections in our quest to dive deeper into the mystically mysterious world of Gravity Falls, Oregon.
DJ Matt Bogard
Matt Bogard is fastly becoming a well known DJ in London for his amazing sets! Playing the best in Upfront, Bassed Up, Electro, House, his mixing is never out of time and he know how to work a room:Find him on Facebook & Twitter:Facebook: DJ Matt BogardTwitter: @DJMattBogard
Driven by their infantile curiosity, Sebastian and Panos look to explore the often overlooked beauty of science. Everything around you, from gravity to the the fcat taht you're siltl albe to raed tihs, has an explanation ready to be found. Curiosity is about simplifying the complex, untangling the convoluted, and having a laugh along the way. What are you curious about?
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This week, Matt, Mike and Unoclay talk about Uno playing Chibi-Robo, crazy cab fees, and Nintendo hardware changes between regions. This week's GoAT fight is Pokémon X/Y vs. Red Dead Redemption. - Game of All Time Tournament - Pokémon X/Y vs. Red Dead Redemption18:10 - Matt - Dishonored 2, Metal Gear S ...…
What's going on Ragers? Hope you're enjoying the hell out of Spring Time as we dive ever deeper into the magical time of year that is Festival Season. Huge new mix right here, highlighting the latest and greatest releases. New music coming to you from the likes of Tiesto, Riggi & Piros, Arty, Bailo, Dodge & Fuski with PhaseOne, Super8 & Tab, Af ...…
Gravity in SpaceBy (The Stauffer family).
Thanks for tuning in for another episode. This week we have new music from Above & Beyond, Fatum and Sied van Riel. Enjoy! Tracklist You Are - Armin van Buuren & Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Violet - Fatum Alright Now - Above & Beyond Feat. Justine Suissa Mash Up - Meet Her In Miami (Gareth Emery) vs The Creator (Khoma) Hold Me Close - Sied va ...…
Maybe great leaders cause gravity and allow people to exist and thrive in the gravity instead of taking away all gravity and stress and creating a utopian place that even a rain drop will destroy. The 24 hour challenge is a guided process to own your own gravity. Join us on
Ronnue ft Figuz & Roc Phizzle - 17 day's the hood mixMarc White – RiseMark Loren – Cola For ChildrenBosna Dani – Blue GravityCap – Big ScreenAnt Jacob – Little ThingsGold Standard Ltd – Lunar Eclipse
Host Kevin Jacobsen welcomes his close friend Mallory Daley to talk about Alfonso Cuarón's bold space thriller 'Gravity,' the runner-up in the 2013 Oscar race that lost to '12 Years a Slave.' 0:00 - 1:19 - Introduction 1:20 - 34:07 - 'Gravity' review 34:08 - 53:00 - Why 'Gravity' lost Best Picture 53:01 - 1:07:07 - Shoulda been a contender 1:07 ...…
10 "Healthy" Snacks to AVOID for Weight Loss You know what you've been dieting hard... you deserve some healthy snacks. Why don't you grab a handful of almonds, an energy bar, and wash it down with a fruit smoothie? It's healthy for you.......Or is it? I'm willing to bet that you've been [...] The post 10 “Healthy” Snacks to AVOID for Weight Lo ...…
Edwig – JulietOsea Codega – Make me feelNuMan- Stay Lit Ft. Bigg BammCylew – Other SpacesBosna Dani – Blue GravityGold Standard Ltd – Lunar EclipseHeart & Feather - Take Me AwayPaliki – RadiornotThe Bleeding Rose – She’s My Hero
What's up Ragers?! Stylowtrix here, back with episode 150 of RageCast! Huge mix right here as festival season '18 kicks off, bringing you brand new music from the likes of Ummet Ozcan, Afrojack, Maor Levi, Slander, Downlink, Super8 & Tab, Mike Williams, Valentino Khan, and many more! This is the only bi-weekly podcast that packs in 40 all new s ...…
1. Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis - Hope [WATERGATE] 2. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Oxia remix) [SUARA] 3. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Diversion remix) [ARMADA] 4. Chicane feat. Moya Brennan - Saltwater (Jody Wistenoff remix) 5. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Dale Middleton remix) [PUSH COMMUNICATIONS] 6. Royk ...…
In this episode of Gravity Falls, we hunt for a missing wax head and learn a little bit more about the architecture of the Mystery Shack. Janine is loopy, Evan has a sad spoiler theory and Adriana somehow keeps it all from falling apart. This podcast was made with our blood, sweat, tears and other fluids.Don't forget you can check out our websi ...…
Tunnel and Skydiving Instructor, Waz Choudhry, joins us. We will discuss Flight Knights and bringing flying skills from the tunnel to the sky. Along with being a great coach and flyer, Waz is also an artist (check out What is his inspiration and where did (na)Waz get his start as an artist? Waz has a diverse background. Yo ...…
Natasha Ferrier and Grace Holtz from Once A Month return this week to talk about the Fifty Shades movies, and cults including all this crazy shenanigans with the NXIVM cult, all while they pop Grace's high gravity beer - cherry. Beers: Knee Deep Brewing Company | Imperial Tanilla Tailgate Brewing Company | Might Unicorn Double IPA Stone Brewing ...…
Finally after a long hiatus the game is back on, the group is back to their old tricks.. as George greets William, who is back from his research project recapping him (and you from what we lost) as to what’s going on. Listen in as the Chaos begins! This game takes place in Dallas Texas. Characters include: John – Outcast kid in high school, has ...…
Today on everyone's favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:Alright Higherside Chatters, it's no surprise that the public has seen the needle on rocket and jet propulsion technology move very little, in a series of decades that have shown rapid advancements in nearly all other technological areas.Because we know ...…
2018 new releases, including New Faces, Julian Lage, Nubya Garcia Playlist: Roxy Coss - Nevertheless, She Persisted New Faces - Delilah Was a Libra Josh Lawrence - Circles On Black Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints - Fee Fi Fo Fum David Murray - Enlightenment Liebman/Murley Quartet featuring Jim Vivian & Terry Clarke - Missing Persons Rene ...…
The weekly Soul Clap Records Show live from The Lot Radio in Brooklyn Eli was in Miami so Seth Magoon took the drivers seat… Tracklist: Theo Parrish – Walking Thru The Sky Elise – Crocodiles Love Coriander DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell – Complete Spiral Marcellus Pittman – Obsession Pearson Sound – Heal Me Move D & Benjamin Brunn – Honey John Tejada ...…
Show Notes for Stan Deyo Interview Stan Deyo has been called at real life “Indy Jones.” His story is one that I feel you will find intriguing and hard to believe…but I will allow him to present the facts as he sees them – then you must make your own decision. But the graphs and pictures on his website back up the narrative you are about to hear ...…
Each week the NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB's Cooking The Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it's whether grandstanding politicians could hurt your back pocket. Hosted by Frances Cook.I love a good rollercoaster. Hands in the air, yelling and screaming as you go up the highs and down the lows, defying gravity.It's not quite so ...…
TracklistingSunset Slave - FearlessAthom - First FlightLeo Lauretti & Vinnie Luz- SphinxNitrous Oxide & Sodality - Gravity Alex Byrka - Between UsTony Hammer - Crypto BoomEstiva & Ruben De Ronde - RainbowThomas Mengal - PelagosAlex Sonata - MerakiTocalta - Shibuya (Cosmaks Remix)Josa - IndigoJaytec - Song Of FireMarcus Santoro - WhispersSkua - ...…
01. Jordy Eley - Never Be Alone (feat. Megan Louise), Black Sunset Music, 00:2302. Dennis Sheperd & DIM3NSION - Amigos, Coldharbour, 03:4603. Nitrous Oxide & Sodality - Gravity, Statement, 08:0304. Somna & Cari - My Home, AVA, 11:4605. Alex Sonata - Meraki, Garuda, 16:1306. Ruslan Radriges vs. Neurofunq with Tiff Lacey - Wonderfull, Suanda, 19: ...…
Variance in gravity is a real concern in metrology. Did you know the acceleration of gravity on earth varies by 0.7%? I know that number sounds small, but gravity is a key component of measurements that can be several orders of magnitude smaller than that. Today I talk about how to handle these issues.…
5/10 different colored eyes -Johnschwartzwelder 10/10 bulletproof luggages -@specialbrewis (Totally Tiffany) 10/10 Segways -Chris 10/10 creepy piano men -@XZ3R0 (Just Jared) Next episode will be The Invention of Lying Recordings take place Fridays at 9 PM PT in our Discord: Vote for movies on our reddit: /r/UpDownLeftDie ...…
We spoke with Taizo Son, during his visit to the Latitude59 conference in Tallinn last year, about creating a movement, taking Slush to Japan and how he became an entrepreneur. What brings you to the Nordic countries so often? We often see you at Slush and now you’re here in Estonia. The first time I visited Helsinki was about four years ago, t ...…
Show Notes for Stan Deyo Interview Stan Deyo has been called at real life “Indy Jones.” His story is one that I feel you will find intriguing and hard to believe…but I will allow him to present the facts as he sees them – then you must make your own decision. But the graphs and pictures on his website back up the narrative you are about to hear ...…
Show Notes for Stan Deyo Interview Stan Deyo has been called at real life “Indy Jones.” His story is one that I feel you will find intriguing and hard to believe…but I will allow him to present the facts as he sees them – then you must make your own decision. But the graphs and pictures on his website back up the narrative you are about to hear ...…
The Ringer’s Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald discuss the premieres of Bill Hader’s brainchild ‘Barry’ (4:00) and FX’s new series ‘Trust,’ about the Getty family (14:30). Later Chris sits down with actor David Costabile to talk about the fun of playing his character Wags on 'Billions' and the gravity of playing Gale on ‘Breaking Bad’ (28:00). Ring ...…
Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes | Android | Stitcher | RSS feed Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Plant Pest Diagnostics Clinic Commercial Plant Disease Identification Submission Form (pdf) Cepholosporium Stripe Contact Information: Contact Rachel Bomberger via email at or by phone at 509-335-3292 or 509-335-0619. W ...…
The Big Bang Theory and Stephen Hawking News: Beloved Physicist Stephen Hawking passed away on March 14 at his home in Cambridge, England. He was 76. There is general relativity, which beautifully accounts for gravity and all of the things it dominates: orbiting planets, colliding galaxies, the dynamics of the expanding universe as a whole. Tha ...…
This week Hannah and Courtney decided to dream up their own epic road trip! Come hang out with us as we cross the USA and discover stories of mashed potato wrestling, bull balls, and several unusual roads that somehow seem to defy gravity.
When Gravity Helps -- a Palm Sunday sermon on John 12:20-36 by Pastor Sam Jess
1. Myon & Shane 54 ft. Kyler England – Summer Of Love (Original Mix)2. Kevin Wild & Punk Party feat. Kelly Sweet – Gravity (Original Mix)3. Juventa feat. Aloma Steele – Euphoria (Winterborn) (Original Mix)4. Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54 feat. Tove Lo - Strangers (Original Mix)5. Aerosoul feat. Christian Ferraro – 6AM (Original Mix)6. Triton ...…
TKO #33 - HOW MUCH FOR A DICK PUNCH? What can I tell you about this one? First, what can I remember?? What can I separate from the real and the imagined? The hallucinations have taken over now, pushing the balance into the absurd... We go BEAST MODE for the first time as we welcome co-host of Stasis Lock, Ty Prime, or Ty Pie, if you're fuckin', ...…
This week Sanctorum is taken over by Buntos. Please like, share and more importantly listen to and enjoy!Track List: Sanctorum #003 - Take-over: Buntos1 Gravity- Headless Horseman2 Revelation- Headless Horseman3 IIIIIIIII vsk remix - Kaczmarek4 Different path - Blazej Malinowski5 Forbidden Earth - Aleja Sanchez6 Multidimensionalmanalien - Deepb ...…
It's 3AM, guys. We're pretty sleepy but it's Family Fun Day and we need to hold it together to get our fishing on. In this episode: Janine does a hit, Adriana gets her turn to ramble and Evan attempts to embarrass us all. Can you feel the love in the room?Don't forget you can check out our website to get to know us better at Ghoulish.Fun and be ...…
Make people feel guilty for only showing up twice a year?Put Jesus up on the cross again?What else should we avoid when it comes to Easter Sunday?In this zany & serious episode, Geoff Holsclaw—joined by Matt Tebbe and Ben Sternke—talk about how not to ruin Easter. And they accidentally start a new segment about what they'd being doing 500 years ...…
This is it, listeners. The Episode that SHAKES everything up. This episode really ROCKS. Join us as we flesh out the backstory of none other than Quake! This was a really fun one to record and we hope you have fun listening. It's an episode that really pulls you in. Get it? Gravity! See this all the people I lost to in Punderdome? I can do puns ...…
The one where we talk about the Cambridge Analytica and the Muppets, narratives about 9/11, and sleeping in a coffin (aka Gravity Blanket).
I LOVE CARTWHEELS! The classic cartwheel is truly a thing of beauty and is to be respected always. However, the mechanics of both the AERIAL cartwheel *and* goal setting are very similar. Both require strategic momentum, tons of foundational work, getting comfortable with a different point of view, and the hardest part of all: surrendering cont ...…
Throughout history, humans have had a dangerous pattern of challenging the bounds of Earth's gravity, testing our limits, and expanding our world. In 1965, two nations raced to complete the first space walk; that is, sending an astronaut outside of the spacecraft's cabin, and into open space.
With the help of a VERY special guest, Lewis and Clark explore The Greatest President EVER: Donald Trump, Why Facebook Sucks, Gravity, Paula Tick, Real Jobs, Frog C*cksuckers, Haiti, Hard Psychedelics, and a whole lot MORE!!!!
01. Marcus Santoro - Whispers, WYM, 00:2502. LTN & Christina Novelli - Hiding My Heart (Mohamed Ragab Remix), Excelsior, 05:4803. RECORD OF THE WEEK:Nianaro - Once In A Lifetime, Black Sunset Music, 11:1304. Tom Fall - Divergent, A State of Trance, 15:2205. Ben Gold & Audrey Gallagher - There Will Be Angels, Armada Music, 19:1306. Nifra x Anske ...…
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