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We will give listeners extensive opinions on sports, entertainment and tackle all other subjects. We are here to entertain and give unvarnished truth.
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You know Scott only brings the best guests on The Amazing Seller that give you value and insights into selling on Amazon and building your business. On this episode, Scott’s done it again with guest Greg Mercer. Greg knows the industry intimately and wants to help entrepreneurs like you get the most out of your efforts to make a profit. He’s cr ...…
Episode 1 - 40 Yard Dash Gigantic Blog and Cafe. Two unnamed hosts discuss the most unfortunate 40-yard dash at this year's combine, the People vs. OJ Simpson and Greggo's odd Twitter meltdown.
We are back from a two week hiatus with session number 80 and the team is fired up for this one. In this power packed session we are sitting down with one of the most respected local see minds in the game DealerOn’s Greg Gifford. Greg Gifford is the Director of Search and Social at DealerOn, a software company that provides websites and online ...…
Recorded in New York City Sean catches up with KORE Software's Russell Scibetti his home town after a successful SEAT conference. On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: How Russell handled the move from team side to vendor side moving from Jets to KORE What Russell is looking to delivery to sports industry as someone who has been in ...…
A few weeks ago, Rob Berger, whom I interviewed for podcast episode 35, and Greg Go, whom I interviewed for podcast episode 2, suggested a “reverse interview” where they ask me some questions. Why not? We jump around on topics but we talk about my background, how I got into blogging, how it’s changed over the years, and then into more general b ...…
The @LegendsOfShield (Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D.) Agents Lauren, Haley and Stargate Pioneer continue breaking down the second Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season and they discuss the second season second episode Making Friends And Influencing People! They also run down the weekly Marvel news and run down all the awesome Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. feedback. ...…
Think about two of your friends from high school. Any two will do. Now think about starting a business with them and how that might turn out. Oh, did I mention you all work virtually? That’s exactly what Greg Go, Will Chen, and Lynn Truong did and the results speak for themselves. They are the three co-founders of Wise Bread, a personal finance ...…
Aaron Hernandez, Phil Costa & Brooke Hogan, Mark Cuban & the Mavs, Jamie Fox, Joe Nathan, Feliz, Serena Williams, Arizona Firefighters
Tipping, Aaron Hernandez, PacMan Jones, David Clyde, Book Talk, Entertainment
Aaron Hernandez, Guns, MLB, Pentagon,
Rangers, Confederate Flag, Who could Whip Who, Snowden
Cowboys, Miami Bar Collapse, US Open, Redskins, Middle East, KKK & Patrick Ewing, Parking Lot in San Fransisco, Wal-Mart, Obscure Deaths, Book Review and Puppy Dogs
Gays in Boy Scouts, Nazis on Meth, Jason Kidd, Jason Garrett and the Cowboys, Wedding Ring Sold, Ugly Hooker, Biogenesis Update, Sarah Palin, Ed Snowden
Rangers, Cowboys, People in Trouble, Who could kick who's ass, Questions, Shoutouts, Unfortunate Deaths
Sports, Entertainment, Questions, and Greggos Gems
D-Day, Justin Bieber, Cowboys, Hard Knocks, Questions, Shoutouts, Gun News, Parole Denied, Greggos Gems of the Day
Blog, Rangers, Greggo's Gems, Unfortunate Death
Welcome to my nightmare. Today we will start the first of many podcasts. Here Greggo uncut and uncensored. He will talk sports, entertainment, music, politics and who knows what else. You will get the unvarnished truth on all subjects. Sit back and enjoy.
Andy, Phil, and Greg debate Argo and Ben Affleck’s skills as a director. Additionally, Andy weighs in on Martin McDonough’s Seven Psychopaths, Greg goes out on a limb and recommends Pitch Perfect, and Phil fondly revisits Defending Your Life. The Moviegoers – Episode 7 – Argo
In which Daniel and Greg go on and on and on about Homeowners Associations, the Avengers on DVD, Second Life, the space shuttle, the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program, and Red Dwarf. Also: Greg actually ate the candy corn Oreo cookies. Dunk this episode in a glass of milk. Are you a homeowner? Do you belong to a Homeowners Association? I've got ...…
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