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Guide Dogs On Bungee Cords
Emily, Liam, Nat and Will. Four students stumbling through life, not entirely sure how. A comedy podcast discussing news, current affairs and entertainment.
Guide Dog on your Life Journey
Timely mix of practical ideas you can use to progress along your Life Journey. This station serves you with realistic approaches to maximize Peace, Joy, and Love in your life.
Eurpean Guide Dog Federation Podcasts
EGDF Podcasts from conferences and other activities
Working Like Dogs - Service Dogs and Working Dogs - Pets & Animals on Pet Life Radio (
Working LIke Dogs features pet podcasts about working animals. In this working animal podcast, we cover everything from how to get started as a trainer of working animals or how to acquire a working animal to how to take care of your animal companion. In these podcasts, you will learn what it means to work side by side with an animal. We cover working animals such as service dogs, guide dogs, hearing dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug dogs, seizure dogs, military dogs, etc. In a ...
GDUI Juno Report
Guide Dog Users Incorporated Juno Report
Guide dog Layla and her four-legged friends give you a unique insight into their working lives - with a little help from 'mum' Sue and supporters. Brought to you by the team at Colchester-based Mosaic Publicity, celebrating the company's 10th anniversary by raising money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Living Blind
I talk about white cane day and national Federation of the blind. I describe what white cane does for blind people and some of the things that the national Federation of the blind does for individuals who are blind and or become blind situations with guide dog you using Uber
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This week Amit Patel, owner of Kika the guide dog, has been in the news again. Last year BBC Ouch made a video about how he straps a video camera to her harness in order to record the looks, stares and reactions from people around him on the street. When he comes home, he shows it to his wife who gives him a commentary on what happened that Ami ...…
The skate-safe rubber-matted hallway at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington fills quickly on a Sunday morning in January. People hurry in carrying hockey sticks; bulging bags of gear line the walls. At first glance, it looks like any other weekend at an ice rink. But there are harnessed guide dogs calmly navigating through the crowd, some ska ...…
We speak with Victoria Nolan about her experience using Uber that resulted in the driver being fined for refusing to pick her up because of her guide dogBy (Accessible Media Inc).
Jon’s had a busy week, but hasn’t managed to get any words on the page. He discusses the second week of his guide dog training and a trip to an author conference in London. Email your questions to Jon (at) joncronshaw (dot) com. You can find out more about Jon Cronshaw and his work by visiting or Jon’s author page. Like his Face ...…
upcoming events at the APH museum; Leader Dogs for the Blind; new policies for flying with guide dogs, assistance dogs and emotional support dogs create debateBy 37.
Creating Space With Christine Kathryn
In this, the fourth episode of our series celebrating powerful women living spacious lives and spreading their magic in the world, I welcome Joy Thomas, freelance writer, blogger, teacher and speaker, Wife, Mama to 2 girls and 1 very special guide dog, Roja. Joy shares with us what she means when she says her blindness is a big part of her stor ...…
This episode explores the different dimensions and definitions of commonly used industry terms - entrepreneur, innovator, inventor and creativity. Is there a difference? What is the difference? How do they fit and tie into together? Can you be an innovator and not be an entrepreneur? Are all entrepreneurs innovators? How can we apply innovation ...…
In this week's episode, Steven and Jill are joined by Daniel Williams from an organisation called Visualise. Dan is visually impaired himself and he wanted to discuss his experience of owning a guide dog for only four weeks while being refused entry to four different locations because of his dog. Dan also discusses his thoughts on public percep ...…
Call ins, receive sight, 20/20 vision, guide dog
Timely Tidbits, a collection of articles on a variety of subjects, will be coming your way for three weeks. This week, in part 1, you'll hear about a blind surfer, retinal imaging tests, a guide dog named Nadine and about Touch Tours in Philadelphia.By (rphinney).
So nice of you to drop by this Cybermonday Today's Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Bombshell Radio 4pm-5pm EST EST #indie #rock #alternative #Synthpop #indierock #community #radio #BombshellRadio #AddictionsPodcast It’s showtime. It’s Monday, so it’s time to check out out & play submissions from our overflowing Addictions Inbox a ...…
This week Steven Scott and Jill Barkley are joined by RNIB Northern Ireland's Joe Kenny to talk about tiredness that can be associated with blindness, parenting as a blind person and queue-barging - ending up at the front of a queue because you have a cane or guide dog and no-one complains! Join the conversation #RN ...…
Where to get a #Guide #Dog. There are several different schools you can go to to get your self a guide dog. Do not go by what others tell you every store have good qualities and you need to go by your personal preference. You can also do a search on Google for a list of guide dog schools for contact information and applications. Please be sure ...…
Guide Dog on your Life Journey
Episode 2: How can I guide you? I’ll love your suggestions. • Episode 2: How can I guide you? I’ll love your suggestions.
Living Blind
Guide dogs Permian basin NFB another things about my fission I condition
This week, one man wants to get his ears pierced, a rich kids wants his best friend's girl, someone's doubting guide dogs and much, much more.Obviously Ben and Alfie still don't know how to give advice but it's a working process.
Sue Hall speaks with Chris Benninger CEO for Guide Dogs for the Blind and the amazing work the doggies do. Guide Dogs is having their big jubilee coming up on Oct. 14th at the SF Ritz Carlton.
Blind Abilities team member Jeff Thompson gets a chance to sit down with Karen Santiago for an opportunity to learn more about the person behind The Blind perspective News Letter. Karen was attending the National Federation for the Blind convention 2017 in Orlando, Florida, her first convention and her first time meeting up with a lot of virtua ...…
Blind Abilities team member Jeff Thompson gets a chance to sit down with Karen Santiago for an opportunity to learn more about the person behind The Blind perspective News Letter. Karen was attending the National Federation for the Blind convention 2017 in Orlando, Florida, her first convention and her first time meeting up with a lot of virtua ...…
Kirsty James has not let her sight loss get her down. This year alone she has been living life to the full at music festivals and happy occasions with her husband Tom and her Guide Dog Bass – even having blogs published in the Huffington Post and BuzzfeedBy (RNIB Connect Radio).
For an individual with a visual impairment, a service animal can mean mobility, as well as independence. We hear from two volunteers with Guiding Eyes for the Blind - Gemma Carter, who is raising her second service dog, and volunteer coordinator Cindy Lou Altman. Altman’s guide dog Jada has been a major boost to her confidence. Click here for m ...…
On the show this week we discuss a major issue for blind and partially sighted people – Shared Spaces. We’ll be talking to guide dog owners concerned about the rising number of such schemes across the UK. Also, we report on a campaign by Police Scotland to raise awareness of the number of attacks by dogs on assistance dogs. Ever wondered what R ...…
EPISODE 3 IS HERESpecial collab episode with @JAMS (tag)We chat news! ...…
Learn how guide dogs are bred, raised, trained, matched, and retired in this fascinating discussion with Anne Workman of Guide Dogs for the Blind, in San Rafael, California. Since 1942, Guide Dogs for the Blind has been enhancing mobility for qualified individuals by providing partnerships with trained dogs. In this episode of the “Good Dog” po ...…
Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation Summer Pet Tips!
This is the Guide Dog Users Incorporated program entitled "Why Does my Dog Work for Me".
This is the Uber and Lyft Settlement update and what you need to know when it comes to your wrights and responsibilities as a Guide Dog Handler when using Uber or Lyft.
This is the Mock Trial on the Wrights of Guide Dog Handlers which was presented by Guide Dog Users Incorporated on Monday July 3, 2017.
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