Best gun control podcasts we could find (Updated February 2018)
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Screaming At The Radio
Conservitarian Talk Radio for Patriots who still believe in Freedom, Liberty, and the Rule of Law.Join us each week for 90 minutes of Conservative/Libertarian Commentary and Humor as well as the politics and news of the week viewed through the prism of the Constitution and Conservative thought. With your hosts Mag Thomas in Seattle and Kimberly Jacks in Norfolk-Covering the U.S. from coast to coast with conservative talk radio awesomeness!
Propaganda Earth
Exposing and then clarifying biased misleading information; used to promote or publicize political causes and economic self interests. Revealing the phony distorted and hyped ideas and assertions that are spread in order to help one's agenda often at the expense of you and me.
America Can Be Saved
Is it reasonable to say that either the Democrats or Republicans are 100% right on every issue? Today's Media has become nothing more than a biased and deceptive competition between Liberals and Conservatives to promote their agenda. In today's society if you want to hear the Liberal view, you tune into MSNBC. if your interest is Conservative, then your TV is tuned into FOX. And finally, if you want a more diverse view, your choice is most likely CNN. Even though they are also left leaning.T ...
The Liberal Dan Radio Program
Talk from the left, that's right.
Tiny Political Show
The little show with one big idea: freedom. Individual liberty-every issue, all the time!!
Common Sense
Join us as we discuss issues facing NJ and the nation and their limited government, free market solutions.
Youth Speaks
Youth Radio is devoted to bring a voice to the youth and young adult audiences through internet radio broadcasting.
Liberal Thoughts
New podcast talking about american politics from a liberal point of view. Topics from gun control to civil rights and so on.
Constructive Deconstruction – RT Gomer Productions
Join Gomer, Holly Christine, and Gonzo Link as they discuss every possible topic under the sun, from gun control to silly lists! No topic is off-limits here!
Next Generation Innovation
Next Generation Innovation is part of the ControlTrends Podcasting Network. Our host Rob Allen of Stromquist and Company talks with industry experts about smart buildings, smart controls and the HVAC industry.Don't miss Rob's rotating Co-Host's Josh Felperin of Siemens, Brad White of SES Consulting and Jason Houck of Hepta Systems. These guys love talking Smart Building from the Young Guns perspective.
Betrayed, Book 2 of The Turner Chronicles
The War is over. Isabella has won, and the Talent Master is dead. Aaron Turner now lives in N’Ark, Isabella’s capital, where he mourns his murdered wife and son. All he wants is to tip a bottle, stare at walls, and recover. But they won’t leave him alone. The Isabellan government and slavers both want him dead. Savages look to him as their prophesied savior. His lawyer wants to control him. His neighbors and friends have been murdered, and a once dead shaman declares him a servant of her One ...
Miss guided youth
The only podcast where real life young people argue issues important to them. Issues like gun control and the war on drugs. One liberal and one conservative face off every week and in the end there are never any winners only angry listeners.
Veritas News Network - Truth is Trending
Truth is trending on the Veritas News Network! VNN is an online publication featuring the news and is dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting with a consumer advocacy focus. Our Managing Editor is a veteran investigative journalist who has won dozens of awards. Several categories of news are featured on the Veritas News Network include Citizen Journalism, Consumer News, Ripoffs & Scams, Consumer Advocacy, World News, US News, Crime, Economic News, Editorial & Opinion, Education, Health ...
The War is over. Isabella has won, and the Talent Master is dead. Aaron Turner now lives in N’Ark, Isabella’s capital, where he mourns his murdered wife and son. All he wants is to tip a bottle, stare at walls, and recover.But they won’t leave him alone.The Isabellan government and slavers both want him dead. Savages look to him as their prophesied savior. His lawyer wants to control him. His neighbors and friends have been murdered, and a once dead shaman declares him a servant of her One G ...
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Recorded in the Birdman Media Studio, located next to The Hub. This is the 200th episode! In this episode Bruce and Birdman chat about the Glock 19X, Point of the Gun. Full Video @ What a Glock was before Gen5: reliable semi-automatic handgun, with defensive accuracy proven like no other What Gen 5 changes bring to ...…
Taylor Marsh Book Audio, and Relationship Secrets from the Trenches
iTunes Podcast: Meghan Markle, Valentine’s Day & Money WHATEVER Valentine’s Day means to you, a free spirited woman snaring a prince is one definition of romance. The world news is gloomy, so this is a Hallmark holiday gives everyone a break. Whether you have ...…
GLT's Sound Ideas - Full Episodes
Listen to a special live broadcast from the Normal Theater with the 5 Democrats running in the 13th district congressional district. Candidates answer questions about health care, gun control, bipartisanship and more during the forum, hosted by GLT’s Charlie Schlenker. Candidates include Betsy Dirksen-Londrigan, Jonathan Ebel, David Gill, Erik ...…
"Gun control is not dead, gun control is undead," explains Cody Wilson, the director of Defense Distributed. "We just keep killing it but it keeps coming back."Wilson, a crypto-anarchist and serial "troublemaker," helped launch the age of the digital gun when he published files showing how to make the Liberator, a 3D-printed pistol, in 2013. It ...…
This week on the podcast, we have instant reactions to Donald Trump and the State of the Union, we also talk about Stormy Daniels and the Robert Mueller investigation, and finish with the trials of the Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force. Download, Subscribe a ...…
Homeschooling His Children
Gun Safety on Farms and at Home To listen to today's podcast please click the play button below. We post a new podcast every Tuesday by 1:00 PM so please come back next week for more fun! Homeschooling His Children Podcast Season 1 Episode 25 Homestead Weapons Gun Safety on Farms As a homesteader we want to protect our family and farm. Having t ...…
Steam finally supports high-DPI displays! Rust exits Early Access, Paradox releases a nifty Bundle and Helium Rain brings the Vulkan. All this plus your hate mail. Special thanks to: Scott Michaud (increased pledge) Freedom Penguin (new Patreon) Grazen (welcome back) Subscribe: Listen: Download: //
Steam finally supports high-DPI displays! Rust exits Early Access, Paradox releases a nifty Bundle and Helium Rain brings the Vulkan. All this plus your hate mail. Special thanks to: Scott Michaud (increased pledge) Freedom Penguin (new Patreon) Grazen (welcome back) Subscribe: Listen: Download: //
I did a whole research project on the source of crime in Jamaica when I was about 16. I distinctly remember reading about the sourcing of guns in Ja via politicians. I don’t have those initial sources that I thought were better and I can’t get to them. The only recent article I could find that directly mentions this is here. The history of viol ...…
Dbreakaway Show - Soca Music
Pumping the best in Soca Music weekly, with 2 new pressure plays !!!1 - Dawg E Slaughter - Carnival2 - Russell Cadogan - Big Bottom Gyal3 - Machel Montano HD Ft. Mighty Sparrow - Congo Man4 - Danger - Scooter5 - Lil Rick - Girls Gone Wild6 - Contone - My Car Brek Down7 - DJ 20 - Soca Doctor8 - DJ 20 ft Poorsah - Googa9 - Bomani - I Am Soca10 - ...… ...…
Midnight Lightning
As the daughter of country music icon Johnny Cash and a musician parent herself, Rosanne is the perfect fit for this podcast. She’s won multiple Grammys, she’s had two gold records, and in 2015 she was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. She’s also a great writer. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Mother Jones and R ...…
In light of the brief shutdown of the Federal Government, Will Cooling and Dr Luke Middup return to pour over what they find confusing about American politics. They discuss the unusually polarized debates on Immigration Reform and Gun Control, and how the American system sits outside democratic norms. We also do a quick update on the Social Dem ...…
A potpourri of subjects including crowdfunding your friends' leisure activities, toxic shame, rental Winnebagos, feuding friendships, technology at concerts, gun control and more. Enjoy! And call the landline, the number is right there! 503-894-8480
Middle Theory
This week on Middle Theory, the looming threat–or promise–of advanced A.I. in our future is discussed. We turn our attention away from politics to focus on other less agitating but equally important things. We start with a weather update to see what the stormy conditions look like at President Trump’s Ireland golf course, and then the equally s ...…
Concealed Carry Podcast - Guns | Training | Defense | CCW
Riley and Jacob talk about the best latest news from the industry with a MAJOR announcement from SIG Sauer about their new P365 pistol. It's an exciting new design that has many in the industry asking if it will be the G43/Shield killer?? In addition to several amazing JUSTIFIED stories, we cover a big news story about the findings of the Gover ...…
INTERVIEW -- DR. STEPHEN FARNSWORTH - Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA @drsfarnsworth  Preview what to expect in the Virginia legislature  Flurry of bills precede legislators as Virginia General Assembly convenes. State lawmakers return to Richmond this week to kic ...…
Talking about the new Star Wars film including the audience reaction, English accents you can hear in Star Wars, and a run-through of the plot with my thoughts about the events and characters. Plot spoilers throughout the episode! Transcript available (below). Episode page: italki offer: ...…
Monocle 24: The Briefing
We ask whether Donald Trump’s administration will loosen controls on nuclear weapons and find out why Poland’s prime minister sacked some high-profile colleagues. Plus: Japan’s low gun-crime rate and a check-in with our contributing editor in Zürich.
The Sausage Factory presented by
There is a deleted scene in the Aliens film that has the marines fix a motion detector to a mini-gun that proceeds to lay waste to anything that moves. Let Them Come is essentially that scene with the player taking control of a large machine gun as they fight off wave after wave of aliens as they crawl from the right hand side of the screen. In ...…
Netflix Marvel Punisher on Defenders TV Podcast – Defenders TV Podcast
There are many different perspectives on a huge event this week and we discuss them all in our Punisher Episode Nine Review of “Front Toward Enemy” we discuss our top five points about this episode in our Spoiler filled discussion. As always make sure you’ve watched the episode before listening to the podcast. Punisher Episode Read More The pos ...…
Host and KYW community affairs reporter Cherri Gregg takes a look back at some of the best segments of the year. Flashpoint airs every Saturday at 9:30pm and Sunday at 8:30am on KYW Newsradio. The Brothers Sully playing Panzermadels THEPODCASTE – GAMING LETSPLAY – PANZERMADELS – PART 5 Tech Sully and Gun Sully hang out and play what is either a creative and bizarre dating sim, or just a cringe-inducing weeabo thought experiment. We’ll find out! Come join us ...…
This week, Sam and Sarah talk about the latest news! We couldn’t get it up for Christmas Eve, but now it’s a special Boxing Day episode instead. Your beloved hosts discuss everything from what seems to be the first-ever enforcement of the ban on marijuana users owning guns, to shake-ups in the Trump Administration, to a THC-infused wine, and a ...…
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! The best thing about hard work is when it’s over. Once finished, you can basically sit back and enjoy all of the rewards if you wish. And if you hustle long enough, you might positively change your life forever. In 2017 I wrote 175 posts, averaging 3.3 posts a week. In addition I also published 173 p ...…
Red X Podcast: Ending Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
In this episode of the Red X Podcast, Nicole reports on the Cyntoia Brown story that has resurfaced in social media and the news; Cyntoia, a trafficking and trauma survivor, was charged with the murder as a 16-year-old, which she claims was self-defense. And, guest expert, Dr. Heather Pane Seifert answers questions regarding why trafficking vic ...…
Leland talks about Delaware’s Supreme Court making a ruling on gun control, gives an update on yesterday’s UFO discussion, and checks out “Kentucky Food” poll again.
MizMaryland | Soul Force Politics
GOP Congressman Andy Harris and Heather Mizeur have polar opposite world views, but in the aftermath of our country’s most recent mass shootings, Heather reached out to see if they could at least try to find some ways to break through the divide on gun violence, better understand each other, and foster a dialogue that might shift the stalemate ...…
Hr 1: Conejo Valley teachers fight for the right to shatter students' innocence with raunchy sex literature that claims God would approve. AND. Corey Duncan says, to be a winner, first you have to learn how to be a loser, because you won't win all the time. AND. You can't expect to make more and still be taxed as if you're making a lower amount ...…
This week, Mike talks to Dom, a friend who holds different religious and political views, so this makes for a great discussion. In Part 1 they speak about airsoft (as it’s one of Dom’s passions and Mike wants to try it sometime), animals in zoos and if it’s ever okay to hunt animals (Mike & Dom have differing views on the matter) and how guns s ...…
An Amtrak train crashed in Washington state yesterday on its inaugural route, killing three people and injuring dozens. What went wrong? And why is it OK to talk about gun control immediately after a shooting, but not government incompetence after an Amtrak crash? Doc calls out liberal hypocrisy in this clip. To see more from Doc, visit his cha ...…
Paul Ryan wants us to make more babies and Heather Digby Parton (@digby56) joins us to discuss the implications of the AL election, whether Trump is going to fire Mueller, Trump's chances of impeachment, the Trump admin's terrifying foreign policy, and police violence in America. Judy Gold then joins us for a Two Minutes Hate sesh on Omarosa, R ...…
Gun Control - Jeff Reagan and Nancy OBrien Simpson
The Liminanas — Istanbul is Sleepy (feat. Anton Newcombe) [Arnaud Rebotini remix] / Total Control — Vanity / Mick Trouble — Second Offense / Moaning — The Same / Heaven — Never the Moment / Ambulance LTD — Yoga Means Union / Guided by Voices — Space Gun / Naomi Punk — Cookie (edit) / Fits — Admission Day / Shopping — 12345 / Corridor — Du Moyen ...…
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