Best gutheinz podcasts we could find (Updated February 2018)
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Paranormal Investigations
Saul and Jonathan talk about the supernatural
Miz Ink and the Cracker
Miz. Ink and Jonathan talk about their lives.
Clean Jeans
Jonathan and Ashley pick up the pieces left behind from the fall of It's Not my Fault Podcast
Jonathan and Saul talk all things Pop Culture and life in the Wolfpack
Larry Stanley Show
Larry and Steph bring back the OG Larry Stanley Show, with Sound guy Jonathan Gutheinz
Sunnydale Live
Jonathan, Ashley and Lawrence dive into the Buffyverse.
Astonishing Flashback
Jonathan, Lawrence and Devaughn watch old movies and mock them.
Uncanny Fans
Jonathan, Lawrence, Devaughn and Diego talk about comic books, TV shows, Movies and every other nerdy thing you can think of.
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71% of the Earth is covered by water. And most of us imagine it to be a serene, almost silent world. But why should we have all the fun up here? Discover what sound is like just below the surface and all the way down to the ocean's depths. And see how mankind might be making it unpleasant for everyone and everything that calls the oceans home. ...…
Twenty Thousand Hertz
When you describe yourself to others you might mention your height, hairstyle, or maybe your build. But one of the most telling things about you is something you can’t even see, yet it defines you more than you realize. Your accent tells others where you’re from, who you identify with, and maybe even where you’re going. How did accents evolve a ...…
Twenty Thousand Hertz
When it comes to movie screams, what’s the first one you think of? Is it a scream that evokes a sense of fear, pain, or maybe even… humor? Perhaps you immediately think about a famous “Scream Queen” or a specific scene from a movie. But you may not realize that the most famous scream in Hollywood has a name—and it’s been used over and over and ...…
Twenty Thousand Hertz
We hear disembodied voices all the time, in everything from cartoons and anime to commercials and trailers. It seems easy, but it's actually an intricate craft involving a great amount of training. What does it take to create multiple, unique personalities using only a voice? Featuring voice actors Christopher Sabat (Dragonball Z, One Piece) an ...…
Some sounds are like rug burn for your ears, while others are pleasant and soothing. We explore these sounds and get to the bottom of why we might interpret them as “good” or “bad”. Featuring Tommy Edison and David Poeppel. For more information, links, and credits visit
When you think of a movie soundtrack, you probably think music. And sure, that’s one of the many, many things going on there. What else goes into making a scene sound “natural”? It isn’t what you’d think. Meet a major motion picture sound designer who unpacks all the layers of sound that go into your favorite movies and a woman who gets tigers ...…
Jonathan brings back Jon's Corner with a new co-host Lawrence. They talk about Sundance, the up coming nerd movies. Marvel's new secret wars and Veronica Mars Mr. Kiss and Tell.
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