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James Bracey and league legend Phil “Gus” Gould bring you the six biggest issues in Rugby League each week. Released every Wednesday.
Podcast over de Amerikaanse presidentsverkiezingen met Chris Kijne (VPRO) en Guus Valk (NRC)
Start your day with The Grill Team on breakfast 6-9am weekdays on 104.9 Triple M Sydney with Mark Geyer, Matthew Johns, Gus Worland, Emma Freedman & Chris Page.
Comic Book Gurus
Comic Book Gurus Craig Liggeons and Rob Templeton along with many of their super geek friends present a weekly roundtable on everything super heroes – Comics, Movies, TV Shows, Events, and more. Comic Book Gurus is executive produced by Steve Morrison and Chuck Damico and is recorded at 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia.
Join the personable, once-sugar-addicted journalist Connie Bennett, aka The Cravings Ninja, when she interviews motivating health leaders ("gurus"). You'll leave these short shows with shocking information that will inspire you to action and 3 valuable takeaway tips that you can put to use RIGHT AWAY. Previous guests included Dr. Mehmet Oz; Suzanne Somers, Montel Williams, Lisa Rinna, Marilu Henner, Raw foodie David Wolfe; Robert Scoble (“Scobleizer”); "Green Smoothie Girl" Robyn Oppenshaw, ...
Data Gurus
Welcome to Data Gurus Podcast… our mission is to bring you a real life perspective on what’s happening in the industry and how successful companies and individuals in this niche navigate through the sea of change.
FMCG Gurus
Podcast by FMCG Gurus
Michael MacAuliffe (also known as Max Arthur Macauliffe) was a senior British administrator, prolific scholar and author. Macauliffe is renowned for his translation of Sikh scripture and history into English.This is one of the first (and still one of the few) comprehensive books about the Sikh religion in the English language. MacAuliffe had extensive access to manuscripts of the Sikh sacred writings (the Granth), as well as support from Sikh scholars and leaders of the time. This volume, vo ...
Good News Gurus
Good News, Good Talks, Inspiring People: From, the #1 Source for Good News since 1997
Med Tech Gurus is a podcast dedicated to helping medical device executives stay on the leading edge of their industry. Whether you’re looking to grow your sales team, commercialize new devices, set up national accounts, or improve your clinical performances, this podcast is designed to help. Each episode features an interview with a thought leader or practitioner, discussing topics like: sales force, innovation, patient outcomes, emerging technologies, supply chain, group purchasing organiza ...
Professor Game is a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and will inspire us in the process of getting students or trainees to learn what we teach.
Guise Podcast
A podcast exploring male relationships in the 21st century… as awkward as that can be sometimes.
James Bracey and league legend Phil “Gus” Gould bring you the six biggest issues in Rugby League each week. Released every Wednesday.
The Sports Hangover With Gus Kattengell on 106.1 The Ticket
Super Gurus
Your one stop podcast for that comic book addiction! Every Thursday here at the Super Gurus Legoinator and Fin chat comics, movies and everything pop culture!Legoinator runs a YouTube channel dedicated to comics, LEGO and pop culture called Legoinator - Comics & More! While Fin is just a long time fan of comics and an expert in DC and Marvel lore!
Funeral Gurus
Funeral Gurus
Old Guise
Welcome to Old Guise. I'm your host, Doc Trinaire - you can call me Doc. This series is for and about us old guys. These are stories about important stuff we think about….and things we do or things we’ve done and how we feel about things. You could think of this program as a cross between a "man-ual" and a memoir and maybe a little therapy thrown in. So…grab yourself a beverage of choice…get comfortable…and get a little older with me….thanks for comin’
ETF Gurus
The Best ETF Commentary For Your Ears
Grandstand Gurus
Jack and a rotating cast of guests come together each week to talk about the big news and everything to do with sports. Featuring heavily: AFL, NRL, Cricket and all the others.
Gus's Sermons
My sermons are not really meant to be written down.
UUs of Catawba
Insights and Celebrations from the Unitarian Universalists in Catawba County
Sports betting guru on college football and basketball, NFL, nba
Podcast by GothamGurus
Welcome to the Quentin Gause podcast, where amazing things happen.
a brand new podcast with Ring of Honor star Shane Taylor and J-Rocc Daddy hosting, and talking about wrestling of all ilks, plus current affairs, social issues, sports, and all sorts of random chicanery!
Gus Talks Games
Idiots playing games.
a brand new podcast with Ring of Honor star Shane Taylor and J-Rocc Daddy hosting, and talking about wrestling of all ilks, plus current affairs, social issues, sports, and all sorts of random chicanery!
Dj Gus Karas
GuS' NBA Blog
A talk show about the biggest news in the NBA today involving all 30 teams.
Not Rich Yet
Not Rich Yet is a comedic pop culture discussion from two dynamic Hollywood assistants. Join co-hosts Gus Constantellis and Courtney Perdue, as they bring unmistakable wit and sass to their commentary on film, television, music, Los Angeles, and more. Executive Producer: Jordan Henry. Produced by Julia Bonadio, and Kristina Carlson. Follow us on Twitter @notrichyetpod.
Expect More from Your Realtor!
Join Gus Hyde for another episode of the latest house anthems!
Kasamu : Asediye ewu Kran Kenkaymu Wu be Gusu a ye nyamefere ewu nimereso
This is a provocative, empowering show featuring interviews with prominent, bestselling, inspiring guests from a variety of fields -- health, wellness, blogging, personal growth and empowerment, Law of Attraction, etc. The host is Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C., journalist, certified health coach, life coach, Sweet Sugar Freedom Coach and author of Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock. Visit Connie's blog at Please listen to our show at
Join sports producer Matt Scalici as he discusses the week's biggest Auburn football news with journalists, bloggers and other experts. New episodes post every Thursday.
Jaguars Radio
Jaguars Radio Programming airs year-round on the Jaguars Radio Network and
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Practice Time • Het Is Een Nacht... (Levensecht) • This is the English version of the song A Wonderful Night • interlude • Diga Diga Doo • The Pussycat Song • Omg almost forgot to practice this one • Guus is de baas! • What a pleasant surprise Todd
Het Rusland-onderzoek, dat volgens de president zelf nog steeds helemaal nergens over gaat, is als de druppel die de steen uitholt. Met iedere week nieuwe puzzelstukjes die nog steeds geen helder beeld geven, maar wel steeds laten zien dat er veel meer is gebeurd dan de entourage van Donald Trump wil toegeven. En opnieuw was het de afgelopen we ...…
In this new music podcast the next artists will present their wonderful song:Antonio Forcione - Stay ForeverBettens - Letting GoBilly Joel - Lullabye (Goodnight my Angel)Carol Kidd - When i dreamEels - SkywritingErikah Karst - Ik sta weer opErno Olah - Waters of BalatonGuus Meeuwis - Zonder JouHerman van Veen - Kusje James Blunt - Goodbye My Lo ...…
Terwijl NRC-correspondent Guus Valk even met vakantie was, ging Donald Trump gewoon door. Beetje flauw want nu is er natuurlijk weer teveel om te bespreken: Obamacare, dogfights met journalisten, een gezellig onderonsje met ambtgenoot Poetin en oh boy, wat deed Donald Trump jr. in Trump Tower met een Russische advocate? Guus Valk en VPRO-presen ...…
Greg Denham joins KB wrapping up a big round of AFL footy plus new winners of Goose and Guus of the week.
Guus and Joe look at how designers must start to analyze components, primitives, and utilize design research to create a vision for new customer journeys. The duo use the recent Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods as an example showcasing 3 steps for focus. 1. Drivers of latent needs – use a customer journey as a foundation for design research to ...…
Hoewel het natuurlijk de Week van de Infrastructuur was in de Verenigde Staten. Zou het zomaar kunnen zijn dat die u even ontgaan is. Want behalve een week was er natuurlijk een dag: die van het getuigenverhoor van voormalig FBI-directeur James Comey door de Inlichtingen-commissie van de Senaat. Werd dat de Dag van de Waarheid? O ja, en dan was ...…
Guus and Joe discuss designers ability to construct effective arguments and how design should be embedded with discussions on regulation, terms of service, and policy. They go through how designing scenarios is not always what it appears and context matters more than people realize. They then break down topics from Facebook policies, to emojis, ...…
1982 ABC - All of my heart2017 Katy Perry ft Skip Marley - Chained to the rhythm 2008 The Raconteurs - You don't understand me1996 Total Touch - Touch me there 1963 Marvin Gaye - Pride & joy2012 Anathema - Untouchable part 1 2017 Guus Meeuwis - Wat zou Elvis doen1976 Bachman, Turner, Overdrive - Lookin' out for #11991 John Prine - Picture show2 ...…
Tracklist below:Listen to the episode on: ►Soundcloud:►TuneIn:✉︎ Shoutouts to:●●● in the English language. Links to FREE DOWNLOADS below ...…
Tracklist hieronder:Luister naar de aflevering op: ► iTunes►Soundcloud:►TuneIn:✉︎ Shoutouts to:●●● in het Nederlands. GRATIS download link ...…
For two years Joe led the digital efforts on the IKEA TRÅDFRI Smart Lighting product recently released world-wide. Guus and Joe look at IKEA's new smart lighting product from the view of selling stories, difficult problems in connected devices, and technology shifts. The opening features a quick overview and thoughts on the new Microsoft Fluid ...…
Na het ontslag door Donald Trump van FBI-directeur James Comey is een reeks gebeurtenissen op gang gekomen die er inmiddels toe leiden dat het I-word, impeachment, in Washington hardop wordt uitgesproken. Voor wat dat waard is: in James Comey, onder-minister van justitie Rod Rosenstein en de door hem aangestelde speciale aanklager Robert Muelle ...…
After a short hiatus Guus and Joe return to discuss Juicero, a connected juicer recently in global news, giving perspectives from multiple design angles explaining why news headlines don't always do the company justice. The duo cover how the changing nature of design is reflected in the product, looking at the beautiful physical design followed ...…
‘Winnen, winnen, winnen, steeds maarrrrr winnen,‘ het devies van het Trump-presidentschap, kreeg vorige week eindelijk gestalte in een heus wetsvoorstel dat aangenomen werd door het Huis van Afgevaardigden. En nog wel dè verkiezingsbelofte van de Republikeinen van de laatste acht jaar: het intrekken van Obamacare. Addertje onder het gras: Obama ...…
Sinds Franklin D. Roosevelt tijdens de eerste honderd dagen van zijn presidentschap een sociaal-economische ommekeer tot stand bracht die zijn land uiteindelijk mede uit de Grote Depressie zou trekken, geldt die termijn als een maatstaf voor het succes van een president. Aan de vooravond van die eerste deadline voor Donald Trump zijn de meninge ...…
'I like to think of myself as a flexible person', zei Donald Trump vorige week, een dag voor hij door het afschieten van 54 Tomahawk-raketten op een Syrische luchtmachtbasis liet zien dat hij vermoedelijk ook qua flexibiliteit zijn gelijke in de wereld niet kent. Maar is de draai van 180 graden in het 'America First'-beleid inderdaad alleen aan ...…
Podcasting "live" from the aftermath at the ThingsCon Salon in Amsterdam, Joe and Guus welcome Marcel Schouwenaar, one of the partners at The Incredible Machine. The trio discuss IoT ethics, persuasive design, utopian to dystopian futures, and the IoT community in Netherlands. They also look into autonomy in the connected world and how connecte ...…
Hans Gerwitz again joins Joe and Guus on the podcast to dive into the philosophical side and fixation of designing for convenience. Through better usability, connectivity, and desirability, we are creating a world where people can't simply "opt out". They no longer need to leave their homes to socialize, work, or get food. Everything is a servi ...…
De closer-in-chief, de dealmaker aller dealmakers, The Donald, is hard gestruikeld over de eerste echte deal die hij als president moest sluiten: afspraken over het zorgsysteem dat het door de Republikeinen de afgelopen acht jaar zestig keer vruchteloos weggestemde Obama-care moest vervangen. Het lukt hem niet de republikeinse fractie achter he ...…
Guus returns from vacation and fights jetlag to stay awake. In the first half, the new (but retro) Nokia 3310 is discussed from marketing stunt, to company reliving glory days, to complete lack of ability to understand user behavior. The second half of the show focused around wearables and why people may be thinking about wearables completely w ...…
Guus is on vacation. Joe leads a short supplement show talking to former colleague Roberta Tassi about design research. Tassi, a globally known Service Designer and Researcher, shares her thoughts on what makes a good design researcher and good research output.
Het is nog een beetje zoeken, want een tweetstorm dit weekend gaf de goede oude Donald weer te zien, maar de laatste tijd wordt iets zichtbaar van wat het Trump-presidentschap óók zou kunnen betekenen. Een toespraak tot het voltallige congres werd door velen in het land met een zucht van verlichting aangehoord en inmiddels zit de president diep ...…
Zachary makes his triumphant return and many important topics are discussed. Does Zachary have a tattoo? Has Andrew ever fainted? All this and more! 5:10 – We get back to Kicking the Bucket List 25:44 – The Castlevania Netflix show debuts a poster 29:35 – Bethesda “can’t say” if next fall’s Switch release of Skyrim ... Continue reading ‘Molehil ...…
De turbulente eerste maanden van Donald Trump zijn presidentschap zijn precies dat: turbulent. Vorige week was krankzinnig, met een doldraaiende president op zijn persconferentie en een rally die daar nog een schepje bovenop deed. Deze week was het veel rustiger in het Witte Huis. Maar niet in het land. Guus Valk (NRC) en Chris Kijne (VPRO) bes ...…
This week Joe and Guus are joined by Shannon Thomas (founder at the Artificial) and Lisa Anderson (UX Executive from Microsoft, RGA, Sears). The discussion is open ended sharing thoughts and stories on women in design and technology. The group look at different skills and styles between gender and industry as well as insights on hiring and coac ...…
Terwijl de Amerikaanse president ruzie maakt met de rechterlijke macht over de travel-ban die geen travel-ban mag heten, klinkt één tegenstem steeds luider: die van de democratische senator Elizabeth Warren. Toen haar in het debat over justitie-minister Sessions op de senaatsvloer de mond gesnoerd werd, greep zij onmiddellijk de megafoon om het ...…
Back in Amsterdam Guus and Joe kick off with wearables news. Right after they jump into the main topic of diversity in design consultancies. They discuss that having cultural diversity in an office, can help designers understand their own biases with user behavior, device usage, and living situations. Once designers can beginning to remove thei ...…
Alsof de printer van het Witte huis op hol is geslagen, vaardigt de 45e president van de Verenigde Staten in de eerste week van zijn eerste termijn het ene decreet na het andere uit. Een einde aan Obamacare, de muur bij Mexico, het uitzetten van illegale immigranten en het annuleren van handelsverdragen: de ene na de andere campagnebelofte werd ...…
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