Best gym podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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The ultimate business podcast for gym owners and fitness entrepreneurs.
Improve your wellness & quality of life. Nicola discusses topics that will create true wellness for you.
Super Gym Friends
Three chunky mates and their handsome, chiseled friend on a quest to become four handsome, chiseled friends. The Gym Friends. New episodes when we can!
The G
This is the home of the Iron Cast, the podcast hosted by the crew at Black Iron Gym in Sparks, Nevada (Reno area). Krissy Mae Cagney and the rest of the Black Iron crew play host to a variety of guests, usually athletes, to talk about training, life, and mostly trying to get a few laughs.
Tristar Gym
Home of legendary UFC champions such as Georges St. Pierre.
Million Dollar Gym
Vince, Smitty, and Paul discuss marketing and business so you're armed with the right principles to succeed.
Your Designated Training Partner! Join Ski, DJ Nestie and the rest of the crew with new episodes airing every week. Podbean Top 10 Music Podcasts for 2016!
The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy provides gym owners with tools and resources to help them build the fitness business they've always wanted. A project of Sweat Angels.
The Garage Gym Athlete Podcast was born from a community of underground athletes you've probably never heard of before. The idea for this show stemmed from Jerred Moon, the creator of Garage Gym Athlete programming, when he would do weekly coaching calls with Garage Gym Athletes. He found each athlete had such a unique story, an inspirational journey, and had overcome their own set of challenges that could help impact other athletes...but only if the stories could be told to all. The athlete ...
Rock your workout every time with AGR workout mixes. It is the fuel to your physical training. High energy soundtracks released on the 1st and 15th of every month to kickstart your adrenaline. 60 minutes of non-stop mixes to get you in your zone, push harder in your workouts, and pump up that speed! Free exercise music for gym, cardio, workouts, walking, jogging, running, aerobics, calisthenics. Powered by
Welcome to The Gym Secrets Podcast where you can listen in on the Top 1% of Gym Owners to hear the secrets of what they are doing differently to get more customers, make more profit per customer, keep them longer, and do it all without sacrificing their personal lives. We've got roll up your sleeves kind of hustle with a little bit of cleverness and a lot of heart. We are 1% of gym owners and this is our podcast. (Hosted by Alex Hormozi)
Gym Business Podcast
Insights, tips, tricks and tactics to open your own gym or grow your existing fitness business in just 10 minutes per day...
Startup Gym
Startup Gym is a show about the hard work, coaches, and community that go in to building a company. Our startup gym is Science Inc., an incubator and venture studio in Los Angeles, CA. On any given day, people meet, challenge each other, and work on making their dreams a reality. Join us as we capture some of those conversations.
ProFitness Gym
Body transformation specialists💪
The best electronic dance music beats for your work out
Fitness is an industry of entrepreneurs and visionaries, a place where innovation changes the world. These are the stories of the men and women behind those innovations.
A bi-weekly podcast on Warhammer 40K and AoS strategy.
Jam the Gym Cast
Jam the Gym is an event, a story, and a movement for good
Gym & Tonics
Gym MMA Football
Miles Halstead BSc (Hons) from MP Fit Gyms & shares his wealth of knowledge to help you achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals.
Gym 64 Podcast
Gym 64 Podcast - Your Real Gym!
Marketing, sales, mindset and business strategies to help gym owners max out their gyms with more than 50 new members in four weeks
The Gym Owners Business Podcast - Created by a Gym Owner For Gym Owners In Collaboration With Global Leaders
Everything dedicated to getting strong and enjoying the lifestyle.
Open Gym
Everything basketball and then some
Have you fallen off the fitness wagon again and again? Learn how to live in the fast lane and still keep your life from going completely off the rails. The Marie Bodine Show is your new fitness and healthy living podcast.
My rants about the fitness industry, gym/fit life, complaining about the scale, and enjoying food.
We tackle all topics of the modern era, Including many truths about Kipura ( miscalled "Capoeira")
Gym Sales Training
Getting a job in gym sales is easy -- keeping it and growing your career takes work. This podcast is all about getting you comfortable in the fitness sales environment and making you a better closer.
Clinic Gym Radio
Are you a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist working long hours, worrying about lower repayments, and missing out on quality time with your family? You can DOUBLE your income, without working more hours, by adding a gym to your practice. Clinic Gym Hybrid Solutions shares success stories, and how you can be on your way to freedom in as little as 6 months.
Talk To Me Gym
The fitness podcast seems advice too!
Varsity House Gym
Varsity House Gym is dedicated to the development of speed, strength, power, and performance. Our no nonsense warehouse style gym located in New York is the perfect environment for athletes, EMS, military, and weekend warriors. At Varsity House our specialties include: Strength & Conditioning, Speed Development, Agility and Change of Direction, Explosive Power Development, Flexibility, Corrective Exercise and Post Rehab Training, High School/NFL/Pro-Day Combine Training, and 6-Week Body Tran ...
Words To Gym By
A podcast with a couple talking strictly about fitness topics and opinions about the fitness industry.
A series of podcasts to help with revision for the CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor course theory exam.
International sibling team, Micah (Gym Rat) and Michelle (Dietitian) discuss fitness, healthy eating, and the pursuit of happiness.
Real Mindset Training For Functional Athletes. Whether you're a CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting or whatever else, this is for you. No woo-woo bullshit. No manifesting. Just proven methods to improve your performance. Why mindset? Because without it, fuck all else matters. Coming soon - Mindset Rx'd: A Complete Guide To Mindset For Functional Athletes
Relationships, careers, business, politics, faith, religion, that all deals with training, dieting, and living a healthier and better lifestyle
Jenna talks all things Pokémon Go.
Discussions of all things health, fitness and nutrition. Also stories of our members on their journey to elite fitness.
Scott Baptie from Food For Fitness shares his nutrition, fitness, fat loss, lifestyle and healthy living strategies with you. If you’re looking for a simple and healthy way to get the body you’ve always desired - that cuts out the guesswork - then this show is for you. Scott has worked with hundreds of clients, from complete beginners to multinational companies and professional football clubs. He also contributes to a wide range of fitness publications both as a writer and fitness model. Whe ...
Mark Bell's PowerCast is a weekly show featuring humorous and informative interviews with top names in powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, athletic training, coaching, and CrossFit. It is hosted by pro powerlifter, inventor and magazine publisher Mark Bell, along with co-host Jim McDonald. (Mark was featured in the 2008 Sundance documentary "Bigger Stronger Faster" and the 2015 Tribeca documentary "Prescription Thugs"). Sponsored by, Apeman Strong (, Comp ...
Mass and Shred
Podcast For the Fitness Enthusiast
We seek the truth about the most prevalent topics in the fitness industry. The official Iron Society Gym podcast.
Firsthand Friday
The firsthand prospective of an everyday guy attempting to break into the world of entrepreneurship by building a business.
Your weekly fix in all things Ironman!
The Marketing Dumbbells podcast teaches Gym and Fitness center owners How to market and advertise your gym online and offline how to open or convert your gym into a 24 hour fitness center. "How took my gym from 46 members to 304 in less than 3 months and stayed there until I sold 10 years later for more than 5 times what it cost to start through the 24 hour system and the gym marketing tactics I used" I started my gym from scratch in 2003 and almost went bust several times before inventing m ...
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We are joined by fitness, wellness, and life coach, Rob Eastman. Rob runs a gym, works with kids, and helps those struggling with addiction. We talk facing your challenges head on. Standing up and fighting what brings you down. Rob is an inspiration, tune in and elevate your life! Rob’s weekly challenge: Body Language Body language has a big im ...…
Julius used his past adversity of depression, drug use & anxiety and channeled that energy into the gym. In just a brief 4 year time span of being a power lifter he placed 1st for raw bench press, lifting an impressive 688.9lb bench. The more impressive part is how he uses his platform to go around and speak to the youth community about the imp ...…
Taylor Stepan is back on the podcast! Just a few episodes back she was here where we were telling you all about her first contest prep and how we were NOT going to do the traditional approach and instead do the TeamFFLEX approach! Well now she has successfully competed and WON her first bikini competition the NPAA Canada Classic! Here we are to ...…
This week we are joined by Joe Voyt and we cover the NBA Playoffs, the Stanley Cup matchup, and recap the Preakness. We also talk about the NFL's new rule change and Richie Incognito's bizarre gym incident. Then finally we pivot away from sports and discuss the Royal Wedding and have a general discussion about weddings and then Murr the Produce ...…
On this week's episode the crew is back off a two week break! We out here workin for y'all man!! @HeatherTini defying the odds in her 8 year old summer dress, @BEZ34 birthday weekend is in process and @ManhattanBrown breaks down new ways to protest for NFL players. We catch up on everything going on this past month with us and in these streets. ...…
Wedding Season Expenses with the Happy Hour Ladies Today is the last Friday of the month and my regular listeners know that on the last Friday of the month, I host a happy hour, where I gather great friends with me to drink cheap drinks and talk about money topics. Today is not only the last Friday of the month but it’s the beginning of Memoria ...…
As Guyana's Carnival is fully under way we get you in the vibes for Mas. We also get ready for a Friday like no other with Red Red Eye Fete meets Epic, celebrating our padna Credable out of the RDR family. Look out for me on the airwaves at Carnival Expo this Saturday from 12pm on Bakahnal Radio.Com. Loads of vibes and pressure plays to get you ...…
Warrior Soul Brand founder & former marine, Chris Albert (@warriorsoulagoge) is dedicated to improving the lives of military veterans through his apparel line, online performance coaching business and podcast. He is known for coaching many well-known celebrities and people to elite physical shape. But his life has been far from a smooth ride. H ...…
Part 2 in a series where Van and Jen talk about maximizing your time outside the gym and what that looks like to them.
Back again today is Music Artist Keedren Boston!Bio:Husband, Father of 4 children, Youth Pastor, Educator, actor, comedian and Urban Gospel artist, Keedren Boston, often referred to as “BossTon” began his music career as an R&B singer/rapper but soon laid down the secular mic to pick up the cross. “One day”, Keedren says, “I woke up and realize ...…
Brews On The Balcony 5/24/18 -TOP TOPICS (5:00) – NFL creates a policy, requiring players to stand for the national anthem… ESPN signs 5-year, $1.5 BILLION (with a “B”) deal with the UFC… Celtics lead the Eastern Conference Finals with the help of STL native Jayson Tatum… Fornite’s new update had a “storm tracker” and T.J. doesn’t like it… Nick ...…
HOT DIGGITY! This episode I'm with my good ol' mate and a man that has made me spew numerous times, Kev Toonen. Kev is a performance coach for the Australian Special Forces and runs Strength Elite, which is all about athlete development & coaching. He also is a major part of 98 Gym, a kickass gym in Sydney and one that I've had the pleasure of ...…
WARNING: this gem-filled episode contains explicit language. In this episode, my guest Krisor and I discuss the importance of finding your element; that escape from reality and from your problems to spark purpose and fulfillment in your every day life. For some of us, that can be going to the gym - The Temple, as dubbed by my guest. Our convers ...…
Steve heads out to training next week to become Southwest’s best flight attendant yet, Bobbay is complemented from his Uber rider as a “great podcast voice” and Dylan exposes his best friend. Topics:- Why did 21 Savage pick 21?- Last podcast for 4 weeks, Southwest Steve is outta here - No days off for Gary Vee- Anyone with the name “Heather”, g ...…
Awesome interview last night with Actress, V/O Artist, and Musician Mary Beth EversoleMary Beth Eversole, is an actress, host, voiceover artist, musician, producer, and activist.Her current projects include creator of “I”, a 6 part film series about trauma and healing, and producing and hosting the YouTube show Allergy Actress Cooking, which ad ...…
Rob Moore from Wasaga Beach Ontario. Hear his story from finally achieving his dream of competing in his first Men's physique contest. Hear how he juggles being a business owner, a family man, playing sports like hockey and baseball, staying on point with his nutrition and making it a priority to get to the gym. How does he do it? Take a listen ...…
If you are someone that has been interested in intuitive movement/eating, someone that struggles with the on track/off track mentality around exercise/food, or someone that is over this whole hating your diet/exercise stuff.. THIS IS FOR YOU. I sat down with the lovely Austen (who is seriously my soul sister) to talk about what it means to move ...…
Pamela Dresser was led to see a clairvoyant to find out what she's supposed to be doing in this lifetime. This came upon when she got fired from her job and was so affected by it, got so depressed being jobless until she went to the gym and met a friend who told her to see a psychic. She got challenged when the clairvoyant/psychic tried to talk ...…
Dan and Brady cover what you can expect this weekend at the Indy 500 events. Doell goes on a heated rant on why it's the greatest spectacle in racing. Brady would kneel during the anthem for charity. And fruit infusions are a hoax. The show ends with Gym Stories.
Today's guest is Myunique C. GreenBook: To Mend a Broken HeartDescription: “I just want to write the words as I feel them bleeding from this old heart of mine…”Bad memories are never really forgotten. Just suppressed under the mountain of lies we’ve told ourselves, so that the painful ones are easier to bear. I remember a lot, and my life has b ...…
I got my Body Fat Percentage tested for free yesterday in the Guest Gym, surprisingly. The results were also...... surprising..... Email: Instagram: jwworldexperience Twitter: @jamezwilsonwe Subscribe on iTunes!
Focus on your workout not her breast size
In this episode we touch on the following topics -Anxiety about family on Mother’s DayDifficulty of adopting kids as single manFear of the elderly: GerontophobiaWas Josh molested by his school nurse? InconclusiveFears of the dentist, fear of women’s attention/sexual attention expectationsMaking conversation, learning to pull it out of people, h ...…
Chris Janson has a video out for “Drunk Girl,” a ton of local artists will be playing at Country Concert this year on a new stage, most women have been hit on at the gym, are there wedding bells in the future for Khloe and Tristan?, if you want to date Dustin Lynch you have to get past his mama, do your kids do chores and actually stick with it ...…
This week we dig into a simple, yet incredibly important topic, in Hydration. It's a tool most of us realize needs to be taken seriously yet falls by the wayside when we get busy. We share the WHY behind being hydrated and HOW you can take some simple steps to ensure you're doing what needs to be done so you can improve the quality of your skin ...…
Intern Kevin is finally full time, but now he has too much time and now he claims that he spends all his free time to going to gym:By (107.9 The End).
Today’s guest is Etienne Thomas. Thomas is the Associate Athletics Director of Student Life at the University of Kansas. Her unique story in the world of athletics did not begin in a gym or on a field. Thomas has a law background and her first connection with athletics was as a volunteer trainer at North Carolina Central University. Thomas has ...…
Becky Fox talks about Stay Uncomfortable in The Fitness Blitz Podcast. Becky tried it all...crazy crash diets, diet pills, working out for hours a day...all in the hopes of getting in shape. While it often would work, the results were only temporary and she found herself yo-yo-ing up and down gaining and losing the same weight over again. Frust ...…
Rick Copley talks about Passion of the Process in The Fitness Blitz Podcast. He has been a coach, blogger, and elite athlete for many years. He runs wellness departments and owned gyms. He believes wholeheartedly that most important job is to lead from the front. His personal mission statement: To lead a life that can inspire anyone to embark, ...…
Having the mid week blues? Mark & Denise in the Mornings will help you get over the hump as you know what time it is when you hear that sound. We have a jammed packed show for you today with most of the conversation being dominated by the Primary elections that took place yesterday. Our first guest of the morning joining us over the airwaves wa ...…
Having the mid week blues? Mark & Denise in the Mornings will help you get over the hump as you know what time it is when you hear that sound. We have a jammed packed show for you today with most of the conversation being dominated by the Primary elections that took place yesterday. Our first guest of the morning joining us over the airwaves wa ...…
With All The Demands For Your Time How Can You Find Time For Exercise Do you just have an extra hour or two of free time? If so, awesome! I'm kind of jealous. But, many of us don't have much extra free time. Regardless on the amount of free time you have you probably want your body to be healthy, right? Or at least you want to feel good and hav ...…
In this week’s episode of COSMOS AND THE CITY: THE SEX AND THE CITY PODCAST, your host Megan McIver will sit down with the lovely Cassi Jerkins. Together these two will discuss Season Two, Episode Six of SEX AND THE CITY entitled: “The Cheating Curve”. From Samantha’s trainer giving her a downtown haircut, Miranda’s new man taking his love of f ...…
Today we talk about consistency inside and outside the gym. We talk about the perspective from a competitive CrossFit athlete and the perspective from a person who wants to just stay healthy. No matter what your goal is, staying consistent over time and having enough self discipline is going to ensure you reach that goal.…
Johnny FD is a location independent entrepreneur who began traveling the world since 2008 working as a scuba instructor, fighting professionally in the sport of Muay Thai Kickboxing, and has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider,, England’s Top i100 List, and even written about in the Danish magazine Information Denmark. Jo ...…
Luke 18:35-43 Introduction I almost didn’t preach on this passage. The reason for that is that it would be easy to give it a simple reading that Jesus heals the physically blind. We have a number of people in our congregation that are blind. To be honest, I don’t know what it is like to be blind and to hear passages such as this. I remember yea ...…
What if we told you that this ONE word and habit changed our lives completely in the past year? Listen in as the hosts; Edgar and Edward sit down to discuss why they fell flat so many times, why Edward is scared to miss a day at the gym and what drives Edgar after hundreds of doors being closed on him on his journey towards growing his business...…
Michele Ramler works to empower women of all ages to embrace their body (flaw and all). As a competitive cheerleader for about 10 years Michele's body image was strong thanks to her mother who never let her have negative self talk. Fast Forward to college when Michele made the University of Oklahoma cheerleading team she started have feelings o ...…
Dr Brett Winchester is a Chiropractor and a lead instructor for the Motion Palpation Institute- MPI. Brett has spent decade refining his craft, and was one of the earliest Chiropractors to adopt DNS rehab. In fact, he was the main “Importer” of DNS. Brett also discusses why a Clinic/Gym Hybrid is so needed, and how he sees the St Louis Cardinal ...…
Was Up Y'all! Episode 3 we talk about J-Cole, some sports talk and that we need to start hitting the gym! You Feel Me !!!!! Enjoy!!!
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Tounges is a powerful language given to us by the Holy Spirit. You can become stronger spiritually by praying in tounges. Praying in tounges is like going to the gym for your faith. Claude Carrello 20/05/18 AM
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