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HaloGAF Radio
Join HaloGAF regulars Tashi0106, Domino Theory, and ncsuDuncan as they discuss the latest news in the Halo community.
YOS Challenge 3
YOS 3 intro podcast. We talk all things Halo, gaming addictions and plenty of laughs.
Spartan Talk
Dedicated to the Halo gaming world, Spartan Talk stars Mudcat and Rek1aimer as they discuss Halo news, game updates, and lore. Every cast is a different topic. If you're a Halo fan, you won't want to miss this cast.
German Halo Nation
Dieser Podcast behandelt Themen rund um Halo, Gaming und besonders der deutschen Halo-Youtube-Community.
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show series (Download MP3) (Subscribe in iTunes) (Podcast RSS Feed) <3 -Tashi
Host Tashi is joined by HaloGAF’s Wahrer(Sub-Zero at a Starbucks) Zoojoo, and SpeedyBlueDude. Listen in as they discuss recent Halo news including Joe Staten returning to Microsoft as well as 343’s latest employee situation(1/14/14 – 1:01:32) (Download MP3) (Subscri ...…
Host Tashi is joined by irregularly regular guests Heckfu & Steelyuhas to discuss the Xbox One and the fake leaked Halo 5 images (1/5/14 – 27:50) New format I’d like to try out so please leave feedback if you can. Thank you! (Download MP3) (Subscribe in iTunes) (Podcas ...…
Hey all. This is just a quick little update on HaloGAF Radio. A sort of “State of the Union” about the podcast. It’s quite short and just contains info on the show going forward for 2014. Happy New Year! <3 Tashi (Download MP3) (Subscribe in iTunes) (Podcast RSS Feed)…
In this special post PAX/Halo 4 GC episode of HaloGAF Radio, Tashi is joined by esteemed HaloGAF members SteelYuhas and Sai_Kun. Discussions include games played on the PAX Show Floor such as Enemy Starfighter, Titanfall and Battlefield 3. During the 2nd segment the crew shares their thoughts on the Halo 4 Global Championship event. Spoilers, t ...…
Tashi is joined by HaloGAF regulars MastrBiggy, Barrow, Heckfu & Plywood as they discuss everything that has happened in the last few months as well as Next Gen Halo (81 minutes; recorded on July 8th, 2013) (Download MP3) (Subscribe in iTun ...…
Podcast host Tashi(@Tashi0106) is joined by HaloGAF member Heckfu(@Heckfu) on a very special HaloGAF Radio. Guests include Frank O’Connor, Kevin Franklin and Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky of 343 Industries to discuss CSR, Weapon Balances and general Halo 4 topics. Recorded on April 11, 2013. (1:22:32) ...…
Regular hosts Tashi, ncsuDuncan and Domino Theory are joined by guests Barrow Roll and Tawpgun to discuss Halo 4 playlists, Destiny and Hank Hill (1:24:46) Recorded on 3/1/13 2:26 – 26:25 (Whatchu’ Been Playin?) 26:45 – 1:04:00 (Destiny) 1:04:37 – End (Majestic Map Pack + News) ...…
Regular hosts Tashi0106 and Domino Theory are joined by Barrow Roll, mastrbiggy, and heckfu to talk about their bathroom habits. (107 minutes. Recorded 1/16/13.) (Download MP3) (Listen on YouTube) (Subscribe in iTunes) (Podcast RSS Feed)…
Regular hosts Tashi0106, Domino Theory, and ncsuDuncan are joined by Havok to discuss the recently-launched Halo 4. (129 minutes. Recorded 11/20/2012.) 0:00:47 – Segment 1 (pt 1) – We talk about Oddball, Instant Respawn, AAs, and Global Ordnance. 0:34:30 – Segment 1 (pt 2) – Personal Ordnance, Precision Weapons, Arena, and Spartan Ops. 1:21:05 ...…
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