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HaloGAF Radio
Join HaloGAF regulars Tashi0106, Domino Theory, and ncsuDuncan as they discuss the latest news in the Halo community.
YOS Challenge 3
YOS 3 intro podcast. We talk all things Halo, gaming addictions and plenty of laughs.
German Halo Nation
Dieser Podcast behandelt Themen rund um Halo, Gaming und besonders der deutschen Halo-Youtube-Community.
Spartan Talk
Dedicated to the Halo gaming world, Spartan Talk stars Mudcat and Rek1aimer as they discuss Halo news, game updates, and lore. Every cast is a different topic. If you're a Halo fan, you won't want to miss this cast.
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show series (Download MP3) (Subscribe in iTunes) (Podcast RSS Feed) <3 -Tashi
Host Tashi is joined by HaloGAF’s Wahrer(Sub-Zero at a Starbucks) Zoojoo, and SpeedyBlueDude. Listen in as they discuss recent Halo news including Joe Staten returning to Microsoft as well as 343’s latest employee situation(1/14/14 – 1:01:32) (Download MP3) (Subscri ...…
Host Tashi is joined by irregularly regular guests Heckfu & Steelyuhas to discuss the Xbox One and the fake leaked Halo 5 images (1/5/14 – 27:50) New format I’d like to try out so please leave feedback if you can. Thank you! (Download MP3) (Subscribe in iTunes) (Podcas ...…
Hey all. This is just a quick little update on HaloGAF Radio. A sort of “State of the Union” about the podcast. It’s quite short and just contains info on the show going forward for 2014. Happy New Year! <3 Tashi (Download MP3) (Subscribe in iTunes) (Podcast RSS Feed)…
In this special post PAX/Halo 4 GC episode of HaloGAF Radio, Tashi is joined by esteemed HaloGAF members SteelYuhas and Sai_Kun. Discussions include games played on the PAX Show Floor such as Enemy Starfighter, Titanfall and Battlefield 3. During the 2nd segment the crew shares their thoughts on the Halo 4 Global Championship event. Spoilers, t ...…
Tashi is joined by HaloGAF regulars MastrBiggy, Barrow, Heckfu & Plywood as they discuss everything that has happened in the last few months as well as Next Gen Halo (81 minutes; recorded on July 8th, 2013) (Download MP3) (Subscribe in iTun ...…
Podcast host Tashi(@Tashi0106) is joined by HaloGAF member Heckfu(@Heckfu) on a very special HaloGAF Radio. Guests include Frank O’Connor, Kevin Franklin and Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky of 343 Industries to discuss CSR, Weapon Balances and general Halo 4 topics. Recorded on April 11, 2013. (1:22:32) ...…
Regular hosts Tashi, ncsuDuncan and Domino Theory are joined by guests Barrow Roll and Tawpgun to discuss Halo 4 playlists, Destiny and Hank Hill (1:24:46) Recorded on 3/1/13 2:26 – 26:25 (Whatchu’ Been Playin?) 26:45 – 1:04:00 (Destiny) 1:04:37 – End (Majestic Map Pack + News) ...…
Regular hosts Tashi0106 and Domino Theory are joined by Barrow Roll, mastrbiggy, and heckfu to talk about their bathroom habits. (107 minutes. Recorded 1/16/13.) (Download MP3) (Listen on YouTube) (Subscribe in iTunes) (Podcast RSS Feed)…
Regular hosts Tashi0106, Domino Theory, and ncsuDuncan are joined by Havok to discuss the recently-launched Halo 4. (129 minutes. Recorded 11/20/2012.) 0:00:47 – Segment 1 (pt 1) – We talk about Oddball, Instant Respawn, AAs, and Global Ordnance. 0:34:30 – Segment 1 (pt 2) – Personal Ordnance, Precision Weapons, Arena, and Spartan Ops. 1:21:05 ...…
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