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This is the first book in the Betty Baird Series of boarding school books, a genre which was popular among young girls in the early 1900s. Our heroine, Betty Baird, who is herself obsessed with reading boarding school books, is sent away to The Pines, a boarding school where at first she is ridiculed by some of the wealthier and more popular students. As time goes on, Betty silences her foes with her unique and captivating personality, and she and her new friends have many lighthearted adven ...
Hamline University's Career Development Center podcast. Our bi-weekly podcast features current student voices and ways for them to enrich their time at Hamline, the insights of recent graduates, tools and resources presented by staff and faculty, area employers, special topics and much more! Get to know us better at
Sermons by Hamlin Baptist Church
This podcast is the sermon from the Sunday morning services at First Baptist Church in Hamlin, Texas. From time to time we will also post special services or sermons in this podcast.
The vision of Joey Hamlin Ministries is to build faith in the life of every believer and proclaim the message of redemption louder and louder all around the World. JHM has gone to more than 20 nations training pastors and leaders in the spirit of faith. Joey is known for his teaching on how to receive from God and never miss another harvest. You can find more information and other resources at
In all the region of autobiography, so far as I know it, I do not know quite the like of Mr. Garland's story of his life, and I should rank it with the very greatest of that kind in literature. . . . It is the poet who sees the vast scale of human struggle with nature or the things she will withhold unless they are forced from her by man's tireless toil and mighty mechanism, and in the vision he knows a battle-joy as distinctive of this Son of the Middle Border as his fidelity to the sordid ...
LibriVox volunteers bring you 16 recordings of Do You Fear the Wind? by Hamlin Garland. This was the Weekly Poetry project for February 3, 2013.Taken from An American Anthology, 1787–1900, Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).
LA Review of Books
The LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS, as its name suggests, looks out at the world of books from its perch on the Pacific Rim. Since the 19th century writers have bridled at New York’s seeming monopoly over publication. Bret Harte in The Overland Monthly, John Crowe Ransom and Robert Penn Warren in I’ll Take My Stand, and the other regionalists, along with other outsiders, people who felt excluded from the literary conversation, and writers and readers in a thousand places — including even New Yo ...
What is emotional intelligence? How does emotional intelligence make you a better lover, leader, parent, or friend? What is mindfulness? How do you negotiate a win-win agreement? What is the easiest way to calm your stress symptoms at work? How do you speak to a narcissist? What is anxiety? What are the symptoms of depression? Psychologist and coach Greg Hamlin takes up questions like these and more. He offers skills, tools, and steps for less stress, more emotional intelligence, more satisf ...
Kink BMX
This video podcast features the likes of the Kink BMX pro, am, flow, and international team riders. Check back or just hit subscribe for updates!
Sales Chalk Talk
The Sales Chalk Talk show is a weekly podcast designed primarily for salespeople and business owners. Every show features a special guest. The guests are interviewed about a variety of subjects, generally related to sales, marketing, business and success. Some of the guests are well-known authorities in their fields, like Tom Hopkins, Jim Cathcart, Tony Alessandra, Bob Burg and many others. And some guests are relatively unknown. In every case, you'll get some nuggets and gems of ideas, tips ...
Faith Baptist Church in Cabot, Arkansas | Pastor: Richard Hamlin |
Faith Baptist Church in Cabot, Arkansas. Pastor: Richard Hamlin
Of Horses and Men
Lesley Yates and Ben Hamlin have a lot in common, but there biggest shared interest is the Netflix original comedy series Bojack Horseman. We're going through the show episode by episode to find meaning in the musings of a very depressed horse. Every Tuesday right here on and wherever you get your podcasts.
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Namy ft. Tracy Hamlin – “Love Youself” (Booker T mix) [Spirit Soul] Morten Trust – “Love Has Come Around” (Soulmagic mix) [Morehouse] Knee Deep ft. Brooke Russell – “Wont Let You Down” [Knee Deep] Rhemi ft. Hanlei – “Diamond” [Rhemi] Terry Hunter & Byron Stingily – “I Waited For You” [Dopewax] Chanel – “My Life” [Swing City] Steven Stone ft. An ...…
Nikki Sauter and Kailey Mayry lead our Good Friday reflection service from our “Hub.” Music written and performed by Stephen Hamlin. From March 30, 2018 The post Good Friday appeared first on Cloquet Vineyard.
Spring semester is when most students start thinking about summer jobs. Today's episode features Evan Waldera, a recruiter from Sovos Compliance, who had all kinds of great information to share with students, from first years to seniors, looking for work and experience for future careers. Evan can be reached via LinkedIn and via email at evan.w ...…
3-Time NASCAR Peak Antifreeze iRacing Champion and sim racing pioneer Ray Alfalla talks with Luke about racing with Dale Jr., Martin Truex, Denny Hamlin online, the origins of sim racing - it’s growing appeal, and his career outlook as a sim racer.
Speaker: Richard Hamlin | 1 Thessalonians 1:5-6
Series: Abraham | Speaker: Richard Hamlin | Genesis 17:1-5
Denny Hamlin, Austin Dillon, Aric Almirola and Jamie McMurray on this being the time of year when contenders begin to separate from pretendersBy (Motor Racing Network).
Speaker: Richard Hamlin | John 16:8-11
Series: Abraham | Speaker: Richard Hamlin | Genesis 16:1-4
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Sarah's WishAuthor: Jim BaumgardnerNarrator: Eva HamlinFormat: UnabridgedLength: 3 hrs and 41 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-15-07Publisher: Tate PublishingRatings: 4 of 5 out of 1 votesGenres: Fiction, Religious & InspirationalPublisher's Summar ...…
This week are are joined by NASCAR Xfinity driver Elliott Sadler and organizer for the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown Buck Ruess.
Eartone feat. Eider - My Feelings - Raw Reprise (Be Adult Music)DSIDED - Velvet Sky - Jarred Gallo Remix (RaMBunktious 'Miami')Big Tune:Big Jano Green - Love Town - Rob Hardt Xtended Mix (Sedsoul)Mousse T - The Jam Files Vol 3 - Sy Sez Feat Phoenix Pearle - Falling Vocal Mix (Peppermint Jam)Saison - Everybody (Large)Montana, Stewart, Nortier & ...…
Whether you know it or not, you are a leader! If you own a business or manage a team in a business, you certainly are a leader. You may also be a leader in your home, your church, your community, your job or your circle of friends. So, it’s not whether you’re a leader or not; it’s how good you are at it. On this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, lea ...…
Speaker: Richard Hamlin | Matthew 25:1-13
HOME DESIGN CHAT WITH NANCY Paula McCain & Laura Hamlin of First Impression Ironworks explains the differences in security doors. What makes them secure! Custom made Iron doors, gates and more First Impression Ironworks This podcast sponsored by Premier Lighting Intro music “On my way” by Kevin Macleod March 5, 2018 email questions to Nancy@nan ...…
Series: Abraham | Speaker: Richard Hamlin | Genesis 15:1-6
Speaker: Richard Hamlin | John 18:36
The latest upfront soulful house mixtape. Your weekly one-stop shop for all that's new and good for you! This week's hot new cuts presented by DJ Simon Andrews of Troubled Soul, including the weekly time machine slot where we turn the clock back to a random year and play a classic, yet possibly unheard? This week plays Ruffneck ft Yavahn - Baby ...…
Series: Abraham | Speaker: Richard Hamlin | Genesis 14:18-20
Series: Abraham | Speaker: Richard Hamlin | Genesis 14:13-16
What if there was a media podcast, but just about one TV show about a depressed horse? In this brand new media analysis podcast, Lesley Yates and Ben Hamlin break apart each episode of the Netflix original comedy Bojack Horseman and look for meaning among the musings of a depressed horse. We're starting with the pilot, obviously, and that means ...…
Series: Abraham | Speaker: Richard Hamlin | Genesis 13:3-6
Korean language Hangul. Cavaliers make many trades. Erin Hamlin vs Shani Davis. Adrian Peterson owes money on loan.
Series: Abraham | Speaker: Richard Hamlin | Genesis 12:5-10
Series: Abraham | Speaker: Richard Hamlin | Genesis 12:4-5
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