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Talk Star Wars
This is Talk Star Wars, a weekly Star Wars podcast where three English (don't mention the accents!) Star Wars fans take listener questions, cover the news and theorise wildly about what's going to happen in that galaxy far, far way....
Greedo Shot First - A Star Wars podcast
Talking Star Wars movies, books, culture, etc.
Blabba The Hutt - Just Another Star Wars Podcast.
Welcome to Blabba The Hutt! A new podcast about all things Star Wars! This show will be comitted to talking anything and eveything from a Galaxy Far Far Away. Broadcast from Dublin, Ireland, We are the ONLY Dedicated Irish Star Wars Podcast (to the best of our knowledge!) If you like the show please make sure to subscribe! You can also follow along on twitter @BlabbaTheHutt
STAR WARS: The Expanded Fandomverse
The Expanded Fandomverse - The only Star Wars Podcast about YOU, the Star Wars Fan! Each week we talk to Star Wars fans who are showing their love of that galaxy far, far away in creative and interesting ways. These are regular people who do what they do just for the fun of it. With your hosts Tim McMahon and Jason Collier.
Get Off My Podcast - The Harrison Ford Podcast
A podcast that chronologically follows the career of actor, Harrison Ford.
Going Solo Podcast
A Han Solo Podcast
Rebel Grrrl: A Star Wars Podcast
Monthly+'s Rebel Grrrl is a bi-weekly Star Wars podcast hosted by two exceptional fangirls discussing all the latest in Star Wars news as well as fandom topics that matter to us. We try to deliver a unique perspective on developing Star Wars production news with a sometimes feminist slant. We cover production of new Star Wars films including The Last Jedi, the untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story, and Star Wars TV like Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars. We do use foul language and o ...
Star Wars Action News Book Club
A discussion of all the Star Wars novels, going through them in order of their original release, starting with the original 1976 Star Wars novel and moving forward. Join us for the discussion of the books in the forums at
Holy Nerdy Podcast
Join Chris and Caleb, two childhood friends now a thousand miles apart, for an irreverent and nerdy romp. Expect pop culture talk (Comicons, 90's cartoons, and up-all-night horror movies) but this isn't your average run-of-the-mill discussion. Consider the following: how long would it take Chewbacca to eat a dead Han Solo if he was hungry, how dangerous is a Samurai-sword-wielding Red Ranger? We promise you'll laugh. And we're sorry in advance if we offend you. The show must go on.
Star Wars: Marvels - The Audio Series
Some call them delusional. Some call them heroes. Others would be right to call them . . . Marvels. In the debut audio drama from No Line Radio's Andrew Gilbertson (Spinoff), follow the adventures of the Star-Hoppers, a band of heroes unlike any the galaxy has ever seen before. These "Marvels" (Don-Wan Kihotay, Hedji, Jimm the Starkiller Kid, FE-9Q, Amaiza Foxtrain, and Jaxxon), led by Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca, journey to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, seeking fortune and glo ...
The Fordcast: A Harrison Ford Podcast
We like our men like we like our coffee - hot, grumpy, and named Harrison Ford.A bi-weekly podcast where actors/writers/comic minds Rachel Leishman ( and Lauren Milberger (Formally of attempt to watch and discuss all of Harrison Ford's film work chronologically... before the Young Han Solo movie is released in theaters. Join them for The Full Ford and more...
Vs. Podcast
Han Solo vs. Malcolm Reynolds. Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk. You've had the argument at your local comic shop. Now let Peat Ski and J. Pygmaelion Pigula settle the debate once and for all. With over fifty years experience in nerdom between them, no character is too esoteric, no match-up too one-sided, and no blow low enough to keep these two from settling the score.
Jumping Into Hyperspace: A Star Wars News and Commentary Podcast
Southern WI's Premier STAR WARS podcast, Making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs to bring you all the latest Star Wars News and Updates - along with some unfiltered & tactless commentary. Hosted by siblings Carl & Rebekah, Jumping Into Hyperspace brings you up to light-speed on all things Star Wars: REBELS, ROGUE ONE, the upcoming HAN SOLO story, EPISODES VIII-IX speculation and theories, EA Games' BATTLEFRONT, the AFTERMATH novels, the SWTOR game, and much much more!
Real Support Real Radio's Podcast
Hosted by HanSolo. This podcast is to support hip hop artists world wide, by showcasing their music and art. If you would like to have your tracks played and promo'd, send to . Thx for tuning in and supporting!!! Real Support Real!!!
Zero Proof
Who would win in a fight: Spider-Man and Bane **OR** Batman and Green Goblin?Was the series finale of *How I Met Your Mother* the worst ending of all time? Who is cooler: Indiana Jones or Han Solo? There are right answers to all of these questions and we know them. Get ready for a bunch of facts backed up by absolutely Zero Proof.
Iglesia Ciudad - Peligrosa Proposicion
Predicacion / Preaching Solo imagine una comunidad de creyentes que saben quienes son en Cristo, que están en camino a ser todo lo que han sido llamados a ser y que se ven a sí mismos como una parte vital de la casa de Dios. Una comunidad que se ha creado como resultado de la Salvación por medio de Jesucristo y que contribuyen de alguna u otra forma a la salud, vida y expresión de quienes somos como Iglesia.
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Star Wars Conversations: A Fan Show
In our 45th Episode, two scruffy looking nerf herders discuss:Young Han Solo movie gets an exciting new title!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ron Howard reveals that Tag & Bink will be appearing in SOLO--------------------------------------------------------------------- ...…
This week the hosts talk about: Ron Howard announces the name for the upcoming Han Solo standalone film. Are there more clues pointing to Luke Skywalker possibly being the villain of episode 9? EA shutdowns visceral games and how this will effect a few Star Wars games that were in the pipeline. ...…
JediandJuice's podcast
Jedi and Juice: A Podcast story explores the latest Star Wars news of the week! The Han Solo movie gets a title: Solo: A Star Wars Story. New images from The Last Jedi of Laura Dern’s character have appeared! EA shuts down Visceral studios. J.J. talks Episode XI. Ben’s interview with actor George Weightman!…
The chat kicks this week’s show off by redeeming a double dance session from Kuiper’s including one where Nathan provides the music. We talk about new trailers, embarrass ourselves by mispronouncing way too many names and think about getting Taco Bell body suits. Stories – FARTS & BALANCED Star Wars Han Solo movie has a name: Solo – Polygon Pol ...…
Cinema Faith
Blade Runner is a classic. That’s undisputed. The 1982 film, directed by Ridley Scott, is a breathtaking blend of noir and science-fiction that offers us a glimpse of the future we desire and dread. Harrison Ford shines as Rick Deckard, a “Blade Runner” tasked with hunting down and killing a group of rogue replicants. Replicants are bio-enginee ...…
Film & Gaming with Lachlan & The Colonel
The Nintendo Switch received a big update, Sony are now publishing games for the Nintendo Switch, the Solo Han Solo movie received a title (spoilers: it's Solo), and Disney releases "Movies Anywhere".
Bacon Knight's Preview Review
On this week's show, The Hans Solo movie gets a title, did Big Bang Theory spoil Justice League, New Addams Family movie, Wonder Woman 2 details, we got Black Panther and New Mutants trailers. Plus I Preview Review Geostorm, Only the Brave, Same Kind of Different as Me, The Snowman, and Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. Follow me on Twitter @Baconknight…
Oh, You Didn't Know? with Tony Reavis Podcast
The ninth episode of "Oh, You Didn't Know with Tony Reavis''...On today's episode of OYDK Podcast...Tony is flyin' solo like Han!- Tony has a rough week on his DDP Yoga journey. Then talks about going to his first NHL game, NFL injuries, the Star Wars trailer and his crush on Daisy Ridley, and listening to Logic over and over. He then gives a h ...…
That's No Moon It's A Podcast! (Star Wars News)
Ahoy! Hoy! Pancasters!It's Episode 51 and there is major news in the Han Solo camp this week. We run down all the news you need to know in the Galaxy Far, Far Away!If you have any questions or comments please leave them below or email us at pancast@live.comCheck out all our podcasts at ...…
Blah Wars: A Star Wars Podcast
The formerly untitled Han Solo spin off movie has a title and its not that impressive. After the big new intro, John and Jude discuss the upcoming movie at length and read out listener responses. John also quizzes Jude in the style of Vogue's Daisey Ridley interview.
On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Tuesday October 17th, 2017) Mark Ellis, Jon Schnepp, John Rocha and Wendy Lee discuss the following: 1) Josh Boone says his The New Mutants movie is first in a planned horror trilogy 2) Netflix to release 80 original films in 2018 3) Opening This Week 4) Ron Howard teases two expanded universe characters ...…
Skywalking Through Neverland: A Star Wars / Disney Podcast
Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics is back from our Summer Hiatus! In this episode Richard, Sarah and Star Wars artist, Randy Martinez cover issue #15 - Star Duel! - where there are no pants in space. Title: "STAR DUEL" Release Date: May 23, 1978 Writer: Archie Goodwin Artwork: Carmine Infantino, Terry Austin Coloring: Janice Cohen Cover Art: Carm ...…
We have special guest co-host Andy Kenareki with us this episode filling in for Kaiti as she gallivants around NYC this week... but don't think she doesn't still make a special appearance! From Han Solo to creepy people in English hotels to a few not so fun plane rides this weekend... welcome back to Episode 9 of the BAD SHORT WEIRD Podcast. Pl ...…
Scruffy Looking Podcasters: A Star Wars Podcast
The Last Jedi Trailer night! The boys start out by discussing what they want and not want to see in the trailer. At the end of the pod, live recording of the boys watching for the first time, reacting and discussing their initial reactions to The Last Jedi trailer Also discussed: NEWS: The Last Jedi Trailer and tickets 10/9Rian Johnson tweets t ...…
Cav opens the show addressing his case of the ‘umms’. We get into the new Justice League trailer, how Tommy Lee Jones hates Jim Carrey, how a Marvel TV show was up to be cancelled (not Inhumans) and got brought back, but why? Netflix is delaying the release of The Punisher. STAR WARS TICKETS GO ON SALE MONDAY 10/9! Yoda liked Leia more than Luk ...…
This final entry sees the Empire creating a new Death Star, a feat with such magnitude, even the Emperor himself has come to oversee the progress. Meanwhile, a rescue attempt is underway to try to spring Han Solo from his icy trap in Jabba the Hut’s lair. Luke has grown in his Jedi training, but only a confrontation with Darth Vader will make t ...…
Scruffy Looking Podcasters: A Star Wars Podcast
Kev's Ireland/Porg adventure! James and his legos/Armada Ed and James finish reading Leia NEWS: The Last Jedi Length of movie discussed Han Solo Per NTIP Correllia in film and Han solo and beckett costumes Forces of Destiny 2nd trailer released1st and 2nd shorts discussed Other POV Book Boba fett excerpt and voice acting from N ...…
Fan-favorite guest Reid Byers is back with Todd for episode 26 of The Exhaust Port Podcast! As usual, the duo dive deep into all things happening in the Star Wars cinematic universe and nothing is off-limits. Every morsel of news, all the latest rumors, and the boys’ theories on The Last Jedi, the as-yet-untitled Han Solo film, and the (probabl ...…
Jay and Dave catch up after 2 weeks being off. Jay took the seat off his bike during the MS charity ride cause he liked the way it felt. Dave and Jay went to a beerfest together. Jay wants to talk about Mother so badly but Dave refuses to see it and revals a dark secret about himself and Aronofsky. In news Dave discusses Terminator 6, Star Wars ...…
Raw, Live & Unedited a Pop Culture Podcasting Network
Join Joey~Mike~Marco~Kris~Ernie~JonIn An All New Episode Of TheThe Sarlacc Digest Episode 13 "The Force and the Furriest!" Han Solo Mvie Plot Points?? We dissect the latest rumors of the Han Solo Movie, Our October 9th The Last Jedi Trailer plans! Plus The New Leia Novel - "a Certain Point of View" and MORE Porg Talk! Jump In Line! A thousand y ...…
The Empire Strikes Back continues the Star Wars saga in exciting fashion, with the Empire now having driven the Rebels from their secret base to another on an ice planet called Hoth. The Empire eventually locates this new base, forcing an evacuation, whereupon a more experienced Luke is told by the “spirit” (aka Force Ghost) of Obi-Wan Kenobi t ...…
On this 40th episode of the podcast Victor and Chris get all caught up and talk about the Twin Peaks season/series finale and if the show is truly over and if Chris is broken after viewing it. There is also talk about Marvel's Defenders show being the least watched out of all of the Marvel shows currently on Netflix and what it means moving for ...…
Sarlacc Digest Podcast
Han Solo movie plot points? We dissect the latest rumors of Han Solo movie, plus the Leia novel, certain point of view book, Oct 9th last Jedi trailer plans and more Porg talk! Join the fun!Email: sarlaccdigest@hotmail.comInstagram: sarlaccdigestFacebook:…
Jess and Rashad Geek Out on more bad Star Wars news This week we get into more potential rehashing nonsense from Han Solo movie.By (Jess and Rashad).
Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen to the Glorious Moviescast, the most Glorious Movie podcast out there. I am one of your hosts the Glorious One Mr Moody, and joining me today, is the Glorious Red Bearded Man, Foxes. We talk about the weeks Movie News and give you a little bit of insight into what it all means, just with not much insight. This Gloriou ...…
This week, if you think the guys are talking pop-culture with all the usual tangents, well you’d be right. They’re talking stories like: Original Sarah Connor returns for Cameron/Miller’s Terminator (actually) 3 Loren broke down the new Tomb Raider trailer Jumanji also got a new trailer Daniel Craig thinks he knows who the next Bond director sh ...…
The TumblingSaber Podcast - A Star Wars Podcast
Hey everyone! It's another Totally New TumblingSaber Tuesday and we've got another big show for you! In this week's news we discuss: Luke’s final outfit in TLJ Morrisson wants to play Rex again Warwick Davis’ role in Han Solo movie? Kessel Run in Han Solo movie? Vader to cameo in Han Solo? And then in our extra-lengthy Binary Sunset, powered by ...…
This week, the Keepers veer off course a few times, talking about everything from giant Japanese robots to the Blob eating endangered animals, but that hopefully leads to some interesting converstation.Topics discussed in this episode include: Information about the new Terminator trilogy Information about the next Predator film Rumors that Lex ...…
Pop Culture Cosmos
Were talking the success of the Kingsmen the failure of Ninjango what the debut for Star Trek Discovery does for CBS Dorector Rob McCallum of Nintendo Quest asks in our Cosmic Crossfire segment if we truly want to see Han Solos Kessel run a recap with Tyler Baker from the Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcasrt of week 3 in the NFL for fantasy owners ...…
Share this video and help spread the word!Subscribe: on iTunes: out our T-Shirts! Email us: rebelscumbags@gmail.comTweet us: our Facebook page: htt ...…
Now, This Is Podcasting!
On this week’s show: Han Solo film Rumors on Solo and Beckett's earlier years. Last Jedi trailer on October 9th? The Last Jedi is finished. A few new Last Jedi images. Pod People!
The Crash Box Movie Podcast
There was so much I wanted to cover today where do I begin. Well... We're gonna get into the Trailers to Murder On The Orient Express, Isle Of Dogs, & Tomb raider. Han Solo doing the Kessel Run, New TV show coming based in the Watchmen Universe and more. Of coarse we breakdown the Box Office & Your questions.…
Visit for a free trial set. (of razors!)Hello. James is back for a fresh and hot new episode on Kingsman 2 The Golden Circle! Plus a Thor Ragnarok scoop, trailers for The Punisher and Tomb Raider, The Inhumans, Taika Waitti directing Akira, RIP Harry Stanton, Justice League deleted scenes, Watchmen the TV Ser ...…
Geek Bytes Podcast - Geek Bytes Podcast
Welcome to episode 133 of Geek Bytes Podcast. I’m Ramon Mejia and I’m Edgardo Acosta Every podcast we bring you the roundup of the week’s best Geek and Tech news, then we discuss that news and anything else we’re interested in that week. In Geek News this week, we’ll talk about Toys R Us goes Belly Up, Walmart walking into your home, Terminator ...…
Geek Bytes Podcast - Geek Bytes Podcast
Welcome to episode 133 of Geek Bytes Podcast. I’m Ramon Mejia and I’m Edgardo Acosta Every podcast we bring you the roundup of the week’s best Geek and Tech news, then we discuss that news and anything else we’re interested in that week. In Geek News this week, we’ll talk about Toys R Us goes Belly Up, Walmart walking into your home, Terminator ...…
Kenobi's Corner
Episode 77:Not Shaken, but stirred. This week we review Kingsman in all it’s not so secrecy. We discuss some girthier DC news and a new series developed by HBO. Also are you ready for all the Star Wars news? Well our cup runneth over. We still have some time as we discuss the latest trailers from comic, video game and a board game from years pa ...…
This week we were joined by our buddy Jeff Bunny Carr who has been developing a table top game for the last 17 years called Figure Fight. Jeff let us test play a couple of rounds of the game and we did so over a couple of pies from Blackbird Pizza. Tune in to find out more about Jeff himself (spoiler alert: he's interesting) and the game he's b ...…
Episode XVIII (Recorded on Friday, September 22nd) of Beyond The Blast Doors - A Star Wars Podcast. Our BTBD Crew tackles all the major topics in the Star Wars galaxy for the week. This episode may contain what you consider are spoilers, we’ll give you a heads up! Be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel!!! Reel Talk Episode 8 is ...…
We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution
This week, the guys cover everything from booze to disappointing ratings to Marvel licensing. Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. Netflix sends an interesting cease and desist letter to a Stranger Things pop up bar 2. The new HBO Watchmen series has started filming 3. The ratings for the Marvel/Netflix series The Defenders are lower th ...…
We have more Star Wars (When will the trailer for Lat Jedi drop, Han Solo kessel mines!), MCU, and DCEU news as usual. We also have info on the next Terminator, a new Robinhood movie, the Alien: Covenant sequel, and so much more!
Nu Generation Podcast Network
On this week's show, Shamari and Kendall discuss the potential release of a Last Jedi trailer, and the announcement of Darth Vader appearing in the Han Solo movie.
Five Live Bears Pod Cast
On this show we talk about the Fall TV series, should Darth Vader appear in the new Han Solo movie, the summer super hero blockbusters. and the wrestling minute.
Star Wars Conversations: A Fan Show
In our 41th Episode, two scruffy looking nerf herders discuss the latest goings on Around the Rim.This week we are joined by special guest, Darrell Taylor, head honcho of The Taylor Network of Podcasts!Darrell tells us why he does NOT want JJ Abrahams to direct Star Wars Episode IXIn Around The Rim we look at:Episode VIII trailer might be relea ...…
JediandJuice's podcast
On this week’s episode Barry and Ben discuss the episode titles for first 6 episodes of Star Wars Rebels, The Spice Mines of Kessel appearing in the Untitled Han Solo film, new photos from The Last Jedi, and the state of canon novels and their impact on the universe as a whole.
ToBeAnnounced podcast
In this episode we talk about new Terminator news with Sara Connor returning, Possible news for the Flash stand alone episode, The new Rick and Morty, new things happeneing in wrestling and Anime, what critics think of Inhumans, Han Solo solo movie Rumors, New Mutants, our thoughts on the trailers for The punisher, Laura Croft, and Peter Rabbit ...…
There's a new Star Wars movie out in December... but what the heck is going on with the other two films currently in production? In the past six months, both the Han Solo origin movie and Star Wars Episode 9 have lost their directors. How has this happened? Who is to blame? And is the Star Wars franchise struggling with the weight of expectatio ...…
Episode XVII (Recorded on Sunday, September 17th) of Beyond The Blast Doors - A Star Wars Podcast. Our BTBD Crew tackles all the major topics in the Star Wars galaxy for the week. This episode may contain what you consider are spoilers, we’ll give you a heads up! Be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel!!! Reel Talk Lucasfilm Con ...…
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