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Talk Star Wars
This is Talk Star Wars, a weekly Star Wars podcast where three English (don't mention the accents!) Star Wars fans take listener questions, cover the news and theorise wildly about what's going to happen in that galaxy far, far way....
Blabba The Hutt - Just Another Star Wars Podcast.
Welcome to Blabba The Hutt! A new podcast about all things Star Wars! This show will be comitted to talking anything and eveything from a Galaxy Far Far Away. Broadcast from Dublin, Ireland, We are the ONLY Dedicated Irish Star Wars Podcast (to the best of our knowledge!) If you like the show please make sure to subscribe! You can also follow along on twitter @BlabbaTheHutt
The MovieFilm Podcast
Join Zaki Hasan of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and comic book writer Brian Hall as they engage in hilarious and insightful conversations on all the latest out of Hollywood, including news, reviews, and interviews with some of the biggest names in movies!
Greedo Shot First - A Star Wars podcast
Talking Star Wars movies, books, culture, etc.
Get Off My Podcast - The Harrison Ford Podcast
A podcast that chronologically follows the career of actor, Harrison Ford.
STAR WARS: The Expanded Fandomverse
The Expanded Fandomverse - The only Star Wars Podcast about YOU, the Star Wars Fan! Each week we talk to Star Wars fans who are showing their love of that galaxy far, far away in creative and interesting ways. These are regular people who do what they do just for the fun of it. With your hosts Tim McMahon and Jason Collier.
Going Solo Podcast
A Han Solo Podcast
Rebel Grrrl: A Star Wars Podcast
Monthly+'s Rebel Grrrl is a bi-weekly Star Wars podcast hosted by two exceptional fangirls discussing all the latest in Star Wars news as well as fandom topics that matter to us. We try to deliver a unique perspective on developing Star Wars production news with a sometimes feminist slant. We cover production of new Star Wars films including The Last Jedi, the untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story, and Star Wars TV like Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars. We do use foul language and o ...
Star Wars Action News Book Club
A discussion of all the Star Wars novels, going through them in order of their original release, starting with the original 1976 Star Wars novel and moving forward. Join us for the discussion of the books in the forums at
Star Wars: Marvels - The Audio Series
Some call them delusional. Some call them heroes. Others would be right to call them . . . Marvels. In the debut audio drama from No Line Radio's Andrew Gilbertson (Spinoff), follow the adventures of the Star-Hoppers, a band of heroes unlike any the galaxy has ever seen before. These "Marvels" (Don-Wan Kihotay, Hedji, Jimm the Starkiller Kid, FE-9Q, Amaiza Foxtrain, and Jaxxon), led by Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca, journey to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, seeking fortune and glo ...
The Fordcast: A Harrison Ford Podcast
We like our men like we like our coffee - hot, grumpy, and named Harrison Ford.A bi-weekly podcast where actors/writers/comic minds Rachel Leishman ( and Lauren Milberger (Formally of attempt to watch and discuss all of Harrison Ford's film work chronologically... before the Young Han Solo movie is released in theaters. Join them for The Full Ford and more...
Vs. Podcast
Han Solo vs. Malcolm Reynolds. Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk. You've had the argument at your local comic shop. Now let Peat Ski and J. Pygmaelion Pigula settle the debate once and for all. With over fifty years experience in nerdom between them, no character is too esoteric, no match-up too one-sided, and no blow low enough to keep these two from settling the score.
Jumping Into Hyperspace: A Star Wars News and Commentary Podcast
Southern WI's Premier STAR WARS podcast, Making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs to bring you all the latest Star Wars News and Updates - along with some unfiltered & tactless commentary. Hosted by siblings Carl & Rebekah, Jumping Into Hyperspace brings you up to light-speed on all things Star Wars: REBELS, ROGUE ONE, the upcoming HAN SOLO story, EPISODES VIII-IX speculation and theories, EA Games' BATTLEFRONT, the AFTERMATH novels, the SWTOR game, and much much more!
Holy Nerdy Podcast
Chris and Caleb host a nerd variety show and talk about anything and everything they feel like! So yes expect some pop culture talk but its not your average discussion. For instance how long would it take Chewbacca to eat a dead Han Solo if he was hungry? Ever notice how much the Gremlins are smoke crazy!? This is just the tip of the iceberg. So if you love late night horror movies and think 90's cartoons are totally rad than you've found a palce you can call home!
Real Support Real Radio's Podcast
Hosted by HanSolo. This podcast is to support hip hop artists world wide, by showcasing their music and art. If you would like to have your tracks played and promo'd, send to . Thx for tuning in and supporting!!! Real Support Real!!!
Zero Proof
Who would win in a fight: Spider-Man and Bane **OR** Batman and Green Goblin?Was the series finale of *How I Met Your Mother* the worst ending of all time? Who is cooler: Indiana Jones or Han Solo? There are right answers to all of these questions and we know them. Get ready for a bunch of facts backed up by absolutely Zero Proof.
Iglesia Ciudad - Peligrosa Proposicion
Predicacion / Preaching Solo imagine una comunidad de creyentes que saben quienes son en Cristo, que están en camino a ser todo lo que han sido llamados a ser y que se ven a sí mismos como una parte vital de la casa de Dios. Una comunidad que se ha creado como resultado de la Salvación por medio de Jesucristo y que contribuyen de alguna u otra forma a la salud, vida y expresión de quienes somos como Iglesia.
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This week Mike is joined semi-live at "Neu-Tron-Pad" with special guest musical improv comedian Armando Aranda to discuss the week's top geek updates!Stories Discussed:-Star Wars Round Up! - Creatures, Back Stories and MORE-Venom Movie -Marvel’s Infinity Wars -Donald Glover on Lando and Han SoloOfficial Team Awesome Inc Youtube Channel: https:/ ...…
This week the hosts talk about:\ Star Wars’ virtual reality experience to open near Disney parks this year RON HOWARD TALKS ‘HAN SOLO’, SHARES NEW BTS PHOTOS AND HINTS AT A ROLE FOR HIS BROTHER CLINT GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE AND RIAN JOHNSON CAME UP WITH CAPTAIN PHASMA’S BACKSTORY Star Wars Rebels Writer Walks Back Claim That Beloved Fan Theory Is ‘ ...…
With Cliff out on an important assignment, we recruit the Mayor, Jared Lowe, to step up and fill his seat, while Michael creates a new alter ego pretty much on the spot. Jordan and Seth both happened to see the movie "Passengers," and feel the need to rake it over the coals a bit. We've also got a lot of news, including the return of "Rick and ...…
We are taking a break, but we will be back. We are headed to Nashville to make some music, and to film some content for you guys. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to keep in touch. This week we discuss Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones. It's a debate for the ages. We will see you in September.…
We talk about The Force Awakens, Rouge One, The Last Jedi, and even the Han Solo movie, and talk a lot of Jedi lore.
Squad Broken
Schadenfreude - German: Satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune. 00:52:00 - Housekeeping1:20 - Whatever we want to talk about1:23 - It is habit for me to pick my nose on my way home from work2:05 - No end in sight for American Gods, says Chris Albrecht president of Starz5:30 - I love Winco Foods7:30 - You notice how Sarah Huc ...…
The boys review Marvel Star Wars Aphra 10, Maul 5, and Poe 17. In rumors the boys talk MAUUUUL, Ron Howard, Ep VIII photo dumps, and Darth Vades in Han Solo???
Hey howdy hey friends! So hopefully you enjoyed the hell out of Danny, Blue, and I doing our Top 10 superheroes. It's always so much fun when my pals show up to talk geek and as usual, there was more than just two plus hours of content. I figure... hey, it's been a year so let me drop another bonusode for all you listeners. Geeky rambling about ...…
In the Weekly Rundown: Music for the Han Solo flick, Guardians of the Galaxy news, Legion season 2, Ricky and Morty season 3.Two more episodes of Game of Thrones down and we are raring to talk! Reactiones, theories, and overall feelings of these last two episodes. Follow us on twitter: @nerdnightradio!…
In the final live show of the summer, The Deucecast Movie Show hosts David and Mikey dive into the upcoming Han Solo film, with Friend of the Show Hurricane Rhett.
That's No Moon It's A Podcast! (Star Wars News)
Bee Cave Public Library Podcast Channel
Episode 020 TAB Summer Part 5Cate sat down with some of our Teen Advisory Board members and asked them all about what they are most excited to read this summer.Marvel Star Wars Disney Canon Graphic NovelsPoe Dameron Vol. 1: Black Squadron (2016) by Charles Soule Darth Vader Vol 1. (2015) by Kieron GillenHan Solo Vol 1. (2016) by Marjorie M. Liu ...…
Sean & Andrew Talk About Movies (And Sometimes Other Stuff)
Sean & Andrew whine and complain about the Disney-fied Star Wars, the disaster that is the "Han Solo movie" and discuss Rogue One and The Force Awakens as well as speculate about The Last Jedi and their wishes in a possible Obi-Wan spinoff. *SPOILERS*
Episode XI (Recorded on Saturday August 5th) of Beyond The Blast Doors - A Star Wars Podcast. Our BTBD Crew tackles all the major topics in the Star Wars galaxy for the week. This episode may contain what you consider are spoilers, we’ll give you a heads up! Be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel!!! Reel Talk Jack Thorne Tapped ...…
In the 34th episode of Star Wars Conversations, two scruffy looking nerf herders discuss:Jack Thorne is brought on to write Star Wars Episode IXRon Howard shares a photo from the set of Han SoloA possible role for Clint Howard?Star Wars Battlefront II - Inferno Squad book reviewAdditional music: ...…
Movie Playground
This week, Joe, Joel, and Sam discuss movie scores for our lives, the weekend box office, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers 4, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Flash: Flashpoint, Suicide Squad 2, Wonder Woman, LucasFilm vs the Directors Guild of America, Clint Howard in Han Solo, Star Wars 9 rewrites, Leia's sendoff, Glass, Johnny English 3, X-Men: Dark Ph ...…
Five Live Bears Pod Cast
Another great show just for you! On this show we talk about WWE 2k18, The possibility of our favorite Ewok Warwick Davis in the new Han Solo movie, and are comic books coming to a end? We also tackle the questionwhat movie do you wish you could erase from memory and watch again? Listen, Like and Share you won't be sorry.…
The fun and animated Lorne Balfe takes time to talk about his upbringing, starting in commercials, video game composing on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Crysis 2, genre jumping and getting to the essential emotional core of music. Lorne has been working with Hans Zimmer for the past few years and has co-composed scores like Megamind and Th ...…
We recap some of the news coming out of SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) even though Rem was on vacation while it happened! But first, let's talk about the Pokemon Go Fest fiasco! Hey, here's a list of topics I found on the floor in no particular order. They seriously just throw this stuff around like it's worthless. Or priceless. I always get those ...…
It is the latest episode of Culture Clash with a special Beru Stew Segment as Kevin and Kyle welcome in Din of the band @F-105music to discuss their new Star Wars tribute song Rebel Girl as well as how the band got their start and the inspiration for this song. In the news we discuss the announcement of the Episode 9 rewrite as well as some of ...…
Hi! The boys are back. I need to stop taking forever to edit these. The news in this episode is outdated. Sue us. Go ahead seriously, maybe we'd get some press out of it. Today we're discussing the badass Baby Driver by Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead, one of my favorite movies ever ever. In the Ramble On section, we talk about bags ...…
In this episode the Grand Moff and the General discuss some leaked images that made their way on to the internet this week. We also get some insight into the timing of the director changes for the Han Solo film.
Welcome to the Geek Legacy Podcast! Here we chat about what’s happening in the world of entertainment news. Right now it’s all about Game of Thrones and if you’re one of the few people not watching this show then you might want to play a little game of catch up. Of course we also shed some light on other topics including Star Wars leaks and upd ...…
Welcome to the Geek Legacy Podcast! Here we chat about what’s happening in the world of entertainment news. Right now it’s all about Game of Thrones and if you’re one of the few people not watching this show then you might want to play a little game of catch up. Of course we also shed some light on other topics including Star Wars leaks and upd ...…
On this week's episode we continue our double show/double guest extravaganza with the rest of our D23 Expo coverage and a little bit of San Diego Comic Con sprinkled in. Marvel, Star Wars, & animated adaptations oh myyy! What does Batman have to do with Dumbo? Did we hear from Ron Howard about Han Solo? Who wins in a fight: Hulk or Thor? Also B ...…
Geek Life Crisis
Episode 27 - Part Two of "Dangerous Curves" Here is Part Two that I promised. You can finally rest easy. This episode has geek news, celebrity birthday trivia and a tribute to the late great Stephen Furst. Celebrity birthdays: Billy Crudup (Croo-dup), Michelle Rodriguez, and Forest Whitaker. Brief appearance by fan favorite Celeste! Buzz words: ...…
Reid and I sat down for episode 19 of The Exhaust Port for another installment of our monthly round up of all things happening in the world of Star Wars! Here is what we hit on: all things The Last Jedi, including how seemingly smooth the process has been, the photos that leaked, and a ton of rumors, thoughts, insight, and opinions on what we f ...…
The GalaxyCast Team reviews two powerhouse blockbusters in "Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy2" and "Wonder Woman". Then we discuss the last two episodes of Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels.- We discuss the trailer for the Netflix Original movie "Bright". ( We then talk about the trailer for the Inhumans T ...…
Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen to the Glorious Moviescast, the most Glorious Movie podcast out there. I am one of your hosts the Glorious One Mr Moody, and joining me today, is the Glorious Red Bearded Man, Foxes. We talk about the weeks Movie News and give you a little bit of insight into what it all means, just with not much insight. This Gloriou ...…
Star Wars Something
New Last Jedi pics, Han Solo Composer
Intro It’s been two weeks since we recorded. What’s changed? The boys will update everyone on their recent exploits. Star Wars Han Solo loses both its directorsRon Howard Steps In to Direct Han Solo Movie DC Danny Elfman to score Justice LeagueWhedon’s reshoots are a bit bigger than previously reportedBat-Signal to Shine Over L.A. in Honor of A ...…
WE SOLVED A MYSTERY! On this episode of Radio Free Mandalore: Baseball talk. Will Luke use a lightsaber? He will! Or will he? The limb pool. Mysteries of the force. Porgs! How much would Patrick pay to see Star Wars with the cast? Tim's a strange guy. DJ isn't Ezra. What a surprise. Benicio Del Toro on the ones and twos. Some spicy news about t ...…
Darth Vader actor is in the Han Solo solo movie, but is he playing Darth? Destiny releases more information on its world and Game of Thrones dominates the mind.
Movie Playground
This week Joe, Joel, and Sam talk all the news you need to know this week in regular, old movie news like Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers 4, Captain Marvel, Thor: Ragnarok, the DCEU, Aquaman, Batgirl, Batman, Flash, Gotham City Sirens, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League, Henry Cavill's Moustache, Han Solo's Composer, Ready Player One, Lego Nina ...…
BBR: EP#32R.C is back in the hosting chair and discusses the following:-Bond 25 set for Nov.9th, 2019-Stephen King's IT trailer discussion-Infinity War and Thor Ragnorak to be the longest and shortest MCU films?-Brie Larson won't be suiting up as Captain Marvel in Infinity War?-Zack Snyder's future with the DCEU moving forward-The Han Solo movi ...…
JediandJuice's podcast
On this week’s episode Barry and Ben discuss the leaked photos of The Last Jedi characters, the untitled Han Solo movie’s composer, we rank our favorite lightsabers of all time, and dig into the Jedi archives for discussion on Palpatine's appearance in Episode III.
The guys could have put this off, but given how seminal the Star Wars universe is for them as geeks, especially Chris and Nathan, they figured it was go big or go home. They touch on the entire franchise, but focus most of the conversation on the relaunching of Star Wars with The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Episode One - The Phantom Menace - T ...…
Betterkind Media Podcasts
Marvel Star Wars Rogue One 4, Star Wars 33, Darth Vader 3, Aphra 9, and the new Forces of Destiny, Han Solo photos, Luke's new Force abilities, and Ep VIII rumors.
What time is it? Time for another entertaining episode of Kanata's Castle! Yes, that's right, Becca and Devon are back, and they're ready to talk Star Wars. So, grab some blue milk and hold on to your butts! It's time for Leia and Poe to go head-to-toe. Uh huh, you heard that right. Will there be a "Huttslayer Smackdown" in Star Wars: The Last ...…
Amanda, Brian, and Curtis are at it again… Until Alex barges in! The gang talks about Harry Potter, the Han Solo movie, and The Grizzled.
Hey hey friends. Wookiee rocking the solo format for another episode. You know how us fuzzballs love all things Solo. Lots of geeky news, TV, and movies to talk about. We're back to an hour or so of life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff. Welcome to Level 50! The title is all about the non-spoiler War for the Planet of the Ape ...…
The Dork Side is all about the kids! We were lucky enough to interview quite a few awesome, younger Star Wars fans on the floor at Raleigh Supercon and compiled them into one podcast – and quite frankly, it’s awesome! First up is ten-year old Jared Dansky, a self-proclaimed geek! We talk about his love for Chewbacca and how surprised he was whe ...…
In this episode we talk Han Solo movie drama, school yearbook political censorship, your tax dollars being used for poor purchase decisions, and we get a new character arrival in Skywalker Strikes.
Jason Ward from and guest host Eric Strothers joins us from the overnight line at D23 to discuss… -Expectations for D23 -Dom thinks R2-D2 is being mistreated -Jason Ward takes over the show -Star Wars Land model reveal -Mark Hamill's performance in the Last Jedi -Katie is worried Luke's going dark side -Brittani's highlight f ...…
In the latest episode of our Star Wars Time Show Nick and I spend a good part of it discussing the Han Solo movie. This time around we aren't lamenting over its production issues though, we mostly focus on a few of the sit pics that have leaked, as well as those shared by the film's new Director Ron Howard.We talk about the wardrobe shot he sha ...…
On this episode of the Earvengers podcast, Tommy, Michelle, Russ, Ashley and Sam have once again united and assembled to talk all things Disney:Topics: Disney testing offering gift cards if you don't use MouseKeeping, Young Han Solo movie in disarray, and Hall of Presidents re-opening delayed.
On this episode of the Earvengers podcast, Tommy, Michelle, Russ, Ashley and Sam have once again united and assembled to talk all things Disney: Topics: Disney testing offering gift cards if you don't use MouseKeeping, Young Han Solo movie in disarray, and Hall of Presidents re-opening delayed.
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