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Harm Reduction Radio - HAMS
This series interviews experts in the addictions field, with a focus on evidence-based, cutting-edge approaches to substance abuse problems such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), pharmacotherapy, harm reduction, and many, many more. Your host Kenneth Anderson is the founder and CEO of The HAMS Harm Reduction Network and the author of "How to Change Your Drinking: a Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol."
Harm Reduction Coalition's Podcast
News, views and opinions of the harm reduction community
Drugs and Stuff: A Podcast about Drugs, Harm Reduction, Mass Incarceration, The Drug War and other Stuff, from the Drug Policy Alliance
The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the nation's leading organization working to end the war on drugs. We focus on legalizing marijuana; criminal justice reform and ending draconian prison sentences for drugs; harm reduction policies that prevent overdoses and save lives; and we educate the public about drugs while dispelling popular myths and misinformation. Our host, Tommy McDonald, has been on DPA’s media team for 12 years and worked in journalism and radio before coming to DPA, and he’ll b ...
What's Happening in Harm Reduction
Contemporary topics and discussion about reducing risks associated with drug use.
Harm Reduction Show
Harm reduction is key for keeping yourself safe and well. Trace Hodgson is active with NICHE (Needle Injecting Community Health Enterprise) and brings a combination of contemporary music and conversation with guests from NICHE and other services about health, well being and ‘harm reduction’.
Young Justice
Young Justice is a show concerned with the science of human development in all areas of life.
Culture Of Clouds Podcast
Collectively Ruby Roo and GrimmGreen have been vaping for over 10 years. Both love being actively involved in the vape community, and both have a shared passion for vaping, tobacco harm reduction, beer, and cocktails. This is what the Culture of Clouds podcast represents: life, vaping, and friendship.
Smoke Free Radio Network's tracks
Podcasts dedicated to promoting tobacco harm reduction via use of personal vaporizers also known as ecigs!
Vape Politics
Vape Politics is a Tobacco Harm Reduction media tool and Podcast.
AA2 - ChangeTalk Radio
A weekly call-in show often with invited guests to discuss the latest about change: how to do it, what works best, and what science says about change. We focus on both all behaviors (such as addictions) and other change (such as relationships, workplace, etc). It is our goal to discuss change most broadly. Join us to talk about change at ChangeTalk Radio!
Harm reduction and drug law reform activism, a counter voice to current drug narratives. Breathing reality into the myths, fabrications and distortions that exist around drugs. News, academia, and culture.
Hooked is a weekly podcast which looks at the world of drugs. Allison Downing and Nigel Brunsdon, two specialist Harm Reduction workers, aim to educate and dispel myths about substances.
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Anchor lead: Can something as simple as a paper test strip help stem the tide of opioid overdoses? Elizabeth Tracey reportsOpioid overdoses continue unabated, with the opioid fentanyl increasingly implicated, the latest data show. Susan Sherman, a professor of public health at Johns Hopkins, says the numbers are startling.Sherman: The numbers s ...…
Welcome to Recovery X, where experts, thought leaders and people in recovery exchange information, educate the public, and help solve the problem of addiction. In this episode Dan Sevigny interviews Brandi McArthur who is a mom in recovery from addiction. Brandi is a member of Miracle Mamas group on Facebook (check them out if your a mom in rec ...…
The post Tessie Castillo of the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition discusses efforts to combat the opioid crisis appeared first on NC Policy Watch.
Violent injury, particularly related to firearms, has been at the forefront of national discussion recently. Pediatric victims and survivors have begun to enter into the public discussion via a strong social media presence, and as clinicians who treat these patients’ injuries, we are also obligated to participate in prevention. This is the firs ...…
The documentary ’Survivor’s Guide To Prison’ features two former California inmates (Bruce Lisker and Reggie Cole) who were accused of crimes they didn't commit. Audiences get a harrowing look at how barbaric the US justice system works - today you're more likely to go to prison in the United States than anywhere else in the world. The film ult ...…
Democracy, Eventually
We discuss Vermont's response to the opiate epidemic including modles like Hub and Spoke, and the syringe exchange in Brattleboro sponsored by the AIDS Project of Southern Vermont.
Brian Sefton and Merc Martinelli of Oakbio, a “Carbon Capture and Utilization” company, are interviewed on today's Planet Watch Radio podcast. Global emissions of carbon dioxide exceed 35 billion tons annually. These emissions are unsustainable and threaten the very habitability of our planet. Melting glaciers and ice caps, rising sea levels, u ...…
The Yoga Health Coaching Podcast l Ayurveda l Yoga l Wellness Professionals l Yoga Health Coaching Mentors with Cate Stillman
In its first months, more than 15,000 people have listened to the YHC Podcast! We've recorded more than 45 shows in 2017, covering topics from Yoga Health coaching transformation stories to useful business coaching skills that support our Pro-Thrivers in their professional evolution. We have learned a lot about creating better shows, and have h ...…
In this video Tom and I discuss the dark side of the psychedelic experience in depth. He has had intense, traumatic psychedelic experiences with both ayahuasca and iboga. The trips were enough to make him consider deleting his entire channel. He has also had amazing, life altering, positive experiences with ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms as ...…
The "We have ARRIVEd" edition (with Howard Josepher and Joe Turner, of Exponents, Inc.). In the late 1980s, Howard Josepher and Joe Turner met in New York City and began the program now known as Exponents. Their goal was deceptively simple, to establish an outreach and recovery program for people returning home from prison with a substance use ...…
Original Recording Date: August 16th Guests: ARCH – HIV/AIDS Resources and Community Health, Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, and HERE 24/7 This was my first visit over to the North End Harvest Market, located at Waverly Dr. Public School in North Riverside Neighbourhood Group. During this first visit, the North End Harvest Market was running ...…
In the newest episode of “Speculum,” I speak with Teri Plante, a Health Outreach Nurse with Interior Health who has special interests in HIV screening and education. We discuss her role as a Health Outreach nurse, providing education and harm reduction while being mindful to a patient’s social determinants of health. For all the budding health ...…
Dopey: The Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction | Heroin | Cocaine | Meth | Weed | Drugs | LSD | Recovery | Sobriety
We play two voicememos about hiding drugs in the place that doesnt shine. The first story is from Tim in Philly; he tells us about how he used to put heroin and xanax up his butt everytime he left the house because he thought he would get arrested and get sick in jail. The second voicememo is from Jason in Ontario; he tells about the time he go ...…
Simon talks with Craig Harvey Harm Reduction Team Leader Barwon Health · Mental Health Drugs and Alcohol about International overdose awareness day. Current trends and policies regarding drug use, injecting rooms and treatment for intravenous drug users.
Today on Alternative Talk Bear Sayvong is joined by Adela Falk. Adela served as prison outreach coordinator for POW420. She represents our brothers and sisters, children, parents, grandparents...everyone wrongly incarcerated for unjust cannabis laws. Adela urged for judicial reform or at best a harm reduction approach to this war on cannabis. F ...…
At GAPC2017, Dr Lilian Ghandour, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics at the American University of Beirut, discusses how alcohol-harm reduction policies in Lebanon remain absent.
Complete Transcription Complete Transcription Chris: Hello everyone! Welcome to the inaugural episode of Cannalaw Connections. I am your host Chris Hoo. I am a California attorney, admitted to the state bar for about ten years, specializing in testing labs and manufacturers for cannabusinesses. I just got back from the MJ Biz Con, the marijuana ...…
Michael Miller of Young People in Recovery joins Sarah to discuss the organization’s approach to substance use disorder treatment, recent developments in harm reduction around the country, and the newly released recommendations from the President’s Opioid Commission. Sponsor: Sponsor Us Call to Action: Register to vote! Get involved with drug p ...…
In Vancouver, BC Tune in every Wednesday 6 – 7 PM to CFRO – 100.5 FM Anywhere in the world by Stream, Satellite, TelusTv - How to Listen Only last 10 shows are available to listen to for free - REGISTER NOW. Supporting Members have unlimited access to this and hundreds of other life changing programs - Click Here to sign-up Join us this Wednesd ...…
Christina shares her story of domestic violence as a way to help us all better understand and join her as advocates. She is a woman of great strength and we can all learn from her experiences. She also provided us with many great resources.For those currently struggling with domestic violence, anywhere in the USA, a couple great resources are w ...…
INTERVIEW - STEPHEN HICKS - co-director of the "Rethink Masculinity" program here in DC – discussed men taking classes to unlearn toxic msculinity. • ABOUT CLASS: Rethink Masculinity: A partnership between Collective Action for Safe Spaces, ReThink, and DC Rape Crisis Center, Rethink Masculinity is a men’s consciousness building group in which ...…
Dr. James W. Galbraith joined the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Emergency Medicine faculty in 2008. In 2011, Dr. Galbraith led the implementation of emergency department (ED) non-targeted, opt-out HIV screening. In the first five years, this HIV screening program has screened over 100,000 individuals and identified over 500 HIV infe ...…
Sky Siu from Kely Support Group talks to us about the vital role that the NGO plays in supporting Hong Kong youth between the ages of 14 and 24. Their programs and services focus on knowledge, resistance and harm reduction around drug and alcohol misuse. Using a positive youth development approach, with a priority of understanding young peoples ...…
International Rabbit Day Hello Listener! Thank you for listening. If you would like to support the podcast, and keep the lights on, you can support us whenever you use Amazon through the link below: It will not cost you anything extra, and I can not see who purchased what. Or you can become a Fluffle Supporter by donating through at ...…
The Scope News unpacks Canada's opioid crisis. We talk to Zoe Dodd -- the Toronto harm reduction worker whose rebuke of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the opioid crisis on a Vice News talk went viral.We'll also hear from legalization expert Craig Jones about what the upcoming marijuana laws will mean for decriminalization of opioids and ot ...…
AM/PM Podcast: How to Sell Private Label Products on Amazon FBA with Manny Coats
China’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) may shut down many factories due to substandard performance results, so how will this affect Amazon sellers’ ability to fulfill orders and request new inventory? Should you be worried? Manny Coats, the host of the AM/PM Podcast, dives into the ramifications of this Chinese factory shut down ...…
“Conviction is not obsession, but denial is!” What’s In Today’s Show? I provide a detailed reaction to a post on reddit I found this morning, claiming, “Vegans are obsessed food addicts living dangerously on the edge.” Out of respect, I chose not to call out the author of the erroneous posting. Instead I formulate a well thought out “rant,” set ...…
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Connecting Paradigms: A Trauma Informed & Neurobiological Framework for Motivational Interviewing ImplementationAuthor: Matthew S. BennettNarrator: Nathan W. WoodFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 46 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-31-17Publisher: A B.I.G. Publis ...…
Drugs and Stuff: A Podcast about Drugs, Harm Reduction, Mass Incarceration, The Drug War and other Stuff, from the Drug Policy Alliance
The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the nation's leading organization working to end the war on drugs. We focus on legalizing marijuana; criminal justice reform and ending draconian prison sentences for drugs; harm reduction policies that prevent overdoses and save lives; and we educate the public about drugs while dispelling popular myths and mi ...…
Simon Finch had a great chat with Craig Harvey from Barwon Health DTS about the many and varied aspects of Alcohol & Other Drugs uses: the emphasis being on Harm Reduction. The program is also in recognition of the many deaths we have through Drug Overdose, which exceeds our road death toll by about 5 to 1. For more info. and help - www.BarwonH ...…
Abstinence and Harm Reduction are two of the primary addiction recovery strategies when treating drug addicts and alcoholics. As an alternative to abstinence, some treatment centers provide a process called Harm Reduction. We look into both options with our guest speakers.
Democracy, Eventually
A conversation with LICSW Emily Megas-Russell about harm reduction in relation to drug use. Also fuck nazis.
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