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Mad Hat Economics
A podcast discussing different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science. Hosted by Cornell University graduate students.
Podcast by Top Hat
Mad Hat Economics
A podcast discussing different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science
Hat Chat
The Hat Films guys are taking a sideline from their youtube antics and diving into comedy podcasting with 'Hat Chat' Check out their YouTube videos now at
Welcome to Tin Foil Hat (My Conspiracy Theory Podcast)feed! Please order my new album The Diabolical on iTunes at!
The Red Hat X podcast series – discussing topics around open source, application development, platforms, solutions, and partnering with Red Hat.
Mad Hat Economics
Mad Hat Economics is a podcast started by Cornell grad students where experts discuss different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science.
The Landry Hat (TLH) Podcast is dedicated to the Dallas Cowboys. At, we strive daily to make the best Cowboys website on the Net. We are dedicated to bringing you top-notch Cowboys original content, along with everything else a Dallas fan could possibly want from a site. If you love the ‘Boys, then you’ll love this site. Thanks for stopping by and…how ’bout them Cowboys! Please check out
Security news doesn't always wait for conference season. That's the guiding principle behind the Black Hat Webcasts – a regular series of live web events focusing on what's hot in the infosec space all year long. On the third Thursday of every month, we'll bring together Black Hat speakers, independent researchers and leading security experts from the government to the underground to answer your questions live.
Yes, characters and people can be sorted at Hogwarts, but why stop there? Hosts Michael Barryte and Reed Brice invite comedians and experts to explain and sort the things they're most passionate about into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin! So give a listen as you laugh, learn and sort!
Natural Hat Trick
Hockey lovers rejoice as the Natural Hat Trick provides a unique mix of analysis and humor packed into each hour-long show.
“Money Hat-Tip”: the new UK-focused personal finance podcast. Brought to you by Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) and founder of Values to Vision Financial Planning Ltd, Nick Lincoln. Personal finance education is essential but essentially boring. Drawing on his real-time experiences dealing with his clients, Nick will aim to both educate and entertain - within reason! Expect your assumptions and preconceptions about money to be challenged. Expect to be told what you need to hear, not what ...
NO BS SEO SHOW -- Google secrets, SEO interviews, experiments, case studies, and more! ---------------------------------------- *** Any SEO questions just ASK!***
Tin Foil Hat with Heather is a science fiction podcast! Heather talks about all things related to the sci-fi genre! She reviews movies, books, and more! She interviews authors, creators, and artists! She even tells us about stories related to science fiction! What are you waiting for? Listen now! This show is proudly hosted by The Podbros Network!
Fairytales and stories retold by famous people, both living and dead in their own creative ways.
Listen, I Made a Hat
A podcast for all things Sondheim
We expose the government's conspiracies
Hats Off Podcast
We are two clinical social workers looking to change the stigma around mental health with lessons wrapped in comedy and truth!
SC&P podcasts include Copyright Chat, a podcast dedicated to discussing important copyright matters. Sara Benson converses with experts from across the globe to engage the public with rights issues relevant to their daily lives.
Ghost-Hat Network
The Ghost-Hat Network is home to many podcasts covering all aspects of pop culture and entertainment. We watch all films on the AFI Top 100 list on "Top Shelf: AFI Top 100". We find badly made but still awesome movies from Netflix on "Bottom of the Barrel". Listen to our original, old time radio serial style show "The Midnight Sleuth" and more! This is the central channel if you want to subscribe to all podcasts hosted on the Ghost-Hat Network. If you want to subscribe to the individual show ...
Hats! Hats? Hats.
Hats! Hats? Hats. is a sketch show hosted by two long time friends and comedians, Paul and Jace. Join us for our hot new segments, world famous games, rants, and our far more interesting friends.
Tin Foil Hat Times
The producer for the Tin Foil Hat Times has made a few changes to the show's structure for the year 2011. This weekly program will take you back to early radio structure when families sat around the 'Radio Set' together and listened to their entertainment. The writer, ZAQ Flanary, produces skits, short movie segments and original music for the show centered around current events and our society today. With a light heart and somewhat cynical edge, Zaq pokes fun at today's society with parody ...
Plaid Hat Podcast
Plaid Hat Games publishes board games and card games. This podcast is hosted by Colby Dauch, owner of Plaid Hat Games, and his good friend Josh Rios, Plaid Hat Games official lackey, and is intended as a peek behind the scenes at Plaid Hat Games.
Podcast by Men with Hats
Benito's Hat TV
Benito's Hat is a fun and friendly group of Mexican restaurants founded by Ben Fordham and Felipe Fuentes Cruz serving authentically delicious food and drinks. Benito's Hat TV lifts the lid on the tricks of the trade and provides an insight into how to make their tasty treats at home.
Black Hat Digital Self Defense. Black Hat provides cutting edge content in the information and computer security field. Keep up to date with Black Hat presentations, announcements, and free content.
Two Dads with Hats
Podcast by Two Dads with Hats
It is not impossible that some useful information may be conveyed by this book. Should these pages prove of such service, their cost in labor is most cheerfully donated.This volume is composed of a series of articles which appeared in a Trade Journal, covering a period of two years from 1887 to 1889. It must be accepted as but a brief history of an industry long identified with Baltimore.Thanks are due the Librarian of the Maryland Historical Society and Mr. B. R. Sheriff for favors in lendi ...
Each episode is dedicated to a single film on the AFI TOP 100 MOVIES. Starting at the bottom and working up we discuss the film and why it’s on the list in the first place.
Squeaky Hats
Welcome to the Colin And Nick podcast, where amazing things happen.
Top Hat
Chef's Hat
A multiverse of podcasting, music making, movie creating, and comedic excellence. So please, sit back and, as always: Watch. Listen. Smile.
We find amazingly terrible but entertaining films on Netflix and Hulu and review them for your enjoyment!
Stories about the people transforming technology from the command line up.
Hat Of Many Things
A podcast with random discussion topics drawn from a hat. Hosted by Tom & Mike.
Dolphins Wearing Hats
We are just three boys who decided we were funny enough to go behind a mic. We all laugh and we are all friends here! People drop by and crack a few jokes and sometimes sing a nice song.
Released every Tuesday, this podcast explores bookish businesses and the fantastic people who create them, looking at why business are started, how they keep going and where we can take them in the future. I'm John Pettigrew - a hat wearer, a recovering editor and the creator of Futureproofs, and you can subscribe to this podcast at Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts, and follow me on Twitter as @john_pettigrew.
Pressbox Hat Trick
Rants and commentaries on the latest hot topics in sport. Pressbox and hot dogs not included.
Movies are pretty great, right? Music by Vidboy
The podcast of hilarious disagreements, with Stuart Heritage, who writes for the Guardian, and Robyn Wilder, who is a woman.
A High Hat Brewing Production
Talking Through The Hat is a podcast hosted by 3-4 Brits (depending on if people show up) who talk about whatever the heck they like, an example of the randomness was in our first episode were we proceed to focus on topics such as North Korea all the way to ice skating hooligans.Please send us an email to: even if it is just to say hello.WE WILL READ EVERY EMAIL**until we get famous ;)
Epic hat Time!!!
Were Epic Hat Time
Chaps with hats
we discuss movies, TV, and comics, with the odd off opinion discussion, and always a discussion of the show of the week.
Hard Hats Radio
Hard Hats Radio is a insight to Construction workers conversations. Hear hard working people talk about everything sports and pop culture
Win Foil Hat
A podcast about conspiracy theories and creepypasta!
Your source for Sunday Morning Service in convenient podcast form.
Hat Trick Podcast
Two guys pull topics out of a hat and discuss, no holds barred.
Past speeches and talks from the Black Hat Briefings computer security conferences. The Black Hat Briefings USA 2005 was held July 27-28 in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. A post convention wrap up can be found at Black Hat Briefings bring together a unique mix in security: the best minds from government agencies and global corporations with the underground's most respected hackers. These forums take place regularly in Las Vegas, Washi ...
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We have an editor-in-chief in da house! Now if that's not boss, I don't know what is. Our crew had a chance to chat with the indomitable Supriya Dravid, the woman in charge of one of the largest magazine brands in the world, ELLE India. Ever wonder about what an editor-in-chief does? How about how extremely cool Mindy Kaling is? And does the Bo ...…
Paddington bear and President Lincoln have something in common: they both keep things under their hats. You’ll hear all about the US Civil War of 1861-1865, and you’ll find out what Lincoln kept under his top hat! And you’ll discover which type of swimming-pool dive soldiers like best! Questions for after you’ve listened: Did most farms (called ...…
In this week's Shark Bites, Chief Brody and Bad Hat Harry let their Soul Glo for John Landis's Coming to America. Also in this week's show, Surf music (The Surfrajettes) is the Wonder of the Week!
Hallo Kampfdeck-Spieler und Kartenhaie, hier ist der zweite Teil der Sonderdoppelfolge zum LEGENDARY Buffy – The Vampire Slayer Deck Building Game von Upper Deck. Es ist sozusagen mein Director’s Cut. Erneut kämpfen Sandra und Jens aus dem Ausgespielt-Team, sowie der bekannte Selbstgesprächler, Volker gegen den bösen Bürgermesiter. Wie hat euch ...…
On the latest episode of NerdAF hosts Hugh Johnson, Richard Williams, guest host Professor Pat and Producer Vince welcome Harry Potter nerd Emalie Whan-Traylor, proud #KeepTheSecret superfan, on to the podcast. Starting the episode off with everyone's #WeekInGeek the conversation moves quickly to a SPOILER-HEAVY Deadpool 2 recap, a discussion a ...…
We discuss being sibling and releasing podcast in a post McElory internet, Mother's Day, and the confidence that only a sailor hat can bring.
Sarah Grace Welbourn (UCB) joins Dara & Betsy to talk about the THREE things she's absolutely 100% DONE with: doing her laundry, having to watch dogs poop on the street, and Instagram stories. Then actress/singer/dialect expert Amy Jo Jackson tosses her hat into the ring and reveals which of the three she's eradicating from the face of the eart ...…
Holly Ferling is a professional cricket player for the Brisbane Heat and has represented the Womens Australian Cricket team. In this episode she talks about her setbacks with injuries, equality in sport and taking a hat-trick with her first 3 balls, on debut in mens A-grade cricket.
This week, Alex comes in, hat in hand, over his dismissal of legalisation of recreational marijuana use. Also, you might want to brace for some annoying emails.
In this episode, we discuss the climate of professional culture in today's America, the nuances of subtle (and not so subtle) racial microagressions and double standards in the workplace and dad puts on his executive coaching hat to share words of wisdom for new and seasoned professionals of color. Join the convo! Email: unconventionalconvospod ...…
Haven't Liked us on Facebook yet? Show some love This is going to be a bit of a longer episode in order to unpack this topic fully… You’re probably going to need to relisten Book – Utopia Wishful thinking – the story described perfect, imaginary world. A complex, self-contained community set on an island, in which people share a common culture ...…
In the final test episode, the boys discuss bad habits and reminisce on drunken debauchery.
An engaging and information filled episode with Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Lexie Sparrow! She wears many hats to help her clients be the healthiest versions of themselves. We sit down and talk training, nutrition, motivation, and what it means to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. She also sha ...…
Racism’s roots run deep in American culture and institutions. But so does the desire to do something about it. For this week’s Friday Forum, we present part two of WNIJ's Susan Stephens interviewing Northern Illinois University Education Professor Joseph Flynn. He’s the author of White Fatigue: Rethinking Resistance for Social Justice , which e ...…
Die Surfing Magazines singen über Häuser voller Geburtstagskuchen, über Muschel-übersäte Beistelltische und Kopfschmerzen, die einen aus der Haut fahren lassen. Die faszinierende Bildsprache, die die Texte von The Surfing Magazines ausmacht, hat sicher David Tattersall mit in die Gruppe gebracht. Man kennt es von den Wave Pictures: Mit wenigen ...…
Power packed episode right here that we really enjoyed to the max! Big s/o to our guest co host Melizia aka Mel Blk Rose from Vibe 105FM! Super respect to our guest Slim Dinero as well as producer/rapper Trap Starrr, siiiick interview!!! Songs of the week: Mighty- 2 Da Cash 4 Quarters - Grains Delgado ...…
What is a Pope? What does a Pope do? What is an average day for a Pope? These questions answered, and more, in the second half of our series introduction!
It's like the Untouchables except it's not... Nathan and Brendan tackle the latest Listeners Choice submission from Izzy of "Everything I Learned from Movies" ( in the form of the star-studded misfire, "Gangster Squad." Despite the presence of some show-stealing performers and high-octane action sequences, the guys stil ...…
Episode #234 is Kevin Smith's third appearance and much like the other two, we have one huge disagreement and its glorious This time butt heads on how to deal with Neo nazis. This is what podcasting is all about. Enjoy!Donations: you have any questions, comments, insults, or would like to be a guest, email me at: cjcou ...…
This week on Myopia: Defend Your Childhood, we learn that Kurt Russell is always awesome and why James Spader wore a clever hat in Blacklist. We watched Stargate! How does Roland Emmerich go from this to Independence Day then back to the dumpster with Godzilla? And guess what? Independence Day 3 has been announced. Sigh. Thanks to everyone who ...…
Victoria is the owner, designer and wearer of all hats at Biku Designs, a jewelry company that uses recycled kimono to give them a new lease of life. She’s anti “motainai” or “wasting things” and her beautiful necklaces are being sent all over the world as gifts. We talk about how she loves her life in Tokyo, recycling bath water, growing urban ...…
How to lay the groundwork for the resistance. Not the #resistance pussy hat social media warrior resistance, but like actually forging personal relationships with the people who live around you. Also, centrist democrats make us exhausted and sad.By (Bethany and Katie).
On this weeks episode all morality is restored with the return of Isaac. The boiz discuss Kanye's tweets and if his MAGA hat is really that fire. We also talk about the Charlamagne x Kanye interview and give Kanye all the attention he wants. P.S. Kanye pls bring iCarly to Brasil xoxo Follow us on Twitter: Subscr ...…
"I wonder if I'll meet a cowboy," was one of Jacquée T.'s first thoughts when she scheduled Kansas as the maiden destination to her "Writer in Residence" expedition. Why in the world did she think this? Miss T. explores why. and shares Chapter III of her story as "A 'romantic' in Kansas." Within this episode: Miss T.'s answer to why she thought ...…
Another Round with Tom Harness & Kevin Hunsperger.You have or want to start a Blog? You have dreams of making $$$$$, but right now you seem to be spending more time and getting less money.This weeks guest is one that Tom & Kevin have wanted to get on Another Round for some time.We welcome: Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat and Brand Evangelis ...…
After 31 years guiding the University Galleries, the director is heading into retirement.By (Laura Kennedy).
Carmen Landa Middleton wore several different hats during her 33-year career at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – including most recently as Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO), a member of the Agency’s executive leadership team. As Deputy COO, Ms. Middleton managed the CIA’s day-to-day operations; led on a diverse range of issues from g ...…
Christine Lavin is Steve's guest again. She sings a song about not being able to find her glasses. Sound familiar? Also Harry's three long lost brothers have taken the inheritance from their uncle and bought a hat factory. Steve doubts it'll be a successful, I mean after all, they are dummies. Also Steve and Harry sing an old song from 1893 "I' ...…
For Episode 32, we're breaking down the shows that were renewed and what got cancelled. Putting on our imaginary TV studio head hat, we decide which ones that got renewed should have been put out of misery while breaking down which ones that got cancelled probably deserved a stay of execution. Also, we look at music biopics that should come to ...…
Suchen Sie nach ein sicheres Online Casino? Dann testen Sie mal spannende Spielautomaten im Mr Green Online Casino. Und wir erzählen über Vorteile, die diese Casino hat.
Wherein we discuss a cap made of the skin of a raccoon, or of a simulation thereof.
In this episode, Emily and Sarah discuss the distinction between the roles of "boss" and "employee" in their small businesses. They talk about how each role has different tasks, goals and motivations, and why separating them in your mind can actually help you be more productive and feel happier in each role. They also talk about how to figure o ...…
Our wonderful guest today on “The Secrets to Real Estate Investing” with Hard Hat Holly, is the highly ambitious and inspiring David Torres. David is an active flipper and buy & hold investor in the Albuquerque, New Mexico market. He tells the story of how he bravely quit his day job and shortly thereafter got a taste of what financial freedom ...…
Diese Folge ist wirklich nichts für schwache Nerven! Isa und Anja haben Pornhub und diverse Online-Foren nach den skurrilsten Fetischen durchforstet, um euch die Abgründe des Internets zu präsentieren. Außerdem hat Isa ein Interview mit Anna geführt, die sich selbst als „Online-Hure“ bezeichnet. Für Isa das krasseste Interview, dass sie bisher ...…
East Coast Radio — Just this week we spoke and tipped our hat to Captain Vinny Pillay for winning the Integrity Idol award over the weekend in Cape Town. The Integrity Idol initiative aims to generate debate around the idea of integrity and demonstrates the importance of honesty and personal responsibility. Captain Pillay won his award for goin ...…
Finn ist fünfzehn Jahre alt, Trennungskind, leidenschaftlicher Kletterer und erleidet bei einer seiner Touren einen schweren Unfall. Aus dem Koma jedoch erwacht er mit neuem Geist. Seine Welt hat einen Riss bekommen und aus der bisher unterschwelligen Rebellion gegen den verhassten Stiefvater wird nun offener Aktivismus, in dessen Folge Finn un ...…
I sit down in the mancave with Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli and we talk about roller coasters, football, weed, strippers, jiu-jitsu, conspiracy theories, and more! Go see Eddie and Sam live for the "Tin Foil Hat Comedy Shows" June 1st at Cobbs in San Francisco and June 2nd at the Punchline in Sacramento. This episode is brought to you by Leesa M ...…
Season 2 of #HatsAndHeels puts the spotlight on #THEDMV with Episode #18 focusing on Mr Pull Up And Pop Out D1 Entertainment artist @WillThaRapper sits down with @StephLova100 and NEW Co-Host @YaBoyPstew to talk about putting sum respect on THE SPELLING of his name! Pstew found this out the hard way!!! He also talks about what he wants to accom ...…
This week we've put on our union jack bowler hats, lined out the bunting, poured a pint of BRITISH ale and ignored the systematic and irreconcilable genocide of millions to celebrate the most ambitious crossover of the 20th century - Z-List US TV celebrities and the inbred, apple cheeked lizardmonsters of the British royal family! It's a Royal ...…
Wir kennen es von der Deutschen Bahn, von Konzerten oder vom Fliegen. Nur leider im Sport sehen wir es noch viel zu selten: Das mobile Ticket auf dem Smartphone. Im internationalen Vergleich liegt der deutsche Ticketingmarkt im Sport um zirka 5-10 Jahre hinter Märkten wie den USA und UK. Doch wie kann das eigentlich sein? Im Interview Timo Skrz ...…
Episode 65 Happy Fri-Yay! Collin McMillan in the “Drivers Seat” this morning talking about CodeWord Hats. Collin a long time friend and great friend of our community. Check out these really cool hats at WBOSS (THE BOSS) BOSSMAN RADIO is up and running! Check it out at Subscribe to our YouTub ...…
Candace Campbell, DNP, MSN-HCSM, RN, CNL, FNAP (aka:Candy The Nurse ) has worn two hats for many years; one as a healthcare professional and the other as an artist An Oregon native, Candace Campbell came to the nursing profession through a circuitous route. After earning a BA in Speech Communications/Theatre, and working as a flight attendant a ...…
**DJ Groomie’s Guilty Pleasures Show Replay On Weeks Tuesday’s Frolics By Groomie, Gave Us Cheryl Cole, Sister Sledge, Beautiful South, Gabrielle, Men Without Hats, Shanice, Kylie Minogue, The Jam, Alphabeat, The Spice Girls …TV Themes & More. Catch Groomie & The Guilty Pleasures Show Live From 5PM UK Time Every Tuesday The ...…
The time is nigh once again dear alternate history agrarian, village dwelling listener! Put on your steam powered headphones and work tirelessly for your gov't to the sounds of episode 21 of Europa's #1 podcast (Take that Mark Maron) the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast! Keep your wits about you though and don't be underfoot w ...…
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