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A 1-hour classical music programme produced by MicMacRadio featuring a partner label, an artist, our composer of the month or a our partners musical institutions worldwide.
A 1-hour programme exploring the peripheral repertoire of's partner labels.
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Show Notes for Grains from Gutteridge Podcast Episode #23: The Resurrection of Our Lord by Rev. Percy Gutteridge Resurrection Day: Jesus on the Road to Emmaus by Gustav Doré Scripture Reading: Luke 24:1-35 Summary: This message examines the false theories concerning our Lord's resurrection, including the “Swoon” Theory; the Telepathic Communica ...…
In today's Proms Music Guide, Stephen Johnson talks about Havergal Brian's Gothic Symphony.
SpotlightOn focuses this month on our partner label Toccata Classics. During one hour, follow detective musicologist Martin Anderson, Toccata founder artistic director, and discover classical music marvels by neglected great composers such as Heinrich von Herzogenberg, Viktor Kosenko, Serguei Taneyev or Havergal Brian.…
A 1-hour programme exploring this month's rare works published by's partner labels. Discover pieces by Leo Brouwer, Havergal Brian, Charles-Valentin Alkan, Hans Gal, Augusta Holmès, Arthur Bliss or the exhilarating songs of George Grossmith.
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