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Abbas Ali
The Media Hub for Islamic Lectures in Tamil
Mix FM: Heba's show
A request show. The program is built around the audience requests for songs that they can then dedicate to someone.It also highlights some hot topic related to the human relations.
2 hours of news, prayer, music, and fellowship with John McTernan. 9 to 11pm (EST) every night. Scheduled show topics are Monday - End Time Bible Prophecy Study. Tuesday - Prayer for Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Wednesday - Teaching Jesus Christ Came to Heal the Brokenhearted. Thursday - Prayer of the Solemn Assembly. Friday - Prayer for the Brokenhearted. Saturday - God’s Health System and Protection. Sunday - Looking For Blessed Hope.
Here you can find bilingual (english-spanish) impartations for your needs! - En Jesus obtendras la libertad que tanto buscas! Abba Ministerios - Abba Ministries Kissimmee, Florida e-mail:
Podcast by Lewis & Gibby
A program that is meant to Encourage and Empower the Journey, of seeking purpose and doing more of what we are passionate about. Sharing Perspective that will create debate, offer thoughts to ponder, all with the intent to Celebrate the Journey of Life, recognizing the importance of making each moment count. Thanks for connecting to HBBA "Think Tank Thursday!"
Some Answered Questions was first published in 1908. It contains questions asked to `Abdu'l-Bahá by Laura Clifford Barney, during several of her visits to Haifa between 1904 and 1906, and `Abdu'l-Bahá's answers to these questions.Prominent among the topics are detailed explanations of Christian subjects, including interpretations of chapters 11 and 12 of the Book of Revelation, chapter 11 of the Book of Isaiah, the story of Genesis, and many other subjects.Topics covered include God, Prophet ...
Get green building tips, pointers and updates from industry professionals in the Ozarks. Members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield tell you how to make your home more cost effective and environmentally sensitive.
A talk show on current affairs. Friday to Sunday, 7:05 PM Dawn News
media as an anchor. The people of Jhang admire and love him a lot the way he loves the city of his ancestors. Career Ameer Abbas is a Pakistani televisionjournalist and anchor who worked for News One. He has served country�s leading news channel Dunya News as a news anchor from May 2010-October2010. Later he joined another famous news channel of the country Express News in October 2010. He covered major breaking news stories across the countryfrom Data Darbar bomb blast, Abbottabad Usama ope ...
Hiba Balfaqih
I am a storyteller, entrepreneur and behavioral psychologist.
Raza Abbas
Welcome to the Raza Abbas podcast, where amazing things happen.
Adnan Abbas
Abbas Malik
Abbas Malik
The Jewish ministry of The Father's House Vacaville, CA.
“This book is the history of a proscribed and persecuted sect written by one of themselves,” writes Professor Edward Granville Browne, the Cambridge Orientalist who translated this narrative. “After suffering in silence for nigh upon half a century, they at length find voice to tell their tale and offer their apology. Of this voice I am the interpreter.” This work is the story of the life of the Siyyid ‘Alí-Muhammad-i-Shírází (1819-1850), known as the “Báb”, which is Arabic for “Gate”. He cl ...
The Mysterious Forces of Civilization (Persian: Risálih-i-Madaníyyih) is a work written before 1875 by ‘Abbás Effendí, known as ‘Abdu’l-Bahá (the Servant of Bahá) (1844-1921). The Persian text was first lithographed in Bombay in 1882 and printed in Cairo in 1911. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá was the eldest son and appointed successor of Bahá’u’lláh, the Founder of the Bahá’í Faith. The original text of this work was written and published anonymously, and the first English translation (by Johanna Dawud) was ...
Helpful tips from industry professionals. Learn home improvement, remodeling, & construction tips from members of the HBA of Greater Springfield.
BBA by Lane
Stephen Lane talks about the BBA
“Much has already been written of the visit of Abdul Baha, Abbas Effendi, to Europe,” writes Lady Blomfield in her Preface to Paris Talks, “During his stay at Paris at 4, Avenue de Comoens, he gave short “Talks” each morning to those who crowded, eager to hear His Teaching. These listeners were of many Nationalities and types of thought, learned and unlearned, members of various religious sects, Theosophists and Agnostics, Materialists and Spiritualists, etc., etc. Abdul Baha spoke in Persia ...
Nour Abbas Legacy
For my Legacy Project I will be discussing how i dealt with an identity crisis because of moving multiple times throughout my life.
“Two years before the crash of world war shook the continents and upheaved oceans,” Howard MacNutt relates. “‘Abdu’l-Bahá ‘Abbás visited the United States of America proclaiming the Glad-Tidings of Universal Peace and the oneness of the world of humanity. In his message he reviewed social, religious and political conditions of the nations, foretold clearly the impending clash and conflict of militarism, summoning mankind to the standard of divine guidance upraised in this cycle of the cycles ...
BBA Baseball Talk
The members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance bring you a weekly show that talks about the wide world of MLB.
Podcast by Fallen in love, yet? - Ebba Nordenskiöld
Where Talents Share Great Podcasts
I think the things that Abbey says are pretty entertaining, but as her mother I am predisposed to think such things, right? Abs is 3, goes to preschool, and seems to enjoy driving me up the wall... But at 3 I assume that is her job.
For members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield, staying up to date on the latest issues, advocacy and members-only special offers is critical. On the Housing News Podcast, host Matt Morrow shares the latest with HBA members.
Veronica and Lewis
Veronica and Lewis are taxpayer funded radio hosts and the prettiest young dames this side of Texas. Play this cool podcast on trains, buses or at super kewl parties with all your friends.
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I recently realized that my last blog post under the tab “JOURNEY” was April 2016, I completely went off the map with the Blog posts, I was and still post Images on Facebook, our community Facebook page is HBBA (An Image of a Sunrise with an eagle Soaring over the water) and now my plans is to reconnect, I’m climbing back into my Sandbox, invit ...…
Welcome to HBBA Think Tank, Sunday Edition. Host, "Donyale" from community Helping Build Bridges Across,will share her Perspective on, what does that choice look like. . .Living Life with a Grateful Heart or Simply Miserable? RATHER, you consider the answer to that question or not, our lives share in the same flow of, "Sand in an Hourglass" and ...…
Welcome to HBBA Think Tank, Monday Edition. Our host Donyale, from Helping Build, will share her Perspective on that Question. IS THERE MORE?, It may surprise You where this shared Perspective might lead?! #MakingGratitudeContagious everywhere we go! HBBA
What does YOUR SANDBOX Look Like? This edition of HBBA Think Tank, Donyale from Helping Build Bridges Across will explore that premise. If Not Now, Then When may be a consideration of conversation, but whatever the discussion, we all have a perspective and the Door in our Community is Always Open to Share Yours!…
This edition of HBBA Think Tank Tuesday, our Host Donyale from HBBA aka Helping Build Bridges Across will explore the Question: The Question really is How do you SAY or SHOW Appreciation? How do you say THANK YOU. Not a question to take lightly, it could be a key to what you’ve been working on, it could be a Reminder that Tomorrow doesn’t promi ...…
Our host, Donyale from the HBBA Community, offers her perspective on this Gratitude Thing. What does GRATITUDE have to do with it? She will share what the real story, the real problem is and you might be surprise on what that picture looks like. Where the discussion might lead?!
Welcome to HBBA Think Tank, Monday Edition. Our host, Donyale from Community called H.B.B.A. will share here perspective on this premise. Have you considered who surrounds you and speaks into your life? It could be an easy oversight, as you travel along your journey, this gift called Life. It could be the company you keep is empowering or simpl ...…
What keeps you trapped from the Pursuit of. . The Pursuit of starting a business, of expanding on an idea, on doing or operating more in a hobby or in your passion, what keeps you inside the Cage?, what hinders you from coming outside when the door of Pursuit is wide open? This episode on Think Tank Thursday, our host, Donyale from community "H ...…
Welcome to Think Tank Thursday, we've been working in the Marketplace and we are excited to share, WHO is HBBA Anyway? We appreciate our Online Community and quite excited about the Journey that we share together. Our Blog Talk Host, Donyale from the HBBA Community, will give a foundation to answer the question. However, PLEASE NOTE, like any r ...…
Have you heard. . "Time" is the New Money. Time a precious commodity, a jewel. This week on HBBA Think Tank Thursday, our host, Donyale from H.B.B.A., will share a perspective on how TIME has shifted to being the new currency. How much do you have invested? Listen in, get connected, share your perspective!…
Is Their a clue to this PUZZLE? What are the missing pieces, what are, where are. the pieces that fit into our puzzle, for our journey, for our purpose and are the pieces that bring out the best in us. The place where we operate ”in the Zone”. The place where we are most FOCUSED, we are most FULFILLED, the place where we are the most EXUBERANT ...…
Don't be too quick to assume the discussion. .Our Host Donyale from the HBBA Community, has personal experience to share on this topic. I'm sure you can relate. The process in taking the next step, is to have the foundation complete, upon the step in which you stand currently! Always a thought to ponder, a point to discuss here at H.B.B.A. THIN ...…
LIFE is like Chapters of a Book and those who have and currently surround our life, play a significant role in how we travel. Where we start and where we end, will include numerous episodes with many characters of faces, who share that chapter of our life. This week on HBBA Think Tank Thursday, our host, Donyale from Helping Build Bridges Acros ...…
This week is a Special Journey Alert. It has come to our attention that two criminals are on the prowl. This Week on HBBA Think Tank Thursday, our Host Donyale will share this details on how these two criminals are out to snatch the JOY, the Passion, the Dream right out our your heart, without apology. Join in and Share Your Perspective!…
This week on HBBA "Think Tank Thursday" our host Donyale from the Community of "Helping Build Bridges Across" will share a perspective and invite you to explore how when "Fear" is an expected vistior on our Journey, what can we do with that to empower our journey! Join in, connect and remember your perspective is always welcome on the Journey.…
Welcome to "HBBA Think Tank Thursday", this week our host Donyale from the community of "Helping Build Bridges" will dive into this Awakening on our Journey. What do you do when you find out your Greatest Enemy, Your Goliath to defeat is YOU? Join in and listen and please know the door is always open to share your perspective!…
Thank you for connecting with HBBA "Think Tank Thursday", our host, Donyale, will dive in with you to explore . . Do You Have the Time? To make this day, this moment, this gift called "Life" count! Join in the discussion and please know that your perspective is always welcome on the Journey! Helping Build Bridges Across from our generation to t ...…
Today on HBBA "Think Tank Thursday" host Donyale from, will share her perspective on "How Much is in Your RAINY DAY fund?" What do you do when your journey is challenged and you find yourself losing focus, running on low gas? These are the days you need to take a withdrawal from your Rainy Day Fund. Join us and sha ...…
Welcome to HBBA Think Tank Thursday, host Donyale, will explore the question. . In a world filled with Information at the speed of light and that covers the globe, how do you know when something is Genuine? We will explore this topic as we continue our Journey.
Welcome to HBBA Think Tank Thursday, I'm your host Donyale and topic this week is in direct contradiction of Embracing the Now, or is it? Join in the conversation and your perspective is always welcome!
For our Journey, we need to remove those Thorns that cause Distress, Irritation and Frustraion. This episode on HBBA Think Tank Thursday, we will Identify, Confront and Remove those Thorns in our life that we have Control of. Together, we will explore what Thorns we need to remove on our Journey.
Most of us are raised with proper etiquette, we Greet, we have Conversations and we have robotic responses to most questions. "Hi, How are you?" Response: "Great, thanks for asking". Let's talk alert and share experiences that are geniune, to be alert, to listen. Join in on the perspective as we look closer at "How Much Pain is behind a Smile" ...…
One Hope One Boast Conference – Day 1 Session 4 DESCRIPTION The Bible talks about the “blessed hope” that we have in the resurrection of our physical bodies at the Day of the Lord. Hans gets down to the basics of what the resurrection is and what eternal life tangibly means. Within this teaching Hans refers to John Harrigan’s course Biblical Th ...…
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