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Super Strength Show with Ray Toulany | Interviews with Health and Fitness Leaders, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Elite Athletes and Iron Game Legends
Super Strength Show is a podcast dedicated to the world of Physical Culture. Ray Toulany cuts through the BS by providing listeners with the best information on strength, conditioning, muscle building, endurance, fat loss, nutrition and the mindset needed to succeed in training and in life. In each episode, Ray Toulany interviews health and fitness leaders and legends from a variety of different backgrounds, including Powerlifters, Strongman Competitors, Bodybuilders, Olympic Weightlifters, ...
The mindbodygreen Podcast | motivational interviews covering health, fitness, nutrition, entrepreneurship, self-help and more
The mindbodygreen Podcast is a continuation of the mindbodygreen journey of mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental well-being. Jason Wachob, founder & CEO of mindbodygreen, shares motivational interviews with the people shaping the wellness world: pioneers, cutting-edge thinkers, and entrepreneurs who are changing the conversation. Topics include health, fitness, nutrition, self-help and more. It’s not scripted, it's not the Today show, and there are no prepared talking points. You'l ...
Awaken Radio Podcast | Heart-Opening Conversations & Inspiring Interviews on Happiness, Health, Self-Love & Spirituality
Connie Chapman is a life coach, speaker and writer who teaches practical, yet soulful ways to clear out struggle, fear and limitation and live with more fulfilment, freedom and flow.On Awaken Radio Connie brings you heart-opening conversations and inspiring interviews with thought leaders and experts from all over the world.You will hear raw, honest and vulnerable conversations which share the transformative journeys that both Connie and her guests have walked. Each episode is filled with in ...
Wild Ideas Worth Living | Interviews on Adventure, Outdoors, Travel, Health, Fitness, Running, Business, Surfing, Exploring
Have you ever wanted to sail around the world, climb a mountain, travel to a new country, learn a new skill, start a business, write a book, or get in the best shape of your life? Wild Ideas Worth Living is podcast dedicated toward empowering others to take a break from the mundane and live out their wildest ideas. Host and Adventure/ Business Journalist, Shelby Stanger, interviews world-class explorers, scientists, health experts, authors, athletes, performers and entrepreneurs about how th ...
Healthwatch with Dr. David Naimon: Interviews with experts in Natural Medicine, Nutrition, and the Politics of Health
Interviews with experts in Natural Medicine, Nutrition, and the Politics of Health
The Fertility Podcast|Infertility guidance|Stories from people struggling to conceive|Expert interviews|Health and wellbeing
The Fertility Podcast is a safe place for men and women to talk and learn about infertility. It is for anyone looking for information and support wen trying to start a family and having problems. Episodes include interviews with Fertility experts and stories from everyday people talking honestly about their own fertility journey and what they have had to overcome. Also there are chats with lots of wellbeing experts all giving an essential voice to what is still a taboo subject.
The Health Zone: Empowering Your Health | Relationships | Health | Spirituality | Creativity | Finance | Career | Amazing Guests | Engaging Interviews | Stimulating Topics
Empower Your Health | Self-Healing | Alternative Health | Wealth | Relationships | Spirituality | Philosophy | Success | Autism | Yoga | Nutrition | Career | Happiness | Self-Help | Psychology | Love
JAMA Psychiatry Author Interviews: Covering research, science, & clinical practice in psychiatry, mental health, behavioral science, and allied fields
Interviews with authors of articles from JAMA Psychiatry. JAMA Psychiatry is an international peer-reviewed journal for clinicians, scholars, and research scientists in psychiatry, mental health, behavioral science, and allied fields. JAMA Psychiatry strives to publish original, state-of-the-art studies and commentaries of general interest to clinicians, scholars, and research scientists in the field. The journal seeks to inform and to educate its readers as well as to stimulate debate and f ...
METACAST: Interviews on the Exploration of Health, Fitness & the Metaphysical
Join the Founders of Metaphysical Fitness, Justin Patrick Pierce & Londin Angel Winters, as they interview some of the world's most influential leaders, gurus & practitioners in the world of Health, Fitness & the Metaphysical.
GET HAPPY NOW with Jennifer Sparks | Be Inspired |Health - Wellness - Mindset | Interviews with some of today's most inspiring thought leaders!
Welcome to the GET HAPPY NOW Radio Show, where you can learn the methods for creating a life you absolutely love, featuring your host Jennifer Sparks. Bestselling author, certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach, teacher, speaker, Ironman triathlete and single mother of two! Jennifer helps people create lives they love by giving them the tools and strategies they need to let go, lighten their load and become aware of new possibilities! Hop over to to grab the free ...
The Fertility Podcast|Infertility guidance|Stories from people struggling to conceive|Expert interviews|Health and wellbeing
The Fertility Podcast is a safe place for men and women to talk and learn about infertility. It is for anyone looking for information and support ten trying to start a family and having problems. Episodes include interviews with Fertility experts and stories from everyday people talking honestly about their own fertility journey and what they have had to overcome. Also there are chats with lots of wellbeing experts all giving an essential voice to what is still a taboo subject.
Total Greatness with Sam Barry | Interviewing World Class Guests in Health, Wealth & Spirituality
Sam Barry is an Entrepreneur, Influencer and sought after Business and Life Coach. Imagine living the life of your dreams. Imagine having it all. Health, Wealth, Love and Spirituality. We can have it all when we make it our intention to live a life of Total Greatness. Are you ready to take your life to the next level? More at:
Entrepreneur On Fire | John Lee Dumas chats with Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins and others on EOFire 7-days a week!
Awarded 'Best of iTunes', Entrepreneurs ON FIRE is a 7-day a week Podcast where John Lee Dumas chats with todays most successful Entrepreneurs. Tony Robbins, Pat Flynn, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Gary Vaynerchuk are just 5 of the over 1700 interviews to date. EOFire was created for YOU, the Entrepreneur, Side-Preneur, Solo-Preneur and Small Business Owner. If you're looking for ACTIONABLE advice during your daily commute, workout, or ‘me’ time, JLD brings the HEAT. Each episode details the ...
Essential Oil Educator : Health, Wellness, and Essential Oil Education
Inspiring interviews with essential oil enthusiasts, practioners and scieintists. Each week join us for an in depth discussion with a health, wellness or business expert. Each guest will answer a get-to-know you question then tell their stories and desribe their expertise with essential oils, health, or nutrition.
Awaken Your Alpha - Action, Mastery, Legacy. Interviews with The Worlds Alpha Entrepreneurs and Insights from Adam Lewis Walker.
Interviews and insight to Awaken Your Alpha! THE MISSION: To inspire a million MALE entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to rise up. To pursue their ultimate lifestyle and create a legacy. This quest takes me across the globe to interview the world's most successful minds and sharing my own insights along the way. As I continue to learn and implement the “Hacks” to success, I share the best through this #1 ranked 'Awaken Your Alpha’ iTunes podcast. This is all to engage YOU to act on you ...
Earn Your Happy Podcast | Motivation | Self-Love | Entrepreneurship | Confidence | Fitness and Life Coaching with Lori Harder
Get all the inside secrets and tools you need to help you bust through your fears, connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life, business and relationships… Listen in as Lori Harder, founder of the Bliss Project, 3X time fitness world champion, fitness expert and cover model, turned self love junkie - lifestyle entrepreneur and author digs in shares the goods! Each episode is designed to give you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to take action in your life. Tu ...
Smells Like Human Spirit | Dan Carlin | Noam Chomsky | Dave Zirin | Lee Camp | Sibel Edmonds | Rob Ford coverage
The leading voices of the free thinking generation share incredible insights and stories on Smells Like Human Spirit! This podcast provides you with the information to think critically, question authority, and discover the truth about the world for yourself. What's more, every show is different - with long-ranging interviews, special features, and in-depth yet relatable discussions helping you learn more about the key issues of today. Subscribe to the show now, and peace!
whistlekick Martial Arts Radio - Podcast about Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Capoeira, FMA - Interviews, Training Advice, Stories, Motivation, Celebrities & More
whistlekick Martial Arts Radio is a bi-weekly podcast interviewing traditional martial artists. We hear their stories and journeys, the way they overcame challenges and learn how to be better people through the guests martial arts experiences. Past guests have included many famous martial artists from Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and other disciplines.
Science Of Ultra | Ultra Marathon And Trail Running Expertise | World Leading Endurance Science And Coaching
Ultra marathon running physiology brought to you by the world’s leading scientists, coaches, and athletes. Science Of Ultra host, Dr. Shawn Bearden, brings you interviews and more to deliver everything you want to know about all facets of training, nutrition, hydration, environment, psychology, gear, and much more. Become your ultra best!
The Ultimate Health Podcast: Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness, & Exercise
Health & wellness experts, Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman will teach and inspire you to reach your maximum potential. They dig deep into the most current health information. Topics include nutrition, superfoods, fitness, meditation, and spirituality. Many of the shows feature guest interviews with world-class experts in the health & wellness community. Jesse and Marni will take your health to the next level with their weekly show! Learn more at Reach u ...
YoPro Wealth: Take Control of Your Finances. Make More Money. Live Wealthy.
The YoPro Wealth podcast is dedicated to helping you take control of your finances, make more money, and build lasting wealth. We motivate and teach you what the foundations of true wealth really are, as well as how best to earn, invest and manage your money in order to build the life of your dreams! Our mission is to get you on the path towards complete financial freedom. Take control. Make money. Live wealthy.
Love Your Work – Creativity | Productivity | Startup
Best-selling author David Kadavy (@kadavy) interviews entrepreneurs and creators who have achieved success by their own definition, and built lives and businesses that are uniquely theirs.
A high altitude mountaineer travels through sub-zero temperatures, scales treacherous terrain, and carries hundreds of pounds of supplies. Many of us have very little in common with this person. We don’t need to worry about the lack of oxygen in the air or the extent of frostbite in our toes. Yet, we are all human. There are certain ideas which apply to all of us, no matter if we are standing at 29,029 feet or sea level. Why is it important to step outside of our comfort zone? How do we weig ...
The Swirl World Podcast
Entertaining, informative, inspiring and educational conversations with Swirlers - men and women involved in interracial and intercultural relationships. The Swirl World hosts Michelle Matthews Calloway and Adrienne London Leach feature diverse guests discussing topics of interest about dating, marriage, parenting, entrepreneurship and everything in between. The Swirl World: Interracial. Diverse. Beautiful!™
Tips Of The Scale with Sam Lomeli | Weight Loss Motivation | TipsOfTheScale
TipsOfTheScale interviews real people and industry experts who share their weight loss success stories, challenges, motivation, and tips for starting healthier habits. We cover their diet, exercise, even their music playlists. Let their stories inspire you!
Dare To Dream Radio, with Debbi Dachinger
DEBBI DACHINGER is a Media Personality. Her specialties are: Radio & TV Show Hosting, Spokesperson, Bestselling Author, Goal and Success Expert, Frequent Interview Guest, Keynote Speaker, Radio Coach (How To Be Interviewed, Get Booked On Right Shows, also How to Host Your Own Show) & she runs the Bestseller Book Launch Program.The industry’s leading lady, Debbi puts the ’inspiration’ back into broadcasting. With a fun, cutting-edge talk radio show about success, “DARE TO DREAM” is syndicated ...
Let It Out with Katie Dalebout (previously the Wellness Wonderland Radio / WWRadio )
Long-form conversations with good people who are good at being themselves. A diverse group of guests including visionary bloggers, authors, yogis, artists, entrepreneurs, comedians & actors with interesting perspectives, careers, and stories. Here they candidly share their story through an organic conversation with me. Topics include love, art, mindfulness, creativity, feminism, holistic living, relationships, sex, business, blogging, personal growth, health, body image, and sometimes things ...
The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers Podcast
Powerful interviews with some of the top earning network marketing professionals in the world, as well as rising stars experiencing tremendous growth. On this podcast, we explore the daily rituals, techniques and strategies that have propelled these pros to the top! Tried all the network marketing tricks without results? It's time to transform your daily routine to break through your current ceiling! You've heard all the podcasts and read all the books on sales techniques, generating leads, ...
Big Wig Nation with Darrin Bentley
Find your purpose and unleash the awesomeness within you! Join Entrepreneur and Musician, Darrin Bentley, each week as he speaks with some of the most inspiring, creative, and successful people on the planet. Each episode delivers a wealth of knowledge and insight from some of the greatest minds of today. Darrin speaks with Thought Leaders, Passion Based Entrepreneurs, Best Selling Authors, Speakers, Artists, Musicians and so much more. Each one of these "Big Wigs" will share their journey, ...
Create Your Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate | Actionable Advice for Life on Your Terms
Have you struggled as an entrepreneur? I have. I think we are a different breed, we work for a vision that not everyone understands; sometimes that can be a lonely journey. I have been a teacher, personal trainer and finally found my place in marketing. I enjoy helping people reach the level that they believe they can, because I believe they can get there. Through this blog, and my podcast, Create Your Own Life, I seek to help you build the business and the life that you dream of. Dream big. ...
Mindful Mama | Inspiration To Thrive Not Just Survive
Mindfulness Mama Mentor Hunter Clarke-Fields shares inspiration, interviews, and more. Mindful Mama is about becoming a less irritable, more joyful parent. We know that you cannot give what you do not have. And when you am thriving, when you have calm and peace within – then you can give it to your children. Listen in to get inspired!
The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Ed Osburn
Weekly conversations with Chiropractors that have experienced both the highs and lows of practice and life, what they have learned and applied from these struggles and challenges, and practical advice and encouragement to inspire you to new heights in Chiropractic practice.
How to Be Awesome at Your Job: A Podcast for People who Love Learning Improvement Tools for Happier Work | Career | Employment
If your job requires substantial thinking and collaboration, this podcast will help you flourish at work. Each week, Pete grills thought-leaders and results-getters to discover specific, actionable insights that boost work performance. These practical nuggets sharpen the universal skills every professional needs. Pete has coached world-class thinkers from 50 countries, every Ivy League university, and many elite companies to work brilliance. Now, let his VIP guests guide you to becoming a be ...
News Whore with Mandy Stadtmiller
Writer and New York social icon Mandy Stadtmiller brings her candid outlook on life to The RiotCast Network with her new podcast, ‘News Whore.'Along with her co-host Graham Smith, Mandy brings the same funny, brutally honest approach to the podcast realm that she does as deputy editor of, as well as The Village Voice, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Playgirl and countless others before it.Subscribe to 'News Whore' now for Mandy’s unique perspective o ...
Masters of Money
Since I started participating in the conversation about money, this stuff happened: I've paid off student loans and car loans, saved up an emergency fund, maxed out my retirement accounts, saved up for two down payments for homes, and left my corporate career to start two businesses. I want you to have the same results that I have had. That means you need to start getting in on the conversation. To make it easy, I want to bring more conversations about money to you. So here's what I'm doing. ...
Pink Mafia LGBT - For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community
Pink Mafia LGBT is a light hearted show featuring chat, news, views and reviews aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and straight community alike. An international endeavour Produced by Edward Mark Fitzgerald on behalf of Cork City Community Radio, Ireland. If you like us, search Pink Mafia LGBT on Facebook or tweet us on @pinkmafialgbt or mail - we'd love to hear from you.
Entrepreneur Success Stories With Join Up Dots - Inspiration, Confidence, & Small Business Coaching To Start Your Online Career
Hugely Popular, top rated entrepreneur business podcast the Join Up Dots show inspired by Steve Jobs, is full of amazing, inspiring online and off success stories and career content. A motivation packed show created for the entrepreneurs, wanting to become the best and grab business success, adventure, money, freedom and dreams too. In fact anyone with mindfulness searching for financial freedom, but unsure of the career path to take will love this show, as David Ralph delivers entrepreneuri ...
For The Love Of Money Podcast | Business | Philanthropy | Entrepreneur | Lifestyle and Success with Chris Harder
Giving you every tool you need to be unapologetically successful, these episodes will share the secrets, tips, and incredible stories of of how wealthy entrepreneurs, celebrities, and people of influence have risen to the top, and what they’ve done to make this world a better place as a result of their success. Host Chris Harder pulls out the best in people, proving that when good people make good money, they do great things! As a successful entrepreneur himself, he also believes that everyo ...
AdventureFit Radio
Welcome to AdventureFit Radio! Your weekly podcast hosted By Bill Kerr and Tommy Ahern. AdventureFit Radio focuses on bringing you interesting interviews from all realms of fitness, adventure, and life in general.
Knowledge For Men – More Purpose, Power, Love & Freedom
Today's most successful men share their life lessons to help you get the life you want in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and personal growth. Every show is jam packed with actionable tips and insights that will propel you forward to become the man you want to become. Join us at for recaps of every interview as well as an incredible gold mine of resources to help you live the greatest life possible. Prepare for Knowledge!
This Makes Me Happy
This Makes Me Happy is a podcast about people and what makes them happy. Each week we’ll talk to a new guest about a topic that brings them joy. We’ll learn a little about the person, their subject, and why it makes them happy. This Makes Me Happy Podcast is hosted by Bernardo Margulis, Principal and Art Director for This Makes Me Happy, a design studio focusing on branding, typography, and patterns.
Ashtanga Dispatch: The Podcast
Personal and lively conversations with yoga’s most respected teachers and students. Get to know them and the Ashtanga Yoga practice in new and unexpected ways. Hosted by teacher and student, Peg Mulqueen. More at
My DNA Coach Podcast I Jonny Deacon I Health I Fitness I DNA Testing I Blood Testing |A.I |DEXA I Kolbe A Index | Personal Training
My DNA Coach's Jonny Deacon explores and discusses the most current scientific innovations in Fitness and Health based. Every week, Jonny interviews leading industry professionals or reviews a new topic in order to build a better understanding of how our DNA makeup, in combination with nutrition, training, blood bio markers, A.I, and psychology affects our health for the future. Understanding your genetics is the key blue print to optimizing your health and fitness goals. Apply for our BETA ...
Must Love Fetish
The Must Love Fetish podcast shines a light on real people living with mild to wild fetishes or kinks. This educational podcast hosted by professional online Dominatrix & phone sex operator, SweetlySensual_Sara, features an interview style format to help better understand the psychology behind certain fetishes & kinks, & what it is like to live with one.
Success Through Failure with Jim Harshaw Jr | Goal Setting, Habits, Mindset and Motivation for Sports, Business and Life
Are you trying to answer the question, "What's next for me?" Do you want to stay more focused and find better balance between work and family? In this show, Jim provides you a clear framework for setting goals-- the right goals for you-- and achieving them. Because being average scares the crap out of you. You don't want to "play to the level of your competition." You want to be significant. You want to crush it in your job. You want to be an awesome parent. You want to be fit. You want to m ...
The WoodRocket Podcast
Lee Roy Myers and Seth's Beard interview Porn Stars and Celebrities.
Ignite Intimacy
Curious about open relationships? Wonder why you’re still single? Ever wanted to attend a sex party? Ignite Intimacy brings together experts, authors, lovers, and others to dive deep into the topics of intimacy, romantic relationships, sexuality and the plethora of issues, aha’s, taboo’s, fantasies and psychological impacts that go along with these topics in a conversational format with our guests. Are you a curiosity seeker?! Then join us as we Ignite Intimacy!!
The Man Cave Podcast
A weekly podcast hosted by Jeff Schaeffer and Shawn Staerker. Talking about sports, beer, wrestling, and beautiful women. My goodness its all the crap you love to hear about check us out and welcome to The Man Cave!
Vegalicious | Get the Body and Health You'll Love
Elena is a Health Coach for women who struggle with hormone imbalances. Elena suffered from hypothyroidism, infertility and a pituitary adenoma for years. Having spent tens of thousands of dollars on specialist and doctors who could not help her, she took her health into her own hands. She spent a year in research, then changed her diet and cured herself of hypothyroidism and lost 50 lbs.. She also conceived a perfectly healthy baby without any medication. Now Elena teaches women from all ov ...
Dr Tennant's Verbal Highs Podcast
Dr Tennant's Verbal Highs is a weekly long-form interview podcast with people who create & innovate in their chosen art form, vocation, back shed, main stage, peer group, or shower cubicle. From a kitchen bench in Auckland, New Zealand, Lewis Tennant explores the lives & thoughts of the likes of musicians, writers, film makers, actors, and comedians... also hosting those that make things happen side of stage, below the line, and under the radar. Though the initial line-up of guests practice ...
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Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear this interview. Tick season has arrived and, as in past years, there are indications that it will be a bad year for ticks. With rising cases of Lyme disease, Powassan virus and even a bite from the lone star tick that can cause meat allergies, people are on the alert for potential tick-borne diseases. ...…
I interviewed Tom for one of my first podcasts, ever. It was such a great interview I thought I’d bring it back for all who haven’t heard it. Meet one of my favorite health experts, Tom Malterre, author of the bestselling book, The Elimination Diet. Tom shares how you can detoxify and heal your body by identifying the foods that are causing rea ...…
Sticky Wicket Cricket Podcast
In the first of a series of interview specials, Joe caught up with Craig van Dyk who works at technology organisation PitchVision, who are trying to change landscape of grass roots cricket. He talked about their vision, plus:- The general health of cricket in SA- The impact of the new franchise competition in SA in late 2017- The current Eng vs ...…
Meet Goody Howard, sex positive superhero! 0:00 Introduction and host chat Under 18? Stop listening now and visit 1:00 Host Chat Poly Dallas Millennium was eye-opening! 2:45 Poly in the News In Australia, TV news coverage of women fired for being poly Satire: experts warn this Seattle poly relationship could expand to ...…
Adam interviews Jeff Jordan This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the news’ section includes stories about hypnosis treating a rare gut related disorder, how hypnosis is being used to help people forget their lovers (??) and Adam takes issue with a storyline in a recent edition of Aussie soap, Home and Away!! This week’s discussion with Jeff Jordan examines ...…
Adam interviews Jeff Jordan This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the news’ section includes stories about hypnosis treating a rare gut related disorder, how hypnosis is being used to help people forget their lovers (??) and Adam takes issue with a storyline in a recent edition of Aussie soap, Home and Away!! This week’s discussion with Jeff Jordan examines ...…
Real Health Radio: Ending Diets | Improving Health | Regulating Hormones | Loving Your Body
Episode 101: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. It’s another guest interview episode and this week I sat down with Miriam Greaves. Miriam is a hypnobirthing teacher and mother of two. After working for years in the theatre industry in London and New York, she became passionate about every woman having a positive birth experience after […] The p ...…
SOS Radio interviews Dr. Joseph Keon, author of the award winning book “Whitewash”, which chronicles the disturbing truth about cow’s milk and our health. This is probably the most important interview I will do all year. Consuming dairy does NOT do a body good. Find out more at Thanks for listening!…
Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Jaya Jaya Myra about elemental body composition for health, lifestyle and spiritual healing. Are you looking for natural health and wellness options to improve your life? Jaya Jaya Myra will help you explore spiritual, health and lifestyle options based ...…
News alerts flashed across the internet on Tuesday afternoon, touting the results of a major new study of football’s effects on the brain. Reports described it as the “biggest ever” of its kind: A team of researchers based at Boston University and led by neuropathologist Ann McKee had examined a large databank of neural specimens from former NF ...…
An interview with the organizers of the first Black Women and Youth Mental Health Expo. Coverage of the Plant's closed loop system and farmers market in Back of the Yards. Growing Home celebrates the summer with a block party wherein community members and Growing Home interns describe how Growing Home has impact in their community. The Build fi ...…
All the Things with Melissa Danielle
This episode is supported by Thrive Market. Thrive Market takes the hassle out of healthy living so that organic food and natural products are accessible to everyone. It offers organic, nutritious foods and nontoxic home and personal care essentials at discounted prices—all delivered right to your door. Become a member of Thrive Market today by ...…
Butterflies of Wisdom
Butterflies of Wisdom is a podcast where we want to share your story. We want to share your knowledge if you have a small business if you are an author or a Doctor, or whatever you are. With a disability or not, we want to share your story to inspire others. To learn more about Butterflies of Wisdom visit ...…
Over the last decade, social media has had a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry, most specifically in transforming how we communicate and interact with our audiences. In this episode, host Reed Smith and Chris Boyer explore the power social media has on understanding public health and it’s influence on how patients communicate with on ...…
TW: Today, I talk about the tragic suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. I talk about how suicide is NOT selfish, how his death affected so many people, and others who have struggled with mental illness and Laura Jane Grace overcoming her suicide attempt.articles: ...…
There are many factors that lead to a healthy heart and it is important to maintain a healthy balance between diet, physical activity and stress factors. This week I had the pleasure to interview cardiovascular specialist Dr. Jennifer Haythe. In this episode we discover some common misconceptions about heart health in woman as well as reveal so ...…
If you’ve had it with your husband’s pornography / sexual addiction and related behaviors, such as lies, infidelity, gaslighting, narcissistic behaviors, Betrayal Trauma Recovery is for you. The consequences of your man's sexual addiction may cause you to experience fear, anxiety, insomnia, depression, despair, hopelessness, or other mental dis ...…
Oak Church Sermons
07/23/2017 Philippians 1:27-30 Chris Breslin It may be that when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work, and that when we no longer know which way to go we have come to our real journey. The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings. –Wendell Berry, The Real Work “Sometimes it seem li ...…
You Don't Look Like A Runner
We have had listener feedback! Jenny says she gets what we’re doing but it’s not really for her. She also told us about the ITV documentary Trouble in Poundland and the fauxblerone—Poundland’s own brand Brexit Toblerone. Steve tweeted us to recommend What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Marukami; “it helped me think about runni ...…
Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan E Kolb
Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan Kolb interviewing Erin ElizabethTopic: In the Lyme Light: My Healing JourneyBy (Susan Kolb).
At the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC; London, UK, 16–20 July 2017), we sat down with Megan Zuelsdorff, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (WI, USA), to hear more about her work on lifetime stress experiences, racial disparities and cognitive health.Part of the Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer's ...…
Healing Powers Podcast
Elle Russ is a writer, actor, and life coach. She is a popular host of The Primal Blueprint Podcast, a top-20 ranked show in the Health category on iTunes. She interviews an assortment of guests including health experts, best-selling authors, athletes, and celebrities.An alumna of the world-famous comedy theater, The Second City – Chicago, Elle ...…
Wanna have a giggle fest this week while getting deep in some topics about perfectionism, comparing yourself to others, weight-loss, and sexuality? That's exactly what Heather and Brian do in this week's episode of Love Your Bodd. Brian is a fighter. He masks his imperfections by finding something to excel at. He's also really good at the compa ...…
Welcome to the Urban Homestead Radio podcast! In this episode, the Dervaes Family interview Adaline Bettcher, owner of Real Food Daily. Ms. Bettcher recently purchased the iconic vegan restaurant chain and has begun adding her own flair to the legacy of gourmet cuisine for health conscious individuals. Learn more about the vegan movement in the ...…
55-year-old Maria Derner spent about eight years in adult homes. The first one was Rockaway Manor in Queens. “Oh god, to tell you the truth, I really was not happy,” Derner said. “I think it added to my depression a lot more than anything else.” Adult homes are like nursing homes but typically have no nurses or other skilled staff. A 2002 expos ...…
Tifane Falvey is an iPEC certified life coach who specializes in manifestation. She helps her clients align with the experiences they want to have in their lives, by educating them on the hidden laws of the Universe. These laws need to be understood to produce real and lasting results here on the physical plane. Tifane began her professional co ...…
Tamsaasa Guyaadhaa Guyyaa - Sagalee Ameerikaa
Half-hour broadcasts in Afaan Oromoo of news, interviews with newsmakers, features about culture, health, youth, politics, agriculture, development and sports on Monday through Friday evenings at 8:30 in Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Today's conversation is very special to me personally, as I get to interview my own personal coach and mentor, Heather Chauvin. Heather's mission is to crack women open to their deepest potential and lead the life their soul craves. She reaches thousands of readers and listeners worldwide and leads innovative retreats and coaching programs that ...…
I recently had an opportunity to catch up with Adam Sud. Now, if you’re not familiar with Adam, he is currently a health coach based in Austin, Texas for Whole Foods Market. But he didn’t start out as the healthy lifestyle advocate you might see online or presenting at events like the Esselstyn’s famous gathering ‘Plantstock'. This discussion g ...…
On today’s show we speak to Reed Davis of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Reed is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Certification Course. He is known as one of the most successful and experienced clinicians in the world today, having provided functional assessments to over 10,000 client ...…
“The cave you fear to enter Holds the treasure you seek” ~ Joseph Campbell Throughout time, human beings have believed the end is near From the Biblical apocalypse to the Hindu yugas, to the legend of the Hopi blue star Kachina, cultures throughout the world believe a cataclysmic event is looming. Additionally, there is talk of earth-bound come ...…
The FIR Podcast Network Everything Feed
One of the most comment ambitions expressed by communicators is to get that coveted “seat at the table.” The fact is, you don’t need a seat at any table (wherever the table may be) to become a trusted strategic adviser to company leader. In this month’s Circle of Fellows podcast, four IABC Fellows discuss what it means to be an adviser and what ...…
This week, we have an interview with Monica Cassani. Monica has seen the mental health system from both sides – as a social worker and as a person whose life was severely ruptured by psychiatric drugs. She writes critically about the system, as well as holistic pathways of healing without medication. Monica’s website, Everything Matters Beyond ...…
Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Susan De Lorenzo on how to survive breast cancer & any adversity to live the life of your dreams Are you or anyone you know fighting cancer? 16-year breast cancer survivor and certified transformational life coach, Susan De Lorenzo, specializes in inspi ...…
Dr Don Devine interview on health care; Spicer resigns, Anthony Scaramucci takes over; OJ gets paroleBy Bob Mclain.
Rachel Alexander interview on "suicides" related to the Clintons; Health careBy Bob Mclain.
The Future Is A Mixtape
On this episode, Jesse & Matt discuss the third most important element of The Golden Square which is so simple and obvious, that it’s remarkable this idea is even contested as a human right in the Yankee-lands of Ol’ Red, White and Blue: the absolute right to healthcare for every human being on Earth. Matthew will provide a surprising prologue ...…
Preventive medicine physician and award winning author, Dr. Roger Landry, joins Dr. Friedman to discuss his new book, Live Long, Die Short. In Live Long, Die Short, Dr. Roger Landry gives the reader an opportunity to take a snapshot of his or her own current lifestyle, then provides feedback which can guide the reader to what he calls “authenti ...…
Dennis J. Patterson, D.Ed., is the founder and Chairman of Verras Healthcare International, LLC, an international healthcare informatics firm that creates high-performing hospitals, through physician driven best practice implementation. He has nearly four decades of executive hospital and turnaround management experience in the United States, C ...…
Dawn Dickinson discusses health headlines from our reading service. Margrett Weldon and Bill Shackleton reflect on Margrett’s tour of Humber College, where she spoke about accessibility with Meaghan McNeil, residence manager at the school's Lakeshore campus. We replay an earlier interview with one of the organizers of the World Dwarf Games, whi ...…
Janelle Morrison – Part 2 Listen to the second part of Ally Johnson’s interview of Janelle Morrison. The Interested in knowing more about Ally Johnson and her fight to end poverty by cycling from sea-to-sea? Visit her other podcast here at Tenacious Living Network – home of your holistic health podcasts : What is Cycling to End Poverty? Friend ...…
The role of marketing in a hospital or health system has dramatically evolved over the years. Once focused on simple communication and community management activities, the expected role of the hospital marketer now has become more strategic and responsible for many strategies. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer reflect on their p ...…
The latest segments from The Takeaway
Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear this interview. The Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare has fallen apart. Kansas Senator Jerry Moran and Senator Mike Lee of Utah announced last night that they will not support the GOP healthcare bill in its current form, which leaves Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell without the vote ...…
Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear this interview. The Office of Adolescent Health in the Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed that it will cut two years of funding for 81 programs and five groups that aim to decrease teen pregnancy rates. The programs were set to receive annual grants from the Teen Pregnancy Prevention ...…
Donald Trump has had his biggest political failure.His efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare have collapsed after three Republican senators voted against it.Saying he was disappointed, Trump suggested his next option might be to let the insurance market that was created under Obamacare go under, and then try to work with Democrats on a rescue ...…
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