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HEC Sermons
These sermons have been recorded at the Habourside Evangelical Church (Coffs Harbour Presbyterian Church) from the 5pm & 7pm gatherings by various preachers.
Conferences @ HEC (video)
HEC Paris students realisations
Research @ HEC (audio)
Conferences @ HEC (audio)
Research @ HEC (video)
Comedy & Entertainment
Social Business Conferences @ HEC (video)
Social Business Conferences @ HEC (audio)
HEC Paris welcomes you to iTunes U
Social Business and CSR Track Conferences at HEC (audio)
Social Business and CSR Track Conferences at HEC (video)
AmericanWx Forums is a community based weather board where hobbyists and professional meteorologists gather to talk weather
Ce podcast relate les manifestations autour des prépas du Lycée Joffre de Montpellier (conférences, témoignages, Portes Ouvertes, etc...)
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Come join in on some fun trivia with Chuckles!
Spidey Hec reps a fellow podcaster but the podcaster didn't rep back..oh well
Spidey Hec speaks his thoughts and views on the less mentally capable. 😂
Spidey Hec and the gang are getting their groove back into the swing of things.And wanna share their thoughts.
Listen.. they're your wives too! 😀
Take a refreshing plop in the toilet bowl ofSpidey Hecs humor.Please don't forget to flush 😉
When 2 crazy guys call each other up. 😂
Heads up Anchor v2 Users 🗣💥This was a very crazy day Wednesday, May 9.I made a few new contacts on anchor version 2 , So that was very nice • Word manipulations to un obfuscate And I want you do all check out Spidey Hec he’s in Florida • ZR Cray or Zior Cray 😜 called! Thought I lost my iPhone 🤩
Danny Glover aka Childish Gambino delivers a POWERFUL message with a kick like a DONKEY!Very intense reality check AMERICA!
Co Hostin feature..but with a twist! LOL
Ten Friends: A non-profit with a long-term approach and vision Mark LaMont runs many of the day to day activities at and has worked in Nepal for over ten years. Ten Friends is a non-profit organization formed by two teachers and a bunch of good friends. They improve lives with simple, hands–on projects that make a big difference ...…
Spearjunkies Spearfishing Video Series Full Shownotes and Photos at the Noob Spearo Spearfishing HQ here 4 Spearos, 12 Destinations & an Ambitious Target Species List Chris Dillon joins us to chat all about a spearfishing TV show he is in the process of creating alongside 3 other very well known spearos. MJK, Chris Coates and Barret Harvey are ...…
נפגשנו עם ד"ר רז צימט, חוקר איראן ב-INSS (המכון למחקרי ביטחון לאומי), במרכז אליאנס ללימודים איראניים, בדסק לחקר רשתות במרכז דיין – שניהם באוניברסיטת ת"א, וחבר-חוקר בפורום לחשיבה אזורית, וגם במרכז המידע למודיעין ולטרור. וכמובן מרצה בכל מסגרת שמזמינה אותו ומשלמת היטב (גם עידוק! וגם אני! תזמינו אותנו!) דיברנו על: תוכנית הגרעין, על תהליכי עומק ומגמ ...…
French President Emmanuel Macron is the first leader to make an official state visit to the US under the Trump Administration. Host Dan Loney speaks with Daniel Kelemen, Professor of Political Science and Jean Monnet Chair in European Union Politics at Rutgers University, and Olivier Chatain, Associate Professor Strategy and Business Policy Dep ...…
Happy 420 World!from Spidey Hec 😎
My guest this week is Lucy Stojak who is the Director of the School on Management of Creativity and Innovation at HEC Montréal. Lucy is also the Chair of the Space Advisory Board.It was just about a year ago that ISED Minister Bains announced the then 10 member Space Advisory Board. Last summer an additional member was added, Kate Howells, to r ...…
Come with Spidey as he encounters his 1st time at ever..Seeing old movies, music, and just maybe you're favorite pop culture.
SPIDEY HEC still dealing with the opinions of those that just don't get how Comedy Works!
Time for all y'all to interview ME! ✌🏼😃
SPIDEY HEC gives his listeners the LOVE back he gets from them❣
When Mr. Touretteski and Spidey join forces to clown one of their's an all-out giggle fest!
Anchorisims and how to’s of gorilla broadcasting
Spideys gifts are displayed!Original musical concepts fromSpidey Hec 🕸🕷
Getting through a tough weekend, Spidey Hec perseveres and continues forward!
Trivia questions with Chuckles the Clown 🤡
SPIDEY HEC finally finds his 2.0 gambino..🇮🇹👍🏻😎
Showing love to those who show Love and Respect.
SPIDEY HEC Interviews ANCHOR personalities.
SPIDEY HEC Interviews ANCHOR Personalities.
CRAP: By Conley, Macklin, and Miller
SPIDEY HEC takes calls, raps, and speaks to little green leprechauns.
Doctor Notorious is back from the moon, but he owes the shady car dealing mouse 15 large. He knows some people though, and sends his right hand sword Li Mu bai. Listen on Spidey Hec V.O.
The trials and tribulations ofSpidey Hec.
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