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Daniel Hendon's Podcast
City Point Church
City Point Church is located in Portage, Indiana. We are a spirit filled community of belivers from a diverse background. For more please visit http://CityPoint.TV
Galatians Hoffman Street Baptist Church
The fight against legalism began long before the modern American Church, but Paul's fight against it gives us great insight into our fight as well.
Hoffman Street Baptist Church Various Sermons' Podcast
These are sermons for special events or topical.
Live a Life You Love | Fulfilling, Lifestyle Business | Inspiring Health | Authentic, Confident Life
The Live a Life You Love Show is where overachievers come to find peace, purpose, and fulfillment. The purpose of this show is to help you dig deeper – to go beyond success and achievement, find what’s missing, and create a truly spectacular life. Guests include entrepreneurs, authors, spiritual gurus, monks, and more. I’m Jeremy Hendon, and I’ve built and sold businesses, lived and traveled around the world, eaten at the world’s best restaurants, and become friends with well-known entrepren ...
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The Mid Kent Metals Isthmian Show 05/02/18 with the Hendon Boys
• Director of communications, Mark Gardner talks about the findings in the annual CST Antisemitism Figures. • Lilian Cordell tells us about her cookbook which is inspired by her mother’s Bukharian home recipes. • Joanne Greenaway talks about taking part in the first ever Neshama Festival. • On the Schmooze we talk about traditional family recip ...…
How do you pick the right real estate agent? If you are like 70% of Americans, you probably just hire the first person you speak with. And you probably won’t ask about the agent’s performance and track record. Because of this, Aaron Hendon believe many home owners are being short changed during real estate transactions. Aaron is a Seattle Realt ...…
REI Diamonds-Real Estate Investment Podcast
Aaron & Dan Discuss: How to Create a “Multiple Offer Situation” on EVERY DEAL Psychological “Mental Shortcuts” that stand in the way of the deal One “Must Have” Piece of Info to Include in EVERY LISTING to Make YOUR HOUSE Look like a Real Bargain How to Get a Copy of Aaron’s new Book “Real Estate Blind Spots” FREE Mentioned Episodes: (There are ...…
Where are we going to live in retirement? At least half of us are going to move. We move for various reasons. Some of us are downsizing because we are now empty nesters. Aaron Hendon, a Seattle Realtor, real estate investor and author shares his tips on finding the right realtor for you.
More great books at
The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
More great books at
Profit Boss® Radio | Women and Money | Financial Planning | Money Psychology | Personal Finance | Couples and Money
Welcome to part two of two of the mini-series about my recent purchase of a new home! On episode 67 I told the story of how my husband and I scored our dream home in just twenty eight days - be sure to check that one out! In this episode I'm honored two host two incredible real estate professionals - mortgage lender and America's Mortgage Mento ...…
Aaron Hendon is an absolute BOSS in the real estate market up in Seattle. A veteran in the real estate space, Aaron is a key realtor to listen to if you want to learn about getting started in real estate, maintaining a healthy business model, keeping your buyers and sellers interested an engaged, and also how to get your selling clients more mo ...…
Fresh off his victory in Seattle, Kyle Ramage of Mahlkonig USA took some time to talk with us about the competition. We get into the details of his routine, his drinks, his presentations message, his dry ice frozen coffee and the challenges/lessons he experienced on the road to winning the U.S. Championship title. LINKS: w ...…
Dave Hendon and Michael McMullan look back on Mark Selby's third World Championship triumph at the Crucible.
Spring ball is over and Andy Bitter and Aaron McFarling are here to wrap it all up. We talk about our takeaways from the spring game overall, then focus more specifically on the showings of Caleb Farley, Hendon Hooker, the other QBs, the defense and more. Then we shift gears to the NFL Draft, where Isaiah Ford, Bucky Hodges, Jerod Evans, Sam Ro ...…
Host Steve Fredlund interviews young Minnesota player Vlad Revniaga, currently ranked in the top 1,000 globally according to the GPI and about 50th in the Minnesota all-time money winnings per Hendon Mob.
How to Lose Money: Business Stories | Life Lessons | Navigating Failure
Aaron Hendon brings together a diverse background and history including transformational leadership, entrepreneurial start ups and traditional cold calling sales. Aaron and his real estate team consistently outperform the local market, selling homes for over 5% more than local market averages. Born in New York, Aaron graduated SUNY Purchase wit ...…
The Entrepreneur House ~ A Business Accelerator for Established Entrepreneurs
“Everything that we know about ourselves, everything we think about ourselves, but also everything we think about the world is a narrative that we tell in a particular way.” Jeremy Hendon On today’s show, we have the serial entrepreneur and co-founder of three online magazines, Jeremy Hendon on our show. Jeremy has built multiple six-figure bus ...…
Mortgage vs Rent which is the Best Long-term Choice? By FMT Staff on April 4, 2017 Relentless Wealth Podcast Aaron Hendon an experienced businessman and real estate owner joins us today, In this podcast we discuss something that has helped many millionaires make their first million… Real Estate. We discuss which is better owning or renting, whe ...…
Dave Hendon is joined by snooker journalist Hector Nunns to discuss his new book, The Crucible's Greatest Matches, which is published on April 14. The podcast will return after the World Championship.
Featuring Aaron Hendon
Dave Hendon is joined by Snooker Scene heavyweights Clive Everton and Phil Yates to look back at 40 years of the World Championship at Sheffield's iconic Crucible Theatre.
Aaron Hendon is a Seattle Realtor, real estate investor, author, educator and speaker. He is managing partner of Christine & Company, a Seattle Magazine awarded, Five Star Real Estate Agent, winning team for the past 5 years and individual Rising Star in Seattle Real Estate winner this year.Bringing together a diverse background and history inc ...…
Aaron Hendon is a Seattle Realtor, real estate investor, author, educator and speaker. He is managing partner of Christine & Company, a Seattle Magazine awarded, Five Star Real Estate Agent, winning team for the past 5 years and individual Rising Star in Seattle Real Estate winner this year.Bringing together a diverse background and history inc ...…
Tea For Two
Host, Toks Olagundoye, kicks off the podcast with her business mother (and manager), Amanda Hendon. They talk pilot season, sugar addiction and Toks realizes she says "Um" waaaay too often (she's working on it #goals).... Also, Toks forgot to give you her social media info (#amateur), so here it is: Twitter: @TeaForTwoPod @ToksOlagundoye Instag ...…
Dave Hendon is joined by Michael McMullan to reminisce about tournaments no longer on the calendar.
Dave Hendon is joined by Phil Yates for the latest instalment of Snooker Player Bingo.
Dave Hendon chats with Rob Walker, master of ceremonies at all BBC events for the last decade, about his experiences on the circuit and the life of an MC.
084 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show With Special Guest Aaron Hendon We taking about how to hire the right real estate agent?
Dave Hendon is joined by 1997 world champion Ken Doherty to look back on his Crucible triumph 20 years on.
On this special Valentine's Day episode, Jean-Luc and Anthony are joined by their significant others - Lauren and Katy - to talk about their favorite nerdy things to do as couples!Casters - Jean-Luc Navant, Anthony TysonSPECIAL GUESTS - Lauren Hendon, Katy GilliganSHOW NOTES - South Park: The Fractured Butt Whole Delayed (Again) - 1:53Bill Nye ...…
An early release for Dave Hendon's podcast with Anthony Hamilton on the day the 'Sheriff of Pottingham' takes on Ali Carter in the German Masters final in Berlin.
Dave Hendon talks to Prosnookerblog's Matt Huart, now the WPBSA's media officer, about his first year working for the governing body.
On this episode of House Flip Masters Holly is joined by guest Aaron Hendon. Aaron shares his secrets on finding selecting a realtor to be on your team or to work with you on your investments. Aaron is a Seattle realtor, real estate investor, author, educator, and speaker. Aaron is also the managing partner of Christine and Company, a Seattle m ...…
Real Estate Rockstars with Pat Hiban!! Hear today's Real Estate Agents and Experts share their best practices!!!
Are you doing what you need to do day in and day out to get more business from your real estate sphere of influence? Real estate rockstar and Seattle real estate agent Aaron Hendon generates 61% of his business from his sphere of influence. In today's podcast, you'll hear Aaron's tips on pairing Feedly and Hootsuite for effective Facebook marke ...…
The Orient Outlook Podcast
Weekly Unofficial Leyton Orient Podcast by @stevienuss & @supero1881Steve and Paul present a special episode as we talk to Jay Simpson in this 2 hour interview about his time at Leyton Orient:How Jay signed for the clubRussell SladeMauro MilaneseFabio LiveraniRelegationIan HendonHotelgateKevin NolanAndy HessenthalerAndy EdwardsMoving to the MLS ...…
History UK Podcast
Five-time World Snooker Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan talks to us about his new show #RonnieHustles, his snooker career and crisps…? Plus we’re chatting to professional pool hustler Kid Delicious, sports historian Steve Riess, snooker icon John Virgo and commentator Dave Hendon. Got some thoughts on our first show? Get in touch on ...…
Ever feel hopeless? Humans are born to be hopeful. Interact with any 2-year old and you will see and hear nothing but hope in what they say and do. Yet sometimes, as adults, we lose hope. Then what? On today’s podcast I want to share with you an interview I did a while back with Dr. Shane Lopez, author of the book Making Hope Happen. Dr. Lopez ...…
The tables are turned on podcast host Dave Hendon as he is interviewed about his 20 years working in professional snooker by Michael McMullan.
Dave Hendon and Michael McMullan look at snooker in the 1990s, from the dominance of Stephen Hendry to Pot Black Timeframe and Tenball. Plus, Dave wins a million pounds!
Dave Hendon talks to four-time ranking event winner and twice Crucible finalist Ali Carter about his time as a snooker player and how struggles with ill health have affected his life and career.
Dave Hendon is joined by Neal Foulds to look back on 2016 in snooker.
Dave Hendon talks to Shaun Murphy about his career, winning the World Championship, the thorny issue of kicks... and James Bond.
Dave Hendon returns with Phil Yates and Mark Johnston-Allen for more snooker player bingo.
Dave Hendon is joined by Neal Foulds, Phil Yates and Alan McManus for a new game, snooker player bingo. 20 players past and present are put on a list, the guests pick a number and then have to talk about that player. It's a lot of fun!
As the UK Championship gets underway, Dave Hendon chats to the defending champion, Neil Robertson, about his career in snooker. At 70 minutes, it's an epic!
Dave Hendon is joined by the most successful player in snooker history, Stephen Hendry.
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