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Positive Herpes Podcast
The show where we spread positivity, knowledge and passion like herpes. Please support at
Life With Herpes
The Life With Herpes Podcast is created to educate, entertain and connect the underserved and, often ostracized, community of people living with herpes. Each week, Life With Herpes the show focuses on personal stories, managing day to day life with herpes, a weekly Ask Alexandra section, and weekly interviews with medical or industry professionals. We will cover things ranging from the stigma, how to cope and the hard core facts about herpes. The show will help people with the virus understa ...
Alabama Herp Radio
Alabama Herp Radio (hosted by Southwest Alabama Herpetological Society) is dedicated to explore all things related to herpetoculture & herpetology, especially in the Heart of Dixie!
Herp Nation Radio Network
Reptiles - Amphibians - Herpetology - Husbandry
Herpes Opportunity
When herpes ceases being a shameful burden, it becomes an opportunity: to change self-defeating beliefs, for authentic connection, for deeper self-acceptance.
Corn on the Pod
The world's best and only podcast for cornsnake keepers!Hosted by Donovan Winterberg from Children of the Cornsnake, Corn on the Pod features weekly interviews and discussions with well-respected breeders and others influential in the cornsnake community.
Corn on the Pod
The world's best (and only) podcast devoted to keeping cornsnakes. Hosted by Donovan Winterberg from Children of the Cornsnake, Corn on the Pod features weekly interviews and discussions with influential leaders in the cornsnake and colubrid community.
MUSC Dental Podcast
Brought to you by the Medical University of South Carolina, these podcasts deal with the issue of oral health. Topics range from fever blisters or oral herpes to oral cancer to an overview of teeth whitening.
Oral Lesion Hunter
The Oral Lesion Hunter video podcast takes viewers off on a journey dedicated to the early detection and treatment of oral lesions and oral cancer. The 'Hunter' uses years of clinical experience to inform dentists, dental hygienists, and the public how to examine/screen for lesions, evaluate risk factors, what and where to look, what new technology can be useful in the 'hunt', how to treat, and how to communicate. Each episode of the 'journey' focuses on specific items that make for a good ' ...
Welcome to Scalar Energy Healing and Research with Tom Paladino & Co-host Sheila Gale
Tom's goal is to introduce to the world the antidote for pathogenic disease such as Herpes I & II, Hepatitis viruses, Ebola virus, HIV virus, Lyme disease, Candida and over 45,000 species of pathogens. The world we live in is a pathogen soup. Our homes are full of pathogens no matter how fastidious we are. We travel to the grocery store, the school, and work. We travel in airplanes, buses, trains. We attend events, large and small where people congregate from many regions of the country and ...
Gecko Nation Radio
Welcome to Gecko Nation Radio. GNR is a David's Fine Geckos creation and production. Join us every Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time live on Blog Talk Radio. This show is catered toward gecko enthusiasts in herpetoculture. We will also cover all other species topics as well from time to time. Tune in for community news, top breeder interviews, herp community personalities, prizes and giveaways and much much more. Also visit the shows facebook page at ...
Reptile Radio Australia
We discuss all facets of Australian reptiles and reptile keeping!Your Hosts:Peter Birch ( Author: The Complete Children's Python, ECO Herpetological Publishing & Distribution, 2013.) Owner and operator at "Colourful Critters' since 2005. He runs his facility from his family home, nestled on 8 acres in the tranquil Ourimbah Valley on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.The whole collection was recently re-located from the main house to its new purpose facility in early 2012. The move was daun ...
Call Of The Canyon, The by GREY, Zane
Glenn Kilbourne returns from the war and travels to Arizona to regain his health. There he is nursed back to health by an Arizona girl, Flo Hutter Kilbourne's fiancée, Carley Burch arrives in Arizona but soon becomes disillusioned with life in the West and returns to New York. Carley soon learns that life in the Big City is not what she really wants. Should she return to Arizaona? Will Glen still love Her? Not only a great love story, Grey, as usual, describes the environment in all its glor ...
Croncast Season 02 | Life is Show Prep
In this season Kris Smith and Betsy tackle the hard topics affecting the suburbanite including: business cards for your toddler, the temptation to go Republican, and what happens when you accidentally play "the time I got tested for Herpes" podcast for Grandma.
Croncast Season 15 | Life is Show Prep
In this season Kris Smith and Betsy tackle the hard topics affecting the suburbanite including: business cards for your toddler, the temptation to go Republican, and what happens when you accidentally play "the time I got tested for Herpes" podcast for Grandma.
Rebel Rose, The by MCCARTHY, Justin and PRAED, Rosa Campbell
The Rebel Rose is the story of Mary Stuart Beaton, a descendant of Mary Queen of Scots who has come to London in the hope of having her family claims legitimized. The Pretendress -- as she is called, finds herself caught up in the devices of her own personal guardians as well as a scheming London society woman scorned by a powerful member of Parliament who has become an admirer of the Princess. Apart from the claims of royalty, Mary Beaton knows where her worth is found and she proves to be ...
In Chancery (Forsyte Saga Vol. 2) by GALSWORTHY, John
'The Forsyte Saga' is the story of a wealthy London family stretching from the eighteen-eighties until the nineteen-twenties. In Chancery is the second book in the saga. Five years have passed since Irene left Soames and the death of Bosinney. Old Jolyon meets Irene and is enchanted by her. At his death he leaves her a legacy sufficient for her to live an independent life in Paris. Soames who is desperate for a son, attempts to effect a rapprochement but is rejected by her. Meanwhile Young J ...
Lady Rose's Daughter by WARD, Mary Augusta
"Julie Le Breton enchants almost everyone around her with her smart, charm, and excellent manners. She almost belongs to the English highest nobility, but just almost… Her parents, 2 aristocrats who ran away from England in order to be together, could never marry - because her mother was married to someone else. Therefore, she is forced to work for the cruel Lady Henry Delafield, who hates her. She has a few good friends, amongst whom are 2 admirers… And that is only the beginning. This is a ...
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On Monday, one of the three plaintiffs in alawsuit accusing Usher of exposing them to the herpes came forward publicly. The woman, Quantasia Sharpton, claimed that she and the singer had sex after one of his concerts in 2015. While she didn’t contract herpes, Sharpton is suing Usher for knowingly exposing her to the virus without telling her th ...…
Just Britney, Moesha's alleged torch, Usher not taking yo ass to the Hilton and The Single life.Thank you so much Jay for being apart og out show. Much love brother man.Instagram: @BarTalkHTXFacebook: @BarTalkHTXItunes Podcast: Bar TalkEmail: bartalk2017@gmail.comSoundcloud: Play: ...…
When I first met Mia Quaglia, I knew instantly things were going to grow for her, and grow quickly. Newly licensed she built a practice fast, has added interns and has a speciality. And now...she's adding another stream of income. Check it out! Kelly: Hey, guys. Welcome to the podcast. Today, we’re going through another real-life story with Mia ...…
On Friday, civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom–who has previously sued the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby and Donald Trump–announced on Twitter that she will be filing a lawsuit against R&B crooner Usher for allegedly failing to disclose his herpes diagnosis to three sexual partners. The menacing tweet announced tha ...…
On Friday, civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom–who has previously sued the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby and Donald Trump–announced on Twitter that she will be filing a lawsuit against R&B crooner Usher for allegedly failing to disclose his herpes diagnosis to three sexual partners. The menacing tweet announced tha ...…
Its Wateva Podcast
This week on Top of the blogs. The white nationalist / KKK rally riots on Friday and Saturday morning. Along with injuries and fatal incidents in Charlotte Va. Quantasia Sharpton on her press conference regarding her alleged herpes virus. Power was leaked on Facebook live. plus more top of the blog news.Any topics email us : itswatevapodcast@gm ...…
Ballots and Bottles
Its been a long week for both Ellen and Lexi, so they're moving a little slow this morning. Drink of the week - coffee and water, like we said, it's been a long week. They cover everything from foreign relations to how to work herpes into a successful PR campaign to bone. Ellen and Lexi focus on Pence, Russia and of course, North Korea. Fucking ...…
Build The Tribe
Isabel is an artistic, introspective, intelligent individual. I had a great conversation with her.
Podcasts - Under Further Review with Burke and Gen
Just like it is time for Outside Lands in our backyards, Podcast #32 is chock full of random, but awesome, topics: the dismissal of the case against Taylor Swift, Usher's giving out herpes, the civil suit against Draymond Green, watch out for Kidd Creole's stabby steak knife, Ezekiel Elliot's six game suspension, Dany Heatly (hockey in case you ...…
We've been gone for a minute, now we're back with the jumpoff!! All-New #HolliewoodAndFriends! LIVE every Sunday 3pm ET. - Call 646-716-8544 to listen! Host @IamHollieWood, @MissJuudy and @VenorMusic got you covered with what's #HotInTheBlogs! In their own funny, crazy, and sometimes out-of-line way! Listen in! SUNDAY 8/13 TOPICS: "White Nation ...…
We have a fun and little different kind of episode for you today. Katy emailed us after her great friend and fellow DIAH mama Katie McCormick (from episode 73) shared the podcast with her. Katy thanked us for what we’re up to with the show. As a “non-mom” (though she plans to be in the future), she’s always been fascinating by pregnancy and bir ...…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCH! This week surprisingly there are only two. Of course it’s your favorite two Leland and Wes. Listen in as they discuss how text messages can lead to the collapse of a successful podcast. If 3 in 4 people have herpes, then who is the safe one of the co-host of the podcast. From Herpes to the dangers of Marijuana the men of M ...…
Special Guests: Maggie Harris, M.A. Community Outreach manager CASA of San Bernardino, Sharon Blamer Cartagena, Esq., MSW, Senior Supervising Attorney, Transition Age Foster Youth Public Counsel and Diana Smiley Executive DirectorGeneration Her
#StoryTimeWithAhmad podcast
The school year is approaching, Usher has herpes, and OJ will be back on the streets...I had a lot to cover in this episode! Snapchat and Twitter: @STWithAhmadInstagram: @Ayym2312
The famous pop singer, actor and performer Usher is in the news, as he stands accused of exposing three people to a sexually-transmitted disease. The central allegation is that he knew he had an STD but failed to disclose it when having sex with the three individual plaintiffs. This is civil litigation, so we’ll do Senior Legal Analyst time tod ...…
Reclaiming the Shade
After a week away, we are back! And more atrocious than ever. This week, we discuss Usher's herpes woes, unprotected sex and black-on-others racism in "Insecure," and how "back like cooked crack" became a thing people say. Sit back, break out your flute, and twerk up a storm, all while listening to our new episode.…
30. Gabriel Bello – Send One Your Love 29. Jazzy D Ft Deli Rowe – Every Side Of You 28. Leven Kali – Smile 27. Michael McDonald – Find it in Your Heart 26. Ledisi – Add To Me Throwback Indie Joint– Aston Grey Project – Cant Get Enough 25. Free Soul Effect – Compatible 24. Steve Stone – Be Here All Night 23. Coriology – Be With You 22. Dexter Mo ...…
Hazmat Suit are for sale on Amazon but BJ does not want to be the last guy on the earth – Amazon will now start selling concert tickets they are taking on Ticket Master - Sales of Bomb Shelters is Booming! – Pot friendly Eclipse Viewing parties are popping up! – A very large woman says that Usher gave him herpes, He said “Look at her, she is to ...…
Colorado mills will open by Christmas, Tiger Woods says he is not dating the chic he is on a boat with – Usher is denying that he gave herpes to a giant woman – The Woman We won’t name said that her baby is big enough to sit forward in a car seat - Katy Perry Talked to W. Magazine and she says she cries at her own songs – Samuel Jackson talks a ...…
There is so much insanity going on in the world today and Ian Beckles is seriously beginning to be concerned about the state of things. Open racism like the douche running for Mayor of St. Petersburg telling black protestors to go back to Africa, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump threatening nuclear war, global warming, the U ...…
Photographer Stephanie Eley discusses the importance of empathy as she builds a relational approach to photography. Find Stephanie's work and get in touch with her: Website Blog Instagram Instagram
Kill Rock Radio Podcast
THIS WEEK: THE METALLICA PISSER STRIKES!!! Lorde is rained out AGAIN at Lollapalooza. Usher spreads his herpes all over america (allegedly). Listener mail & MORE!Subscribe to Kill Rock Radio on questions or comments to:…
Jackie D. (The Literary Lesbian) ~ Stacy (The New Age, Old School Mom) ~ Stacey (The Political Princess) discuss the ridiculousness of people filming tragedy’s, instead of helping. Seriously…what’s wrong with people? Also, the current rally behind Colin Kaepernick and whether or not it is just. And finally, Usher, handing out herpes like candy ...…
We are back at it today with a new episode! Today’s guest is Shelley Easter, who runs the company Shiny Acorn, a website design and branding company here in Orlando. I had a great conversation with Shelley where we talked about all the reasons you need a website to build a business and the importance of branding within your business. We also go ...…
Have you been having housewives withdrawal with only 2 series? Well have no fear, next week Dallas returns! For this week, we get the latest Usher herpes news, Anna Farris and Chris Pratt, and Taylor Swift’s ass. As always the girls break down this weeks OC and NYC housewives shenanigans. ...…
Amber Lewis, Founder and CEO of The Good Kitchen (, rejoins us today to continue our conversation from last week. In this episode, we talk more about her mentors, board of advisors and involvement in Vistage ( to help her grow as an entrepreneur. We also talk more about the competition – including the two ...…
conversations surrounding sexual orientation and STD's still shock people in 2017. Bobby Valentino was "exposed". Usher allegedly spreading herpes to men too? The breakfast club is guilty by association when it came to semi transgender phobic dialog.
IntuiTalks Network Broadcasts
Jen Young is a psychic, clairvoyant, medium, channel, healer and spiritual empath. She feels, hears, sees, tastes and smells what spirit has to offer, sharing that information with great sensitivity and compassion. She possesses and shares the insight and wisdom of being an eternal student and teacher of the spiritual gifts that are constantly ...…
Cutie and The Beast
Mike G aims to offend, yet again, with rants about splitting the check and Nisha T just wants to know if herpes actually burn...The conversation gets...well..."interesting" to say the least.
Could you sell your dog for $100,000? Dude on the internet asked a bunch of strangers & no one accepted. This bring ups an older story of a girl who accidentally had $4.6 million deposited in to her account & spent almost all of it. Tess thinks she can get away with it. OJ’s White Bronco is going to be on ‘Pawn Stars’ & what’s the point of coll ...…
Shade in Full Podcast
Beyoncé to possibly star in Lion King remake. Is Usher spreading herpes to men & is he into BBW & we ain't talking basketball wives although we had to discuss the season finale. Cardi B is the new supreme and Josaline Hernandez is mad about it. Trump is dragging us into world war 3 and you can't say Whitney Houston without hearing from Brandy.S ...…
Between Usher's Herpes, Lil Duval's toxic masculinity, and Janet Mock dropping gems; we're thinking alot about Disclosure. Should people have to disclose being trans or having a STD/STI? Why cant we all just have sex in peace! Find us on social media:Instagram: @bfwspodTwitter: @bfwspodTevinInstagram: @myworldlyobsessions Twitter: @TJ_IVMarjonI ...…
Deadass, Tho: The Podcast
Welcome to episode 14 yadies and yentlemen with our first guest co-host Christian He came thru in the clutchington when Kelly couldn't make it so you know this episode is bassically the episode about nothing We tried to stay hip-hop but went off on another of our patiented tangents and talked entirely too much We speak on his favorite rapper DM ...…
Today is Entertainment Thursday don’t forget to tune in @ 9:00am. We discuss Usher Herpes Lawsuit, Bobby Valentino transgender sex scandal, Lil boosie brother robs him for 300k, Fetty wap assistant steals 250k. Please, remember our shows are posted every Tuesday thru Sunday @9AM. If you have an iPhone Please Subscribe to the podcast under the m ...…
Rice and Beans
20 Questions | User vs The Herps | Transgender Military Ban | Mc Fuck Revisited | Movie Quote Conversation
Thinking Out Loud
The Usher herpes saga continues as a new accuser Quantasia Sharpton steps to the forefront claiming he never disclosed his status prior to having sexual intercourse with her. We also discuss Lil Boosie's recent controversy surrounding his bday shoutout to his son. Although it was a joke, do you think it's ever ok for a parent to give their teen ...…
He waited hella long to say something!
Flow with us as we sit down with our guy Ernest a long time friend of the group! Subcribe to us on apple podcasts, Soundcloud and youtube!
Just Being Polite Podcast
OB, Fran and TayTay are back together this week to discuss some recent events. Mainly Usher and his herpes scandal with Quantasia "Big Jawn" Sharpton and friend of the show Dame and his daily struggles with the relationships he has. Enjoy!!
Shifted Vision Media
This week on the podcast we discuss Game of Thrones latest episode, Usher and his Herpes situation, and other hot topics (pun intended). Locally we attended Anise's Wine and Rhyme event, and networked with some local artists in the Tampa area, so we discuss that as well.
SA Urbanity Fair
On this week's cast, Candace and Tralisa discuss the beef between Tami Roman and Just Brittany, Love and Hip Hop Miami, and why everyone is disappointed in The Breakfast Club. They also introduce a new segment called 5 mins of Petty and why Procter and Gamble are moving the culture forward.Intro Music By: T-KRAZIE Produced By: ASquard Productio ...…
Miss V talks about Ushers alleged herpes lawsuit, R Kelly's sex cult and Lamar Odom's tell all book. Tune in for hot gossip tea!"
UML Podcast Network
On this episode of the Buffet Boys, we talk about: Donald is taking a vacation Vlad is taking a vacationGet out top grossing movie of 2017Ursher and his herpes strike againBlac chyna bout to drop an album?Usain caught the L???Catfishes for 80kBoosie king of the hot takes! __________________________________BuffetboysPodcast.tkFollow us on social ...…
Know Wright, No Wrong
This week we played a game of 21 questions. We tried to find the answers on 21 random and/or culturally relevant topics that have been on our mind. Topics ranged from nutrition, geography. And of course we had to add some filth, like did Usher give the big joint herpes and did Beyoncé ever revenge cheat.…
Sexually transmitted diseases have become a mainstay in the primary care setting but with recent reports that the numbers are on the rise a Public Health crisis may not be too far behind. Today were are going to be focusing on just three STDs, syphilis, gonorrhea & herpes simplex. Because of the recent legal troubles Usher has been having regar ...…
Quantasia head must be fire cuz she got Usher out here fucking and infecting fat bitches and niggas?, Bobby V need to be a little more self aware of his TRANSgressions, OVO fest 2017, Playboi Carti is a certified finesser.
Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge Executive Director and Founding member of Embrace Dignity spoke to Stephen about how Ten years ago in South Africa , on the eve of Women's day, former President Thabo Mbeki fired her.
Wildlife, Cake & Cocktails
Here we go! WCC Episode 6. Venomous Snakes with Scott Eipper is now up :) Running Nature4You from southwest Brisbane, Scott is a a wildlife handler, education consultant, author of numerous articles and books on Australian fauna, and a well-known venomous snake expert. We had an amazing time discussing venomous reptiles, herping, wildlife, some ...…
This week Laci Mosley joined us to breakdown the Winona Ryder / Saks Fifth Avenue Shoplifting Scandal! Plus, Aaron Carter is bisexual, Lena Dunham claims American Airlines is transphobic, is Outback Steakhouse apart of the illuminati?, Usher is now being sued by three people for knowingly spreading herpes, Patti LaBelle vs Aretha Franklin, Gene ...…
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