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Comedian PAUL F. TOMPKINS & Composer EBAN SCHLETTER Present Sketch, Conversation, And Stream-of-Consciousness Monologuery.
The Turnaround is a new series about our greatest living interviewers, hosted by Jesse Thorn and produced by Maximum Fun and The Columbia Journalism Review. Featuring conversations with prominent interviewers about their careers and their craft, the show is a perfect resource for a new generation of storytellers and journalists. You'll hear Jesse speak with Larry King, Terry Gross, Werner Herzog, Audie Cornish, and so many more!
photo & video blog of SIGGRAPH 2008 activities
Too often, women are thought of as a monolithic bloc, and they were often discussed that way throughout the 2016 election. But women are in fact divided on major issues. Hosted by Liz Plank and Hitha Herzog, Divided States of Women uncovers the complicated, multifaceted, intersectional debates that make up the life of the modern American woman. Liz (a progressive) and Hitha (a conservative) are friends who get along, but don't always agree. They'll bring prominent feminist thinkers, politici ...
When the God-fearing Herzog of Thuringia dies, the Irish missionary settlements face the wrath of his bitterly heathen wife, Geila, and her son, now Herzog Hedan. But when Hedan falls in love with Bilihild, a young Christian maiden, he offers peace to his Christian subjects if Bilihild will become his wife. As Bilihild strives to love her new husband and protect her people, she faces increasing difficulty and danger, especially from her jealous mother-in-law. As the clouds thicken around her ...
The Tokyo Hotel
Check yourself into The Tokyo Hotel. An eight-part comedy radio series.Situated in a neglected corner of LA, time has been unkind to this once-iconic establishment. No longer do A-list Hollywood celebrities hob-knob under the chandeliers. Check-ins are down and-long term squatters are up.Staff and guests are continually misled by the magical thinking of the hotel’s well-meaning leader, Con Cierge. Jive-talking Latino-lover Carlos plays jazz in the lobby. They also employ bears, a cranky Span ...
Prayer International
We are seeking the face and the heart of God. Chris Herzog and Shaun Holmberg bring the Word of God, worship through his Word, and a focus on intimacy and intercession for the nations.
Metal and Lace
Bill Herzog and Ashley Nichole take on outdoors life, pop culture, fishing, and anything else we wouldn’t normally say out loud.
Bosses Who Brunch
At Bosses Who Brunch, we talk about the challenges, celebrate the successes, and hear real stories of what it’s like to start a business. Every other week, WhiteHat Magazine's editor-in-chief Chrisella Herzog sits down with an entrepreneur to talk about their path to starting a business, and some of the challenges they've overcome along the way.
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Prior to its much anticipated arrival in London, Thos sits down for a wonderful chat with the talented writers of hit Edinburgh Fringe show, Buried - winner of the NSDF Award 2017, as well as MusicalTalk’s own silver medallist Pick of the Fringe for last year, to discuss this magnificent, dark and macabre musical comedy. Hear songs and stories ...…
“Dying Songs” focuses on melancholic electronic music but isn’t limited to that. Sometimes it gets dark, sometimes I try to mix techno awkwardly, sometimes i get nostalgic… I like stuff that’s dreamy, ghostly, pretty and sad. I’ll try out new productions of my own, as well. I’m keeping it pretty open and we’ll see how it evolves.” – Jimmy DOWNL ...…
Host Don Marsh talked with Washington University biology professor Erik Herzog about the effects of Daylight Saving Time.
Connor and Jack explore the fantastic poem "First Quarantine With Abdelhalim Hafez" by Safia Elhillo. Connor fixates on the tensions between the figurative and literal and Jack goes deep on his and the poem's obsessions, and also pulls off a Werner Herzog impression.Check out the poem below, or at this link: ...…
Dave and Ashley wrestle with some of the big questions while watching Ashley’s pick, THE FOG OF WAR: 11 Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara, directed by master documentarian Errol Morris. What is our moral duty to our fellow men? Who was ultimately responsible for the US involvement in Vietnam? And how did Errol Morris get Werner Herzog ...…
February 2, 2018-- A conversation with Lena Herzog on her new immersive sound and video installation: Last Whispers, Oratorio for Vanished Voices, Collapsing Universes and A Falling Tree.
My top 4 recent interviews by Sid Roth count down. David Herzog shares about stepping into the glory of God.
Episode 6 has just been taken into custody and it's probably Angela and Bob Sham's favorite (for lack of a better word) true crime tale. Yes folks, in this episode we review the HBO Doc "Mommy Dead and Dearest" by director Erin Lee Carr. Wake up the kids (actually, don't do that) and gather up the grandfolk as we parse through a sordid tale tha ...…
Live mix by DENNIS SIMMS for Riders of the Plastic Groove that aire Friday, January 19, 2018 on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA.More info about RotPG at 01) Solomun - Zora 02) Adriatique - Catch the Light 03) Bedouin, Discern - Real Lies (feat. Discern) 04) CamelPhat - Chloe's Theme - Original Mix 05) Claudio Bruno - Club Cultur ...…
Originally aired April 9, 2013 Aaron finally shares the internationally famous and much anticipated "wombat story", Janie finally shares her inexplicably uninformed opinions on Werner Herzog, plus the duo welcome Aaron's long-lost wife, Krista (AKA "Mrs. Lawyercop") to the kitchen to get her judge on. Plus, is there really ever a good time to r ...…
Право на тишину. Австралийский блогер получил 5 претензий по авторскому праву за ролик на YouTube, который состоит из 10 часов белого шума. Австралийский блогер Элдера Себастьян Томчак загрузил на YouTube ролик, за который получил 5 претензий по авторскому праву. В этой истории нет ничего необычного, кроме того, что спорное видео состоит из 10 ...…
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