Best heterosexual podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Ding da Bell
Two A-D-D Asian combination. A gay man, Ding, and a married woman, DaBell will guarantee a good fat dose of laughing therapy. Laughing with us regardless of our topics of choice.
Chris Laker, comedian/heterosexual has fun conversations with people from the LGBTQ community about their experiences living in a heteronormative society.
Podcast for the Fluid Generation
Coffee & Anal
Nancy Pop and Kimberly Rios are just two moderately attractive clichés bumblef***ing their way through life. Tune in as they host “Coffee & Anal,” aka the sh**tiest podcast on the internet. They interview sex workers, reality TV stars, comedians, even the Average Joe - all over a cup o’ joe! Chit-chat includes all things sex, relationships, pop culture, Kim's tragic heterosexuality, Nancy's anal analogies, and yup, they love to talk sh*t.
My Gay Agenda
My Gay Agenda: An Investigative Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast where we interview members of the LGBTQIA community and plot whatever it is cisgender heterosexual people think queer people are doing.
A podcast about comics... mostly. Three friends from Adelaide, all with a dry sense of humour and not a heterosexual bone in their bodies, attempt to approach the subject of comics in a non-elitist and welcoming way. We endeavour to reach anyone new to comics and terrified of having anything pop culture related mansplained to them by a neckbeard. Each episode highlights a different comic, but also delves into what's currently on our bedside tables, the shows we watch and probably the latest ...
Listen To My Soul
Welcome to the Listen To My Soul podcast, Im a Black, Non heterosexual, Veteran and here’s a window into my life and the beautiful souls I encounter.
Chuy Sanchez and his heterosexual life partner Michael Steinhauer present the Maximum Chillage Podcast, a weekly wrap up of current events and pop culture.
Queer Studies
LGBTQ is quite a handful of letters, yet it represents at least 9 million people in the US alone, and that was as of 2011. There are certainly millions more people under the rainbow flag in the world today, and millions more being born every year. Yet straight, cisgender people tend to know very little about what LGBTQ folks go through every day. And that’s where Queer Studies begins. This show seeks to educate straight/cisgender folks about how to be good allies to the LGBTQ community. Peop ...
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Kelsey from Gayta Science talks about their three-year study on their genderfluid identity. CJ has a new name and isn't talking about it. Jenn becomes a camp counselor. See Kelsey's research at:!
This week we talk about The Divine and spoiler, we’re all fans. Also on the cards are Russian cartoon characters, Ice-T, Austin Powers, pickles, a dick or two, Jesse Eisenberg, and a whole bunch of other shit.
Welcome into the queer world, baby-gay Taylor! (This baby metaphor already got weird.) We talk with Taylor about her recent discovery of her queer identity, how she found her label, and if our show will ever get sponsors. Jenn leads us in a Buzzfeed quiz. Trigger warning: Sexual assault
Matrimonio LGBTTTI en México Podcast por David Méndez mas de mis programa en Spreaker. Ingresa tu Email para ser el primero en enterarte de todo lo nuevo. El 17 de mayo del 2016 el presidente Leer más… La entrada Matrimonio LGBTTTI en México aparece primero en LA RADIO DIVERSA.
Beat Motion con Ray Dolent 1era Temporada Te presentamos la primera temporada completa de Beat Motion conducido por Ray Dolent. En esta mágica entrega estaremos escuchando la mejor música hause, las mejores entrevista con DJ s Leer más… La entrada Beat Motion con Ray Dolent 1era Temporada aparece primero en LA RADIO DIVERSA.…
Well, well, well… Season 2 Episode 1, a new era. Wine, embarrassing questions, Nicolas Cage, a lot of history on the gang, and much, much more. Honestly this is so long, we just didn’t want to stop.
Gotta come clean, our schedules got real busy and we couldn't interview someone this fortnight. But we also have news about our very first live show! And Jenn graces us with her musical art.
We hope you remember how to spell her name, because you'll only ever hear it again at the start of her stand-up acts! Marrianne chats with us about feeling new to the queer community, The High School Experience, and dressing queer. Jenn asks us to make some bi-centric evaluations.
Rat Queens leads us talking about a lot of Dungeons & Dragons this week. Travis has the sniffles and it drives us all a little insane.There's also zombies, Evil Dead, Trav goes to get a food delivery leaving their headphones next to the mic which leads into some real talk about home renovation, Green Room, Han Solo and Tom Hardy.…
Black, Queer, Veteran, Have fun listening to my life.
Tiki Mike and Chuy Sanchez dive into Kanye West's recent tweet storm. Also shit movie reviews and more mediocrity form the infamous tandem. #kanyeisnotwoke
Harrison chats with us about the changes testosterone bring, "going stealth", and what horror film he will claim on behalf of the queer community. Jenn proposes some new agenda items.
Wytches put a bit of distance between us this week. We also talk Grey’s Anatomy, Happy Endings (the tv show, I know, surprising), the Deschanel sisters, Harry Potter, Warcraft, porn parodies, Legion and much more.
This week it’s ApocalyptiGirl! We also talk about childhood tv ratings, cults (again), the 80s being sexy and violent, BROCKHAMPTON, dongs, the Coen’s, Red Dwarf, the Skarsgard family and clowns.
Journey with us into the futuristic world of sci-fi with your queer space captain Jared Axelrod! That's right, it's our sci-fi episode. Jared chats with us about her experience as a transgender woman, including transitioning "late", bathrooms, and gender presentation.
Nailbiter is our comic this week. We also talk cults, Milo and Otis, Brit Marling, Andy Serkis, Will Smith, Robin Williams, cats, Dungeons & Dragons, and much more.
This episode we talk about Bitch Planet, we also have a chat about South Australian cinema, Pacific Rim 2, Travis gets mad about chairs, and there's some other random bits and pieces.
Jenn and Christina try desperately to accept a cisgender heterosexual, Asia Kolakowski, into their hearts. It's a struggle, but just like Macklemore said...nope, sorry, we can't even quote him facetiously. We talk about straight allyship 101, ask the weird questions queer people get, and plan a Straight Pride Parade.…
This episode we talk about our top desert island comics, Tim Burton, Damnation, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jessica Jones, Winona Ryder and, are John Travolta and Stephen Seagal cyborgs? Tash’s picks: Watchmen, Pretty Deadly, Tekkonkinkreet Nick’s picks: Y: The Last Man, Batman Year One, Scott Pilgrim Travis’ picks: East of West, Cat Diary: Yon & ...…
Know that relatable feeling where you tell yourself you're cis, but you're definitely not at all? If you don't, Joan has you covered! We chat about queer liberation, life as a transgender woman, and the problematic nature of RuPaul. Joan and Christina go shopping in another round of Gay In The Life.
East of West is the yeehawinest comic of choice this week. We also talk about the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, Taika Waititi, M. Night Shyamalan, West World, potatoes, and cats.
This round it’s Y:The Last Man, y the last man, why the last man, WHY the last man? Have you been afflicted by the Mandela Effect? Billy Zane? Is Stanley Tucci a terrible person off-screen? Did god invent hentai? Cyclops? All this and more.
Christina's younger sister Rachel is here! We talk about balancing being religious and queer, the Kinsey Scale, and the Gay Train that's actually several of those big boardwalk bikes tied together.
Promethea is the comic of choice this week. We also stumble into the classic JJ Abrams series L.O.S.T., hatred for Iron Fist, Dream Daddy, and mixed feelings about Stephen King and Labyrinth.
Free pick week! We all read different comics and it leads us down an interesting path. We also talk about some new Netflix shows, The Shape of Water, westerns, and our idol BKV.
Our new friend Polly (all the way from Washington!) owns a gym dedicated to helping queer folks people in all bodies love themselves and do some sick lifts. Is that what they're called? Jenn and Christina have a lot of gym vernacular to learn.
An insane amount of condoms were shipped over to South Korea for the Winter Olympics and Tiki Mike and Chuy try and figure out what the hell is going on in Olympic Village. Mike also turns a new leaf and vows not to be such a naysayer. All that and more on this weeks edition of the #maximumchillage podcast.…
This week we had a couple of technical issues but we prevailed in the end. Our main subject matter is A Land Called Tarot, we also chat about Monster Hunter, Bryan Lee O’Malley, a young James Spader, and what are we without a bit of dong talk, this time it’s Yaoi vs Tom of Finland.
We chat with Megan about misgendering, the absurdity of gender roles being pushed on kids, and Twilight. Megan performs their interpretation of a day in the life of a queer person (as speculated by a straight person).
This episode our main topic of discussion is We Can Never Go Home, we also chat about Marvel's Runaways, comic book dongs, and Star Trek Discovery.
Christina and Jenn catch up with our college friend, Zach, a cisgender bisexual man who identified as gay in the past. We chat about politics (boo) and take a Buzzfeed quiz (yay!).
This episode we discuss the graphic novel The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, as well as Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin, Sean Connery as Gandalf, anime, and how much we all love Brian K. Vaughan.
Hosts Chuy and Mike are joined by a special guest on this weeks edition of the #maximumchillage podcast who helps them ring in the new year. This week we dive into the legalization of marijuana in California, Oregon residents having to pump their own gas, and new menu items at both Tacobell and In-n-OUT.Come chill with us!…
We talk with musician Jessie about Queer Imposter Syndrome, being badgered about threesomes, and the Ukulele Peacock that appears to all bisexual femmes. Jenn leads a game of Queer Jeopardy.
This week find out what the dreary duo did for Christmas as well as a full recap of the garbage year that was 2017. Also as promised, a review of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" FULL of spoilers. All that and more on this edition of the #MaximumChillage Podcast
We chat with Amber about married life (including the wild tale of how she met her wife), polyamory, and politics. Jenn and Christina pitch some new Gay Agenda items to Amber.
Mike and Chuy check out some spoiler free "The Last Jedi" reviews and get a little nostagic about the franchise. Also Mario Batali exposed, Hanibal Buress gets caught up drunk in public, bullying stories, and much more on this weeks edition of the #maximumchillage podcast.
Tiki Mike is fresh off his boat-less booze cruise to the Bay Area as he tells tales of the journey. Also join us as we discuss how Vice President once heroically narced his frat bros out about having a keg at their party. If thats not enough we dive deep into some Chipotle queso and reveal that they are ditching the old $hit and have a brand sp ...…
Pansexual. Non-gendered. Songwriter. These are all words that describe our good friend Anna. We chat with them about inclusion in queer spaces, gender presentation, and creating a new Queer Anthem.
December has arrived and in true holiday form we have some loved ones dropping in to the studio. Returning for the second time Bobby Torres joins us and discusses the new Marvel "Infinity War" Trailer and our first too raw for podcast moment happens where something has to be edited out. Find out more on this weeks episode of the podcast!…
It's Thanksgiving on the set and memories/traditions of turkey day are discussed. Also the Vans Warped Tour has decided to call it quits and our hearts are heavy and memories banks flooded with Warped Tour nostalgia. If thats not enough to tickle your pickle a bottle of whiskey is cracked open and we review raper Drake's whiskey "Virginia Black ...…
We chat with Alli Angelou, a cisgender lesbian, about finding the word "lesbian", internalized homophobia, and having a partner with the same first name. Christina gives horrible summaries for Golden Age musicals.
Join Chuy and Mike as they discuss Jim Carrey's new Netflix movie "Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond", a discussion about the greatest method actors of all time, and more on this week's Maximum Chillage Podcast!
It seems as if Morrissey gets off on cuckold*ng his fans and Tiki Mike experinces it first hand. Also, Its November and that means that we're all about to gain about 15 regretufll pounds, so In true turkey time fashion this weeks episode is a less high and more coherent Action Bronson food excursion.…
We welcome our first guest, Courtlyn, to discuss her identities as asexual, bi, and genderqueer. Jenn puts Courtlyn and Christina to the pun test with her mini-game.
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