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Hiatus is a mindfulness and poetry podcast featuring thoughtful breaks in your day. New soundscapes, poetry, and guided meditations every Tuesday. Creator Brian Cauley thinks it is quite easy to get caught up in the chaos of the world, your life, your day. They made Hiatus as a way to help find yourself in that chaos - to come back and find a centred place. Learn more at
CiTR -- Folk Oasis
Kumbaya-free folk music!(*currently on hiatus)
The Canon
Film critics Devin Faraci (BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH.) and Amy Nicholson (MTV News) have a weekly conversation about if a film is worthy to enter the Canon. They will put it up to fan vote at the end of the show, and the legacy of each movie will be officially decided forevermore. [This show is currently on hiatus]. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Howl.FM, ad-free. Use promo code ‘Earwolf’ for a 30-day free trial.
The Game of Thrones After Show recaps, discusses and comments on episodes of HBO's Game of Thrones. Additionally, during hiatus weeks, bonus episodes will be posted on topics related to the books and series.Show Summary: George R.R. Martin's best-selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" is brought to the screen as HBO sinks its considerable storytelling teeth into the medieval fantasy epic. It's the depiction of two powerful families -- kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and ...
For eight years the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel has produced weekly content of the Pagan flavor. Continuously growing, PMPC now offers a wide selection of news, views, music, and information to the Global Pagan community.Line-Up: Pagan-Musings Podcast with KaliSara and RevKess, Sundays at 7pm Central. Musica Pagani with RevKess (currently on hiatus). Pagan Weekly News with RevKess and KaliSara, Thursdays at 10pm Central. The Maiden, Mother, and Crone of Green Egg joined the line-up in 2015 ...
This show is an offshoot of the CraftLit podcast, bringing you all the book-chat and audiobook audio with none of the personal and crafty chit-chat you find on CraftLit. If you like audiobooks and you WANT to like classic literature, then this show was designed for you. The show is on semi-permanent hiatus. If you're looking for more books, checkout CraftLit. At the beginning of each episode you'll hear a timecode for the end-of-crafty-chat and the start-of -book talk so you can skip to the ...
Gotham Podcast
Justin Vactor and Hunter Camp, the dynamic duo of Gotham podcasting, return after a brief 3 year hiatus to bring you the latest and greatest from Gotham and Beyond!
Asking the most important people the least important questions. Back after a three year hiatus, it's the show where hosts Elizabeth Laime and her husband, psychic Andy, invite a special guest into their home and hang out for an hour!
Sabia's Sandbox
Podcasts brought to you by SabiaCoruja
After a two month hiatus In the Dark is back. On this episode David is joined by William Ramsey, who is the author of Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order, now available on amazon.
Wits was a weekly national public radio broadcast produced and distributed by American Public Media. As of September 2015, the broadcast ended. The stage shows that provided material for the broadcast are on hiatus, as is the podcast version of Wits. It is our intention to take a little time away from Wits and then look for ways to bring it back on stage and in podcast in a different form. On Wits, some of the top names in comedy and music have joined host John Moe for sketch comedy, improv, ...
Rockin Country Show
Weekly radio show featuring live guests each week.. Currently on hiatus..returning soon
The Kept Faith Podcast is back! After two years on hiatus, San Diego's Original Sports Blog has decided to grace the internets with it's award-winning* podcast once again! You're welcome. Listen as Dallas, Nick, and Producer Travis walk you through San Diego's sports headlines and news!
Good Advice with Sherry Shone - Voted one of the top best Tarot Podcasts by FM Podcasting network. I'm on hiatus while I focus on my video and business but please check out the archives and I'll be back in six months!!Hi! I’m a professional Tarot Reader, Intuitive Coach and the self proclaimed Shot to Your Ambition! Each week I’ll Shone you Right with a weekly Shiny Shot, a broad range of topics (Metaphysics, my favorite foods, celebrities and more), and Good Advice with a Shiny Spin. I'm go ...
Cash Withdrawal
While his other podcast is on hiatus, unlicensed therapist Cash Levy gives solace to those with symptoms of neglect. Minding someone else’s business one episode at a time, Cash fixes problems that don’t exist. Thoughtless contemplation, dime store philosophy, meritless opinions, and endless interruptions; this is one hour of comedy that you’ll look forward to regretting. “It’s cheaper then anti depressants and twice as ineffective”
The Sessions Podcast features two main "Session" series highlighting the best current electronic music. The Monthly Club / Workout Mix Features the best new as well as up and coming club / vocal house & dance music. Seasonal treats such as Pride, 'Anthems, and Soundkandi EDM Sessions are released periodically. Subscribe for free. Please take a moment to review / rate the podcast + Thank-you to everyone that subscribes and shares! // New: The Vault Sessions feature seasons past mixes that hav ...
Greetings from Meta Station, where a playwright and an English professor who have been best friends for sixteen years recap The CW's post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama "The 100." Season 5 returns in 2018, but stay tuned for all kinds of fun hiatus content!
This show is currently on hiatus.
A podcast about sharing our pop culture obsessions with people who've never seen them before. Hosted by Tom Harrison, currently on hiatus! Contact us at
Bitter Infertiles
A podcast about the never-ending struggle of making babies when your body refuses to cooperate. Please note: We're taking a short hiatus but we'll be back soon!
This is a FAN BASED podcast! We are actually the Biggest Loser Fan Podcast. However, during the summer hiatus, we decided that we wanted to review the tv show, Losing It With Jillian. If you are only interested in this show, this is the feed for you. If you want every episode of this podcast, check out
Deck Eight is a Star Trek Online podcast from that brings you STO news, tips and tricks, and Foundry reviews. The show is currently on hiatus, but please enjoy the back catalog of tips, discussion, walkthroughs, and interviews with STO creators.
After a seven-year hiatus, the RVC podcast returns with Dominic Barfield taking the reins and talking to the researchers at all stages in their careers about the work that they are doing at the UK’s oldest veterinary school. Continuing from the back catalogue from Dr Mattias Kleinz (episode 1 to 20) and Dr Mark Cleasby (episode 20-50) Dom with the help of Brian Cox will get you back up to speed with how the Royal Veterinary College, the University of London's veterinary school, is pushing th ...
Rundgren Radio is an online talk radio show for Todd Rundgren and music fans. Rundgren Radio has completed over 200 shows, had over 100 different guests, presented 41 Todd Rundgren concerts, and has had over a million downloads. The hosts are currently taking a hiatus but may return on occasion for special edition shows. If you would like to be alerted if they return for any shows, please sign-up for the e-mail database at the JOIN US page.
18% science, 27% irreverence, 22% current events, 56% geek life, 13% non-sequiturs and $19 of ranting. That's the formula for "Padre's Corner" – A show that's not necessarily about tech news, but created by those who love news about tech. Join Padre each week as he picks up the stories that fall through the cracks and geeks out with your favorite folks from around the Interwebz.Although the show is currently on hiatus, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
A young gambler is found shot dead in a closed room. Dr. Watson, who still mourns the disappearance of his famous friend is intrigued enough to step out of his house and take a look at the crime scene. A crowd has gathered there, curiously gazing up at the room where the crime is supposed to have taken place. Watson inadvertently jostles against an elderly, deformed man and knocks a stack of books from the fellow's hand. The man curses Watson vilely and disappears into the throng. It suddenl ...
Vintage Static
This is a podcast set up like the radio shows back in the 1920's , when families use to gather around an listen to stories .I do all the voices for this first season (hopefully I can get a little help later on).I'm currently on hiatus working on the second season(which will be a totally new story and a new set of characters) .I hope you like what you hear I appreciate you even reading this yip yap bio blah blah . Thanks an enjoy.
A fan-run podcast on all Yuri!!! on Ice related content: events, interviews, magazines, merchandise, and shenanigans. Hosted by Jaqi and Nikola. Currently on hiatus!
18% science, 27% irreverence, 22% current events, 56% geek life, 13% non-sequiturs and $19 of ranting. That's the formula for "Padre's Corner" – A show that's not necessarily about tech news, but created by those who love news about tech. Join Padre each week as he picks up the stories that fall through the cracks and geeks out with your favorite folks from around the Interwebz.Although the show is currently on hiatus, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent cover this week's fun facts in an irreverent look at the news.The show is currently on extended hiatus, but you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Star Trek: The Continuing Mission is an independent audio series created by Sebastian Prooth and Andy Tyrer. The show broke new ground with a globally spread cast and crew and numerous actors from the Star Trek TV series guest starring. Patrick McCray, who portrays Chief Engineer McGuire, a theatre director from Knoxville, Tennessee, was tapped as an additional Executive Producer of the series. Continuing Mission follows the adventures of the USS Montana under the command of Starfleet vetera ...
Mother's Wit
Mother's wit is common sense with a twist ;) The show is on hiatus at the moment, but I hope you'll take time to enjoy my archived broadcasts.
Smaller on the Outside is a TV Podcast primarily created for Doctor Who. However, when Doctor Who is on hiatus, we talk about other shows in the meantime.
Smaller on the Outside is a TV Podcast primarily created for Doctor Who. However, when Doctor Who is on hiatus, we talk about other shows in the meantime.
Woody and Buzzed
Woody and Buzzed is on temporary hiatus while Brian works a fancy writing gig in NY.
Back once again after a 4-year hiatus with the latest chapter of Deep In Africa. Continuing the journey on from Deep In Africa Part I, this sequel takes you deeper into the motherland, closer to the heart of Africa. So sit back, relax and experience the house music brought to you from the heart of Africa. El Doctoré
Almost Something
After a 6-year hiatus, they're back. Comedy also-rans Dan & Leon arrogantly return with a podcast that's definitely almost something, insofar as it's slightly more than nothing. Just.
After a long hiatus, Ghostly Talk has risen from the dead! Ghostly Talk began as a weekly paranormal talk show that started broadcasting in February 2002, before podcasting even existed. It originally started as a project between show hosts Doug & Scott L., as an outlet to talk about their experiences and adventures exploring the paranormal. It became one of the most popular paranormal shows to listen to other than Coast to Coast AM. After plenty of time off, the show is back with an unfilte ...
Table talk with Ti
After a 2yr hiatus, i'm ecstatic to be back on BTR!! I have a wonderful co-host, named Ronin.kick back, relax and feel free to join in our round table discussion, via the chat room or else you can call us at (713) 955-0671. respect is a must!!
Mac Tips Daily!
Quick tips to enhance the user experience of Mac OS X!Providing Tips to new Mac users and Mac Geeks around the world!www.thinkmac.netShow currently on Hiatus, but enjoy our back catalog!
The Godfather of Alternative Comedy delivers a mixture of stand-up, memoir and philosophy from behind the counter of his Imaginary Sandwich Bar.Episode 1 - Pretending & SandwichesAlexei explores his impulse to pretend and love of sandwiches. Along the way he reveals the little known origin of the prawn cocktail, debunks the myth that the Earl of Sandwich was the first person to put a bit of meat between two slices of bread and discusses the hidden depths of Taylor Swift.Episode 2 - Political ...
The book was first published in February 1905 by McClure, Phillips & Co. (New York) then on March 7, 1905 by Georges Newnes, Ltd. (London) and was the first Holmes collection since 1893, when Holmes had "died" in The Final Problem. Having published The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1901–1902 (setting it before Holmes' death) Doyle came under intense pressure to revive his famous character.The first story is set in 1894 and has Holmes returning in London and explaining the period from 1891–94, ...
Dr Who Livecast
Doctor Who Livecast is a weekly podcast where together we watch episodes from the 2005 series in order and share our thoughts and those of our guests and chat room. The goal is to create place where people can gather each week and share there thoughts on Doctor Who with others from around the world.This show is currently on hiatus.Our Logo was created by Dave Meads
Up and B
Brad and Chris have reunited after a long hiatus to talk about the latest in all things gaming!
Common Nonsense
Me and my idiot friends talk about topics we aren't qualified to discuss. Tune in every Monday-ish!**Currently on hiatus but we'll be back faster than you can say aasdkjfhlfhsfsd**
There's so much more to music than what meets the ear. Musicology With The Eagle is a podcast which explores beyond the chords to find and appreciate the hidden details of the music that you love, or might never have heard of.UPDATE (2017): MWTE is currently on hiatus after a 6-month burst of activity in the second half of 2015. Thus without a Soundcloud Pro Unlimited subscription in place, some of the older episodes (1 to 9) have automatically been hidden due to space restrictions. If you'r ...
Wits was a weekly national public radio broadcast produced and distributed by American Public Media. As of September 2015, the broadcast ended. The stage shows that provided material for the broadcast are on hiatus, as is the podcast version of Wits. It is our intention to take a little time away from Wits and then look for ways to bring it back on stage and in podcast in a different form. On Wits, some of the top names in comedy and music have joined host John Moe for sketch comedy, improv, ...
Up Too Late Podcast
A gaming news and discussion podcast hosted by three friends with very differing tastes.On hiatus, youtube only for now.
Peter and Scott, two village idiots just having a blast. After a four year hiatus, we're back to laugh and cry about technology, society, a little bit of terrible US politics, Aikido, cycling, food, beer, Boston, Portland, and any other topic that is relevant to today's human beings.It's the ultimate therapy-cast!
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“Archie survived fascism” - Rebecca“And that’s all she wrote till like, October” -MariaListen to us watch the SEASON 2 FINALE, as we swoon and squeal over Bughead, love the leather jacket solidarity toward the Serpents, and speculate on the effect all the finale’s new plot developments will have on Season 3, from Archie getting arrested to Moos ...…
Gabriel is back!!We recap Avengers: Infinity WarBreakdown and preview UFC:225Gabriel explains his hiatus from the Podcast TUNE IN
On the next broadcast, DNR Radio returns after it's long hiatus to make sense of the catastrophic times we live in. It will be an open field show where we will discuss everything from relationships to media manipulation. Tune in!
After a two week hiatus, the boys drink Decadent Brewing's Strawberry Creamsicle Double IPA. Alex and Jeremy spoil Deadpool 2 for everyone and discuss Donald Glover's new reign as supreme genius extraordinaire.
Back from a brief hiatus we perform a brief deep dive on the importance and overall meaning of reciprocation in relationships all while remembering the the eternal puzzle a wise women once asked :" Tell me who I have to be to gain some reciprocity "- Lauryn HillEmail Us : Love.Realations@gmail.comFollow us on IG :Love + Realations - @Love.reala ...…
After a small hiatus due to baby related scheduling problems Peri and Sarah are finally back with their longest episode yet! Sarah rants about bridezillas and Peri raves about comedian, John Mulaney! Cover art: @shay_dono Instagram @rantnravepodcast Twitter: @rantnravepod .
The California Governor's RacePeeling the Orange has returned after a long hiatus. In this episode they discuss the California Governor's race. Mike talks about the many uninformed citizens who attack the messenger and not the message. Collin points out how one guy is an owner of a local business and spouts off with extremely negative comments. ...…
Back from travel hiatus, we're covering the tropical attempt at catching that "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" lightning in a bottle, "Fool's Gold". Listen as we feverishly debate who is the worst, who is the best and which line of the sidekick who is main character in his own story we liked best. All that plus Fun Facts, Tenzies and much more! ( ...…
Sorry for the hiatus! Justyn went to New York for school so we pre-recorded this episode but we didn't get a chance to record more after they got back because they were very tired. We will be back posting weekley and we are very close to getting the rss issue solved.
SURPRISE! Sarah & Liza had such an unexpectedly wild beginning to their hiatuses, they just had to get together to talk about it all! That means: getting to a wedding guest's #metoo moment, all the new Chris Brown bullshit, and a round of praise for Shoez Majesty Michelle Wolf, and her new Netflix show! Shoes are ready to buuurn!!…
(5/8/18) I'm baaaaaack from my mini-hiatus.....I told you one was coming sooner, rather than later and I finally gave in to the lazy beast. In this week's episode I put Target's Restock up against Shipt, another Target subsidiary, and we figure out together which is the better option for lazy shopping. I also give you a quick review of all the ...…
(5/8/18) I'm baaaaaack from my mini-hiatus.....I told you one was coming sooner, rather than later and I finally gave in to the lazy beast. In this week's episode I put Target's Restock up against Shipt, another Target subsidiary, and we figure out together which is the better option for lazy shopping. I also give you a quick review of all the ...…
After a 2 week hiatus: Webb gets cynical about the Royal Wedding Gary gets left out when reviewing Deadpool 2 Brent gets sick AGAIN And more... Send any questions, comments, and feedback you have below or to Please leave a 5-star review on iTunes and other sites where our podcast can be found. Search Oaf Discussions Pod ...…
After a two week hiatus, all five members are back with a new, hilarious, episode! Santa Fe ShootingThe Royal WeddingKanyeBlack Women vs Black Men + more!
The Brothers end a two week hiatus to share stories of Cabo and Hollywood! Ron recaps a Royal Wedding sermon rant, and Rich finds out that everything he eats gives him cancer. Andrew Dice Clay tells Ron to 'Fuck Off!', and Rich confirms that taking a graduation photo proudly displaying your firearm at a college campus that suffered from gun vio ...…
Hey, look at that. Aaron and Tracy are back after a bit of a hiatus! They take a look at some of the highlights from the last three weeks, as well as the perfect Sunday morning movie: Deadpool 2! Comics Discussed: Batman #46 & 47 | Captain America #701 & 702 | Avengers #1 & 2 | Gideon Falls #3 | Curse Words #14 Date Night: Deadpool 2 Newlywed Q ...…
After a brief hiatus, the Jon and Sam return to soak up every morsel of information from two new episodes: The Cop Car & The Grande Apologano. Here's to as many more podcast lessons are there are podcasts in the cloud!
EPISODE 10 OF THE OUR BEST LIFE PODCAST!!We apologize if anything sounds funny or for any gaps. We had more technical difficulties and this 1 hour podcast took about 3 hours to record... but we persevered because we love you guys <3We are BACK after a 2 week hiatus! We talk gambling, Call of Duty, our Mount Rushmore of Things to Do at a Wedding ...…
The Clan is back. After a bit of a hiatus while Ben moves, we took a small break from the audio pod. We did record a few videos which can be seen on the youtube channel. This week we get into some Division and CS:GO. We made an attempt at Warframe, but Mike needs to get through the first before he can unlock the multiplayer. Annnndddd Kev still ...…
In this episode, Queen Simone suggests making a pre-trip checklist. The Travel Quips Podcast is on a vacation hiatus and releasing #TravelTipTuesday mini-episodes until we return. Full episodes will resume on Thursday, May 31. ************************ How to find Queen Simone: Instagram & Twitter: @travelquips Her Blog: Face ...…
Recorded at The Ryman, Genevieve and Marc from Company of Thieves let me invade their green room to talk about their newest projects, and what happened in their 5 year hiatus when things seemed to be going good for the band. Visit for all things of the band. Also, there's a clip of Daniel Ellsworth sharing the deta ...…
After taking a three-week hiatus, we're back! The lack of podcasting really shows in this episode, please bear with us.
After a temporary hiatus, we are back with Part 2 of our Rock 'n' Roll adventure!
Steve "Megatron" returns after a brief hiatus to discuss the latest in the Transformers world. From the new KB Toys announcements and possibilities with their relaunch to the new Transformers series. The discussion goes into the new Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy continuation and Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron. All this and more on the latest ...…
This week, at the end of the show's pseudo hiatus, we bring you the second installment of our special DnD series, recorded a mere couple months ago. Enjoy!
After a small hiatus, we are back and better than ever. In this episode of Té Time we have the ultimate catch up. We discuss the current racial injustice of our country, our love for Jennifer Lopez, how technology shapes the way we live our lives and as usual relationships.
After a little hiatus, Ravyn Nicole & DJ 313rd are back and are discussing role models, how many text are too many?, and muting R Kelly.Comment, Like, Subscribe & FollowIG - @HennyConversationsFacebook - Henny ConversationsTwitter - @HennyConvosSnapchat - @HennyConvosEmails can be sent to…
DC and Jer quickly learned how much it STINKS to move. The boys have been on hiatus while 2/3's of the show moved homes but we're back and ready to talk some MLB, NBA Draft Lottery, and NBA Playoffs.Who fits the Bulls the best whether it's at #7 or if they traded up? Should it be best player available or who fits the roster the best?How much lo ...…
After a brief hiatus and a switch in studios- Josh and Nate are BACK to their regular schedule! This week, Nate gets a creepy haircut from Steve Buscemi, discover the facts behind the great Lego and Fajita capers, and book a room at Belgium's Anus Hotel! Check us out on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and anywhere podcasts are downloaded! Leave ...…
Season 2 - Episode 1Sorry for the long hiatus but I am back! With a new season, and a new guest that I've been dying to share with you guys. I'm chatting with non-profit exec Jennifer Estrada about traveling around the world for work and navigating dating on work trips, dating fellow New Yorkers and "Is Your Person American?" Thanks for listeni ...…
The boys return from their spring hiatus to discuss where they are going, when they’ll be back, and other things that happened in the past.
After a brief hiatus, Phil and Kevin are back with the Greatest Entrance Music of All Time! We talk about some of the best entrance themes and what makes an entrance song so great!Follow us on Twitter @goatcastpod or shoot us an email at
Lindsay and Marie explain away their latest hiatus with their definitive ranking of all nineteen of the MCU movies. Warning, spoilers for ten years worth of movies. Theme: Big Splash by Evan Schaeffer.
S03E01: Cobalt 📺📻 In the season opener we pick up with the current events that surrounds Dewuan as he’s currently on hiatus from FryedOreo given the recent events surrounding his former boss. The price of fame is sometimes paid in blood and hammered in ore, we hope you enjoy episode one!
After a week long hiatus due to a technical malfunction Coach and CayRock are back! The guys pick a dojo to join between Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do Karate. Talk about Avengers, Lost In Space, and DeadPool 2! Plus their Mt Rushmore of disappointing Superhero movies.SPOILER ZONE: This is spoiler heavy episode so the entire episode is a potential spo ...…
Hello Geek and Geekettes!!! We're back!!! In this episode, Trenton and I talk about our movie and T.V. updates since the hiatus. Trailer breakdown of the first teaser of Bohemian Rhapsody. For our main topic we talk about who Captain Marvel is and how she will tie into the MCU. We hope you will enjoy our podcast, please share and subscribe to o ...…
The guys are back after a month long hiatus and the episode picks up mid-debate and Fisher getting some flak for his Eagles takes. The remainder of the episode, the guys jump into some MLB talk, who can dethrone the Yankees and Red Sox and some Manny Machado trade talk. In the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights win the Western Conference Finals cont ...…
Our month-long shopping hiatus came to a close last week, so today we’re sharing our results! What was the most difficult part? How did it change our habits? What were we dying to buy first after it ended? And - most importantly - how did it impact our bank account? We’re sharing all those details, along with some ideas for you to try if you’re ...…
Well we after a brief hiatus of a week to remind ourselves that this is a comedy podcast we're back in full swing with lots of zingers and even some good natured celebrity net worth guessing games. This week we watch a mid two thousands, which felt like a mid nineties sitcom, that somehow both does and doesn't explain where David Spade has been ...…
We are thrilled to come back from hiatus long enough to provide this update on the case from Episode 35 about Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg. Hopefully one day we will have to change the entire title of the Cold Case Dossier series due to them all having the same result. Music by: Kai Engel "Daemones" This work is licensed under the Creative ...…
They say the first 45 minutes of a podcast are the hardest to record and oh boy are they right! After a brief hiatus the gang is back to talk about how their lives have evolved since the Waltham studio days. Ethan is now an established adult with credit and his visiting a haunted school in Waltham! Vinny is adopting a tree and running from his ...…
Guess Who's Back?..We're back! After a little hiatus the guys are back to debate once more! Blake goes against a raspy Bronx Disputer to see who had the best moment in Flatbush Zombies' new album, and the best tracks off of two anniversary albums. Tune in to find out which ones.Enjoy the program
Another hiatus, but Long Distance Lit is back! This month, Katie and Sarah are discussing The Raven and the Reindeer by T. Kingfisher, a novella retelling of the The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. They also talk about the original Snow Queen fairytale as well as the novella's parallels to a certain Disney film (though not the one you'd ...…
Huge nerd fest this week! Dan Ramirez from "Heroes of Noise" and "The Word" joins me on the show for the first time. Chris from "Attention Deficit Order" joins me for the second week in a row. Clint Thiele from "Geek Dig" is back after a few years hiatus! We talk movies, show, video game and throw in a fun random improv skit in the middle. Enjo ...…
Each episode we'll have a conversation about an idea that we recently learned about (and how we wish we had thought of it ourselves). This week's talking points include: a 6 month hiatus, board games, drag queens and D&D. If you like what you hear let us know in a comment or on Twitter or Facebook and please subscribe! Theme music is the track ...…
We are back from our short and unexpected hiatus with a handful of new dates to sample We went a little dark this episode as requested by listeners so be aware that there is mention of body horror sexual assault child death and murder Join us as we travel around the world to meet four ladies who are willing to put it all on the table for a chan ...…
Happy Sunday, Buds! And welcome to our 22nd episode. This week we brought on Jesse Peters, co-founder and CEO of Eco Firma Farms. If you’re not familiar with Eco Firma, that should change soon because they are back from a year-long hiatus during which they built out their cultivation facility to drastically surpass any environmental standards s ...…
After a short hiatus, the boys are back to recap 2 big episodes as we get to our final 6. The #DonFather has been a great friend of the cast, but did he go too rouge these last 2 tribals?
In this come back episode, Ella speaks about her hiatus from social media, perfectionism and her reflections on Self-Love.For the Full Show Notes, Please visit: by Mitu Article - These Latinas Will Give You The Mental Health Boost You Need: ...…
Hiatus is over! We're back from Gold Coast Supanova, with our guest Simon Hayward as we discuss Avengers: Infinity War, The Charmed Reboot, Captain Marvel and Free Comic Book Day! Make sure you check out the Machineland Vol.1 TPB now over ...and thats with 3 'w', not 2.. Hosted by Pauldo and Manda Jayne…
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