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High Scores
A weekly show about Video Game music where we cover all the bases. From retro 8-bit tunes to orchestral medleys, covers and even remixes, along with weekly discussion from your three hosts, Jackson, Mateo and Miqueas.
High Score
Video game, leagues, tournaments, console, PC, virtual reality, and private parties.
Not Quite High Score
Cousins collide in Not Quite High Score, a bi-weekly gaming discussion podcast where family values take a back seat to debates and discussions as heated as our mothers will allow.Send us an e-mail at for topics you would like us to discuss in future episodes.
High Scores Podcast
Two comedians bring on a new guest each week for a pinball & comedy podcast w/ casual conversations about pinball. We talk pinball, tell stories, we also play together in a league pinball in PinballNYC. New pinball episodes every Wednesday morning.
Jumping the Shark
No High Scores' official podcast.
2 Dudes and a NES
We are 2 dudes who play retro Nintendo games. Each show will focus on one game. We will play the game leading up to the show and then discuss it during the show providing listeners with a little bit of history and stats of the game itself as well as our experiences with the game; both old and new.
Have It All
Welcome to Have It All, a podcast from Guy and Ilan Ferdman of SatoriPrime. Through this show, we are going to dive into what it means to truly have it all, to have a ‘10’ in every area of your life. Not an 8 or 9, not a very good, or good enough. But a true 10 out of 10, all time high-score, in every area of your life.
Connected Life Video Podcast
If you've owned an Atari or a Gameboy, or ever compared Facebook friends, you're one of us.We love technology - the good stuff, that makes your life easier and more fun - and each week we explore the latest, the most talked about, and the undiscovered. Through interviews, product reviews, news flashes and comments from the public - you'll be entertained, enlightened, and prepped for the water cooler. Sit back with Bradley Shende for a 5 minute ride that will keep you connected - and don't wo ...
Grab your coins and come in to Club SEGA where we celebrate the best of the SEGA arcade scene. Playing music from the 80's all the way to the present day, experience the sounds of some of your favourite arcade games. There's competitions and high scores to beat as well as some discussion on the hardware that changed gaming forever.
The Galloping Ghost Arcade Podcast
In the Galloping Ghost Arcade Official Podcast, hosts Doc Mack (owner of Galloping Ghost Arcade) and Pete Hahn (master gamer and multiple World Record holder) discuss a variety of topics, ranging from upcoming events and tournaments happening at the Arcade, new games coming to the Arcade floor, new high scores and World Records set at the Arcade, and any other topics that are relevant to the Arcade, its customers, or the classic gaming scene as a whole. Frequently they are joined by guests f ...
General Chat
Passion is the emotion behind fandom. Whether it’s over games, movies, or books, it's the feeling that connects us. Passion for story, for adventure, for honor and glory. It is what makes us run an instance over and over for waiting for that rare loot drop. It’s what keeps us up all night trying to get the high score in Nibbler. It's what makes us gather online, by a table, or in a convention center. Passion is what fans run on and on General Chat we talk to a different guest Bi-Weekly to fi ...
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Run Up The Score: A Fantasy Football Podcast
In this episode, the RUTS Boys break down the less-than-stellar Week 11 Slate. Discussions include the impact of Tyrod Taylor being benched, Ezekiel Elliot dropping the appeal of his suspension, and the potential for a high-scoring game between New England and Oakland.
This week Jagan is taking over again with a music-packed episode, where he talks about a recent news event and plays music from games like Fortnite, Battlefront 2, Sora, Nioh, and more!Check out the set list at: 15, 2017
DFSR's Doug Norrie and James Davis take to the Friday NBA podcast to break down a big slate of basketball action for FanDuel and DraftKings. It's mostly a story of 2-3 games with Orlando-Phoenix and Portland- Brooklyn looking like the high-scoring, fast-paced games to target. But there's also significant injury news we need to suss out in Bosto ...…
Dennis Dodd covers College Football for CBS Sports, he joined Bruce and Maddie on Thursday to preview the huge weekend in College Football. What should we expect from the Buckeyes after their loss at Iowa? Could Georgia be in for an upset this weekend at Aubrun? Why doesn't the Big 12 get any respect for their high-scoring games?…
The football playoffs are in full swing for all classifications, and some big matchups loom this week. In 3A, North Pontotoc hosts Houston in what could be a high-scoring affair (10:41). That game will feature two of the area’s top quarterbacks in Clark Mills and Urriah Shephard. There’s another all-area matchup in 4A, with Pontotoc visiting Co ...…
The latest on the best high school football action in the Cincinnati Tri-State area. Featuring: Madison Mohawks victorious in a close one over Anna. Sycamore over Milford in a high scoring double overtime game and a win for Sidney.
The ladies delayed the podcast a day, as only true sports fans would…to watch the WORLD SERIES game 7. But the went on tonight with guest Natasha Gransberry, founder of Pumps Cleats Couture, author of The Gransberry Gridiron Guide, friend of Girlchatsports and DIE HARD Houston Sports fan! It was the perfect time to talk MLB, the Astros and thei ...…
Tom and Darik go Greg-less, pine for a warm-weather satellite office, talk TNF, and preview Sunday's Week 8 slate. Topics covered: Alex Collins, Tom's epic 6-minute "Fuckin' Jay Ajayi" rant (yes, 6 minutes), a home league question,from Darik which now will come to an actual coin flip on the Raiders RBs, Snead, Falcons favored by 5 at NYJ (why?) ...…
Shoot for the high score with us as we chat with Zen Studios' own Mel Kirk about our favorite pinball tables and memories, plus interviews from PRGE 2017!
Retro Junkies Network
Wahoo! A busy, busty 3 weeks has gone by. The Sky Skipper event / Arcade Club party went well, Play Expo was on, Victor and Shaun have been busy as fuel injected bees with a heavy schedule and to top that we had some lovely Americans over! The past weeks have been chock full of arcade fun. “Doesn’t like rum n raisin” ? “Likes slippers” ? “Point ...…
We break down how the Eagles shocked the critics and beat a very talented Louisville team on the road, how they were able to achieve a late lead and hold on to it, what the most impressive aspects of the win were, how BC went from losing 52-7 last year to winning in a high scoring shootout this year, and what this win means for the team going f ...…
Fantasy Sports Club Premiership Rugby podcast
Neil and Christie preview all the week 6 matches in the Premiership. They discuss a potentially high scoring game at the Stoop and why even in a tough match-up the returning Sam Simmonds is a must start. Plus, can Gloucester stop the Saints dynamic wing duo?
The TechnoFunkBoy Daily 5
High scores in Nintendo Power
(Tweet at us if you understand why this is our episode title! Bonus nerd points!) It's our parody episode! Spoofs and references abound as we discuss our favorite franchises, our favorite franchise parodies, and our favorite parody franchises. Whew. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue! Highlights include Airplane! and other Leslie Nie ...…
Fantasy Football - Triple Coverage Podcast
The Boys are back! Travis @TripleCoTravis, Jay @TripleCoJay and James @TripleCoJames review the previous Thursday Night Football game fromSeptember 21st between LA Rams and SF 49ers. The Surprising high scoring affair featured fantastic fantasy performances by Sammy Watkins, Todd Gurley, Pierre Garcon and Carlos Hyde. Thursday Triple Threat Bet ...…
This week was a crazy one for the NFL, from Trump and protests to high scores and upsets. On this episode, Reece and Fergus take you through all the action as well as previewing the upcoming weekend of games.
Ten Pence Arcade
No Victor this week, so Shaun is joined by The Taggsta and Daz Domination from ‘Stralia, and we have returned to the Fantasy Zone to shoot mammoths in the face. No sign of Opa Opa this time, just a guy with a gun on a mission to destroy. Fly like a really fast bird, or maybe a quick insect, all over the screen. Don’t run into owt or you may die ...…
The pressure is building and The Tomb of Horrors continues to challenge the Team with some of the worst dangers and traps in the book…and it’s going to take everything the Team has to beat Ace at his own game! So join us as Buckthurn makes a shocking discovery, Pooprat turns up the heat, and Ms. Sunshine bears all. Grab your Power Glove and put ...…
Blue Cheese Radio
Week one is in the books and after a slow start offensively, the Packers begin the regular season with an impressive 17-9 victory over the Seattle Seahawks! On this super-sized edition of Blue Cheese Radio, we take a look at the keys to the Packers victory over the Seahawks including a DOMINANT performance by "The Manbeast" Mike Daniels. Will t ...…
Recap of Week 1 action in our fantasy football league. We go over high scorers, tough breaks, and look forward to week 2 with some projections and who might be in trouble this early in the season.
Space: The final frontier, where no one can hear you scream, and a great setting for pop culture! In this episode, we're talking all things space. Space travel, space tropes, spacemen, etc. Plus we're offering tons of space-related pop culture recommendations along the way, from Sunshine to Moon and just about every franchise with "star" in the ...…
Hoboken Real Estate Podcast with Brian Riolo
When people buy a home, a number of factors will influence their decision, including the home’s look, the number of bedrooms, the style of building, and what amenities come with the building. Child-related amenities are also important factors—is the school within walking distance, as well as any parks or similar facilities?A lot of people may n ...…
NFL football is officially back as the 2017 season kicked off last night with the Chiefs pulling off a remarkable upset victory over the defending-Super Bowl champion Patriots. Today, we will recap that game and preview the rest of the action in what promises to be an exciting opening week in the National Football League with our good friend Ha ...…
This week Jagan brings you an episode with music from start to finish! He plays tracks from games like Super Mario Galaxy, Catherine, and Final Fantasy VII Check out the set list at: Sept. 6, 2017
Quack 12 Podcast
It has begun! Oregon is back and quacker than ever. Join us as we review the Pac 12 Football teams and review Oregon's high-scoring win as well as their looming corn loving opponent. Also we revisit how truly brutal 1890s football was.
Hi, all! It's rerun time again, but with a BRAND-NEW BONUS INTRO! Tune in to hear Meg's mini fall TV preview. Enjoy and keep an ear out for new episodes coming your way soon. Original Show Notes: We <3 Robots. OK, was going for an "I, Robot" thing there, but you know what, never mind... So robots! We love 'em. In real life and especially in pop ...…
[Photo by: Taylor Swift/Twitter] Taylor Swift just dropped her first single since 1989, called "Look What You Made Me Do." Thanks in part to having some pretty wild samples on that track, plus a seriously hardcore rollout, the song has already peaked at #1 on the iTunes worldwide charts.  In support of her upcoming album Reputation, out in Nove ...…
Ten Pence Arcade
Singing, dancing, impressions, the medium of higher thinking – you name it, we don’t cover any of it in this podcast. Cool arcade stuff, what we’ve been playing and a review of some bobbins game IS what we do this time. Oh yes. We ask ourselves is “Mega Twins” just a cheesey euphamism for a lady’s bosoms? and remember… ALL CUSTARDS ARE GOOD CUS ...…
Correction: When Jen refers to the E.T. "DVD", she of course means "VHS tape" because DVDs weren't invented yet. #old Hey guys, it's summer and we have had a lot of reruns lately so we are super excited to bring you some brand new original content! We are discussing our favorite summer movies and books! What gives us that front porch sitting, t ...…
Jonathan, Kallan and Jarrett strap on their power gloves and play through Nintendo's full length feature film commercial The Wizard. Is this the movie Rain Man for kids? Could you just run around the backlot of Universal Studios in '89? And which actor became a convicted felon? Grap the magic flute, get the high score in Double Dragon and strap ...…
All three of us convene this week to discuss the problem with the Metroid amiibo, but first we talk about some pressing matters, like our Ironcast audio review! We also spend some time talking about our experiences with arcades and how awesome they are. Then we finish by complaining about how the hardest mode in Metroid: Samus Returns is locked ...…
Sermons – Redemption Church Plano Texas
The Name Game is a frustrating game where you have allowed someone to define you with the wrong name. Names Matter. Names Define. Beware the namer who would name you from their frustration or lack of focus. Once someone is named it is difficult to change. Names matter. Names define. As Rachel was breathing her last she named her son Ben-Oni, wh ...…
High Scores Podcast
On today's episode we interview one of our biggest fans, WET BUTT DISEASE. In this episode, we talk about translites, Matt makes everyone listen to ASMR videos, we also talk about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (pinball), and talk about Jackbar located in Brooklyn. Please rate us 5 stars on iTunes!
Ten Pence Arcade
Well, well – we’re back after a summer holiday (of sorts) Has the evil Dr Micro poisoned the test tubes with cranberry juice and have the annoyed looking tomatoes cheered up yet? Flop, float and jump your way thru this simple platformer to absolute boredom! Yay. Hmmm. TIMESTAMP: What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0m 0s Arcade News – ...…
Podcast: Día de Cómics Fecha de los cómics: 2/Agosto/2017 Host: ElíasCo-Host: FedeCo-Host: ChelaNotas del showTag inicial INTRO MUSICAL Bienvenida al Podcast “Día de Cómics” / Introducciones Alerta de Spoilers _________________________________ DC Rebirth: – Justice League #26 – Superman #28 – Cyborg #15 – Green Lanterns #28 – Green Arrow #28 – ...…
Hi all! We have another re-run for you guys today. It's one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy it. I recorded a short BRAND NEW BONUS INTRO for this episode in which I give a couple of new random recs. Enjoy and we will see you in a couple weeks. <3 Jen Original Show Notes: Hi everyone! Today we have some new excitingness for you! We introduc ...…
High Scores Podcast
Matt is sick, and Joe won't stop farting or doing dumb bits. But we also talk about Buttermilk Bar in Park Slope, a Jeopardy style term of the week, and we talk about the classic table "Central Park." Please rate us 5 stars on Itunes and share us with a friend. Thanks for listening!
The guys pledge their allegiance to this podcast as they discuss The Father/Son Game and realize how ridiculously high scoring softball games truly are.
Filling The Void Podcast Network
The guys pledge their allegiance to this podcast as they discuss The Father/Son Game and realize how ridiculously high scoring softball games truly are.
In this episode, join us as we discuss what games we are playing this week, beat the dead Andromeda horse even further, and discuss the Destiny 2 beta and San Diego Comic-Con 2017.
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