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Historias Balompédicas - La Patada FM
Un recorrido histórico por el deporte rey
Os Melhores Adeptos
Podcast sobre o Vitória e "Os Belenenses" - um espaço de informação e debate sobre dois históricos.
Notas Históricas
Repositorio de podcasts históricos aparecidos en otros medios
Feel Free 2 Disagree Podcast
Feel Free 2 Disagree podcast with host Rico addresses current events and issues surrounding the black community.
Cerca de la Revolución
Cerca de la Revolución es un programa de dos horas semanales con lo mejor del rock argentino: lanzamientos, entrevistas, rescates históricos. Es producido por y está disponible para libre descarga y emisión para radios independientes.
La setmana de...
Cada setmana us proposem un tema monogrfic. Ens ocupem dels compositors i de les seves obres, de la literatura musical dedicada a diferents agrupacions instrumentals o b a diferents temes literaris, histrics... que troben un nexe d'uni amb la msica.
After Dark with Frankie Moreno - Audio (Vegas Video Network)
A behind-the-scenes look at Stratosphere’s Frankie Moreno, live from his tricked-out dressing room in Las Vegas. (Audio)
After Dark with Frankie Moreno (Vegas Video Network)
A behind-the-scenes look at Stratosphere’s Frankie Moreno, live from his tricked-out dressing room in Las Vegas.
Apocalipse Afro-Descendente
Este programa tem como objetivo a divulgação da verdade da palavra do Senhor Altíssimo (Que a gente se trata com "Deus") a partir do ponto de vista HISTÓRICO, ANTROPOLÓGICO e GEOGRÁFICO mediante a LEITURA EXAUSTIVA da Sagrada Bíblia. Não oferecemos nem aderimos a nenhuma religião, denominação religiosa ou filosofia política ou esotérica. A mensagem que compartilhamos é de que os descendentes hoje dos chamados "Africanos" trazidos para as "Américas" há 500 anos por séculos durante o Comércio ...
O falangullo axóuxere é o programa semanal dirixido por Silvia Tuñas Añón e Anxo Núñez Fernández no que falaremos das últimas novas, debatiremos e escoitaremos moitas sensibilidades diferentes dende un punto de vista moi propio. O programa conta xa con 3 tempadas repletas de contido e de momentos históricos cheos de emoción e significado. Non planeamos un fin para o proxecto e tampouco o realizamos con ánimo de lucro, se non como unha aposta por ofrecer unha alternativa informativa e de deba ...
KO to Prep Area
Various topics about Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men. From Specific Hero discussions, Tips on Building Teams to even Advanced Game Theory and Mechanics, you can hear Host Rico and Sidekick JP laugh along each topic with you as they create a fun outlet for all things Dice Masters.
Makaa'id al-Shaitan
Makaaid al shaitan (the plots of the devil) is a must-listen series of eye opening lectures in which we learn how the devil, our biggest enemy, is working and planning day and night to deviate us from the path of success. You will also find the ultimate guide to learn strategies from the Quran and Sunnah to fight against his tricks and traps in these amazing lectures by Dr. Farhat Hashmi.
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Dane Martinez opens the program looking back at the violent Monday Night game between the Bengals and Steelers. Looking back, Dane says his trick of picking a player from the Monday night game worked, specifically with Giovani Bernard. Dane looks at some more waiver pick-ups to look at, including DeDe Westbrook and much to his chagrin, Josh Gor ...…
How do you pick the right real estate agent? If you are like 70% of Americans, you probably just hire the first person you speak with. And you probably won’t ask about the agent’s performance and track record. Because of this, Aaron Hendon believe many home owners are being short changed during real estate transactions. Aaron is a Seattle Realt ...…
Strictly Recess
On this weeks episode host Rico Hustle and ReidnWrite talk sports, sports, and more sports, with a little bit of Lil Uzi. How important is having a good coach. the evolution of the NBA and NFL. Which athlete transitions to other sports the easiest. Clemson should not be ranked #2 in the CFP rankings!…
This week, Cory speaks to entrepreneur, founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg, who is best known for have founded Automattic, which is behind brands, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote and more; reaching more than a billion people a month. In this weeks episode, Matt talks about how he got into technology, what his high school and college ...…
¿Cuáles son las principales instituciones internacionales rectoras de la agenda de cambio climático y cuáles son sus principales funciones?, y ¿cuáles son los factores y prioridades que facilitarán una transformación social hacia el desarrollo sostenible? La doctora Gisela Alonso, miembro del Grupo de Alto Nivel sobre la Agenda post-2015 para e ...…
We have original music by the phenomenal pianist, composer and producer Misha Piatigorksy on today’s episode. The Moscow-born, NYC-based musician is first heard with his trio (featuring Danton Boller and Rudy Royston), recorded live at Zinc Bar on June 23rd & 24th in New York, NY. After that, stay tuned for a remarkable solo piano recording fro ...…
This week, we delve into the creative mind of artist and self producer Eric Althin, AKA Sad Salesman. Like a wizard, Eric magically appeared onto the toy scene and quickly captured the hearts of many collectors with his wonderful world of whimsical characters. He pulls up his sleeves and reveals all his tricks and other dope things. Leaks and S ...…
Dynamo drops in for a chat today on The JaackMaate Podcast and discusses the ins and outs of his life. How the bullies inspired his magic, how Dynamo fans can learn his tricks and much, much more.
Radio Matera: Bilingual Radio to practice Spanish and English
Español abajo. In this program, some tips(in Spanish) on how to not be such an introvert, the biography of a lesser known but very influential Freud, and a trip to Buenos Aires' colorful neighborhood of La Boca. En este programa, vemos algunos "tips" para no ser tan introvertido, la biografía de una Freud no tan conocida pero de mucha influenci ...…
Radio Matera: Bilingual Radio to practice Spanish and English
Español abajo. In this program, a special guest talks to us about the historic neighborhood of Flores in Buenos Aires, tells us the origins of the word lunfardo word "piola", and examines the differences in slang usage in through generations.En este programa, un invitado especial nos habla acerca del histórico barrio de Flores en la ciudad de B ...…
Radio Matera: Bilingual Radio to practice Spanish and English
Español abajo. In this program, we round off the list of "yerba mate" terminology, take a visit to the historical porteño neighborhood of San Telmo, and investigate the history of the word "groovy". En este programa, terminamos con la lista de términos asociados con la yerba mate, viajamos al barrio histórico porteño de San Telmo, e investigamo ...…
No Nerdologia História de hoje conheça um pouco mais sobre a Índia.Apresentação e Roteiro:Filipe Figueiredo -ção e Arte:Estúdio 42 - História Concisa da Índia Moderna, de Barbara D. Metcalf: The Indian Mutiny 1857–58, da série Essential Histor ...…
Happy Hour with Johnny and Duce
Johnny, Duce and special guest host: Nathan Rapert are joined by local Orlando Icon, Marc with a C! Marc talks about his love of Vinyl, Frank Zappa and playing live shows! Check it out!Marc was born at a very young age. He’s been obsessively making lo-fi nerdy pop jams for about eighteen years now, and his latest album is called Unicorns Get Mo ...…
If you missed Yankl Falk's amazing concert on August 17, fear not! I'll be playing some of the tunes he and his trio performed. Check it out!
Today we talk with one of the greatest ideators in Tongal history! He’s and the current #1 in the ideator leaderboard and winner of the first ever ideator Tongie. You probably see his name every week for winning some project or another so learn his tricks! David Kilgo talks about his ideating process, what its been like to work with some other ...…
Chip and Cern bring regular guest Stat Boy Dana on board to chat about some DirectTV stuff that has Cern on the ropes. Chip shares his trick that he got to get out of the 2 year contract. The show starts off with Chip and Cern enjoying some sour beer. They have been on a big sour kick lately and are enjoying the Dark Swan from Lagunitas. Joe ca ...…
Freestyle motocross rider Levi Sherwood discussed with Daniel McHardy his massive success at the X Games in Minneapolis just days ago. He also spoke about how sketchy his tricks are.
A special edition of the Spanish Jazz radio show 'Club de Jazz' where we conducted an interview with Uri Caine. Uri Caine was born in Philadelphia in 1956 and lives in New York since 1985. His very unique approach to music making, arranging and improvising is clearly felt in projects such as those around the music of Mahler, Wagner or Bach, his ...…
Sound Media Productions — Greedy Anansi tries to trick his friends, the crows, into giving him more than his fair share of figs. The crows uncover his tricks and abandon him on an island. He tries to fly, but lands in the river amongst the crocodiles. This seems like the end for Anansi. Will he find a way out....?…
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