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In this podcast we will talk with each other, friends, family, and strangers about the high and low moments of our lives. The day-to-day highs and lows. These moments, though seemingly insignificant, are an important part of our experience. The major highs and lows define us, and these we will explore occasionally.
The Gandys Grimm are a group, a family actually, A family of story tellers, Authors, creature creators, special F/X artists, film makers and some of us sing too. Welcome and please enjoy some homespun horror from The Gandys Grimm. Check out the Author at
H&M We Love Horses
We Love Horses - en podd från och om EM i Göteborg 2017.
With Fire and Sword (Byers) by BYERS, Samuel H. M.
Samuel H. M. Byers was an American poet, diplomat, and soldier in the Civil War. "In war some persons seek adventures; others have them in spite of themselves. It happened that the writer of this book belonged to a regiment that seemed to be always in the midst of great experiences. It was, in fact, one of the few regiments that absolutely fought themselves out of existence. It was mustered in a thousand strong; it lost seven hundred and seventy-seven men by death, wounds, and disease. The f ...
Hypnotize Me | Hypnosis | Transformation | Healing | Mindfulness | Meditation | Psychology | Rapid Change | Dr. Elizabeth Bonet
Learn more about hypnosis, transformation and healing as well as mindfulness, meditation, and psychology that have helped people make rapid change in their lives and their lifestyles for millennium with the Hypnotize Me podcast. Free meditation and hypnoses included. Certified hypnotherapist Dr. Elizabeth Bonet gives quick-paced 10-30 minute weekly episodes discussing the research behind hypnosis, interviewing the professionals doing it, and talking to individuals who have had hypnosis to se ...
Godspeed Podcast
Seeking Truth w/ Fearless People of All Different Faiths Through Conversations That Unite Us Hosted By HM Magazine
Pallet Town Gym
A Pokemon Podcast to give you all the latest news on the Pokemon games, as well as tips strategies for your team, and so much more.
Big Brother Radio
The HOME of Dr. Detroit, GarryBB & Sarah!Talking Big Brother UK with Guests, Former HM's, and Celebrities from the world of Big Brother!Skype Calls Taken!Add: drdetroit09
The Crossover Show
Motorcop ( and The Happy Medic ( bring you the Internet's Premier (and only) Police, Fire, and EMS podcast. Show topics run the gamut from on-duty scenarios to leadership to personal/professional development. MC and HM bring you valuable content with a smile, some snark, and a frosty adult beverage.
Audio Fusion
Audio Fusion is a fortnightly entertainment podcast brought to you by Cubechris, Mike and CVD from the forums, where we discuss the latest happenings in film, television and gaming.. with almost-always disastrous results.
Christ Community Church - Sermon Audio
We are a local body of beleivers in Tampa, FL committed to the supremacy and priority of Jesus Christ. This is why we are called "Christ Community Church". Christ is our Head and we desire to serve, follow and glorify Hm always and in every way. This Podcast includes sermons from Dr. J. Kirk Johnston as well as sermons from Pastor Jon Wixtrom, Aaron Bullian, Frank Gil and others. For more information please go to
Jacqueline of Golden River by ROUSSEAU, Victor
Jacqueline seems to have contracted a touch of amnesia, as she is found in an apartment with a dead man, and with a weapon in her hand. But she remembers nothing of any incident, remembers not her name nor where she comes from, not even why she is where she was found. She only remembers her father, and that he is in danger. Action and adventure soon follow, as Paul Hewlett and Jacqueline attempt to get answers to her questions, taking them on a journey into Quebec and points northward, and P ...
Emerald City of Oz, The by BAUM, L. Frank
The Emerald City of Oz (1910) was the sixth Oz book written by L. Frank Baum, a title he hoped would be the last. In this book, Dorothy and her impoverished Uncle Henry and Aunt Em are on the brink of losing their Kansas farm. Consequently, Ozma invites them all to live in the Emerald City. They then explore the countryside, visiting a series of strange beings including the Cuttenclips, the Fuddles, the Rigmaroles, the Flutterbudgets, and the residents of Utensia, Bunbury and Bunnybury. Aunt ...
Russell Prue
Russell is an award winning International ICT Evangelist, Author and Broadcaster. He spends most of his time speaking to education conferences about exciting uses of ICT. Russell trains educators, leads exciting student workshops and advises key UK education players on their strategic development.This is where you'll find all of Russell's live radio workshops as a SoundCloud listen again file, most are available for download and some appear on our SoundCloud RSS Feed and inside iTunes.Twelve ...
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New show with fresh Reggae & Dancehallmusic. Featuring riddims like: Cotton Swab, Pure Emotions, Cup & Spoon, Real Swing, Many Waves, SkyScraper, Fast Life, All Night, Zara, Dancehall Tide, Ball Game, Zombie, Timer, Moscow, Mhm Hm… Also introducing new tunes and albums like: Stereo Luchs - LINCE, Randy Valentine - New Narrative, Various Artists ...…
Hypnotize Me | Hypnosis | Transformation | Healing | Mindfulness | Meditation | Psychology | Rapid Change | Dr. Elizabeth Bonet
Welcome! Dr. Elizabeth Bonet discusses some of the research around cancer care and controlling pain with hypnosis. We'll Learn: How hypnosis shows up on neurological scans What area of the brain processes pain and how hypnosis affects it. How hypnosis can be helpful to reduce the experience of pain and raise the quality of life during cancer tr ...…
About Today’s Podcast Join Chris Jeub as he explains the new membership model. He also introduces the first releases for Season 18, consisting of foundational articles and lessons for all debaters and limited-prep speakers. Your Host Chris Jeub Coach Jeub is owner of Monument Publishing. He authors and co-authors several of the publications, bu ...…
Nicole Wolter is the President and CEO of HM Manufacturing with a background in engineering and finance. She has overseen the complete renovation of the company’s technology and engineering processes to become a 21st Century manufacturer. She is also dedicated to promoting STEM and manufacturing to future generations. Listen in as Lew and Tim d ...…
The Table Podcast - Issues of God and Culture
Darrell Bock Welcome to The Table where we discuss issues of God and culture. I’m Darrell Bock, Executive Director at the Hendricks Center and also Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies here at Dallas Theological Seminary. My guests are John Hannah to my left and Michael Svigel to my right and my topic is the 500th anniversary of t ...…
Managing money as a mechanic is really no different than any other profession managing money. Yet I have seen so many people in the industry get in a bad way because of how they manage money and time. By time I mean flat rate hours they make. Today we are talking about some ways to better manage that money including STAYING OFF THE TOOL TRUCK! ...…
O\O`A hM@A iHC J^B}A A H\I
A selection of Vybz Kartels hottest songs released in 2017.Available for bookings worldwide: info@dancehallgenerals.comIG: dancehallgenerals
Sir DJ Corey - 6th October 20171. Come Over Mi Yard - Trillary Banks 2. Pepper & Spice - Trillary Banks Feat Inch ( Section Boyz ) 3. Gold Remix - Alicai Harley ft. Cham 4. Love Situations - Jada Kingdom 5. What A Night - Lisa Mercedez, Stylo G, Steff London, Monique Lawz 6. Nothing Dem Nuh Have Ova Me - Shenseea 7. Gyalis Pro - Alkaline & Sean ...…
Following on from the last video on books, I am responding here to a comment in the comments section about Islamic books. The books here are not mainly “Islamic” but they are connected with religion in one way or another and may be of some interest to people who follow my channel. The books I comment on are: Paul Johnson: Socrates, A Man For Ou ...…
O\O`A hM@A iHC J^B}A A H\I
In this episode we go deep into the history of thought, languages, philosophy and discuss how "one word is a universe and it can take you to another dimension”. As explained by Maximo, the history of thought is a mosaic of learning that is history, literature, philosophy, economics and politics. Between Maximo & Ricardo they have studied collec ...…
The Comedy Cast's Videocasts
Damien Kiely Damien Kiely with The Comedy Cast. We speak about Damien using his experiences of going to therapy in his act, the community spirit among the Dublin comedy scene and burying pets in his backyard. Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish stand-up comedian, Damien Kiely. We kick off the interview ...…
In 1980, anyone who used a PC was, by definition, something of a nerd. But Byte, the leading computer magazine of the time, saw a need for a column that emphasized the benefits of the machines rather than their innards. It found its author in celebrated science-fiction author Jerry Pournelle, whose Byte writings–best known by … Continue reading ...…
We got 5 new Patreon supporters this week, and we wanted to say thanks to Joey Whitney Jesse Gracia Brayden Enokson Jackson Enokson Mason Enokson Hm, something strange seems to be going on here...
Episode 124 is dedicated to SFFD Battalion Chief Terry Smerdel who died in the line of duty September 10th assigned to Battalion 1. Episode 124 is dark in his memory. In this episode, the boys are quick back to work, as Terry would have liked, talking about a comment on HM’s FB page. A rigid c-collar was placed on a suspect and HM wondered why. ...…
In this episode, HM and MC put on their political thinking caps to try to determine why a Blue Line symbol, used by Police to remember fallen brothers and sisters, wound up on an Anti-Fascist flyer on how to identify “alt-right” and neo-nazi groups. The guys give you the PD and Fire angle on Charlottesville, Boston and how an image of a black c ...…
The Crossover Show
In this episode, MC and HM discuss their favorite charity: Their own! September is here and that means one thing: no pants! MC and HM are back to tell you why Kilted to Kick Cancer is the only charity you need to know about for the next 30 days. Learn about how it started, why it seems quieter this year and how you can get a kilt and a t shirt ...…
BondZilla Podcast
When the aliens of Planet X have sinister plans for earth, its time for humanity to turn to...wait...where's Godzilla? Hm. Anyways, here's "Invasion of Astro Monster."
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