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HMS Podcast
A bunch of aussie's gamers talking Gaming, Movies and Random nonsense
HMS AL Novel/Film Debate Podcast
HEART MIX SERIES | House TechHouse Podcasts
HEART MIX SERIES | HMS PODCAST is focused on finestHouse, TechHouse and Techno Mixes from DJ´s all over the World. Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 8:00 PM (CET)
Harvard Medical Labcast
HMS scientists tackle a variety of important questions, ranging from how your neurons work to which genes play a role in particular diseases. Our podcast gives you the scoop on some of this work, providing context and highlighting the latest trends in medical education and biomedical research.
Holmberg's Morning Sickness: All Access
HMS All Access is a behind the scenes look at Holmbergs Morning Sickness. If you've ever wanted to know what happens when the mics are off, HMS All Access is the show for you! Enjoy the best moments from that weeks show, exclusive interviews with cast and their guests, and hear everything Holmberg and the gang wanted to say but couldn't. Hosted by Charlie Wulf. 30 minutes and delivered weekly.
Huskie Podcast - Holman Middle School
Welcome to the Holman Middle School podcast. This podcast was set up in order to keep parents, students, and the community informed of all the great things going on at Holman. Please subscribe to our podcast in order to get the latest and greatest news and events as they happen. Be sure to check out our website by going to! Thanks for listening.
Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of H.M.S. Bounty by Sir John Barrow
On December 31 1787, the HMS Bounty, a small sailing vessel embarked from Spithead Harbor, England bound for Tahiti. Her mission was sponsored by the Royal Society in London and aimed at picking up breadfruit plants and fruit from Tahiti and conveying them to the West Indies, where it was hoped they would take root and become a commercial crop. The Bounty was an old ship with a young captain and 46 young officers. The captain's cabin was converted into a potting shed for the expected breadfr ...
Holman ITRT Podcast
My name is Doug Saunders. I am an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT) for Henrico County Public Schools. This podcast will hopefully provide teachers with some new and exciting ideas regarding 21st century teaching and learning. Be sure to visit: for more resources. Thanks for listening!
H.M.S. Lydia
In the year 1805, HMS Lydia on a clandestine mission from the king safeguards the waters from creatures claiming to be from other worlds.
Harvard Medical Labcast
HMS scientists tackle a variety of important questions, ranging from how your neurons work to which genes play a role in particular diseases. Our podcast gives you the scoop on some of this work, providing context and highlighting the latest trends in medical education and biomedical research.
On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection by Charles Darwin
Considered to be one of the books that changed the world and how we view ourselves, On The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin was met with incredulous horror when it was first published in 1859. The revolutionary, almost blasphemous ideas it described were seen as antithetical to the existing ideas of Creation contained in the Bible and other religious texts. It was mocked, reviled and the author was personally subjected to vicious persecution by the establishment and theologians. In the ye ...
The Navy Lark
The Navy Lark was a BBC radio sitcom broadcast from 1959 to 1977. It was about life aboard a British Royal Navy frigate named HMS Troutbridge, based in HMNB Portsmouth. In series 1 and 2, the ship and crew were stationed offshore at an unnamed location known simply as "The Island". In series 2 this island was revealed to be owned by Lt. Cdr. Stanton.The programme was transmitted on the BBC Light Programme and subsequently BBC Radio 2. For most of its run, it starred Leslie Phillips, Jon Pert ...
HEART MIX SERIES are focused on House TechHouse Techno Mixes from DJs all over th World. Look on iTunes Store for HMS Podcasts or HEART MIX SERIES
Cutlass and Cudgel by FENN, George Manville
Based around the crew of cutter HMS White Hawk, this is a tale of smuggling in the early 19th century off the coast of Wessex. The midshipman of the cutter is taken hostage by the smugglers and is befriended by a farm-boy, son of one of the smugglers. His friendship is rudely rebuffed, the midshipman eventually escapes and the farm-boy gets his long-held dream of becoming a seaman on an Excise vessel. (Summary by RebeccaD)
H.M.S. Pinafore; Or, The Lass That Loved A Sailor by GILBERT, W. S.
In this recording, one person reads the entire play, all parts, including the stage directions. Even without the support of Arthur Sullivan’s music and the interpretation of actors, the consummate silliness of Gilbert’s libretto entertains. H.M.S. Pinafore; or, The Lass That Loved a Sailor is a comic opera in two acts, with music by Arthur Sullivan and a libretto by W. S. Gilbert. It opened at the Opera Comique inLondon, England, on 25 May 1878 and ran for 571 performances, which was the sec ...
Story of H.M.S. Pinafore, The by GILBERT, W. S.
H.M.S. Pinafore; or, The Lass That Loved a Sailor, is a comic opera in two acts, with music by Arthur Sullivan and a libretto by W. S. Gilbert. It opened in London, England, on 25 May 1878 and ran for 571 performances, which was the second-longest run of any musical theatre piece up to that time. H.M.S. Pinafore was Gilbert and Sullivan's fourth operatic collaboration and their first international sensation. This is not that opera. It was adapted as a children's book by W. S. Gilbert entitle ...
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On this day in 1831, a ship called the HMS Beagle set sail on a surveying mission to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans...
Yahoo acquires Hot Jobs 2001 – Yahoo announces that they will acquire 98.6 percent of the outstanding stock to HotJobs. They bought it for $10.50 / share for $436 million. They overbid for the site. Ironically, Yahoo! ended up selling HotJobs to Monster on Feb 3, 2010 for $225 million. Wikazine – Full show notes for December 27 Subc ...…
Flatbush + Main: A Podcast from Brooklyn Historical Society
In Episode 20 of Brooklyn Historical Society’s podcast Flatbush + Main, co-hosts Zaheer Ali and Julie Golia use one seemingly inconsequential manuscript collection to explore themes of memory and history-making over many generations. In 1915, Brooklynite Francis Morrell wrote a small tract called “Recollections of Old Williamsburgh.” This self- ...…
This week, we have a bit of an ad lib episode in which many topics were covered, chief amongst which, our almost universal love for all things dinosaur.
On this week's edition of the CTRL+D Podcast, we will go over some of the historical context surrounding Catalonia's bid for independence, and of course slip into a few trademark digressions of ours.
Hi listeners, in this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, No Zoup joins us again to talk about recent controversies. The crew gets into the various topics and discusses some recent testing with Graf Zeppelin and Deep Water Torpedoes, as well as speculation with Pan Asian Destroyers. Changes and talk about Smoke Meta, nerfs to ships like HMS ...…
In which I describe Happy Salmon. • It's not like that, I swear. • In which I love HMS Dolores. • In which I discuss Rock Paper Wizard.
Pittsburgh Savoyards Director Shane Valenzi with Dick Deadeye (Corey Nile Wingard) and Producer/Manager/Violinist Lynette Garlan give us the complete scoop on the 80th year in Pittsburgh opening production of one of the most popular Gilbert and Sullivan clasics of all, HMS Pinafore.
This was supposed to be a quiet episode on space probes that are still out there, floating or standing, batteries dead, waiting for some idiots to talk about them on a podcast. Instead what was produced, was an entity that will forever lay recorded in the golden pages of podcasting history. Gene Simmons, we salute you!…
Listen to the Sept. 28, 2017 edition of the Stock Car Show on the Performance Motorsports Network, which featured interviews with NASCAR national series stars Darrell Wallace Jr. and Justin Allgaier, as well as safety discussion regarding onboard fire suppression systems in race cars with Billy Glavin from HMS Motorsport!…
01) Bryan Milton - Let Love Live (Dub Mix) 02) The Micronaut - Prism (Johann Wagner Remix) 03) Anëk, Frink - HMS (Frink Remix) 04) Below Bangkok, Kiano, Tom Lown - Love & Happiness (Tom Lown's Looking For The Sun Dub) 05) Deep Hertz, Sonic Jay - Indian Summer (Sonic Jay Remix) 06) Ollie Viero - Oh Girl (Original Mix) 07) Riko Forinson - No Hay ...…
This week we decided to talk about some of the most influential figures and works in cinema, starting from the very inception of motion photography, going through the developmental phases of the scene as a medium of entertainment, to the modern day trend setters, good and bad alike.
Episode 43 is a debrief on the last few trips of summer, including a deep dive on Jason’s recent trip to Sri Lanka and his dive on the HMS Hermes. From Monterey to Colombo we’re talking cars, planes, shipwrecks, dive watches and more. Don’t forget that this episode is brought to you by Kill Hubris - a clothing and accessories brand created by a ...…
Listen to the Sept. 14, 2017 edition of the Stock Car Show on the Performance Motorsports Network, which aired live from HMS Motorsport in Mooresville, N.C. and featured a safety seminar on helmets, in addition to a live interview with NASCAR K&N Pro Series East championship contender Harrison Burton and discussion on Tyler Reddick's signing wi ...…
Chatting with Allan about his life of service we touch on everything from his Sunday keeping youth through to pre-college life as a choir leader for an evangelist through to his time in charge of the Ellen White Estate at Avondale College. Allan has a special gift to connect with people of all ages and still teaches Adventist history and Spirit ...…
USS Nautilus and USS Argonaut invaded Makin Island. USS Constitution captured HMS Guerriere. Ensign Charles H Hammann rescued Ensign George H. Ludlow and was awarded the Medal of Honor.
If there is a ranking by excellence of universities....then Spain has no institution among the top 200. ....The 11 best Spanish Universities, all public, are ranked between 200 and 500.The European Commission provided new light on the origin of the contaminated eggs . ...... EU ministers will meet on 26 September to discuss the crisis.The lack ...…
A look at how different HMS will be in 2018By (Motor Racing Network).
As part of our "When Pirates Waved the Rules" series of special programmes bringing you the Radio Caroline story, Christy caught up with Chris Williams on board HMS Ross Revenge following his live breakfast show broadcast, on the day marking 50 years since the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act was introduced to stop pirate radio. Although Radio ...…
September, 1814. British naval forces begin moving toward Fort McHenry in Baltimore after setting fire to Washington. A lawyer and soldier by the name of Francis Scott Key is dispatched by President James Madison on a peaceful mission to facilitate a prisoner exchange. Aboard the British vessel HMS Tonnant, Key successfully arranges for the pri ...…
The year is 1831 and HMS Beagle is about to set sail. However, the ship's naturalist - Robert McCormick - is not sure if the presence of a man called Charles Darwin is going to be entirely what he hoped for...
A new MP3 sermon from Tri-City Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: #05A Free to Choose on the HMS Sovereign Subtitle: The Great Treasure Hunt Speaker: James Hollandsworth Broadcaster: Tri-City Baptist Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 7/23/2017 Bible: 1 Samuel 23:7-13 Length: 17 min. (64kbps)…
The Thales UK podcast
This month we talk about Thales UK's cyber-based services with Pete Hoddinott, Operations Director for Thales Cyber & Consulting, and what the main challenges are for businesses in protecting themselves. Steve Murray, VP Strategy & Marketing, goes through the Strategic Business Plan, a proposal detailing how Thales UK intends to grow over the n ...…
As the USS FORD (CVN 78) delivered to the US Navy, the Royal Navy’s new HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH underway, and many nations either building or wanting built carriers of a variety of sized, the second decade of the 21st Century is an exciting time for those who are interested in carrier design. With the Senate recently dedicating $30 million to the s ...…
Wing Commander Nick Robson Chairman of UK Armed Forces Tug of War Association chatting with Jay James and Hal Stewart on the #BigWednesdayShow. The interview took place directly after the Inter service Athletics at HMS Temeraire. Listen to Forces Radio BFBS on FM, online or via the free app - Apple > or Android > http:// ...…
Holmberg's Morning Sickness: All Access
On this week's episode the guys talk about radio giveaways, sex tapes and nuking Alaska. There's another edition of What Would Eric Do? And an investigation into Brady's "word fights". Hosted by Charlie Wulf.By
Back again, it's the HMS Gulag! But along for the ride is the Battleship Potemkast, as Quartermaster Stoakes swoops in from his celestial realm, Captain Cook falls in love with a man of God, and you, YES YOU, could win a copy of Rob Stoakes' debut novel Mother and Monster!Music by Kevin MacLeod & Nobou UematsuBuy Mother and Monster here -> http ...…
New Life Church St. Joe
Speaker or Performer: Pastor Brian RumerScripture Passage(s): Genesis 6:5-14Date of Delivery: July 9, 2017
Bilgemunky Radio
Talk Like a Pirate Day 2010 is a thing of the past, and yet it's still with us in spirit. Join us in pirate talk, rum-swilling, and swashbuckling music!
Bilgemunky Radio
What's normal? Not much in the pirate music world. But blessedly sometimes it's a show that don't founder and sink mid-voyage.
Holmberg's Morning Sickness: All Access
The guys are back from vacation and have lots to talk about! Amelia Earhart, historical hashtags and short work weeks. Another archived clip courtesy of Toledo and a new installment of Breaking Brady. Hosted by Charlie Wulf.By
In dieser Folge schauen wir auf Lumina, wundern uns über Großbritanien (mal wieder), beklagen einen weiteren Verschlüsselungstrojaner, feiern 10 Jahre Calculate Linux und sprechen ein wenig über Netzpolitik und Jollas Pläne mit dem Xperia X. Themen: Windows 10 Quellcodeteile geleakt Lumina Desktop 1.3.0 - Qt Desktop für BSD Petya nutzt Wannarcr ...…
Plus HMS Queen Elizabeth embarks on sea trials.
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