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Welcome to Dr. Hyman's weekly house call. Your chance to ask him your questions.
Julius ‘Dr J’ Erving is in the house and he’s letting listeners into his incredible life. Each episode focuses on the passions that drive this legendary man, from youth and education, to music and business, and of course basketball. Join Dr. J and influential friends from the worlds of sports, culture and entertainment each week for engaging and topical conversations. It’s just what the doctor ordered.
Take charge of your health with the House Call Doctor. No topic is off limits as Dr. Sanaz Majd answers your most pressing medical questions with her trademark humor and straightforward advice. She'll make even the most complex medical issues easy to understand with expert advice on topics like cholesterol, diabetes, antibiotics, and everything else you need to know to understand your body better and improve your health and quality of life.
Legendary DJ and Producer Grant Nelson presents his fortnightly radio show bringing you brand new, upfront exclusive, classic and simply good house music. Crossing genres from soulful, deep, funky, tech and main room expect to also hear the odd classic thrown in, interviews with the scenes hottest djs, producers and artists and regular features including Do You Remember House where he takes us on a 3 decade journey through house music. Broadcasts live from the UK on the D3EP Radio Network (w ...
Sunday House Call
Sunday House Call is an evidenced-based medicine and science show broadcast live from the studios of 580 CFRA in Ottawa, Canada. Its stated aim is to provide the opportunity for our guests to discuss their ideas and the basic science that led to their latest research without the need to encapsulate their life’s work into a 30 second soundbite. The show strives to provide medical information to our listeners that is credible, unbiased and backed by evidence, not anecdote. Nothing can take the ...
Searching for the answer to a question about your child? Look no further! Esse Health Pediatric Housecalls has the answers. Join us as our board certified pediatricians discuss important topics and answer everyday questions. For more information visit us online at
House Call with Dr. Sean McCaffrey of Springfield Illinois is an eye opening experience to the possibilities of better health and wellness that the mainstream medical community usually isn't telling you.
Housecall for Health covers all the topics that affect your health. Produced by FOX News Radio.
House Call Revolution
This is for the freedom seekers who want to take their business anywhere with house calls.
House Calls
The focus of our program is to educate, encourage, entertain and inspire you to enrich your physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Dr. Connie will share her experience and expertise as not only the White House doctor to three sitting Presidents, but also as a practicing physician at her own concierge medical practice. Guests on the program will consist of successful individuals in various fields who will impart knowledge and wisdom listeners can apply to their own lives. Topics include sec ...
House Calls
Dr. Warner answers medical questions every Sunday morning on KMA Radio
House Calls
Best friends and House M.D. super-fans Mel Anton and Brian Farr go episode-by-episode to discus and analyze TV's most sarcastic doctor and the staff whose lives he makes miserable at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.
Hear from doctors that are knowledgeable, relatable and bringing you the information you need to live a smarter, healthier life. Each episode you can expect an in-depth discussion about health trends with everyday-life application.
Does the faucet still need fixed? Are your blinds still waiting to be hung? What about that firepit you always promised your wife? This is the show to teach you how to get these things done. It’s House Calls with Rick Wolf Saturday mornings at 9A on WOWO and at Call in and ask questions about home repairs, property projects and restoration overhauls. This is the show for getting things done. House Calls with Rick Wolf Saturday mornings at 9A on WOWO and at
HouseCall with Dr. Mac was created in 2014 with the goal of helping individuals connect their health dots. This means that we wanted to create an inviting space where people could share their stories, hear from Healthcare Providers and help the members of the community become integral parts of their healthcare team. Please visit us at and join the HouseCall chat so you don't miss any updates!
House Call 911
Dr Cal is the answer to real estate questions! Find out how to safely make money in real estate with Dr, Cal on and the HouseCall911 podcast. Hosted by Ray the Video Guy.
Lindsey Gillum, Integrative Health Nurse Practitioner, Fitness and Nutrition Expert, gives insight on common supplements, hormone therapy, treatment modalities, and answers questions commonly asked in her practice about how to make healthy life changes choices. Lindsey is an FNP-C, under fellowship and member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, HCG Diet Counsel, and is a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Professional. She practices at her clinic, HouseCall in Little Rock, AR. Linds ...
House Calls with Dr. G
House Calls with Dr. G is your chance to utilizes Dr. Mary Gladish’s 14 years of clinical experience to help you on your personal health and wellness journey. Trained in Chiropractic medicine, Dr. G uses a multidisciplinary approach to treat not just the symptoms but cure the root of your health problems. The goal of House Calls is to help educate and empower those that have taken their health into their own hands.
veterinary house calls
Good2Groove present there fortnightly mix of quality house grooves. Playing anything from deep, soulful or house with also tunes that they love from the past. Expect quality house with our own infectious style and underground feel. Turn it up loud and enjoy!!
"The Reaper of the House" (tm)delivers an opinionated online talk show and podcast with insight and views of what's going on in the Big Brother house this summer. From broadcast's to HouseCalls to feeds posted around the web, "The Reaper of the House" (tm)sheds light on his insights, strategies and predictions for up-coming shows. Visit the site at
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You love your pets like they're your children, but are you really taking every precaution to protect them? NYC's premiere house call veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Lippman, speaks with Loni Edwards, Founder of The Dog Agency and PetInsider, about the hidden dangers to watch out for to protect your pet.
Justice and The Other Guys talk about the news making headlines for the week of June 10th 2018:NBA Finals reviewKim Kardashian called Alice Johnson in prison to tell her she would be freed - CNNCurrent and former players react to Guy In The White House calling off Eagles' White House visit Florida Didn't Run FBI Background Checks on Gun Buyers ...…
Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows! This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track! Check out today's questions: Kara: I started your candida and bacteria protocol about 6 weeks ago. All was going well until I stopped using the sacchamices bulardi. I start ...…
Pregnancy pains and surprises, La Doctora makes a house call and a hotel experience I’ll never forget!
"Healthy House Call” is a Live Call-in Radio Show and a Public Service Program. We feature the latest breakthroughs concerning international integrative medicine and wellness, allowing listeners to ask questions regarding health challenges. Additionally, world class physicians, medical researchers, authors, professional athletes, Hollywood cele ...…
A diabetes diagnosis carries a lot of questions and uncertainty. Dr. Michael Brennan, Beaumont endocrinologist, joins HouseCall to clarify what a diagnosis means, treatments, tests and more.
John Warrillow is an entrepreneur and author with over 20 years of research experience into the small and medium business (SMB) market. He founded The Value Builder System™ to level the playing field for business owners as they approach their exit. Over 35,000 business owners have taken the Value Builder Questionnaire, and with the support of C ...…
Scoring a visit from the tooth fairy as a kid was awesome. These days the Tooth Fairy is a 42-year old man named Jerry, and it seems like people are less excited now. Jerry is making a house call
A century ago, all health issues were tended to in the home, whether by a physician house call or by another family member. Yet, as modern medicine evolved in the early 20th century—along with important economic social changes, such as urbanization, industrialization and immigration—care transferred to hospitals and physician offices. With risi ...…
Loser FOX News Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz called out Fox News for using photos of players kneeling in pregame prayer during a segment about the team's canceled Super Bowl visit to the White House, calling it "propaganda." The network later apologized for showing the footage, which was unrelated to the NFL's national anthem demonstr ...…
For medical questions, simple and complex, many people turn to Google, which doesn’t always result in the right answers or reliable advice. That’s why Nick Gilpin, D.O., and Asha Shajahan, M.D., host HouseCall - to talk about topics their patients ask them about every day.
WE are BACK with another episode, this time reviewing a very fun album by the dream-pop group Beach House called 7. We also talked about Childish Gambino & The Last Jedi....for some reason...So yea, make sure to follow us on Twitter:@WithLoveRyan@lilthoint
WE are BACK with another episode, this time reviewing a very fun album by the dream-pop group Beach House called 7. We also talked about Childish Gambino & The Last Jedi....for some reason... So yea, make sure to follow us on Twitter: @WithLoveRyan @lilthointBy (Weird Kids Media).
In honor of Mother’s Day, Dr. Connie invites two “Super Moms” into the studio to discuss motherhood.By (VoiceAmerica).
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Specials; Tarrytown Chowder Tuesdays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, you know you’re in trouble when you’ve lost Judith Miller.On the rest of the menu, Betsy DeVos’ Education Department dismantled the team investigating for-profit colleges; t ...…
It's literally a double length episode to make up for last week! We start off with some discussion of what patreon tiers we could have. After a Duran Duran update, we talk about a Vancouver trip involving Kevin Smith and a guitar tech house call. Second half of the show is all about the marvel that is Infinity war, with some added shitty traile ...…
My Birthday month continues on with Volume 2 of the Birthday Mix. All over the planet, check the playlist to see if I'm dropping in on your country. Giving you these musical gifts like Santa Claus. Check out that new Jean Grae album that just dropped with Quelle Chris. Kosha Dillz on tour again, look him up. Mazzi & SoulPurpose just got back fr ...…
Jean Hersholt was perfectly cast in the medical soap opera series that ran on CBS radio from Nov. 7, 1937 to Jan. 6, 1954. A 17 year run on any form of mass media is quite a remarkable tribute to the quality of the plots, actors, and production values. Hersholt played Dr. Paul Christian, an obstetrician (based on Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe who deliver ...…
Rob is joined by Dr. Barry Dworkin, who answers all of your questions on this week's Wednesday House Call.
"All Power to the People!" Bruh Liten Podcast luck number 7 is coming right at you!!! On this episode we are talking about Black Business and why we dont support them. Also we touch on Kanye West and why do we even care about his actions? Plus waffle house calling the cops, Home Depot boycott and more! Special thanks to Cocajane as well. She gu ...…
Making geriatric house calls can pose a challenge in maintaining a practice’s culture. Regional director Jen Basile, BS, OTR/L, shares how she has helped FOX create and maintain a positive culture. Listen to our podcasts: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Stitcher | TuneIn
Today we talk with real estate agent and home restorer Jack Maurer. We talk about how to remodel or repair you older home.
Cameron Birdsall (@Boatss) and Jon Marzette (@JonIsTheNewBlk) have been deejaying parties as AssJamz for nearly six years now. On this week's podcast we talk about how they got their start, some of their biggest guests, and the heat-fueled chaos that took place during last year's Flyover festival in Bonner Springs. We also discuss how their set ...…
This is a continuation of the last episode. This episode is brought to you by Certified Realty Group. If you or your parents are looking for a house, call Kevin Alexander at 410-499-9965
Edie Tanem starts off our second hour as usual, then it's right back to the phones and America's Happy Gardener, making house calls on KSFO!
Lawn and garden talk with out guest from Matt Mang from AgPlus. We talk about grass, weeds, gardens, soil, ponds, bacteria. We discuss how to treat, fertilze and maintain a health lawn.
Rob is joined by Dr. Barry Dworkin, who answers all of your questions on this week's Wednesday House Call.
Hello everybody and welcome to the latest episode of the Simon Lovell Show. It’s 10:51 [00:01:00] on Tuesday evening. I have just come back from a karaoke session which I did not partake in karaoke, I was there to support someone in their overcoming their fear of karaoke. Anyway, I’m back here with Jess, Rummy Jess and she’s typing away a Faceb ...…
In this episode, who watches the Watchmen? Spoiler alert: we did and got super critical about the nuclear war plots of the Watchmen comics and movie. What will keep us from moving the Doomsday Clock to midnight? How would the Cold War play out if Nixon had a walking nuclear superhero? Does Dr. Manhattan make house calls? Tim Westmyer and specia ...…
Your child is watching you eat your dinner and you get to thinking when can I give my baby solid food? Today we are joined by board certified pediatrician Dr. Karla Keaney with Esse Health Mason Road Pediatrics. Join us as Dr. Keaney discuses the different signs to look for to see if your child is ready for solid foods and what foods can be int ...…
Visit our webpage- www.russellinvestments.comIn the latest video update: • Major indexes slide as White House calls for steel and aluminum tariffs• New Fed Chair Jerome Powell meets with U.S. Congress• Quantitative easing on agenda at upcoming ECB, Bank of Japan meetings• S&P 500 technology sector hits milestoneIMPORTANT DISCLOSURE:Interviews w ...…
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