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This show will be devoted to the plight of millions of unemployed Americans.
Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and her Gay BF | Sexual Relationships Marriage and Dating Advice
Hi I'm Dr. Kat Van Kirk, AASECT certified Sex Therapist and licensed Marriage Counselor. Join my gay boyfriend, comedien Ross Martineau and I on the couch with a cocktail as we dish about sex and relationships. These podcasts are perfect for your commute or while you are gently sobbing doing housework with a truffle in your mouth. We answer your questions about sex, dating, marriage, STDs, sex ed, and the trials and tribulations of life and love...along with a little celebrity gossip. It's a ...
Dhammapada (Version 2), The by UNKNOWN
- A Collection of Verses Being One of the Canonical Books of the Buddhists Dhammapada means "The path of Dharma." The Pali word Dhamma corresponds to the Sankrit word Dharma. It is a collection of the teachings of the Buddha. These verses, compiled by Buddha's students in the years following his final Nirvana, were culled from various discourses given by the Buddha in the course of forty-five years of his teaching, as he travelled in the valley of the Ganges and the sub-mountain tract of the ...
Love's Labour's Lost by SHAKESPEARE, William
Love's Labour's Lost is an early comedy by William Shakespeare. The King of Navarre and his three friends take a vow of study and seclusion for three years, during which they are forbidden to see or speak to women. Their vows are immediately tested by the arrival of the Pricess of France and her three ladies to the King's court. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Cast: Biron: mb Boyet: Mark Penfold Costard: John D. Nugent Don Adriano de Armado: David Goldfarb Dull:David Lawrence Dumain: om123 Ferd ...
Julius Caesar by SHAKESPEARE, William
William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, based on true events, concerns the conspiracy against Julius Caesar, his assassination in 44 BC, and its immediate aftermath. Probably written in 1599 and among the first of Shakespeare's plays to be performed at the Globe Theater, Julius Caesar is one of his best-known dramas and has received innumerable performances throughout the centuries. (Summary by Laurie Anne Walden after Wikipedia) Cast: Julius Caesar – Kim Stich Octavius Caesar – ...
Richard III by SHAKESPEARE, William
Richard III is an early history play probably written and performed around 1592-93. It is the culmination of Shakespeare's earlier three plays about Henry VI, and chronicles the bloody career of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. As the play opens, the Wars of the Roses are over, King Edward IV (Richard's brother) is on the throne, and all is ostensibly well. The problem? Richard wants to be king - and he'll stop at nothing to realize his ambition. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Cast: King Edward IV ...
colette podcast
Abonnez-vous au podcast colette! Une sélection pointue par Clément, à l’origine de l’univers musical du 213 rue Saint-Honoré, et instigateur/réalisateur du colette podcast. Il vous fera découvrir chaque mois ses coups de coeur, ses nouveautés à écouter d’urgence mais vous fera aussi l’honneur de quelques previews -ou plutôt pre“heards”- et des sorties à venir, le tout disponible à chaque fois sur le eshop. Un nouveau rendez-vous made in colette, à ne rater sous aucun prétexte. Register to ge ...
Loveline with Amber Rose
"Loveline with Amber Rose" marks the return of the popular "Loveline" talk radio show, now in the contemporary podcast format. The show will explore topics ranging from sexual curiosity and relationships to self-empowerment – all embodying Rose's distinct and refreshing honesty and flair. In each episode, she and sex therapist, Dr. Chris Donaghue will chat openly with other sex counselors and special guests as they discuss stories and topical issues, as well as take listeners' calls so they ...
Bible (YLT) 21: Ecclesiastes by YOUNG'S LITERAL TRANSLATION
The Book of Ecclesiastes ( /ɨˌkliːziˈæstiːz/; literally "Book of the Teacher"; Hebrew: קֹהֶלֶת‎‎, Qoheleth), commonly referred to simply as Ecclesiastes (abbreviated "Ecc."), is a book of the Hebrew Bible. The English name derives from the Greek translation of the Hebrew title. The main speaker in the book, identified by the name or title Qoheleth (usually translated as "teacher" or "preacher"), introduces himself as "son of David, king in Jerusalem." The work consists of personal or autobio ...
Each week, the Savages get together to voice their opinions on comic books, movies, TV shows, and anything in the geek world! If you're a nerd, especially one who loves Marvel, DC, Star Wars or animal penises, listen in! -- Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Leave us a message at 413-SAVAGE-4 or email SUPPORT THE SHOW: ACORNS SUBSCRIBE HERE: iTUNES | GOOGLE PLAY | STITCHER | Other Android Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, and SHARE with a friend!
Jew of Malta, The by MARLOWE, Christopher
Christopher “Kit” Marlowe (baptised 26 February 1564 – 30 May 1593) was an English dramatist, poet, and translator of the Elizabethan era. The foremost Elizabethan tragedian before William Shakespeare, he is known for his magnificent blank verse, his overreaching protagonists, and his own untimely death. The Jew of Malta (1589) is an original story of religious conflict, intrigue, and revenge, set against a backdrop of the struggle for supremacy between Spain and the Ottoman Empire in the Me ...
TOR Reporter Podcast – MMO Reporter
The TOR Reporter podcast, hosted by Chris, Josh and Anexxia, is the MMO Reporter Network’s look at Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. We cover the latest news, the best tips and great links to community sites to help you get the most out of your time in a galaxy far, far away. Click on the links below to find us on iTunes, to grab our RSS feed, to listen to our show in our archives, or to contact us. Contact Info email: tor@mmoreporter.comtwitter: Facebook: facebo ...
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Randi Zuckerberg is an entrepreneur, investor, public speaker, and media personality, passionate about the intersection of technology and our modern lives. She is also deeply passionate about her Jewish identity. In this episode of Judaism Unbound, Randi Zuckerberg joins co-hosts Dan and Lex for a conversation about the digital world, popular c ...…
The Rubin Report (Episode from 4/7/2017) Clips shared with you: 38:27 – 42:13: Tommy Sotomayer on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson: "they're creating victimology" 45:58 – 48:28: Tommy Sotomayer on gender and racial double standards in the US Tommy Sotomayer (Youtube & Radio Host) joins Dave Rubin to discuss Men's Rights, Fatherless Families, Bill ...…
Sweet Spring Standards For this Episode the LoveLane travels back in time to showcase romantic standards with a Spring theme; enjoy these love songs whenever your thoughts drift to love and the gentle months of Spring. TRACK LIST La Vie En Rose Louis Armstrong (00:00:00) I’ll Be Seeing You Linda Ronstadt (00:03:34) They Say It’s Spring Blossom ...…
Post 3 of 5: Build the Wellness Business You WANT 101 series. How to help ‘top-notch‘ clients find you. Podcast episode IWPPB503 Your Free pdf worksheets packet for this post can be downloaded using this link or the link at the end of the post. Over and over again I see new wellness professionals struggle with how to reach potential clients. I ...…
Smart AV is an audio visual and interactive rental specialist that provides high-end audio visual equipment and technical support for exhibitions, conferences and events around the globe. This week, we are joined by Darren Poultney, who gave us the great pleasure of recording this episode of PlannersPod live right in the middle of James’ Kitche ...…
How Did You Get Into That? // Careers // Entrepreneurship // Small Business
Did you enjoy this episode? Click here to get the exclusive bonus material. Are you trying to build your business online but don’t know how? Amy Porterfield, our guest for today’s show, knows precisely how to help an entrepreneur like you create a better brand online through social media. Amy never thought about becoming an entrepreneur growing ...…
How Did You Get Into That? // Careers // Entrepreneurship // Small Business
Did you enjoy this episode? Click here to get the exclusive bonus material. Are you trying to build your business online but don’t know how? Amy Porterfield, our guest for today’s show, knows precisely how to help an entrepreneur like you create a better brand online through social media. Amy never thought about becoming an entrepreneur growing ...…
Why Do Apprenticeship Programs Work? Throughout history Apprenticeship programs have been used as a proven method of transferring skills from one group of skilled individuals to another. The same skill building principles that the original Apprenticeship Programs from 4,000 years ago were based on are still in use and considered very applicable ...…
Raising money for your film can be the most daunting task in all of filmmaking. In this episode, Securities Attorney John Cones and filmmaker Justin Evans give their pearls of wisdom about raising money and making the hard sell of getting financing for your film more attractive to potential investors. John & Justin’s Links For Info on Tax Code ...…
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