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Dare to be Lutheran
Lärorika och underhållande rundabordssamtal mellan forskare från olika ämnen och discipliner. En podcast från Humanistiska och teologiska fakulteterna vid Lunds universitet.
HT Audio Books
HT Audio Books is a non-profit online audio label & charitable arts entity bringing the literary works of Hektor Thillet in audio and available to the public free of charge. From adult romantic comedy series (Jeremy's Drama), to contemporary fairytales (Nevermore), HT Audio Books brings you in audible brilliance the many ongoing literary escapes of Hektor Thillet. The young Fantasy/ Drama writer's works takes you through fictional retells of life as he knows it with themes ranging from socia ...
N P / N I G H T S
NP / NIGHTS exists to create community experiences where people are empowered to become more alive.
Blu-ray reviews by the HT Guys
Podcast by The Millennial Current Affairs Debate Show
An entertainment podcast from NYC with NO BULL$#!T.
STS Podcast
Shoot the $h!t Podcast with Mike and Allen
This podcast is all about Canadian Immigration Law, Policy, and Practice. Periodically Canadian Immigration Lawyer Mark Holthe will address various topics related to the Canadian immigration process. He will also be responding to weekly questions from listeners seeking general information and advice on Canadian Immigration matters. Visit us at our new website for access to the show notes and other helpful information related to each Podcast. You can also go ...
Rich Heinz's Podcast
Title Goes Here
Keepin' it #100... NO Bull$h!t... Talking about anything AND everything going on in the World of Pop Culture TODAY!!!
GAME CLUB FOR MEN is a podcast show (hosted by gameboy) that discusses dating and relationship topics from a man’s perspective! Just real men talking about real $h*t! Join us each week at the Game Club for NEW episodes & Get Your GAME Up!Send your comments & feedback on each episode to our BLOG at
Married and $**t
Married and $*** is A Podcast inspired by an everyday married couple about the everyday challenges of relationships, Culture, and just other random topics. Its fun, unfiltered, entertaining, and informational for everyone! SUBSCRIBE!! iTunes, YouTube,, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Google Play. FACEBOOK: MARRIED & $HT INSTAGRAM: MARRIEDANDSHIT WEBSITE:
Jeremy's Drama
Jeremy's Drama by Hektor Thillet Comedy/ DramaEXPLICIT: May not be appropriate for younger listenersAn audio book series adapted from the novel by Hektor Thillet that dishes on the life of 20 something year old gay model Jeremy, and his stereotypical but all the more unique search for love or something like it. A funny take on gay life as seen through the eyes of a drama queen.*Please leave your comments, they are greatly appreciated.*Brought To You by HT Audio Books.visit HT Audio Books on ...
Bobby L. Beaulieu, Sr. C. Ht. is a Certified Hypnotherapist who Founded InnerVoice Technology, Best Natural Health Cures to help everyday people harness their inner strengths in order to reach their full potential.A recovering alcoholic, Bobby Beaulieu has personally experienced the incredible power of the human mind during his journey from the depths of drunkenness, homelessness and numerous suicide attemts through his present battle with stage IIIB lung cancer, far exceeding a life expecta ...
After the parishes of Saxony were visited in 1528 and found to be in a terribly dismal state, Martin Luther penned the Large Catechism as an aid to the clergy in teaching Christian doctrine. It consists of sermons on each of the Ten Commandments, each article of the Apostles' Creed and each petition of the Lord's Prayer, together with a treatment of Baptism and of the Sacrament of the Altar. This recording also includes the "Brief Exhortation to Confession" which Luther appended early on. Th ...
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To close our series, we learn how God wants to take your story of regret and turn it into a story of redemption. You have a new and unique purpose: for ministry. What a gift of grace. (HT: Dave Ferguson)
A couple quick thoughts about copyrighted works and posting or re-using information online. This is NOT intended to be a comprehensive look at the issue. Episode image from pixabay.comSHOWNOTES H/T to Beth Holland and Richard Byrne ...…
It's episode 123 and this time we are chatting with writer Scott King. He is the author of the non-fiction books Outline Your Novel, Finish The Script, Story Pitch, and The 5 Day Novel. Yes, he wrote a book in five days and tells us about it. He has also written fiction books like Ameriguns and the fantasy novel Wrath of Dragons. He shares lots ...…
Being a go-getter and hustling is a great way to improve your odds of success as an IA. Joseph Heidel has quickly grabbed onto this concept. Joseph Heidel has risen from being a typical IA in Pilot orientation (where I met him) to rising through the ranks of our industry. He now finds himself as the National Operations Manager of Hi-Tech PDR ov ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The 10 Commandments of MoneySubtitle: Survive and Thrive in the New EconomyAuthor: Liz WestonNarrator: Heather HendersonFormat: UnabridgedLength: 11 hrs and 42 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-20-11Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.Ratings: 4 of 5 o ...…
Jon: Welcome to episode 248 of The Digital Life, a show about our insights into the future of design and technology. I’m your host, Jon Follett, and with me is founder and co-host, Dirk Knemeyer. Dirk: Greetings, listeners. Jon: Our guest this week is Brough Turner, who is the founder of netBlazr. Brough, welcome to the show. Brough: Thank you. ...…
Episode 8 (March 2, 2018)Current State of the Shop - - Last week: Started the Modular Shop Storage System- Next week: Finishing the Modular Shop Storage System buildYouTube channel: coming up:- Bunk Bed with Desk, Lumber organizationOutfeed Assembly Table: of discussion: WorkbenchC ...…
Bibliography Cahalane, Carol. Interview by the author. Exeter, NH. February 2018. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "High School YRBS." Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Last modified 2015. Accessed February 17, 2018. ...…
Mallory & Adam interview Joy and Billy Phenix on dating, marriage, and family life. Check out Joy & Billy's podcast. Two To One Small Groups. For more information, check out NP/NIGHTS on Instagram and at Got questions you want discussed? Ask your question here and it might be featured in a future podcast.…
Krystal & Adam take twists on two familiar parables and Mallory takes on one of the greatest lost & found stories ever told.
On the February 8, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film senior writer Ben Pearson and writer Hoai-Tran Bui to talk about the latest news, including the big Joker casting report, Bryan Fuller leaves Amazing Stories, The Big Sick writers go to Apple, Annihilation early buzz, a reaction to the Venom traile ...…
Mallory and Adam share some insights from single life that helped them before they got hitched.
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