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HTTP 203
Surma and Jake talk about whatever's going on in the world of web development.
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Also page-lifecycle, WASM, and massages.
Making search and JavaScript better friends.
How we got started on the web.
Also quizzes, privilege, and screen readers.
Also webpack + workers, observables, and resize observers.
Also 120hz screens, JSON vs HTML, and a fox.
With a limit of two minutes per topic.
WebRTC again, and about:blank weirdness.
Iframes, WeakMaps, and WebRTC.
Viewports and message ports.
Alarms, upcoming CSS stuff, impostor syndrome, and the death of Flash.
Custom elements, matrices, TypeScript, and omg Paul is leaving
Jake is worse at quizzes than Paul.
Paul's been booting frameworks, and unfortunately Jake connected his brain to Twitter
Paul has been playing with springy animations in the Safari Tech Preview, and Jake loves pubs that are also... windmills?
"Jake's discovered display: contents, while Paul is concerned about people microbenchmarking ES2015 features."
Jake brings his A+ poetry game, and Paul muses over the performance implications of event delegation.
Why does nobody seem to include CORS headers on their files? And can Paul answer Jake's dreaded CORS pre-flight quiz?
How can writing code be like making a burger? Turns out, by the power of weird segues, it can!
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