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Join your hosts, Troy Heinritz and Wayne Henderson, for in-depth theories, discussion, fun, and your thoughts on Hulu’s TV series 11.22.63. When you combine the J.J. Abrams magic, with the genius story from Stephen King, Hulu is presenting a brilliant television show. 11.22.63: A Look Back is on the Golden Spiral Media podcast network. Wayne and Troy previously podcasted about Stephen King’s Under the Dome novel and TV series.
Michael and Ashley Valeri discuss everything that is Hulu's The Path.
A retrospective on all 180 episodes of Seinfeld being hosted by two guys who can barely run their own lives
Watch what you want, where you want, when you want on whatever device you please. Take control of your TV, Movies and more.
Learn Why Watching Quality Television Matters While Watching the Developmental Ground for Marvels Cinematic Universe! Comic Book geeks from every generation chime in on why, how, and when this program strikes televised gold!
Helping you watch the TV shows and movies you want when you want where you want and on whatever darn device you please.
Do you love The Handmaid's Tale on HULU? So do we! Mayday is your source for all things Handmaid's Tale. Hosts Tiana, Sarah and Justin break down every episode and keep you up to date with the latest news and updates about the show! Plus interviews with the cast and crew, great Handmaid's Tale contests, giveaways and more! It's the podcast for Handmaid's Tale fans by Handmaid's Tale fans! Subscribe today!
Watch what you want, where you want, when you want on whatever device you please. Take control of your TV, Movies and more.
Appointment Television is a podcast about the TV you want to make time for. Every Thursday Margaret, Kathryn, and Andrew will revisit old shows, discover new ones, and debate everything from highbrow dramas to episodes of The Bachelor.
Each episode Jed Shepherd and guests put forth reasons why you should watch specific TV & Films currently found on streaming services. There will be fights, laughs, celebrity guests but most of all, less hard work for you to trawl through Netflix!
Original Content
Each week, TechCrunch's Anthony Ha and Jordan Crook talk about what's new in original streaming shows, movies, comics and more. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime – if it's new, original, and available to stream on the web or mobile, you'll hear about it here first.
Join Joe Holt & Jamel Singleton as they discuss entertainment news, movies, TV and more on the Stream Team Podcast. Then stick around at the end of each episode, for a spoiler filled movie review from from one of the major streaming services. (Netflix,…
Welcome to The Cord Cutter Podcast! Join us as we take on the ever-expanding catalog of streamable TV and film from services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO NOW, CBS All-Access; the list goes on and on! Our hosts Mick Joest and Adrienne Jones are here every week to discuss the content you care about, and will be joined by other writers and experts from the entertainment industry. TV is overrated! Keep on cord cutting!
Watch what you want, where you want, when you want on whatever device you please. Take control of your TV, Movies and more. Does not include Spoilerin' Time.
Some people have basic friends that they can’t discuss The Handmaid’s Tale with. Julia and Elissa will be your non-basic friends, delivering hot takes, incisive commentary and jokes that you are straight up welcome to recycle and take credit for at the water cooler. Does the friend zone still exist in Gilead? Do we as a society fetishize motherhood? How did Rory Gilmore become Ofglen? Is Julia even a woman if she’s never had a migraine? These are the kind of easy, breezy, beautiful questions ...
Fake news, oppressive patriarchy, and an overall impending sense of doom: Join us as "Aunt" Kelly Anneken & Molly "Ofmitchell" Sanchez discuss this and more in Red All Over, a podcast that explores The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu, Alias Grace on Netflix, the works of Margaret Atwood and (weirdly) not current events.
The BEST fan podcast for the hit Hulu series 11.22.63
Punch Drunk TV
Welcome to Punch Drunk TV where best frenemies Aaron Pruner and Jack Conway meet each week as they discuss everything they love and hate about TV. From the latest news to their picks for Winner and Loser of the week, these industry insiders offer an offbeat and hysterical perspective on all things television. Follow Aaron and Jack on Twitter at @aaronflux and @flatlinejack, and check out the podcast’s Facebook page at
NetFreaks covers the buzzworthy content available on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and more! If you are interested in series like Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, The Man in the High Castle, Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why, House of Cards, Master of None, Altered Carbon GLOW and more!
The TV Museum
A semi-monthly podcast revisiting classic television, one series at a time. Hosts Hannah and Jeffrey are your intrepid and informed tour guides through TV's back catalog as they take a fresh look at shows which have been off the air for at least 15 years and are available on a major streaming service.
Don't you miss channel surfing?Join Alex & Isaac on "With Acknowledgement To The Classic"as they dive right into the middle of TV series that they've(and hopefully you've) never seen before!Listen and laugh as they try to make senseof complex arcs and simple character names!Shows are selected from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and otherreadily available streaming platforms, so you can join in the fun!Every week we reassess the shows we have watched in pursuit ofa definitive ranking of al ...
Recapping every episode of Marvel & Hulu's RUNAWAYS, Jason, Cass, and Scott will unofficially dive to the depths of teen angst, relationship drama, superpowers, and more! New episodes every Wednesday.
Mysterious Streams: a podcast celebrating the obscure, mysterious, bizarre, and bad films offered by movie streaming services.
Appointment Television is a podcast about the TV you want to make time for. Every Thursday Margaret, Kathryn, and Andrew will revisit old shows, discover new ones, and debate everything from highbrow dramas to episodes of The Bachelor.
The Cutting the Cable Podcast is a podcast that focuses on TV and movies that are available via legal streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon. We also provide information about how you can cut your cable and find all your entertainment needs via legal online resources. We review new technology as it arrives in the marketplace and interview people within the technology arena and people who have cut their cable to learn about their first hand experiences.
Scene-It Cast
Join the Scene-It Cast as they rant, rate and review television shows! For feedback, email us
Verbal Smash
This podcast is NOT dedicated to pleasing others. Why? Because it seriously confuses our sense of purpose in life. There is a voice inside each of us. So, let it out! C'mon, let's crush the norm, let's VERBAL SMASH!
Interview series with the cast and creators of Danger 5
This is a podcast all about movies. Beth, DJ, Jimmy and Adrian talk about the movies they saw during the week. Check them out at
Twice a month, Michael and Mat breakdown what's coming do your favorite streaming services what's been on there for awhile and what you can avoid to save you the hours of meaningless scrolling....
REALITY BYTES is a JASH podcast about love in the 10s, hosted by Courtney Kocak (Amazon's Danger & Eggs) & Steve Hernandez (Hulu's I Love You, America). Fresh episodes exploring sex, relationships & dating in the digital age every hump day! Send your questions to
Mark, Gerald and Carrie sit down every week to talk about your favorite "Originals" from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon and many other content creators. Could be Lore, Glow, Stranger Things or American Vandal. With a mission to help you navigate the minefield that is Pop Culture TV. Hoping none of us Blow-Up!! in the process.
TMA: Watch This
The Morning After Podcast: Watch This! features hosts Kimmy Gatewood and Matt Vascellaro. Each week they plus very special guests walk you through the very best new TV you need to watch.
Queued Up
Join Justin Buchanan and Karissa Carpenter as they discuss the TV shows in their streaming queues. Currently Streaming: Marvel's The Runaways Just Finished: Black Mirror and Alias Grace They breakdown everything from the characters, the narratives, the jokes, cinematography, and more. They'll also share their thoughts on movies, music, books, and pop culture in general. Everyone is welcome to join along! New episodes every Sunday. Email Justin and Karissa - Follow J ...
Runaways TV Talk
Podcast with your hosts Brian (Pop Culture Leftovers podcast) and Rebekah (The Animated Batcast) covering Runaways on HULU based on the Marvel Comic Book by Brian K Vaughan. Our promise to you: NO COMIC BOOK SPOILERS ....Email us at: Follow us on Twitter: @RunawaysTVTalk And we are now on Facebook!Brian can be heard also on Number One Comic Books, Sweetwater Saloon - A Westworld Podcast, American Gods Aftershow, We Are Legion - Legion FX, Talking Taboo FX, Transforme ...
Hollywood Binge
Hollywood Binge is a weekly podcast that serves as companion guide helping to navigate through this golden age of' 'Peak TV' breaking down shows to watch, news, and a "Top 12 In-Show" list. And segments like "Meet the Nielsens" and "The Process."
The Talking Step
We are the Unofficial and Unauthorized Podcast for The Next Step
In the Queue
A weekly guide to what's good in the world of Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu, and other streaming video services.
Some Kinda Podcast
@SomeKindaPod What is Some Kinda Podcast, you ask? We are a podcast that forges through numerous streaming platforms, all so we can bring the finest selection of binge worthy TV shows and movies. Stream This Podcast is brought to you by Social Magazine ( Social Magazine @SocialMagLa Beware of Spoilers! We will be discussing all aspects of the media we are covering Some Kinda Podcast Gang @Johnlor85 @Stevezie @xpressingit
In 2018, fans of television and film have access to an ever-growing selection of streaming services and content. Dan & Bianca Ryckert are here to plunge the depths of Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and more to find the obscure, the weird, and perhaps some hidden gems.
Stream Team Show
Welcome to the Stream Team Show! Join Saeed and Cherie Gatson on their weekly podcast covering everything streaming be it movies, television, or music. Each episode is filled with changing segments that touch on pop culture, hip-hop, parenting, the nba, tech and pretty much anything else that strikes a nerve. The Stream Team Show also serves as fun outlet for a married couple adjusting to life in the Pacific Northwest.
Sprinklez is here to help you find your next favorite television show, movie and podcast with recommendations, a boat load of laughs and a healthy dose of fabulousness thrown in!
Each week Jon Pernisek and Brandon Shockney rate the latest movie trailers via their highly scientific system: Stub It, Stream It, or Skip It. Stick around for The Vault, a segment in which your hosts examine a trailer from yesteryear, and don’t forget to drop them a line at @thetrailerspod / See you At the Trailers!
More Tech Today
Join us as we delve into the world of tech and try not to get lost. New Shows Every Tuesday.
The Smokey Shelter
We are two brothers from the South with way too much time on our we drink, chill and discuss movies in a buzzed comical fashion. Be warned this show if full of spoilers, harsh language and immature behavior. Listener discretion is advised.
Inside The Crazy Ant Farm is our weekly podcast. It provides a detailed look at the inner working of an independent production company. Okay, it's really more like seven "Crazy" guys and gals talking about the awesomeness of being indie filmmakers!! Every week we talk about our film projects, the latest industry news, weekend box office predictions and results, and the "Word of the Day"!! We also interview celebrity guests!
Queue The Day
Queue The Day is a weekly podcast recommending the best in Film & TV from various Internet video services. There are things on Netflix, Hulu, The iTunes Store, Vudu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go and more that you should be watching. We help you Queue The Day. See?
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AFTERBUZZ TV – AfterBuzz TV’s Mini Spotlight edition, is a short form interview series featuring actors & artists discussing their roles and shows as well as their thoughts, passions and journeys. In this episode host Nick Mardi interviews Gavin Houston. Gavin Houston stars as ‘Jeffrey Harrington’ on Tyler Perry and OWN’s hit series “The Haves ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV – AfterBuzz TV’s Mini Spotlight edition, is a short form interview series featuring actors & artists discussing their roles and shows as well as their thoughts, passions and journeys. In this episode host Nick Mardi interviews Mary Mouser. Mary Mouser stars in The Karate Kid sequel, “Cobra Kai”, which premiered at the Tribeca Film ...…
Don't know what to watch on Netflix,Amazon, Hulu or Shudder join us as we cut through all the waste. This week we bring you "Tale of Tales" currently streaming on Netflix. Then our reviews of "Rogue One", "Deep Blue Sea" and "Paterno". This episode stars Branden and Luis Lacau with special guest William Phoenix.…
Want to know how to get back at Lorenzo Lamas? Well listen to this week’s minisode! Paul goes through Corrections and Omissions for Body Rock, opens up the Mail Bag, and the Movie Bitches review The Hurricane Heist. Plus, important info on next week’s movie! This episode is brought to you by Squarespace ( and Arreste ...…
Every family has a story and we explore what's right and wrong (in our opinion anyway) with this one. We talk about Stories We Tell now available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.
In the Star Wars: The Old Republic section of the show, Marshall and Will discuss their weeks in game, server maintenance, and Game Update 5.9a. Links: All my incomplete achievements reset today Game Update 5.9a Thanks for Theron Shan. <3 <3 <3 This is a love thread, haters make your own lol. Hidden Achievement COMPLETE! Can't Recruit ? Surpris ...…
As our society grows more and more impatient, virtues like kindness and patience have become rare and underrated. In this Cultivated Conversation, Line Producer Allyce Ozarski delightfully explains the progression of her career in production management to hit shows like FX’s “Baskets” and Sarah Silverman’s Hulu Show “I Love You, America.” By em ...…
Gateway Shuffle Session 4 Guess who's back! Also, we check out Bebop's connection to animal rights, among other things. Characters Faye Valentine Twinkle Maria Murdoch Music Credits: Intro/Outro Music: Promenade / Puppy by Saib Spoiler Break: Common Ground by DEViANt Audio Clips from Cowboy Bebop Ep 4: Gateway Shuffle Follow Along: Itunes: Sess ...…
DDYH S2 EIV THE BOWELS OF DOOM Andy is on a dangerous journey at the cusp of the Marsh of Confusion, when he falls through a conveniently plotted hole and is left to his own devices. Meanwhile Dave desperately searches for truth. Fortunately, Dave has the tools to save Andy from annihilation with a well-timed DDYH. Trapped for over 8 weeks the ...…
Episode 166 (45 mins 15 secs) There was a lot of anticipation and concern for "Cobra Kai," this TV show that continues the Karate Kid saga. Is it going to actually be worth checking out, or is it a bad idea altogether? Now that all 10 episodes are available to watch on YouTube Red / YouTube TV, there's been a lot of talk about it online. So wha ...…
We ended Episode 4 with the music of Cat Power and start Episode 5 with the music Cat Stevens! Well done, well done. This episode features all the feel good moments we've come to expect from The Handmaid's Tale! There are showdowns galore, a trip back to The Colonies, some Commander frat house shenanigans, a mass wedding, and a bathtub scene th ...…
Time to say Alias Grace with Kelly & Molly in this S2E5 recap of The Handmaid's Tale. There's plenty to podcast about: a hymn named Cat Stevens, the show's diverse representations of faith, team-building gossip, Max Minghella's audition for Green Day, the state of mental health in Gilead, an update on Whitford Watch 2018, sending Alexis Bledel ...…
“No! I want Batman, Superman, or someone who can do something!" This week we’re talking Superman TAS Episode 52: The Demon Reborn & TNBA Episode 20: Girl’s Night Out Featuring: A double DOUBLE team-up as Batman and Superman team up to take on Ra’s al Ghul & Supergirl and Batgirl go toe-to-toe-to-toe-to-toe-to-toe with Harley, Ivy, and Livewire ...…
I discuss my love of potato chips, TV, Netflix, and Hulu. I provide a bunch of different show recommendations. #PotatoCouch
0:00 - Hello, iTunes Review and "Road House" 3:45 - "Life of the Party" review 14:50 - "Breaking In" review 18:00 - This week’s DVDs, and we’re giving away a 40th anniversary edition of “Grease” that includes a commemorative jacket and nail polish. Agents have till 5/16 to enter. 22:30 - Streaming recommendations on Netflix and Hulu 28:50 - Sum ...…
In this world of Peak TV, summer isn't the boring slog it used to be - there's a veritable smorgasbord of highly-anticipated debuts, returning favorites, and critical darlings showing up on our screens the next few months to keep us all on the couch and away from the beach. This week on TV Party, Allison and Clint (along with Dominick Suzanne-M ...…
A cartoonist turned crazy faux detective leads to talks on "nice" versus "kind." Tune in to hear our chat about Zodiac. Available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.
Network TV seasons are beginning to wrap up and with that comes news of renewals and cancellations. We discuss the fate of Gotham, iZombie, and Lucifer on today's show.DC TV Renewal/cancellation News Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning were previously renewed by The CW No word on Syfy’s Krypton yetGotham has be ...…
Listen now: Clive Chafer has been a namer for almost as long as naming has been a profession. In 1987, he started at the firm now known as Lexicon, where he helped develop a few names you definitely know, like PowerBook for Apple and Outback for Subaru. He went on to eventually become creative director at Master-McNeil in Berkeley, California, ...…
Welcome to Streaming Saturdays. Last year when I was participating in the #DLMChallenge, I started to notice a number of independent films being picked up by the major streaming providers, bypassing the theatres to distribute directly to our homes. Netflix has most notably been releasing one or two films every week, sometimes many more, which a ...…
In this episode, I review a political documentary about a guy with an unfortunate last name...Weiner.
Jonathan and Sergey talk to the wonderful Katie Flahive from the Looming Tower, a Hulu series. We'll go pretty serious but with that J & S charm.
Sometimes when you're sick you need to be grossed out by something other than youself ... like two strangers making out in a hot tub because sleazy producers told them to. Still not feeling better; Natalie and Maren continue the "Sick Day" series by reminiscing over some of their favorite, awkward dating shows! And this week in fangirling: Casu ...…
Don't know what to watch on Netflix,Amazon, Hulu or Shudder join us as we cut through all the waste. This week we bring you "Mortal Kombat" currently streaming on Netflix. Then our reviews of "Last 5 Years", "The Void" and "Manchester by the Sea". This episode stars Branden and Luis Lacau with special guest Zack Walsh.…
Matt & Jeff catch us up on all the latest horror news, including the upcoming Castle Rock series on Hulu. They mourn the end of Ash Williams & Ash vs Evil Dead, and get into the forthcoming Pet Sematary remake.
Our emotions run amuck as we talk about Arrival. Join as we chat about this heady sci-fi drama available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.
Keith/Mike Tonight we talked mostly about Dragon Ball Z... but who doesnt like DBZ right...RIGHT: Being a millionaireFantasy footballBaseballXFLNetflix/HuluSuperhero shows/moviesDragon Ball Z/SuperPost op Transgendered Drinks: Smuttynose - Finest Kind IPA Terrapin - Hopsecutioner Republic Restoratives - Civic Vodka Find us at:331-Bro-code (276- ...…
The one where I talk about silly hulu commercials, dreams, refraining from social media, punk ass Wyclef, and other things.... Intro / Outro Music: Joan Of Arc's "Isis Is To Be To Be" (He's Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands)
In this episode, we discuss the first two episodes of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale. We talk about symbolism and comparisons to the book.
On this week's show: Weird noises you make when you get older. Apple's approach to streaming and Cannes' big Netflix decision. Denis Villeneuve's drug cartel thriller Sicario. A pivotal rule change to Play or Pass.Show Notes:- Reese Witherspoon-Jennifer Aniston Apple Drama Replaces Showrunners: ...…
​With all the viewing options streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offer, the possibilities are almost truly endless. Knowing all the choices people have, what explains the thousands upon thousands of people who have streamed all 300+ episodes of the hospital drama ER? George Clooney is dreamy and everything, but Dana & ...…
Peter Campbell, Luiza Serra, and Armani Barron unpack the third episode “Baggage,” of the second season of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” the smash Hulu adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian fable. SoundCloud YouTube
Actress/YouTube Star Teala Dunn joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter and guest co-host Author/Podcaster Greg Dybec. Teala dishes on her new series, ‘ALL NIGHT’ (debuting on Hulu Friday, May 11th), her fellow YouTube stars, her love of astrology, and what to do when you catch your BFF’s boyfriend cheating on you! Catch the full season of ‘ALL NIGHT’ ...… Diana LaPointe, Senior Director, Music Licensing at Sony Music Entertainment, knows a thing or two about content. She’s watched the explosive growth of content platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu from the front row, and how the need for music (and music licensing) has transformed the music industry landscape into a growth are ...…
Science and staring in stock photos, portable nuclear reactors, facial recognition sucks, iPhone battery replacement, Hulu offering downloading videos, and Facebook is getting into the dating game.
Episode 33 – And the Summer of Sandlot continues… Angels’ Stadium was a blast, autographed copies galore, & friend of the show Marty York stops by for a chat! Vic & Marty are set to appear in Philly, June 9th, at Citizen’s Bank Park for a Phillies game… Dodger Stadium June 16th!! Billion-dollar blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War lives up to the ...…
After a far-too-long absence, your favorite angry women have returned to discuss entertainment we don’t enjoy consuming. In this week’s episode, we talk about two recent works of fiction and one TV show: 2017 sci-fi bestseller The Power, French publishing sensation The Perfect Nanny (recently released in the U.S.) and the TV adaptation of of Ma ...…
In this episode of IWatch2Much, host Bernice Fonge is joined by producer, Ebony Hardin and they discuss the series finale of SCANDAL. We chat about the past 7 seasons of the show and what the show's place in television history. Ebony also goes on a rant about Hulu's cancellation of one of her favorite shows, THE PATH.Find Ebony Hardin on Instag ...…
TOSSUP TUESDAY - Hulu Vs Netflix!
Hey, BossFam! Welcome to The Bosses’ Desk where we look out for you, giving you the best in geek news and movie reviews. Take a listen to this edition of The Bosses’ Desk podcast. Today, The Big Boss & The Professor give you a look into the things going on in the geek world. SPOILER WARNING at the 30-Minute mark! On today’s show… Weekend Box-of ...…
Hulu adds offline, Arrested Development is back, and a Kimmy Schmidt finale movie? All this and more on Cordkillers! Subscribe to and support Cordkillers at If we get to 1850 patrons or $1850/episode, we can begin the Spoilerin’ Project and give you show-based Spoilerin’ Time feeds. Find out more and pledge here. Bec ...…
We're back, this time bring you a can of whoop......well, Chemical X. Our topic of discussion this week is the massively fun superhero romp, The Powerpuff Girls, originally featured on Cartoon Network. We talk about villains, what constitutes "creepiness" and the sometimes questionable ethics of our child heroes. This is the original series, no ...…
It’s a special Monday edition of GTN! We start off with birthday wishes to our buddy Matt and a shout out to long time listener Scott M! Cav and Nick and a picture of a lobster are back to talk Star Wars auctions, Rambo movies and the latest features of Hulu. Cav is way excited about the DC Universe and what appears to be a Swamp Thing series. ...…
Avengers review next week and a guest TBA! Final Space is almost over and it's getting intense, Is AP Bio coming to an end, Netlfix/Hulu, Meat ice cream sounds disgusting, Beau and Mac get excited about MoviePass, and WWE news/recap/Backlash predictions. Outro: "Young Grow Old" - Creed
Today’s movie is “Mom and Dad” (2018), the horror comedy written and directed by Brian Taylor. The film follows Carly (Anne Winters) and Josh (Zackary Arthur), who return home to their parents, Brent (Nicolas Cage) and Kendall (Selma Blair), on a day when a mass hysteria overcomes all parents driving them to try and kill their children. Yes, yo ...…
Inside The Crazy Ant Farm Vol 1 Ep 16 We’re talking Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, Disney/Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, MoviePass, and more!! Our special guest this week is Emmy Award winning producer, Rick Traum!! Plus, box office predictions and the Word of the Day!!By (The Crazy Ant Films Company).
Long time friend, Eddie Nashton joins the show and it all gets derailed. Tangent conversations happen as AgentSeals and Eddie Nashton talk about ghost, religion, Toys R Us, Castle Park Amusement Center, and much more. Get into our head, and learn what we think when we talk about Hulu shows and documentaries like, "Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Bar ...…
Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ caught up with several panelists at ClexaCon in Las Vegas to talk about their work and give us their spin on our LGBTQ issues. First we chatted with Susan SurfTone who is a retro rock guitarist and vocalist with several CDs released over the years, playing mostly surf and rockabilly music w ...…
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