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Hummer Motorsports
Hummer Motorsports/Offroad Racing Program
NFL Talk
NFL fans Steven Hummer and Samual Smith discuss offseason moves, the draft and more.
Robby Gordon Motorsports
Rod Hall Racing
The Green Scene with Rebekah Green
Keep your Prada bag and your Hummer...well, at least for now.Pulling the planet back into balance doesn't mean that we need to give up the life that we love. We are human, and we are imperfect; that's part of the gig. No one has all of the answers,
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Zach Hummer, Pastor of Creative Arts & Worship, brings the last chapter of the book of Nehemiah. We take a look at how well the Israelites are doing after Nehemiah leaves for 12 years. Spoiler alert... it isn't pretty.
The latest edition of the Exit 50A Podcast finds the crew trying to record a show in a car during its annual trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Derek, Kaz, and Rob aren't alone this time as head writer "Jay from Deptford" and Bruce Hummer join the program. ICYMI examines what countries are most and least involved with sexting; what caused a dust-u ...…
The Exit 50A Podcast is back in Studio J. Derek, Kaz, and Rob cover lots of ground including how the crew dealt with their first-ever hot dog challenge. Plus, Derek brings two surprise announcements to the program. ICYMI runs the gauntlet with talk about the recent Pete Rose/statutory rape controversy; a woman in Tennessee offers the true defin ...…
Bumper to Bumper Sports featuring:Chris HummerLarry Holder
Between the Profound & the Profane
Ian is out of town, and for once we saw a movie! With the Pity of a Fool out on work for the week your Shit-host, Chris, invites a special guest (another Chris) to the mic to discuss "Spider-Man: Homecoming". They proceed to suck that Spider-Dick until slimy cobwebs of SPOILERS get all over the studio. SPOILERS: We had a pretty free wheeling di ...…
Horsepower for an Hour
700 horsepower Porsche GT2 RS is the wildest 911 ever Plant that once built Hummers will soon build EVs for Chinese-backed startup 1956 Lincoln Premire HT vs. 1956 Cadillac Coupe DeVille HT Today, well toss 3 random classic models at Ken Hale, get his opinion on which car would be the best bang for the buck for our budget minded classic car see ...…
Plant that once built Hummers will soon build EVs for Chinese-backed startup
Keith/Mike Heres what was said : SnapchatRobesAge and SexynessNFL DraftTransgender PeopleFlying KitesWeatherHummersTraveling as a Kid Find us at:331-Bro-code (276-2633)
Summary: Heaven is not a place I go when I die. It is a mysterious realm that is part of my existence right now. My problem is not that I can’t get into heaven. My problem is that I am at war with God. I don’t have to wait until I die to fix this! Three Ways to Get More From This Week’s Podcast Read the show notes below. DO it, don’t just HEAR ...…
Paul Hagen, Editor-in-Chief of Metrosource Magazine, joins The Focus Group to put the cherry on the sundae of our June Pride programming. Paul always has a good time with Tim and John. But first, Vera Wang has a birthday, John recaps his Pride march in NYC, a Swiss café gives you a latte and a hummer, and a woman gets fired from her job for bei ...…
nowyouknow's podcast
Welcome to Now You Know's podcast, "Tesla Time: Off the Grid"! In our podcast, we discuss all things Tesla, EV and sustainability related! Plus the occasional random tangents. Be sure to tune in for all of Zac, Jesse, Rob, Steven, Jeff and Rich's conversations. Now You Know! Ben Sullins Model 3 Delivery Date Calculator: ...…
Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky | WFMU
Alex Battles - "Honky Tonk Radio Girl" Music behind DJ: The Dixielanders - "The Trot" Faron Young - "You're Still Mine" The Dixielanders - "I'll Watch Your Lights Grow Dimmer" Bobby Potter - "Sugaree" Austin Wood and his Missouri Swingsters - "Truck Drivers Night Run Blues" Robin Lee - "Gambling Man" Music behind DJ: The Crestones - "The Grass ...…
When you gonna be a real Pastor? - A Youth Ministry Podcast
Ryan and Zach are along again today, and all the normal non-sense takes place. The boys discuss their schedules, sex trafficking, and Zach is interviewed about how he has done ministry while raising a child with special needs. Thank you for listening! Subscribe, Rate, and Share…
join us as we recap america's next top model, cycle 5, episodes 1 & 2, including: america’s got talent, nick cannon, pride, wine drunk, FUCK united airlines, amanda's rachel dratch theory, the bachelorette, our intern/goddess chandra, degrassi role play, jehova’s witnesses, farmer jack, lacefronts, cup o noodles, model SCAMS, ebony/brandy, whit ...…
Today on Ignition: YouTube star Doug DeMuro. His videos have received millions upon millions of views thanks to hilarious stunts he does with all types of vehicles. For example, that time he pulled up to a McDonald's drive-thru in armoured military vehicle, or crushed a PT cruiser with a hummer. Letterman had stupid pet tricks, and DeMuro has s ...…
Starlight Society - Global Music Discovery
This is probably one of my favorite mixes in quite a while. I have been listening to this playlist for about a week nonstop, and it also contains a spoiler about what our next scene show will be (show 144, next week). But there's stuff for everyone on this, and the random dial is set to high. You'll have a blast. Also, find a friend, make them ...…
Peter interviews The Crew 2's Player Experience Director, Julien Hummer. Use the promo code WDGTR at to save 20% on select WD Blue & Black Solid State Drives.
Peter interviews The Crew 2's Player Experience Director, Julien Hummer. Use the promo code WDGTR at to save 20% on select WD Blue & Black Solid State Drives.
Peter interviews The Crew 2's Player Experience Director, Julien Hummer. Use the promo code WDGTR at to save 20% on select WD Blue & Black Solid State Drives.
@lloydblankfien Seeing activity in Nike and Hormel NKE and HRL Have a great weekend
Dishing Bitches on Radio Misfits
Alien-Covenant review, Crazy sex practices from around the world. What’s your position on the ‘Hall Pass’? New music from Penny Pistolero and a lot more! The post Dishing Bitches – Pedialyte and a Hummer appeared first on Radio Misfits.
Dishing Bitches on Radio Misfits
Alien-Covenant review, Crazy sex practices from around the world. What’s your position on the ‘Hall Pass’? New music from Penny Pistolero and a lot more! The post Dishing Bitches – Pedialyte and a Hummer appeared first on Radio Misfits.
Neil Prendeville on Cork's RedFM
On the show today, Neil is speaking to Anthony who bought a hand tailored suit for his son for €800 for his communion. The communion is on Saturday and the suit hasn't arrived. The communion will be a two day event with a 16 seat hummer and 6 bouncy castles! He speaks to Lord Mayor Des Cahill who has opened a book of condolences for the victims ...…
The obvious question here is what does the Hummer H3 have in common with International pickups, affectionately called Cornbinders? I will answer that with one word. Nostalgia. International made some interesting offerings. They made SUVs before anyone ever knew what an SUV was. Cornbinder pickups were tough as nails. Like it or not, you knew it ...…
For the full show notes, visit I’m constantly on the lookout for new and interesting approaches to health and healing. This medicine is much more traditional, and is starting to make it's way into the western world. I'm yet to personally experiment with Kambo medicine, and I invited Simon Scott on the show today to chat abou ...…
Welcome to the FIRST of our four-part series celebrating the greatest movie that was ever made!This photo is from the 1978 Theodore Roosevelt High School Yearbook,which carries no copyright.The photographers are listed in the yearbook as:Jeff Jones, Mark Tatarud, Mark Parker,and a fourth name I cannot make outAnd what, you ask, does Iowa have t ...…
Ann Winblad, with Hummer Winblad venture partners, has seen a lot. From pre-pc to artificial intelligence, Ann knows what it takes to be successful inside and outside of the valley and knows how to spot the people who will make it or not. Reach out to Ann at Find out how you can be successful outside the valley at the Insid ...…
It's what the big boys drive! We discuss Paris' trip to Wrestlemania 33, why the Hummer is the perfect vehicle for WCW, the No Limit Soldiers being a bunch of bullies, Sid's commitment to powerbombs, Lenny Lane: Oil hazard, the WORST SIGN IN THE HISTORY OF WRESTLING, the impact of "suck it" on 11 year olds, Curt Hennig being the nicest and brav ...…
More Questions Than Answers with Adrian Lee
MQTA S2 E104…. Oh Siri, where are you sending me?? ….. Lick your phone for pleasure or a teaching tool….. The LOVE Motel with 10 quirky bedrooms and the Greek one might have yogurt and hummers with lots of ORBs and Knocking…. And tales from the Tales of the “Texas Butthole Tickling Bandit.”
On episode 2 Jaclyn is joined by her HILARIOUS bf, host of Adderral and Compliments podcast, the ultimate Jersey girl who's not from Jersey ANNABELLE DESISTO! They talk spray tans, BRAVO TV, her parental unit Investors, Bebe wrap dresses, and all things growing up in Florida. You'd think these two were separated at birth from the Italian sassin ...…
This week we talk to a listener and cover some more of hummer from our vehicle guide series
Ann Winblad, Co-founder of Hummer Winblad, is one of the most successful women VCs in our industry, and as I mentioned in my introduction, I have never heard her whining about bias against women. One of the most encouraging things she discussed today is how her firm is sourcing interesting ventures from all over the world, not just Silicon Vall ...…
This 5th Friday Frolic features a guest mix from Bonnie Stoneman in the last hour and lots of soon-to-be-released heat. You can catch Beat Hussy most Friday nights on **Beat Hussy's Mix** Aaron Jackson ft Jamon - Silent Vows (John Hawley Remix)[Doin' Work] Ethan Bliss - Playa (Dub)[Reason 2 Funk Records] Ryan Truman - Two Ti ...…
Ep. 160: March 23, 2017On Today's Show:Elvis is not Natasha’s real friend. Natasha upset with Elvis over birthday. Coke n hoes. Still no hummer. JV embarrassing incident at MRI. Natasha complains about JV’s selective hearing. Reaction to tampons and pads. New study - butter is healthy. Foods you should never feed your dog. Tom Brady’s stolen je ...…
James Cridland is a broadcast radio and podcast speaker, writer, blogger, expert, guru, basically: a futurologist. Although we talk a little about radio, the gist of this episode is about the business of being a thought leader in a niche field. We also discuss bookkeeping and whether or not overuse notices should come from you? Automatically ge ...…
In this episode of After 9 Zac chats with another Zach from another amazing youth ministry podcast. Zach Hummer is on the podcast this week answering the tough After 9 questions and sharing wisdom on starting out in ministry the hard way, the importance of spiritual dropkicks, and the ministerial significance of silence and church van rides. En ...…
Random Nitro Project
We stand at the base of a mountain of wrestling nonsense, filled with White Hummers, New Blood, Rappers, Country Music Stars, Demons, Dobermans, 70s Guys, Canadians, Boy Bands, Powers That Be, Ref Bumps, Guitars and more. It's the Random Nitro Project (the 11th Ranked WCW Nostalgia Podcast of 2017!) Join Paris & Bow for their first episode as t ...…
The Worst Bestsellers
Kait, Renata, and Jeanne (@FangirlJeanne) read Stephenie Meyer’s adult romantic thriller, The Chemist. It’s a love story that starts off with torture (but like the 24 kind, not the 50 Shades kind) and ends with a Food Network reality show. It made us truly miss the Cullens. We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast, whether it’s from inside y ...…
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