Best husbandry podcasts we could find (Updated August 2017)
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Reptile Radio Australia
We discuss all facets of Australian reptiles and reptile keeping!Your Hosts:Peter Birch ( Author: The Complete Children's Python, ECO Herpetological Publishing & Distribution, 2013.) Owner and operator at "Colourful Critters' since 2005. He runs his facility from his family home, nestled on 8 acres in the tranquil Ourimbah Valley on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.The whole collection was recently re-located from the main house to its new purpose facility in early 2012. The move was daun ...
Green Tree Python Keeper Radio
A podcast dedicated to the captive and reproductive husbandry of Green Tree Pythons.
Experimental Homesteader
Sheri Ann Richerson's exotic gardening, elegant cooking, crafty creations, food preservation and animal husbandry... all on two and a half acres in Marion, Indiana!
Podcast – Mom Prepares
Preparing moms in every stage of motherhood
Fiberton Acres
Fiberton Acres' Podcast looks at the funny side of horticulture and animal husbandry. We look at the history of the field, and mix in our crazy experiences in raising our fiber animals, farming and more!
AmericanReef - Product Showcase for the Saltwater and Coral Reef Aquarium
Welcome to AmericanReef’s Saltwater and Coral Reef Aquarium Product Showcase This podcast is dedicated to marine fish and coral reef hobbyists. The goal is to review and demonstrate products that will help you to keep a successful saltwater swim tank or coral reef aquarium. Click subscribe and episodes will automatically be downloaded to iTunes!! If you choose to watch it via the web browser, it is only compatible with Firefox. If you are interested in the husbandry side of reef-keeping and ...
Actively Distracted Dialogue
Actively distracted Dialogue is a podcast where a group of friends sit down to talk about everything, and nothing all at the same time. An open forum for tech news, geek news, marsupial husbandry and more.
Pet Panorama
The focus of Pet Panorama is to educate, share, and interact with Companion Pet Parents while exploring the realm of Holistic Pet Care and Husbandry. Our pet show will reveal the more natural approaches available to raising healthy pets so they can thrive and not just survive. The material and your participation will be organized and presented with different monthly topics along with four related weekly subtopics. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions directly and share your experienc ...
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Whiskey Times
Animal husbandry and penile enlargement gone wrong are just a few of the topics Whiskey Times hits on this week! They also get into all the things that make technology awesome, scary and annoying. They got off track a time or two, but that is what they do! and Outro song is by https:/ ...…
Silke Irmscher talks about transitioning from Saxony to Java On this episode Silke Irmscher, founder of Culturenergy, tells her story of how she left Germany and fell in love with Indonesia and, in fact, found love on the island of Java. Silke has been living in Indonesia for more than 15 years and together with her husband, Ri Yanto, she is ra ...…
Irvington Bible Baptist Church
Stay the course is a phrase that originated as a nautical metaphor on maintaining a constant, unaltering course while navigating the Sea. It was also a recurring phrase used in the Mel Gibson film The Patriot. Mel Gibson played a former soldier, turned farmer and then Colonel of the local Militia during the Revolutionary War. Throughout the mov ...…
Back in January we set our sights on that testament of quality American living and animal husbandry that is Little House on the Prairie. Doling out glimpses of frontier romance were our guest writers Hope Waggoner, Tirumari Jothi, Tess Barry, Michael Howley, Meg Trowbridge, and Daphne Gottlieb. Horse sounds by Baruch Porras-Hernandez.…
Faith Baptist Church
A new MP3 sermon from Faith Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Christian Husbandry Subtitle: "Go to the Word" Broadcast Speaker: Pastor Dave Davenport Broadcaster: Faith Baptist Church Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 7/18/2017 Length: 18 min. (32kbps)
Jam Logs, the Podcast of The 1937 Flood
Paul Martin has brought so many good things to the band. Stellar picking. Stunning vocals. A downright spooky insight into beautiful harmonies. And only recently have we learned that he also has a brilliant understanding of agribusiness and a rare — I say, I say — RARE insight into animal husbandry. Take a listen.…
Two Sea Fans: Mote Marine Laboratory Podcast
Matt Seguin, Curator of Husbandry & Records for Mote Aquarium, oversees the care and record-keeping efforts for a staggering number of animal species that Aquarium visitors view every day. Learn why his favorite fish have a special “job” in the Aquarium, how he finds the fun in animal parasite prevention, and how he teaches college courses — oc ...…
The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson
255: Gianaclis Caldwell on Holistic Goat Care Considering the whole picture of raising goats and their benefits. In this podcast: Raising goats in a holistic and nurturing manner is second nature to Gianaclis Caldwell. She shares with us some uplifting and useful advice on caring for these unique farm animals, including the three most important ...…
This should be a fun episode. In an effort to cover some of the more obscure species out there, as well as tap into some of the non-Corallus species, we've teamed up with Ryan Martinez this month to discuss Baron's Racers. These are a beautiful under-rated colubrid species from South America, we'll be diving depp into their husbandry, behavior, ...…
Good News with Ben and Sarah
Audubon, Beatles, Chihuahuas. and Dewgongs! It's an alphabet soup of good news! Oh, and Ben has some thoughts on Sonic cartoons, school curriculums, and the particulars of animal husbandry.
The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson
252: Ed Vaccaro on Hydration for Outdoor Pets and Small Animals Creating a product for animals that also helps plants and then getting it to market. In this podcast: We learn about the motivation to create an ingenious watering device for animals which directs discarded water into useful watering for plants. Ed Vaccaro shares more than just how ...…
YeahButStill Podcast
Featuring special guest Ozzy. We talk M. Night, being color blind and Detroit gentrification. Possible new feature: Animal Husbandry with Ozzy. Available wherever fine quality podcasts are distributed. #detroit #MNight #colorblind #brokenbones #weakassfoot Link in bio.
Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap
Hot on the heels of Ursula's ankle injury (get it?), this week we have a veritable smorgasbord of interesting, challenging, and yes, even frightening foods. Two kinds of cheese popcorn, multiple potato chip varieties, Blueberry Pie Oreos, and frozen pizzas grace the show this week. We also have hounds, beer, cider, grappa, discussions of orc hu ...…
SHOW NOTES: Summary: Dr. Deborah Jones is a psychologist who specializes in theory and social behavior and teaches those subjects full time at Kent State University. An early innovator in the use of clicker training, she has owned and worked with a variety of breeds and has earned top level titles in Agility, Rally, and Obedience over the last ...…
Episode 2 – What to do with your whale carcass Episode 2 – What to do with your whale carcass Alt title: Whale carcass, Netflix and Star Trek (this is the 2nd worst title suggestion in history) What to do with your whale carcass (length: 18:49) Washed up whale carcass? What to do. Ideas for disposal Joe asserts boats are hard to get Orca whales ...…
Legendary Passages #0058 - Laius & Chrysippus -Greek & Roman tales, from Plutarch's Parallel Stories. Last time we heard tales of Theseus & his son Hippolytus, Helen of Troy &... Short stories from mythology read aloud. Think educational bedtime stories....By (Legendary Passages).
Ask Clark | Where do baby squirrels come from? | Clark has a vast knowledge of animal reproduction.
Sarah Nickel works with children, generally ages 3-15, who have autism. She also applies developmental psychology and behavioral analysis skills to manage her friendship with Luke. Yes, they are besties. No, it's not ALL inside jokes about their time together in Denver. But there is this one part about 35 minutes into it where we discover Luke ...…
Everybody has their favorite college story to tell at get-togethers and barbeques. Students from Oklahoma State University's Class of 1959 all have one story in common, the tale of Jimbo the bull. In this episode of Amplified Oklahoma, we'll hear two very different memories of Jimbo from the OOHRP’s archives, one from Glenn Taylor and the other ...…
Fresno’s FINEST™ - Interviewing The Best of Fresno | Entrepreneurs | Business Owners | Thought Leaders
The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get! Fritz Lauritzen is a Fresno native and has lived in Fresno almost his whole life. He served his country in the Air Force, and even had to fly through nuclear clouds during his service. After leaving the Air Force, he worked as a consultant for sunflower seeds and raisins before going into real estate. He’s ...…
International Baptist Church Podcast
Part of the "Behold Your God" series.Text: 1 Corinthians 3:9-159 For we are labourers together with God: ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building.10 According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.1 ...…
Eagle Foundation staff and visiting vet Michelle Oakley examine an injured eagle. (Courtesy American Bald Eagle Foundation) What do you do if you find an injured animal in the wild? If it’s a bird or a seal, there may be hope for a rescue. On the next Outdoor Explorer, we’ll be traveling to the Alaska SeaLife Center, where marine mammals and bi ...…
We are up early today,and headed up into Anderson valley.We will stop in Boonville,and visit Penny Royal Farm,then stop by Phillips Hill Winery for a few great wines.At the end of the day we will visit Handley Cellars,and stay in their beautiful guest house,located in their amazing vineyards.We do have extra room,would you care to join us?Our f ...…
Unlicensed, Unqualified and Ill Advised
In this episode, the guys discuss marital cleanliness, dating age-appropriateness, and alien husbandry. There is also a new promo for a hit album. Enjoy the ride.
The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson
227: Jan Dohner on Predators on the Urban Farm Adjusting to a new normal with predators near our farms. In This Podcast: We learn quite a bit from Jan who has spent four decades researching livestock guardians and the predators they guard against. She helps explain why there has been a resurgence in these wild predators and what steps can be ta ...…
Podcast – The Magestic Messenger On this Episode of the Magestream: We’ll Recap what happened at the April 7th-9th event, Rybin will talk about Daquamoore husbandry, and we’ll talk about spiders and Clarify some things about weapon-based and missile based poisons! Thank you to several “anonymous” lis ...…
Hare of the rabbit podcast
Today we are going to explore the Belgian Hare. History Now, the fist thing that surprised me about the Belgian Hare was definitely the body shop. Unlike the mandolin body shap of most rabbits that I have learned about. These Rabbits look distinctly like a hare. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first examples of this breed were developed in Belgium ...…
Redeeming Blood Ministries
A new MP3 sermon from Redeeming Blood Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: What Are We Doing For The Lord? Subtitle: Smith Chapel Baptist Church Speaker: Kenny Bullins Broadcaster: Redeeming Blood Ministries Event: Sunday - PM Date: 4/23/2017 Bible: 1 Corinthians 3:5-10 Length: 26 min. (64kbps) Overv ...…
Eco-at-Africa: The Environment Magazine
Benin vet Michel Babadjide’s sustainable animal husbandry ensures food security for local farmers. It’s finally being taken seriously by science and catching on in villages around the country.
Kinky Katie's World
Complement the cock... Pregnant prostitute making it big time at the Bunny Ranch... Pussy perfume, not for your pussy but might help you get some dick... Wet dreams, and how to make one for yourself... Animal husbandry,
Mary Ellen McClanahan / Georgia Department of Economic Development Director, Entrepreneur & Small Business Project Manager, Global Commerce As Director of Entrepreneur & Small Business Development for the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Mary Ellen helps find solutions and effective ways to build an enabling environment and support s ...…
Pawprint | a weekly podcast dedicated to animal rescue
Rose and Jimmy Hunter are the heroes behind House of Ig. They share their lives with eleven iguanas, along with some turtles. You will also see a dog and cat in the photos. Jimmy and Rose first rescued Tulsa from near-death when Jimmy moved to Illinois from Oklahoma. After Tulsa passed away, over the years, it has grown little by little. They t ...…
As we as a society become more conscious about our health and food choices, it's more important than ever that we become increasingly discerning about not only the quality of our food, but also it's origins. In this episode, our guest Anya Fernald takes us deep into the heart of the 'Farm to Table' food movement, by walking us through the fasci ...…
From The Jackals To The Shepherds
The Woods: The Map: Dave – Taylor Help The Show On Patreon Riverhouse Games Website Twitter Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe via RSS! Riverhouse Games Thanks You! Thank you for listening to this Riverhouse podcast. You can find more podcasts at as well as games and resources about queer & LGBT+ tabletop gaming. Thank you to the ...…
1 Corinthians 3:5-10 (KJV) 5 Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man? 6 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. 7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. 8 Now he that planteth and he that wa ...…
What is ecosystem restoration and what are some common challenges of living off-the-grid? Tao Orion—author, teacher, and mother—shares her experience with us on today's episode of Ancestral Health Radio. This was a fun chat, for sure. Because some day in the near future I'd like to purchase land and start a family myself. We discuss the need fo ...…
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