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Young Hustlers
I’m calling out all Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers—it’s time to learn the art of sales. You can have everything you want in life if you just learn how to sell. They didn’t teach you this in school, but everything in life is a sale, and everything you earn is a commission. You live in a Sell or Be Sold world, and I want to inspire you every Thursday to take control of your life and your finances by learning to sell!
Sales hacks for startup hustlers by Steli Efti. Tactics, strategies and sales stories straight from Silicon Valley's most prominent sales hustler. Head over to for sales videos and blog posts plus extra materials related to each episode.
Light Hustler features stories by and interviews with actors, writers, comedians, musicians and other fascinating folks as they talk about drinking, drugging, addiction, sobriety, recovery and mental health. The most serious subjects with the lightest of tones, Light Hustler shows people sharing their dark to find their light.
Heroes, Hustlers and Horsemen is history like you haven't heard it before. These are whisky-soaked, rough and tumble biographies about larger than life figures who shaped southern Alberta in the tumultuous late 1800s.
Carla Marie sits down with people who follow their passion while working their regular job. You'll be inspired by their drive to do what they love and it may even motivate you to start your own side hustle.
If you have a side hustle or you've been thinking about starting one, these daily pep talks from former side-hustler turned full-time entrepreneur Shannon Mattern will educate, motivate and inspire you to take action to build a successful side hustle so that you can quit your day job and earn a living doing what you love. Growing a business while working full time is challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding! Get Shannon's best insider tips, tactics and actionable strategies for st ...
Hustler's Lounge
Welcome To the Hustler's Lounge Podcast. Hip-Hop Culture and universal content. Exclusive interviews from local, indie, mainstream artist and entrepreneurs. Also diverse social topics and everyday life. Tune in and enjoy. Follow the show on instagram @hustlers_lounge101 and Facebook @HustlersLoungePodcast
Hustle smarter, not harder. Weekly interviews and live coaching with experts in the areas YOU care about most! Catch the LIVE video broadcasts in the Side Hustlers' Haven group on Facebook -
Sales hacks for startup hustlers by Steli Efti. Tactics, strategies and sales stories straight from Silicon Valley's most prominent sales hustler. Head over to for sales videos and blog posts plus extra materials related to each episode.
Podcast by Garett Larson
The New Hustlers Experience is for listeners to get a behind the scenes look, into New Hustlers's CEO, Jaiden Vu, on how he overcame battling depression for six years to a complete success story. Jaiden Vu is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance sales coach and motivational coach.
Todd Herman is creator of the '90 Day Year' High Performance System, which was recently named the world's top Leadership & Skill Development Program.
Welcome to a Cigar Hustlers Podcast, where we take a look at the poeple of the cigar industry.
Podcast by The Digital Hustler
Home Business Hustler
The Home Business Hustler radio show is where you'll hear from today's HOTTEST hustlers in the home business industry! Each episode you'll learn the latest hustle tactics so YOU can crush it in YOUR home business! Hosted by Jason Yesser from
Hustler Nation podcast.
Modern Day Hustlers
Podcast by KRZA
Podcast by Vancouver Hustlers
An entertaining, informative perspective on the topics of today with a twist of Southern charm
The Notorious Hustlers Podcast has been created to share the journey of successful entrepreneurs. To truly understand what obstacles they have faced, how many years it has taken them to get to the top of their game. No matter what stage your business is at, whether it's just an idea or you have a multi-million pound business there is something in here for you. Listen to our conversations with Billionaires, CEOs from UKs BIGGEST companies, NY Times Best Sellers, TED Talkers, Google Speakers, ...
This IS my circus and these ARE my monkies. Step into the whirlwind and learn along the way...or just laugh. Come as you are.
Hustler's Diary
Podcast by Letlhogonolo Modiga
Hustlers Ambition
LayedBak introduces hisself to the world!! Talks about his upcoming album and reads live comments. Make sure you got your Drink ready!!! #music music
Creator + Hustler
Podcast by Creator and Hustler
Impact Hustlers
Impact Hustlers features entrepreneurs and changemakers solving the world's biggest problems. Hosted by Maiko Schaffrath this podcast shares the stories of those who connect impact with profit and build businesses and solutions that solve problems such as climate change and poverty.Impact Hustlers is powered by Wayra UK. Find more about Wayra here:
Young Hustlers
The Young Hustlers Audio Series will be interviews with 'young hustlers' who are well on their way to achieving their goals. There will be a range of people on the show, from CEO's and Entrepreneurs to young professional athletes. We will be taking a closer look into their lives, finding out what motivates them on a daily basis, the biggest lessons they have learned throughout their careers and the most influential factors they believe have contributed to their success. ENJOY!
For the millennial that wants to take charge in this world and take full advantage of the opportunities that our generation has at the top of our fingers. To help correct the reputation we are rapidly getting branded with, exceed previous generations, and take this planet to the next level.
Podcast by Nate Barnes
This podcast is mainly about the various hustles that I find myself in. eBay, Amazon, Forex, cryptocurrency, and everything in between.
Welcome to Creative Mother Hustler, where amazing things happen.
Welcome to Your Favorite Hustler Wade Jackson's Podcast! I am President and CEO of my own brand HustleHand Academy(HHAC)! Where we Teach Growth and Development for people who are tired of their old life and what a more Abundant Life with Health,Wealth and Joy! Our motto is Hustler's Don't Wait For Opportunity, We Create it!
text me : 07903 880 640
Value Bombs for the True Hustler
The Creative Hustlers Show is a series of interviews featuring successful artists from all over the world who are successful in their careers or projects and finding out how they did it so you can learn from the very best. The people interviewed here have founded their own studios, projects or worked at the best animation companies in the world such as Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Saloon, Frederator, and Many More.
Official website of Jennifer Rachael Hudye: Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Copywriter. Helping influencers get their message out into the world.
K-Chill's background in music, movies and community activism serve as the backdrop for his views on the issues of today.
Wakey Wakey with The Big Cheese and The Creative Hustler as they Open your Eyes to the latest trends in creating digital experiences while chatting branding, design and agency life along with interviewing some of today’s most relevant thought leaders and influencers.
Still trying to figure things out? I'd love to help. I'm David, a 21 year old kid still figuring it out too. Join me as I pursue success and fulfillment, and listen in for advice I pick up along the way.
The Side Hustle Show is the podcast for part-time entrepreneurs who are looking for actionable tips and strategies on how to turn their side hustle dreams into reality. We cover all aspects of small business including marketing, sales, websites, social media, and more. Learn from experienced side hustle entrepreneurs the tactics you can implement today to take your ideas to the next level. Hosted by Nick Loper, Chief Side-Hustler at
Cardone Zone
THE CARDONE ZONE is now the one place to find everything Grant Cardone: Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Power Player interviews with superstar entrepreneurs, authors, experts, coaches and business leaders; The G&E Show - the business of Marriage and How to Build an Empire; Young Hustlers for Sales Professionals; and every Friday I will take your calls on anything and even give you an opportunity to pitch your business.
The Hustle Culture podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs and hustlers from all walks of life going through the climb and trying to make a difference simultaneously. These hustlers share tips and ways they overcame difficult situations. Please email for any questions or suggestions.
Business Bootcamp Podcast is inspired by Dave Ramsey Show -- for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Call in or ask a question and get concrete advice about your company from professionals if you are looking to START, GROW, OR SAVE your business! Also, learn from business people and seasoned entrepreneurs as they share their personal stories and experiences on the interview portion of the show. One stop shopping for young entrepreneurs, seasoned leaders, small business owners, financial ...
Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side-hustlers, whether you're wanting to quit your day job or have been your own boss for a while now. Authors and "business besties" Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon dig into the mindset, habits, routines, boundaries, branding, marketing tactics, business strategies, systems, and processes that help you make money doing what you love. Join us as we interview bosses such as Brené Brown, Brooke Castillo, Marie Forleo, Ram ...
What’s next for your career and creative projects? Learn how to embrace fear, insecurity, imperfection and intuition as the superpowers they are while navigating the pivot process. Join Jenny Blake, author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, for intimate conversations with authors and friends on how to find opportunity in unexpected places through practical tips and tools. Jenny’s motto? If change is the only constant, let’s get better at it. Subscribe now so you don’t mis ...
The #1 Fitness podcast for the hardworking and success seeking hustlers who want to build rock hard muscle while burning fat and getting insanely strong in the process.
Maker's Co Podcast
A Podcast for Creatives, Side-hustlers, Makers & Entrepreneurs
Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side-hustlers, whether you're wanting to quit your day job or have been your own boss for a while now. Authors and "business besties" Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon dig into the mindset, habits, routines, boundaries, branding, marketing tactics, business strategies, systems, and processes that help you make money doing what you love. Join us as we interview bosses such as Brené Brown, Brooke Castillo, Marie Forleo, Ram ...
The China Startup Pulse is a podcast designed to give startup enthusiasts from around the world a behind the scenes and on-the-ground understanding of what's happening in China's startup ecosystem every week. Run By Chinaccelerator and SOSV, founded by Ryan Shuken & Todd Embley and hosted by Ryan Shuken, William Bao Bean and Oscar Ramos - hackers and hustlers on the ground and at the epicenter of it all in Shanghai, China.
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Carla Marie talks to the ULTIMATE Side Hustler. Adriana Carrig started her company, Little Words Project, in her parents basement. It's grown so much over the last 4-5 years that you can actually find her bracelets in stores ALL OVER. Learn about Adriana's story and how Carla Marie played a role in jump starting her business!…
How I turned my side hustle into a full time job. Get "Ten Ways to Create More Time for Your Side Hustle" at Ready to start your side hustle? Get 36 months of web hosting for just $2.95 a month at Then head on over to and sign up for th ...…
How to get your partner's support for your side hustle. Get "Ten Ways to Create More Time for Your Side Hustle" at Ready to start your side hustle? Get 36 months of web hosting for just $2.95 a month at Then head on over to and sign up ...…
North Lauderdale, Florida's own rap artist KingDirtyMup comes by the Hustler's Lounge to talk about his come up, His recent single "Stuntin", Cutting off old friends and starting his own brand, 10k MOB, Signing to major label, Being the first to blow up in city, dodging the hate, and his Mixtape "Soulja Mentality". Plus his future projects and ...…
Click a link to subscribe for new episodes: iTunes | Stitcher | Overcast Jarrod Glandt is a sales legend, Vice President of Sales at Grant Cardone Enterprises and Co-Host of the Young Hustlers Podcast. On today’s episode of #ThriveInSales Jarrod is explaining the step by step process to breaking through and crushing selling objections when on a ...…
We do business with people we know, like, and trust. When we connect with prospects, we increase the odds that they’ll feel that way about us. Often, though, as sales professionals, we skip the connection step and go straight for the sale. On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist Hustler’s League, we discuss ways we […] The post TSE 810: TSE ...…
A series of segments outlining both experiences.
Sold crack, now I sell Bitcoin. My past is not my present or future. Through the course of several segments, I'll share my dealings in crypto, from cloud mining to day trading. Thanks for tuning in and I can't wait to hear yours.
Each week this season on our Survivor Podcast, David Bloomberg & Jessica Lewis will talk about why each voted out player "lost the game". The post Why ______ Lost Survivor 36 Episode 7 with David Bloomberg & Jessica Lewis appeared first on
On today's show we are joined by none other than Alex Ferrari, a micro-budget filmmaker and true hustler - known widely for his popular filmmaking podcast Indie Film Hustle. After 20 years in the film business, Alex turned to micro-budget filmmaking as a means to take control over his own destiny and bring his feature narrative projects to life ...…
Sales professionals often overlook empathy. Because we’re focused on selling a product and closing a deal, we often neglect to understand our customers. In today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, we discuss the role of empathy in the sales process, and why sales professionals must understand their prospects in order to build value. What do […] ...…
mmy Award winning P. Frank Williams is a TV/Film producer, writer, journalist, author and commentator. Over the past two decades, he's worked in newspapers, magazines, TV, film and even wrote and co-produced the big budget video game 25 To Life, produced by Eidos and the new Heatwave Interactive we based game Platinum Life. He is a producer for ...…
Jason Crawford How did the journey begin? Jason worked at Amazon, this is when the seeds for Fieldbook started getting planted. It was surprising to him that companies dedicated so much time developing internal tools. Amazon focussed on building a system that helped track their internal recruiting. Years later, Jason joined a startup where he b ...…
This is it. The beginning. Let's begin this journey together, I will do my best to share the wisdom I learn along the way in life, love, and business.
This is all new to me.Let me know what you think! 🖤
Afrojack & Bobby Burns - Bridge (Original Mix) DJ Bam Bam - Bonafide Hustler - (Original Mix) Harry Choo Choo - Deep Inside (Choo Romeros Bambossa Remix) The Yank - We Can't Be Stop'd (Remix) Shock Stars - End Of Chicago (Bad Boy Bill Remix Radio Edit) Robbie Rivera - Move Move (Club Mix) Jaimie Fanatic - Turn This Place Up (DJ Bam Bam Remix) K ...…
Jerry Morales is a successful Realtor with Keller Williams Silicon Beach, mentor and entrepreneur who has quickly grown to become a respected agent in the highly-competitive and world-famous city of Los Angeles. Jerry is also the founder of, a brand I helped him launch. Learn2Hustle is an exclusive community where members r ...…
EP.3 [MY HOUSE OR YOURS?] House Lovers!!! (Like House? Then check this out!) This episode we start things off slow with some tracks from some big artists on mau5trap records, working into some heavier electro and picking up the pace halfway through for some harder hitting tracks. Two of my favourites from this mix are "Hit Em Like" (Original mi ...…
This episode I'll be talking about how dropping out of high school allowed me to achieve personal wealth and success. Now even in present day, I'm constantly being asked, "What was the best decision you made when you were young?" my immediate answer, “ The day I dropped out of high school”. I knew for a fact that school was not for me as I was ...…
My most exciting session yet ! Thank you for tuning in on the fourth session of Views From Orlando. Today I have Thommy Sandvick, speaker and life coach, VP of public relations at Lake Nona Toastmasters. Huge Green Bay Packers fan and great communicator. You can find him @Thommy Sandvickcheck out his book want to make thi ...…
Rowan Petty is a conman down on his luck. He's flat broke, living out of cheap hotels, and wondering how it all went wrong. His car quits on him in Reno, and he takes a job there on the bottom rung of a lousy phone scam. When he's not swindling lonely widows, he tries to turn nickels into dimes at the poker table. One snowy night, he crosses pa ...…
Millen, Geogia's own rap artist Mook Dook comes by the Hustler's Lounge to talk about his come-up, passion for music, staying relevant in the game, his camp S.B.M, and his Bout To Do The Most-EP, plus his future projects to come. Tune in and Enjoy
College dropout. Bullied kid... Persistent hustler who started his own business at 20 years old and now makes a living doing what he loves. A true success story, 1000% what this shows all about. Escaping the corporate world and doing what you love and doing it on your terms and your time. Book DJ Darren Roy for your gig TODAY!…
The first step in a sales cycle is getting attention from a customer. Most are trying to sell without having attention. Whether you’re selling a product or a service you don’t even know if they are listening to you. It’s called control, how do you control the sale? You gotta control the attention. Emails - people are not unsubscribing from emai ...…
On episode 1 of the "Get the Gig" podcast, we interviewed an amazing musician and social media hustler, Jessie Frye! Find more about Jessie Frye at, Spotify, & @jessiefryemusic.
In this chapter I share my past weeks experiences indirectly. I talk the way in which patience has been working for me, how I've been dealing with a breakup and the reason why I value time.
Statesboro, Georgia's own rap artist ShyLyric comes by the Hustlers Lounge to talk about her classic mixtape Guns n Roses, her start in the music game, dodging negative energy and working with creative artists. Also her future projects to come. Tune in and enjoy.
Jon Carney explain to us this week how his dream of being a pilot led him to a job as a pirate and then ultimately to LFD Cigars! You can follow us on IG @Cigarhustlerpodcast or go to our FB page at A Cigar Hustlers Podcast. Leave us your thoughts and comments or suggest a gues you would like to hear us have on the show! You can follow Mike Szc ...…
I credit my insane work ethic to my dad. He juggled several jobs at once, his story his pretty cool!
Lea and Karen talk with Gabrielle Bryant, the hustler-in-chief of Gabby's World Media. Gabby talked about leadership, gentrification, journalism, Oprah and her Jesus Year.Gaby's twitter:'s insta:'s website: writing in Denverite: https:/ ...…
Episode 002 [Part 02] @dub-strikerDub striker is French duo producer from Marseille, mainly influenced by @gerd they quickly produced strong garage tracks with "don't call me", " the piano house track", then they made various tracks and EPs on several house labels as @strctr-records, @gentsndandysrecords, @hustler-trax, @imported-party, @la_chi ...…
Who is Nir Eyal? Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. The M.I.T. Technology Review dubbed Nir, “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology.” Nir founded two tech companies since 2003 and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Desig ...…
Earache Radio No 29 Playlist The Cosmic Psychos - "Some Girls" Thee Mighty Caesars - "You are Forgiven" Brimstone Howl - "Lynne" Me, Kellie, &/the Kent 3 - "Fake I.D." The Bristols - "I Got a Thing About You" Cheap Time - "Handy Man" The Hard-Ons - "Survin' on My Face" Thee Mothballs - "She Makes Me Wild" The BobbyTeens - "Treat Me Right" The Q ...…
Are you a product of your environment or is your environment a product of you?Step into the realm of overstanding. In this week's episode Hibachi and Haus formerly known as The Master Levitator take you into an open perspective on an honest approach into how your environment affects you. And what you can do about it. Bridging the gap between wh ...…
Welcome to Miggy Hussle podcast where the real hustlers, the real grinders, the real entrepreneurs get together to peep the game!
Welcome to Miggy Hussle podcast where the real hustlers, the real grinders, the real entrepreneurs get together to peep the game!
Welcome to Miggy Hussle podcast where the real hustlers, the real grinders, the real entrepreneurs get together to peep the game!
Soul Heaven Radio 021 with exclusive guest mix from Jon Cutler!2 Hours of house, hosted by Ollie Blackmore1st Hour: Ollie Blackmore01. Angelo Ferreri - I’m Talking To You02. Natasha Kitty Katt - Windy City 03. Mattei & Omich featuring Ella - Your World04. Eli Escobar - City Song Part 2 (Peace, Love and Harmony)05. Chrissy, Miles Bonny, Crackaza ...…
Belgian rapper Baloji's fourth album 137 Avenue Kaniama references an address in Lubumbashi, DRC, close to where he was born nearly 40 years ago. He talks to RFI about exploring the A and B sides of his "Afropean" identity through a kaleidoscope of sounds from rap to electro, hip hop to opera and a host of African rhythms. As a singer Baloji st ...…
In today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, we’ll show you how to use tailored email to grab your prospect’s attention. We’ll also show you how to make sure she reads to the very end. Make her feel good. People are ego-driven. Before you make contact, figure out what matters to her right now. Has she […] The post TSE 795: TSE Hustler’s League-“ ...…
* Content Warning: This show is intended for a mature audience. This episode specifically features discussion of suicide, bullying, and sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised. *Hey Kinkers!What did you think of last week's episode? Let us know what you're loving and what you think we could improve on. You can also email us questions or ...…
This week on a saturday Mike McKinney is in town and sits down with us and shares how he started with and continues to grow in one of the leading companies in the cigar business. You can follow us at our fan page on FB at A Cigar Hustlers Podcast or IG @cigarhustlerspodcast. Leave us your thoughts and comments or suggest a guest you wouldd like ...…
Junior Smalls is a Belleville, IL native. He is a hustler like no other. His passion for music is his driving force. Name a genre, this dude has played it. From jazz, hardcore, punk, hip hop, rock and folk. Warped Tour in a band to producing Afroman, to getting a show shut down by the SWAT team, he has stories. He is still in the game and now o ...…
Introduction of the Birth of the Hustle Podcast--where we interview startup entrepreneurs and hustlers to determine how they continue to grow their ventures. Join us while we begin our journey to prove everyone can strike it rich with the right hustle.
You aren’t the only one fighting for your prospect’s attention; she probably doesn’t even know that you exist yet. So how can you use a targeted approach and an outreach cadence to grab her attention? In today’s episode, we discuss the importance of using cadences and multiple platforms to create a targeted approach to grabbing […] The post TSE ...…
Today in the guest chair we have the one and only Beth Diana Smith, an interior design KING that side hustled for years before venturing out on her own. Beth possessed a natural ability for creating functionality, efficiency, and organization from a very young age, so she pursued degrees in business and accounting to satiate her love of process ...…
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