Best hydroponics podcasts we could find (Updated November 2017)
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NPK Hydroponics Live
NPK Hydroponics Live: An honest, informal and passionate podcast about growing crops hydroponically
The Hydroponics Farmer Podcast
Tomorrow's farming systems, growing local healthy food today.
Dude Grows Show - Wake and Bake America
The Dude Grows Show brings you marijuana grow knowledge, news, and culture. Every episode is packed with information on teaching you how to grow marijuana indoors and out.
Urban Agriculture
Urban Agriculture is a podcast about food production within the built environment.
Epic Gardening: Daily Growing Tips and Advice
The Epic Gardening podcast is a daily gardening tips and advice show brought to you by Kevin Espiritu, an urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast, and all-around plant lover. Every day, a gardening question from YOU will be answered in a fun and informative way in under 10 minutes!
Heavy T's Grow Show
Heavy T's Grow Show Hydroponics Talk Radio ~ Now on
Upstart Farmers Radio
Upstart Farmers Radio is the voice of the Upstart Farmers movement! Making a living while making an impact.
In this premire YAD podcast Dan,Aaron and Yvonne introduce listeners to dirt free gardening with hydroponics.They also Talk about the two systems to get started.
Organiponic Podcast
Welcome to the Organiponic Podcast. Andrew Dewey is the inventor of the first complete indoor hydroponic grow system that lets you grow truly organic produce, inside, all year long for a fraction of the cost. To learn more about how you can reserve your Organiponic unit simply register at On the podcast, Andrew brings together health and wellness experts to share with you how they help keep families like yours healthy, and how you can too.
Education for self sufficiency through efficiency.
Visionary Aquaponics with Maribou Latour
Visionary Aquaponics is a podcast created for you, the Aquaponics Entrepreneur, the Aquapreneur, and those who want to take their Aquaponics to the next level. This show delivers 3 episodes a week for you Aquapreneurs who want to learn more about the business side of Aquaponics. Each episode brings you a different Aquaponics expert with advice on various topics from backyard to commercial Aquaponics, passive solar design, integrated aquaculture, renewable energy, biochar, horticulture, fish ...
Bright Agrotech Network
The Bright Agrotech Podcast Network features several value-pack podcasts on topics from aquaponics to vertical farming (including the Upstart Farmers), urban farming and more. Aquaponics Academy is a Bright Agrotech podcast designed to help you overcome common aquaponic issues, learn new growing techniques and help you be as successful as you can be as an aquaponic practitioner.Upstart Farmers Radio is the podcast for innovative vertical farmers wanting to make an impact and a living. Join P ...
Foolish Raven Farms Podcast
A Small Homestead with Big Plans: Our conversations exploring and sharing ours thoughts on a wide variety of topics including homesteading, small farm livestock, food culture ethics, and anything else that happens to come up as we process the life of transitioning from an urban living room hydroponics garden to the overwhelming process of running a small farmstead. Share with us the discussions that come up while building up our chicken flock and rabbitry, as well as a smattering of hydropon ...
Let'em Breathe Space by REY, Lester del
The old space freighter Wahoo is all Dr. Pietro can afford for his expedition to the rings of Saturn. Although built for a crew of 6 the good doctor crams 19 people into the Wahoo, and after 5 months they are really getting on each other’s nerves. Then someone starts killing people and poisoning the air giving plants in the hydroponics bay. Can our hero Paul Tremaine find the killer before he suffocates? Perhaps you should hold your breath. – Let’em Breathe Space was first published in the J ...
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Join Mark Freeman, Senior Manager of Global Dining Services at Microsoft, to learn about how Microsoft is integrating technology into their Urban Farming program – utilizing the “Internet of Things” (IoT) to grow the food that feeds 40,000+ people daily at Microsoft’s Puget Sound campus. Learn about Urban Farming within office space at Microsof ...…
Radio Podcast Talk Show about New City Scene. Continucation Podcast in New York City.Hydroponic Garden.Roof tops coming soon.
This week's episode is a quick listen, yet covers a tremendous amount of ground (pun intended). Jay Hill of New Mexico grows a large suite of crops from pumpkins, chili peppers, sudan grass and everything in between. As Jay shares the destination of each crop, Jenny is tasked with learning more about cotton and lipstick production. We cover his ...…
Our guest is patient Mike Winter and Joint Host Alicia YashcheshenTonight we'll be talking to Mike about his story and situation. This will include his medical use of cannabis, how he uses it as an effective medicine to his cannabis advocacy work.We'll also be talking to him about a problem of harassment by the RCMP. Why?.... for being a medica ...…
Periodic Effects: Cannabis Business Podcast
Interview with Nico and Pepijn, Co-Founders of Cloudponics, an ancillary manufacturing business offering a smart hydroponic cannabis growing solution. They discuss contract manufacturing in San Diego while being based in Chile with an office in San Francisco. Along with new opportunities that their hydroponic growing solution offers for increas ...…
Radio Podcast with our friends at Anchor Rocks from people power farm.Commical Spot Hydroponic.🎥📷😁
Stephen is joined by Colin from Mammoth P, they discuss microbes and the benefits of using Mammoth P.
People Power Farm
We are looking to build a following. We will talk about hydroponic. We will take about farming.
The Next Idea Since mankind first began growing crops, the farmer's enemies have been drought, wind, wild temperature swings: curve balls served up by Mother Nature. Brian Harris is turning out an array of green produce, protected from the elements, in a converted freight container that sits near downtown Grand Rapids. He calls this a “hydropon ...…
People with Disabilities garding at home. The square foot garden.
Rough Around The Hedges
In today's podcast, I talk briefly over two different types of farming that are becoming popular, namely, urban,small scale intensive farming and indoor, vertical / hydroponic / aquaponic farming.What are the differences between them and what my thoughts on them. Music by: David Cutter Music - http://www.davidcuttermusic.comOutro Music by: http ...…
This week on PACE, we are happy to have on a lady who is in the news business in Canada as well as south of the boarder in the USA. The ever amazing Julie Chiariello from SKUNK Magazine & The Highway joins Al Graham & Kim Cooper on the show!Julie has been an intricate part of Skunk for quite some time, and has been a key part in the creation of ...…
People Power Farm
Hydroponics PH
The Trucking Prepper
Wikipedia definition of Aquaponics refers to any system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. How to start your aquaponics system: … Continue reading →…
Loved loved loved having my man and OG entrepreneur Tony Conrad stop by to talk business, answer call-ins and hang out. The call-in questions here are completely unrivaled and out of left field, ranging from a tomato farmer wanting to invest in hydroponics, the creator of a business that takes human remains and converts them into ceramic mugs, ...…
Scott Ertz is the President at PLuGHiTz Corporation. He’s a tech journalist, software engineer, entrepreneur and host of many shows. During the show, Scott explains how to monetize your podcast through affiliate programs and sponsorships with companies like Monster, Microsoft, and Amazon Associates. You’ll learn how partnerships and affiliates ...…
Guest Kelly Kush of Niagara Cannabis Club…/ and Joint Host Kim CooperKim has invited Kelly onto the program to discuss her business the Niagara Cannabis Club. We'll be finding out what motivated her to open the club, how it benefited the community to her latest challenge, the police rai ...…
SHOW NOTESINTRODUCING JONATHAN RUSSO!Have you ever wondered how you become a consultant? How about how long does it take to become one?Our guest today just graduated high school and is getting ready to start college. Over the last four years he explored an interest he had in hydroponics. He started out doing a research SAE, finding out how it w ...…
Soil and water are essential for agriculture. But what if they’re not? We learn about a startup that is using modular hydroponics to address food insecurity in underserved, remote areas around the world.Interviewee: • Corey Ellis, Co-founder and CEO, The GrowcerCredits:Interviewer:• Isa KujawskiProducers: • Nosheen Hayat• Isa Kujawski• Andrew J ...…
Think of agriculture of the future and you may conjure up images of hydroponic lettuces grown in underground, urban bunkers or massive-scale precision farming using satellites and drones. But for campaign group Farms of the Future, the future is, and can only be, agroecology.By (Niamh Michail).
Faith and I talk about airport security, constant monitoring, cybersecurity, robust training, aviation, Atlanta as the busiest airport, 2 - 5 million passengers, it's not going to happen to me, all good companies start in the basement, in the Middle East as a woman owned business, midwestern farm girl perspective, Kuala Lumpur, 7 and 10 year ol ...…
DilDoka Podcast
Episode 52 | Dylan talks Hydroponics, Ryan talks hair lines, and brady gets brutally teased by the duo. Throw in Ryan's opinion on hitler and jake paul. Check it out.
Dylan Fairman's Feed
Hydroponic talk but all in all a long day and I'm just a grumpy bitch. :)
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Thomas and Stephen discuss the storms coming to the UK hydroponics industry.
Tonight 8pmET ..... Guest Jennifer Pixie of 710the6 are sorry to announce that Kim Cooper, tonight's scheduled joint host, has had some recent health issues and will not be making this weeks program. We here at The PACE Radio Show wish her a speedy recover and know she'll be back in her regular spot behind the mic as soon ...…
Stephen and Thomas discuss the basics of controlling your growing environment.
Changing Earth Podcast Episode 6 Questions Is Aquaponics a Viable system? Aquaponics is an extremely valid system. What is an aquaponics system? Aquaponics is the marriage of hydroponics and Aquaculture. Hydroponics is cultivating plant life in a bath of nutrient rich water solution, instead of soil, for large scale production in a smaller area ...…
Jay Talking
Founder of New England Hydroponics, Ethan Holmes, talks about growing your own marijuana at home.
Jay Talking
Founder of New England Hydroponics, Ethan Holmes, talks about growing your own marijuana at home.
GOB 47 – This Other Eden (This article first appeared in the January 2014 edition of ‘Birdwatching’) January 1st may be ‘hangover day’ for many, but for me it always marks the start of the year list so its barely light when I open the blinds. This scares one of the neighbourhood cats out of my tiny blessed plot and I get on the road heading for ...…
Organiponic Podcast
Maria Whalen is the world’s leading authority on invincible wellness™. Pioneer, Innovator, Inventor and Warrior – all describe her. She fights for personal health freedom, sustainability and independence in all things – offering autonomy for your health, finances, business and lifestyle. Maria invented the revolutionary Invincible Wellness™ Sys ...…
Guest Oliva Brown of Professional Cannabis Consulting Incorporated and Joint Host Alicia YashcheshenAlicia will be talking to Olivia about her cannabis consulting business. How does process work? Personal growing? Does she educate through seminars or does she do one on one consulting with patients? D ...…
Stephen and Thomas discuss product innovation and imitation within the hydroponics industry.
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