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Canadian Comedians Matt White and Reem Himself riff on the everyday meaning of life with a variety of artists and try to make sense of it all. Features include Would You Rather? and Trivia time.
Bill Swerski's Sports Talk Chicago
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Asparagus monsters! New costumes! Talking apes! Over-explaining things! Ice, ice and more ice, baby! Closing line clunkers! All this wackiness can only mean one thing - it's time for an all new episode of Waiting For Doom! LET'S GET PATROLLING! Down on Derington Way - 5:12Doom Clock - 7:38Doomsplaining - 12:02 - We return to volume 4 of the Doo ...…
This week, Nintendo made a reasonable localization decision. I know, we were surprised too! 28:17 – Nintendo replaces obscene gesture in Mario Kart 8 34:26 – No Destiny 2 on Switch because the game is online-only 39:52 – World of Tank devs are using copyright in order to censor harsh criticism If you missed Saturday’s live ... Continue reading ...…
What could possibly scare a Rhyno?!?@PodySlamShow@BeerCityMedia
Nathan, Mike, and Mahler talk about a Day Without a Woman, Marines, nuclear China, Vault 7, THAAD, John Deere drones, The World's Greatest Healthcare Plan, refugees from the US, wire tapping, Russian hacking, slave immigrants, the United States of ExxonMobil, Trump trademarks, and more.
Lenten Service/Ice HolePastor Paul BrownGeorge Walker
GameFuel celebrates the storied past of Namco in musical form this week, in honor of founder Masaya Nakamura, who passed away on January 22nd. This episode also features a look at doujin legends Magical Trick Society and an exploration of music from more than 35 years of Namco games! PLAYLIST: 1.Sixto Sounds – Chaotic Heart (Tales of ... Contin ...…
Hello Mingions! Welcome to Episode 24 where we tackle two movies full of wackiness. First we take a fun trip looking into the 1984 comedy Johnny Dangerously. Then we enjoy probably the number one movie...
We’re back! Tonight we recap the thrilling 3-2 loss against Point Mallard in the season/home opener and discuss how this team is completely different from last year’s and they seem focused, determined and conditioned to win!
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Crimson SonAuthor: Russ LintonNarrator: Mitchell LucasFormat: UnabridgedLength: 9 hrs and 53 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 03-23-16Publisher: Russ LintonRatings: 4 of 5 out of 22 votesGenres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi: ContemporaryPublisher's Summ ...…
The season comes to an end and we discuss the final two games and the future of the Thunderbolts and Evansville Hockey.
Flock you, Snake in Public, Stolen Nudes, 20 things to do sexually before you die, 5 sex toys you need, what's up with Valerie Harper and a rant against ice holes.
“Rabbit Hutch and Panic Hatch: Attorneys at Law” “The ice holes are melting and the c’s are rising!” “You can’t Judge Judy” “Burpees and poopies” “Fight, flight, or complain” “Shanghaied and Sea-addled” “M. Night ShamWowie Mandel” “When life hands you lemon tumors… it’s time to die.” “More faults than California!”…
Look at this - we can talk about something other than Making A Murderer. But you know that right? Because you subscribe to the show on iTunes and have already rated and reviewed the podcast- right? How can you resist listening to us talk about marijuana, sex, and open ice holes? Marijuana There are lots of questions about the new Liberal govern ...…
Season 2 Credits I decided that, like Season 1, I would also record 16 episodes for Season 2. Now it’s time to take a look back at Season 2 of the Explore Finland Radio Show, to consider the topics covered and thank everyone that agreed to be interviewed. You can still keep in touch on the various social media and don’t forget to let me know wh ...…
Recap of Saturday’s game against Peoria, discussing things that we’ve noticed, and voting for the Icehole Player of the Year Award!
Recap of Friday’s game against the Peoria Mustangs…and the Iceholes go on a field trip!
Recap of this weekend’s games against the Cincinnati Thunder.
Kyllä kylymä teköö hyvää – Yes, the cold does good! Image: Season 2 Episode 32 I learn why swimming in ice-cold water after taking a sauna is better than sex or morphine! Jussi explains ALL the benefits of Avantouinti, before taking me swimming in the hole in the ice on a frozen pond. Yep, that’s right… htt ...…
Recap of Sunday’s 8-2 loss to Atlanta. Plus a special guest co-host with lots of shenanigans!
Recap of Friday and Saturday games against Atlanta Capitals. Pretty short show. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be back on our podcast game.
Quick game recap of the 4-1 loss against the Nashville Jr. Predators on Saturday, and addressing certain people who don’t like the Iceholes, the Podcast, or what we post on our personal social media accounts.
Recap of the 5-1 loss against the Nashville Jr. Predators, plus a sitdown with Austin Hayden, Nick Luke and Kyle Nikles, as well as a concerned party sitting in on the show to give some thoughts.
Recap of the 5-2 loss to the Cincinnati Thunder. Triston Theriot joins us again for a chat.
BOLTS WIN! BOLTS WIN!! BOLTS WIN!!! Their first win on home ice!!! 3-2 over the Cincinnati Thunder!!!
This is an Iceholes Update going in-depth about the Icehole Player of the Year Award, Sponsors, Brand Building, donations and a shitbag named Greg!
Saturday’s game recap against the St. Louis Jr. Blues, along with our newest Icehole, Holly Hockey. Plus a visit from Brandon Rozema and Stephen Rutherford!
Recapping Friday night’s game against the Jr. Blues and an interview with Jr. Blues goaltender, Zach Young. Our 21st show, and Kirk’s 30th birthday!!!
Recap of Wednesday’s game against the Junior Blues, plus this weekend’s games against the Atlanta Capitals. Along with the usual jackassery.
Recap of the BOLTS FIRST WIN!!! And interviews from morning skate!
Recap of the Minnesota Showcase games…and then a whole bunch of shenanigans and bullshit!
Brief recap of Sunday’s game against Peoria…and then automatic derailing into jackass fuckery!
Game recap of the 4-1 loss against Peoria and what we expect to see from this team tomorrow!
This is not a regular Iceholes Podcast. This is a special message to the players from us.
The one where Green Blooded Bastard watches Little Giants. The Giants beat the cowboys again! It's a fun family comedy with a girl named ice hole because she's a bad bitch and doesn't take shit from anyone. True story.
Michael & Logan return for the penultimate time this season to recap Amazing Race Canada 3's visit to Edmonton, Alberta! This week, we learn why After the Race could be super awkward, we explain why teams have been flush with cash for two weeks running now, how Edmonton is basically Moscow, why production may have been playing a prank on everyo ...…
Iceholes 5.2 Elizabeth Petrova And Guests Talk Immigrant Stories And About Ladies In Comedy! Copyright Iceholes 2015 LinkBy (Reem Himself).
Iceholes 5.0 STAR WARS SPECIAL EDITION (but Much Better) @ DuderMcNarly Joins On Our 2 Yr Anniversary Of Iceholes At The Imperial To Discuss The Greatest Saga Ever Told. LinkBy (Reem Himself).
Two rival gangs compete for the whoring, loan sharking, and shady night club business in New York City. One gang is led by a butter and egg man who goes by the name of Roman Troy Maroni. The other gang is led by that fargin icehole, Jocko Dundee, played by Ray Ramano’s dad. Whose gang should we root for? Well, this is 80s Hollywood, so clearly, ...…
Two rival gangs compete for the whoring, loan sharking, and shady night club business in New York City. One gang is led by a butter and egg man who goes by the name of Roman Troy Maroni. The other gang is led by that fargin icehole, Jocko Dundee, played by Ray Ramano’s dad. Whose gang should we root for? Well, this is 80s Hollywood, so clearly, ...…
Synopsis The year: sometime in the 1930s. Location: New York City. Topic: Crime. Two rival gangs compete for the whoring, loan sharking, and shady night club business in New York. One gang is led by a “butter and egg man” who goes by the name of Roman Troy Maroni. The other gang is led by that fargin icehole, Jocko Dundee, played by Ray Ramano’ ...…
Iceholes 4.9: JJ Liberman STORMS through Iceholes@TheImperial! We rant on Instagram, Sudbury and how his thoughts do not reflect the podcast. Copyright Iceholes 2015 LinkBy (Reem Himself).
Iceholes 4.8 Hisham Kilati & Mark Frustrate Reem During Iceholes@ The Imperial! LinkBy (Reem Himself).
Iceholes 4.7: Che Durena join Reem & Mark for Iceholes@ The Imperial! copyright Iceholes 2014 LinkBy (Reem Himself).
Iceholes 4.6: Ariel Kagan, Drew Grav join Reem & Mark for Iceholes @ The Imperial! LINK Copyright Iceholes Podcast 2014By (Reem Himself).
SHR # 1508 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: Co-host: The Lovely and Talented Alisa Profumo :: They Say It's Your Birthday - Pearls of Wisdom - Mirror Mirror on the Wall - Conflicting Information About Ebola - Shrink-Wrap Ebola Victims - GMO: What Do People Really Know - Farmer's Market Frauds - Susan G. Koman: A Bunch of Fracking Ice Holes - Vitamin D Level ...…
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