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ICGEB comprises labs across Trieste, Italy, New Delhi, India and Cape Town, South Africa. Macroareas of expertise cover Biotech Transfer, Immunology, Biomedicine, Infectious Diseases, Computational Biology and Plant Biotechnology. ICGEB Researchers talk about their current projects.
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Francesco Pipino, Investor and Advisor, Biotech and Medical Sector and Stefano Guidotti, U-Start srl, Milan - ITALY speak on U- Start: Bridging the Gap between Research and Finance-An intro to venture capital and the U-Start platform. This seminar has been recorded by ICGEB TriesteBy F. Pipino, S. Guidotti
Vittorio Venturi, Bacteriology and Plant Bacteriology, ICGEB Trieste, Trieste, ITALY speaks on "Scientific presentations at ICGEB Trieste, on the occasion of the Special Session of the Board of Governors". This seminar has been recorded by ICGEBBy Vittorio Venturi
Silvano Riva, Institute for Biochemical and Evolutionary Genetics/CNR, Pavia, Italy speaks on "Role of alternative splicing of the RON proto-oncogene mRNA in epithelian-mesenchimal transition (EMT) and metastasis". This seminar has been recorded at ICTP Trieste by ICGEBBy Silvano Riva
Michael J. Yarus, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, speaks on "A foundation in RNA chemistry for the genetic code, and can we know the past, know even about the origin of life?". This seminar has been recorded at ICTP Trieste by ICGEB TriesteBy Michael J. Yarus
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