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Productive Idiocy Podcast
We're dysfunctional...We're a trainwreck...But we make people laugh.
Puck Soup
We’re Greg Wyshynski and Dave Lozo and this is a hockey podcast, in the sense that we talk about hockey, both on the ice and about fan culture. That’s the “puck.” This is also a podcast about movies, TV, fast food, life lessons and general idiocy. That’s the “soup.” Unless you ordered the minestrone.
Adventures in Irrationality
Foolishness, idiocy, and irreverence. Weekly.
The Guerrilla Radio Show
The Guerrilla Radio Show is an informal philosophy talk show. Committed to waging war against idiocy and bringing philosophy to the masses, the Guerrilla Radio Show offers its listeners a unique perspective on important philosophical issues. A philosophy talk show doesn’t have to be stuffy, boring or incapable of attracting younger audiences. Jam packed with thought provoking topics, great guests, cool music and a sarcastic sense of humor, the Guerrilla Radio Show is definitely a one-of-a-ki ...
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Some Say
Examining the idiocy of the right wing from a former Conservatives perspective. 500 plus episodes.
War for Idiots
Two idiots attempt to understand the complexities of War using their own, unique senses of dark humour and complete idiocy. We can't guarantee you will learn something, but we can guarantee you'll laugh at an some point...we hope. From the team that brought you The Dead Prussian.
Conspicuously Inconspicuous
Experts in bespoke nightmares and immersive idiocy.
My Cousin's An Idiot
Banter between two cousins and occasional guests. Frequent accusations of idiocy which usually boil down to the pot calling the kettle black. Puns will continue until morale improves.
In Cityville, USA, the staff of a dilapidated cineplex struggle to find their place in a world where idiocy and shenanigans are the norm, while learning how to deal with each other, themselves, and the situations that seem to occur on a daily basis. There will be comedy. There will be drama. Welcome to Zoolaplex.
Chewing Water
Music from Neon Doom Records and friends of the label distorted into new works and blended with cut-up sound collages, monologues, dialogues, skits, sounds, drones, grunts, silence, screams, thoughts, idiocy, and anything else we can get to stick to the tape.A unique listening experience is created as similar sounds are fractured from structured explorations into abstract nirvana.Support by purchasing music from or via
Hail 2 the Tweet
A weekly celebration of the absurdity and idiocy of the current President of the United States through dramatic reading of his official statements, i.e. tweets.
Divine Bovine: The Holy Cow-cast
Keegan, Bill, and Matt bring you the latest in nerd-dom. Including tabletop gaming, Console Gaming, PC Gaming, and general idiocy.
Irresponsible Random Chatter - The IRC Webcast
Members of the PAX IRC community engage in banter and other idiocy while watching their favorite movies and television shows. TV-MA
What Could Go Wrong?
Each week we take an hour or so to talk about the idiocy in the week's news, look back on some incredibly bad movies, and laugh ourselves silly.
I've Made a Huge Mistake
Listen weekly as three friends and their guests try to walk the fine line between being normal functioning humans and displaying outright hatred for everyday idiocy. Then listen as the hosts and weekly guests open themselves up to personal questions and mockery when they recount an embarrassing moment in their life, and the only way to defend themselves is to finally admit "I’ve Made a Huge Mistake".
Welcome to the REBL Base podcast! A comedy podcast run by Leafy and Yhanos of the Youtube and Twitch group, REBL. Here you can find the same idiocy found on our Twitch and Youtube channels. With weird subjects from spooky tales, to florida man, or even recent news and video games.
Vortex Radio
Congratulations! You’ve found the world’s premier bar and restaurant-themed podcast. "Vortex Radio" will bring you some of the most authentic discussions about the bar business and the hospitality industry that you're likely to find anywhere, and from every angle imaginable. Hosted by Michael Benoit (Co-owner of The Vortex) and Rebecca Taub (General Manager of our Midtown location), podcast guests will include working servers and bartenders, other bar and restaurant owners, chefs, customers, ...
Blah, Blah, Blah Podcast
Dana Hoffman has a lot on her mind, with a full-time job, three kids and little tolerance for the rampant idiocy in society. Some days she will rant, other days she will offer more light-hearted observations on the human condition. It all depends on how well she fared on her morning commute.
Unlabeled w/ Joe & Justin
Do you ever feel tired of the social “norms”? Do you ever wonder if there is more to you than that little tag or label someone assigned to you? At the same time, do you love a good debate, conversation, or piece of science? So do we! Unlabeled will seek to bring you a point of view from two wandering souls trapped behind a twilight zone of stereotypes, ignorance, and bigotry. But we don’t mean for it seem all doom and gloom. There will be plenty of humor; tech and gadgets; and TV, movies, an ...
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This episode finishes up our distilling class experience which leads to Norm surprising Puck with a blind whiskey tasting. Which leads to another appearance by drunk Puck. We also manage to talk about WWE, the TSA, and round it out with dicks and butt stuff as per usual. Enjoy the idiocy people.
This episode finishes up our distilling class experience which leads to Norm surprising Puck with a blind whiskey tasting. Which leads to another appearance by drunk Puck. We also manage to talk about WWE, the TSA, and round it out with dicks and butt stuff as per usual. Enjoy the idiocy people.
Bailey Adams and Zach Sauers are back for the latest Walking The Plank where they dive into Pro Football Focus' idiocy regarding their grading system. The guys discuss the current NFL Playoffs, Dirk Koetter's playcalling abilities moving forward for the Buccaneers, and get into some draft discussions. Follow on Twitter @ThePewterPlank and @Bail ...…
Jason and Rob/Darthballsac start the show off with a wikipedia top 10 of 2017 before we kick off a list movies Jason chose to discuss. Dan jumps in around the 56 minute mark to join the discussion when he can. The boys talk a ton movies, pretty much all spoiler filled, while Dan's son gives a background commentary on occasion. They also pick a ...…
Mark checks in with Tom Del Bacarro from on the latest involvement in the high-speed train derailment in Washington State, and the idiocy of the liberal left in this state and country. Also, we dip into a news conference from the National Transportation Safety Board with their investigation into the train crash.…
In today's episode, Sally and Olivie aim their keen senses of absurdity at winning the online dating game, dominating family feuds, escaping the flames of silent warfare (along with other fiery ventures), and the inevitable looming of the apocalypse. -- NB: if you happened to start listening to this episode before 13.30 GMT on December 11, plea ...…
Out Of Lives Presents
On this weeks Rattle On Podcast, Alfred & Adam go off script and the results are… Well, you can be the judge of that. Reach the podcast at: Twitter: @RattleOnPod Email:
Rattle On Podcast
On this weeks Rattle On Podcast, Alfred & Adam go off script and the results are… Well, you can be the judge of that. Reach the podcast at: Twitter: @RattleOnPod Email:
When it comes to podcasts that combine gossip with bad movie reviews we are the UNDISPUTED champeens! News galore as we can look forward a black princess, shake our heads at more Tyrese idiocy and Mariah gets PAID. Then there’s some fun movie news like possible blaxpoitation remakes coming? Also Bryan Singer, we hardly knew thee. The movie is U ...…
Episode 18 of #Fumblegate delves into the New Year's Six Bowl Matchups. Each of our guys tell you the game they're looking forward to the most. Did the selection committee do the right thing putting in Alabama over Ohio State? We discuss. The Officer tells you why Lamar Jackson should be more than a for-show Heisman candidate this year. Jason G ...…
Its one of those all-over-the-place episodes! It goes from... 4:25 Playing with air horns to 8:12 Stuff that happens at the Doughnut Lounge to 12:50 Burger Emoji in the News to 18:00 Random movie news & film trilogies to 36:00 Josh's Mom calls into the show Make sure to check out our sponsor, The Doughnut Lounge located at 4117 Pennsylvania Ave ...…
Its one of those all-over-the-place episodes! It goes from... 4:25 Playing with air horns to 8:12 Stuff that happens at the Doughnut Lounge to 12:50 Burger Emoji in the News to 18:00 Random movie news & film trilogies to 36:00 Josh's Mom calls into the show Make sure to check out our sponsor, The Doughnut Lounge located at 4117 Pennsylvania Ave ...…
Our Dudes are back this week to enjoy a freaking sweet Ellie's Brown Ale from Avery Brewing Company, and to rail on the idiocy of newbie recruiters in the Silicon Valley. We may enjoy tieing one on once in awhile, and we may enjoy partaking in the backwoods mountain life, but we'll be damned if we're going to keep dealing with stupid recruiters ...…
On HAPPY DEATH DAY we celebrate our previous failures (or the rare successes) in film discourse by checking out a couple of other movies podcasts giving cinema a second chance. THE POPCORN MUNCHER evaluate BLADE RUNNER 2049 and re-evaluate the original film and if they can separate the two as an individual work, while the hosts over at EX RATED ...…
Another week of #noguest #noproblem on Title Town! The Pats shattered what was left of the Atlanta Falcon’s soul on Sunday night football and Melissa and Craig break it all down. Topics discussed include various examples of head coaching idiocy, fog, broken bones, and Jay Cutlers wife. You’re a Pats fan.. and so is everyone else you know! So do ...…
Your host Trin sits down with favourite guest (and host of the new cooking show Cooking With Kris) Kris Hansen to discuss the week that was in the NHL.Does a Max Pacioretty to Edmonton trade make sense? What would it cost?Who is to blame on the Flyer's winning goal against Edmonton? Kris Russell? Milan Lucic? Connor McDavid?How do the Oilers fi ...…
Sauropod: Podcasting the 21st Century
It's time to take ownership of our literary idiocy, as we finally attempt the 11th chapter of Bram Stoker's Dracula. What is Van Helsing's deal, why are we stopping by the zoo via newspaper, and how does Meat Loaf play into all of this? Turn the page to find out more... Featuring Tom McCartan, James Ohngren, Finn Wrisley, and Justin Zeppa.Twitt ...…
Stanford Professor Bob Sutton goes over various ways to distance yourself from awful people in the workplace, from obvious tactics like sitting further away or finding a safe hideout, to subtler strategies like reducing the frequency of interaction to give them time to cool off. The renowned management expert also says supervisors should help: ...…
Today I rant about the idiocy Donald J. Trump and how we disagree about the EPA and almost everything else. #TheGoodNews- An under 5 minute journal entry in an ongoing series of sometime comedic reflections of life as recorded by Jan Landy for Jan Landy on 10/11/2017 while driving in my car from where I am to where I am going or wherever I happ ...…
The Work in Sports Podcast - Insider Advice for Sports Careers
Spinning the Cam Newton Fiasco Forward and an Interview on Sports Marketing Jobs with Mark Crepeau, VP of Marketing Partnerships for the Basketball Hall of FameHi, this is Brian Clapp Director of Content for and you are listening to the Work in Sports podcast.Last week Cam Newton made sexists remarks towards female reporter Jou ...…
New topics, new conversations, and more idiocy. Meet new co-host Captain Nancy, and fall in love (??) with Jerrica Lala all over again. Topics covered include recurring dreams, Alice in Chains, Nazi-skulls and turtles. Welcome to Season Two! Dow ...…
Bougie and the Beard
Tai and Jordan discuss Bodak Yellow’s Billboard spot, 45’s idiocy and the NFL protesting blindly.
(An excerpt from “The Strangest Secret Library” – available on Amazon.) How I Came to Tap the Power of Belief Claude Bristol Is there some force, or factor, or power, or science – call it what you will – which a few people understand and use to overcome their difficulties and achieve outstanding success? I firmly believe that there is, and it i ...…
The Dumbest Question Richard Dawkins Was Ever Asked And His Response While Being Shocked From The Idiocy of The QuestionTo support this channel or to get more involved please go to: can also visit our Facebook page, website or YouTube channel at: ...…
No Objective Gaming
WORST VIDEO GAME MOVIES EVER STARTS AT 48:00 What could possibly be worse than a remaster of a 2 year old game? What do gamers not only despise, but actively avoid? Why, it’s video game movies of course! This week on the No Objective Gaming Podcast Aaron and Jordan discuss the WORST video game movies of ALL TIME! We go through some of the terri ...…
On today’s podcast, we meet Almanac, an interdisciplinary theatre group whose production of “Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes” runs through Fringe Arts at the Painted Bride Arts Center. I have been aware of Almanac for a while now, often in the building they are performing in for another production. Now, we get a chance to find out more about ...…
THANKS FOR LISTENING!And thanks to everyone who tuned in for our lives stream! We had a good time tho. Welcome Sean to the show, and a special thanks to him for setting up the entire thing.The boys talk about the Babadook and Pennywise's sham of a relationship, Pewdiepie's idiocy, and Mario's bald chest. (Context included in the show...)Email t ...…
Because WCW
Why has professional wrestling been in a mind-numbing monopoly for 16 years and counting? Because WCW. Why is a 350 pound man tripping up and falling through a wall the greatest thing the industry has ever seen? Because WCW. And why is there now a podcast series dedicated to the vast quantities of incomprehensible idiocy that one single company ...…
Flyover PolitiK
Flyover Politik Podcast 9-11-17Intro -Remembering 9-11 GWB speech at ground zeroIrma and the hate of the leftDACA - brings out more hate on the leftNews and Social Media Nuggets with some college crazy and other progressive idiocyNext Show 9-14-17
Brian (@BrianJoSchrader) and Sam (@Samuel_M_Jay) talk about the last week of the MLB regular reason, the idiocy of preseason NCAA football rankings, and the effects of sports talk radio on our brains.
Hot Shots - Firey Little Rants On Marketing
The Jewish bacon cure, insecurity, fear, megalomania--it's amazing what you can find behind a personal brand when you dig deep enough. The problem is, plenty of other potentially capable brands are derailed by fear and insecurity--when this brand proves that fear and insecurity can be worth millions.…
On this week's Electric Libertyland, Brian battles the remainder of his 3.7 day hangover after visiting Vegas with legal counsel, "Rico," to dive into topics including the Houston hurricane and price gouging, politicians' lies about free speech rallies and recent Antifa attacks in San Francisco, North Korea's latest missile test, and an unbelie ...…
Listeners! We have a confession to make. There is something seriously wrong with... something... and our podcast is undergoing some serious construction work. Picture The Jackpot, furious, in a hard hat. We are so sorry for our absence. WE LOVE YOU. We are looking into the problem. In the meantime, it's a year since Stew Farrell moved into his ...…
BS, Hold My Beer!
In this episode we talk about why tech hates guys, rumors on the upcoming Obi Wan movie, and the racially motivated idiocy in our country's south. Watch for our special hangover cures released on Mondays and Fridays.
Extra Guac
Scott and Kenny return to the idiocy that is just the two of them, where Lingo Dingo gets some Austrailian flavor, we recommend some apps, we take on some tough Would You Rathers and we offer up a few million dollar ideas.
Scoop and Cookie talk about the most recent episode of Insecure, Chocolate in the laundry, and of course the looming Trump idiocy.By
Rob and Joe spar with the moronic ideas of the white nationalists who escalated the rally in Charlottesville to a disaster and how both the extremes on the right and left are poisoning the national atmosphere with violence and idiocy. Then there is the Conor vs. Malignaggi saga topped off by Harvard's progressive re-segregation? It's a fun one. ...…
Logan, Jono, and Viney are joined by Paris Lay to discuss Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5, Eastwatch. Topics include Dickon Tarly's brief character arc, Tyrion's potential for betrayal, the budding romance between Jon and Dany, Cersei employing Tywin-esque tactics, the idiocy of Tyrion's plan, the increasingly rapid pacing of the show, Gendr ...…
In this Episode luis is joined by the free thought project co-founder, jason bassler, and they talk about the idiocy and inconsistency of fire and fury with north korea. Please subscribe to the rss here and in the iTunes store here. If you like the show please give it a rating in the iTunes store and share it […] The post Emancipated Radio: Fir ...…
Theme songs can solidify a TV shows mark on history. It is a catchy and easily repeated jingle that encapsulates the feel of a TV show. Oh sure "actors" and "story" might help... but the song is where it’s at! BONUS: Stick around until the end to hear even more idiocy.
One the greatest enemies of creativity in the world today is the opinions of others who probably aren’t as creative and don’t have near as much guts as you marketers do. If you’re in a client situation, the client makes suggestions to “improve” the work on the way to approvals, but they aren’t really the experts so the work actually can suffer ...…
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