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My Opinion
The My Opinion Show is a show that been spread among through out different cities and states. The show express on many different topics like: politics, sports , relationship , life, college etc... So tune in and listen to us Mon and Thurs 7-8 p.m subscribe to our iTunes podcast as well. So thanks for the people that supporting us and the ones who in the progress.of supporting the show.
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Today show will be discussing on very argumentative topic: Why Women Give It Up So Easy. Men and Women want to know the reason why women give it so easy and why men don't care listen and call in.
This topic looks like what in the world! Actually it's a great topic to carry on to what is going on now especially the elections on November 6, 2012 at this point in our life It is our time to stand up and be concern. So tune in and listen to a great show.
Do you think your close still exist? Do you think you still be fresh? Find out tonight on the My Opinion Show
You wonder why the people ain't treating you Right ? I know you also wonder why the men/woman can't get along and you be like that just isn't right so tune in and listen to the My Opinion Show tonight to get those question answered
Everyone know it's that time of the year it's that time to vote. Why do you think your voice isn't being heard? So voting sums it and watching the debates from the Vice President to the Presidential debate. So tune in and get aadvised and call in and voice your opinion on this very opinionated hot topic.…
Is being a Virgin cool? Are you a Virgin? Why this topic so hated on? Do you believe your soul mate is Virgin? So this the type of questions we will be discussing. This is a serious issue cause we say too our self " WHY You GOT LIE" So tune in for a great debate and also tune in for a chance to Win NO LINE NO WAIT for the 80's vs 90's party on ...…
So ladies always ask men do you know what you want? The fellas always give the women a silent treatment so we going to voice some insight on these topic.
Do you be getting comfortable in that chair? You don't know when to get up and go home? Why you always leaving your stuff.
Should money play a factor in your relationship? This will be a major discussion and their will be a recorded interview that will be played on the show on some of the issues should Money determine your relationship?
Just because he’s nice doesn’t mean he won’t hurt you. There’s a good deal written about bad boys — how to recognize them and how to avoid getting your heart broken. The truth is they can teach us what not to do in a relationship and they can be our best teachers.
This is the female version of the The Problem with dating is: Sex, Money, and Expectation the female hosts will be taking over since the males took their opinion on the part 1 of this first segment so tune in it's going to be a great show
This will be involve of talking on main points of why school violence so conflicting to the generation? Why is gangs so a main issue in America? Does Gun control our schools? So these the type of question and issues that we will be discussing
This show will be discussed on the problem of dating and why it's the problem of dating.This is the males version PT.2 will be discussed by our female hosts so tune in Monday September 24 for the females version
We will be discussing the meaning of why is it important to attend college and the different activities that goes on the college campus we just relaberating on part 1 of an earlier show
I apoligize for the technical diffuculties on the show tonight. We will be in full running affect on Thursday show so tune back in at 7pm same time. Again I do and from the crew I apologize again so check out some of the other shows until showtime Thursday. We will be discussing all the major topics in the world and also college around discussi ...…
How to get more money for school
Being your own person
What's on your mind
How can being obedient take you along way
Can you be an ineffective rapper without cursing?
What Do it mean to have Sportsmanship
How important is it to volunteer
The Meaning of Sacrificing
Loving or being loved
Miss Tammy Graves will be the special guest I hope you all will be tuned in and listening
Taking criticism
He say she say
Relationship day
Don't you hate being used by friends and family?/whats on your mind
Is parents still being parents or being their kids friends
How much time do you take for yourself
Is Hip-hop music still the same back in the 80's and 90's
Why does telling the truth or lying matter or does it matter
don't you hate those last minute folks that always want to use your stuff for everything...
Time management
Hard work pay off
How understanding are you ???
The keys to being Responsible
Some fashion tips on what to wear and not wear
Is spending time with your kids still important
Is Money everything?
Being unprepared
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