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Enlightening discourses of Mufti Zubair Bayat related to the Purification of the Soul, Reformation of Character and increasing the love of Allah
Talks, presentations and workshop summaries from the International conference on Muslim education held in Norwich in the Uk in 2003 with delegates from across the world. Organised by the Norwich Academy, DMC Consultancy and Ihsan Education Network. Also features a number of other talks, lectures and prsentations on the subject of holistic education and upbringing
IHSAN Institute for Arabic & Islamic Studies is an institution focussed on spreading traditional Islamic knowledge in genuine ways. It is based in the UK but woks internationally.Follow us on Facebook & Twitter
Share in our love, hatred, passion, and near-unhealthy addiction to the form of art known as the motion picture. In this podcast, we will discuss, debate, and grade the AFI (American Film Institute's) Top 100 Greatest American Films of All Time. Do these movies deserve to stay on the list or fall off into obscurity? Join our three hosts - Greg, an entrepreneur and modern movie extraordinaire, Ihsan, a classic film buff and fact machine, and Paul, the everyday big screen fan, while they embar ...
A journey towards a level 10 life of purpose, connecting with the fitrah, embracing tawakkul upon Allah, and living with Ihsan.
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TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY Islam provides a view of human reality that is cogent, holistic and practical, always sensitive to both constant and changing needs of the human experience. It is from the remarkable and miraculous beauty of Islam that all elements of the human identity are fused together seamlessly: the spiritual h ...…
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