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ILARs poddagbok
En podcast av komikern @sandrailar
Hilah's Happy Hour is a weekly podcast hosted by Hilah Johnson, of the YouTube channel HilahCooking. Interviewing interesting and funny people; talking about food, drinks and culture; and answering your cooking questions.
Jason’s Class
Learn English the Canadian Way - English lessons from The International Language Academy of Canada.
A Star Wars podcast featuring news, speculation, audio commentaries, debate and banter. Hosted by John Galantini, Jude Gay and Bradie Tippetts.
A Star Wars podcast featuring news, speculation, audio commentaries, debate and banter. Hosted by John Galantini, Jude Gay and Bradie Tippetts.
Pinoy Lah!
A “guide to life” for its listeners, by giving hope and direction through true-to-life inspirational stories, particularly to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) & Migrants in Singapore. Also broadcast on the radio, Be107FM.
Blah, Blah, Blah is an homage to the rambles that happen between me and my friends who are still, mid-20's and 30's, trying to make dreams happen. We talk obstacles such as imposter syndrome, cash flow, and comparison all while providing you with laughs!
Blah Blah Podcast
A weekly podcast where we talk about the latest in movies and entertainment, along with some occasional “celebrity” guest star appearances. Hosted by Jason Green and Shaun Smith.
Formosan Business Support Ltd (=FBS) is a company dedicated to help international companies to settle down in Ilha Formosa, also known in Taiwan, with their business related projects
Enlightening discourses of Mufti Zubair Bayat related to the Purification of the Soul, Reformation of Character and increasing the love of Allah
All things Hip-Hop, life, & expansion.. We run the gamut.. Come join us on this journey
Zac & Lilah invite you to hang out & discuss life, pop culture, the news, tech, and anything else.
Dana Hoffman has a lot on her mind, with a full-time job, three kids and little tolerance for the rampant idiocy in society. Some days she will rant, other days she will offer more light-hearted observations on the human condition. It all depends on how well she fared on her morning commute.
We talk bout whatever comes to our minds
Nilah e Lucas 2017
Visitando o Lucas
BB blah blah
Eye of the Fly
Gallery. Workshops. Studios. Oslo, Norway.
Blah Girls
Meet..."The Blah Girls!" BlahBlahBlah is an interactive, animated Web series that focuses on popular culture, told through the perspective of the Blah Girls - Tiffany, Krystle and Britney. They will keep you up to date on the latest in celebrity gossip, fashion, relationships and life as it happens.
Blah Blah Podcast
A monthly podcast hosted by Jason Green, Kyle Downey, and Shaun Smith. We talk about the world of video games as well as the latest movie and TV news and whatever else is on our minds.
Blah Cubed
Blah Diddy from GCF Talk hosts his own roundtable discussion show. It's funnier and geekier than you'd expect. Comics, Video games,Animation and various crazy things are discussed in length on Blah Cubed.
BLAH(Broke Lonely Angry Horny)- Mastering Your Problems to Move forward in life
YB Ilan
Editor of, rabbi, teacher, and host of The Road Ahead podcast.
The IAHE is a full-time, year-round ministry with a lot of action that goes on behind the scenes. Our Informer Podcast will share more about the IAHE's Annual Home Educators' Convention, important legislative updates, and so much more!
Podcast by Menage a Blah Podcast
The Swychbladz Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Liah Lazer & Mackafterdark. Every week the show will be packed with pure raw electrifying energy. We play music, shout out events in the city, showcase local talent near and far plus you won't wanna miss our sex talk. All we want to do is have a blast, get you laughing, make you dance and share a few pointers so be sure to call in and listen to The Switchblade Show
Ila Video Podcast
My favorite videos so that my daddy can occupy me anywhere I am.
Welcome to the Michael Hank Nowlin podcast, where amazing things happen.
(Xoş Xəbər, Sözlər Həyat, Müjdə Mahnı)-Azərbaycanda Minor Dillər(Əlifba sırası ilə)-/(Good News, Word of Life, Gospel Song)-Minor Languages in Azerbaijan(In Alphabetical Order)/(Благая Весть, Слово Жизни, Песнь Евангелия)-Малые языки в Азербайджане
blah blah blah
Brown Holy Water “Get Baptized.” Brown Holy Water brings you the raw and uncut truth from both the male and female perspective. Baptizing our audience with an uncensored comic approach, the unpredictable banter between the four hosts is jaw dropping. Handsome Lah, Black Success, Georgie Your Favorite Tomboy, and Bad Gyal Tanya all have a unique outlook that creates one epic show. Catch us live every Sunday at 7pm! The truth is a hard pill to swallow but we shove it down your throat anyway. J ...
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show series
Eun Ah Lee and Dr. Ann Majewicz talk about Dr. Majewicz’s HeRo (Human-Enabled Robotic Technology) Lab.
Track-listing:1 - Rhianna feat.Mr.Slaughter - Please Dont Stop The Soca2 - Bunji Garlin - Differentology3 - Lyrikal - Ramajay 4 - Ragga - Violate5 - Kes the Band & Kerwin Du Bois - Ah Ting6 - Buffy - Anything7 - Ozarie - Bend Ova8 - Hypa 400 - Too Hard9 - Machel Montano - Bend over 10 - Benjai - Wine To The Side11 - Lil Bitts - Sweetness12 - Er ...…
Welcome to your official mixtape of pure Power Soca Anthems of 2016.1 - Motto ft Problem & Mr Legz - Bend Dong (Remix)2 - Hypa 4000 - Turn It Over3 - Lil Natty & Thunda ft Area Kode - No Dirty4 - Lil Natty & Thunda - Take It To Dem5 - Wis Skid - Mahma Man6 - Naphtali - Fencing Pole7 - Skinny Banton - Jab Behaviour8 - T Nak - Psy-Soca-Cotic (P.S ...…
12-13-2016(Photo:Syrian Marines (Fouj Al-Mughawayr Al-Bahir) after the Battle of Bashura (2016), Latakia governorate.CC BY-SA 3.0File:Suqur al-Sahara in Bashura 2.pngCreated: 28 February 2016 ) @BatchelorShowSyrian Sunni Opposition ...…
Ilah Rice Farmer Indonesia by Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
This Fantastic Friday in Spice Mas, they get ready to paint the town in many colours and what better night than Soca Monarch night. We get you in the mood with jams from the past as well as new anthems that are making the rounds in Grenada.This week's feature event is Champagne + Soca featuring Sekon Sta for Carnival Wednesday for Notting Hill ...…
And the greatest of all that Allaah has commanded is Tawheed, which is to single out Allaah with all worship. Proof on Tawheed being the most important matter. Definition of Taweed.-Definition of Aqeedah Tawheed is to affirm (ithbaat) and deny (nafy) the worst and most serious matter that Allaah prohibited and forbade is Shirk (associating part ...…
Bismallah Do we say Bismallah or Bismallah Alrahman Alaraheem Who is Allah Definition Sole title for Allah (no similar in even merely the name Root/origin of the name. How Allah SWT uses RAB and ALLAH SWT in the story of Musa AS Allah SWT is the only name when called in duaa you use (Alf)... [Read More] The Audio Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 2 appear ...…
Re the Baha'i/Babi split, do you see the Azalis as comparable to Kharijites or perhaps closer to those Mormons who followed the Smith family as opposed to Brigham Young? Why might Augustine have been unsure whether aborted fetuses will be resurrected as fully-grown human beings at the time of the Second Coming? What is the relationship of the B ...…
Please visit: for the entire series: classes transcribed:وَأَعْظَمُ مَا أَمَرَ الْلَّهُ بِهِ الْتَّوْحِيدُ، وَهُوَ: إِفْرَادُ الْلَّهِ بِالْعِبَادَةِ. ...…
Please visit: can download the Arabic book at: book in english: of the class:-Review of last class*Bismallah:-Do we say Bismallah or Bismallah Alrahman Ala ...…
De Vlaamse striptekenares Inge Heremans, oftewel Inge Liesbeth Alfonsina Heremans (ILAH), oogst sinds midden jaren negentig succes met het stripfiguurtje Cordelia. Haar strip Cordelia is te lezen in De Morgen. Hierin neemt ze vooral de vaak moeizame verhouding tussen mannen en vrouwen op de hak. Op Writers Unlimited sprak Lotje IJzermans met IL ...…
A long time in the making, 54 is chock full of awards and competitions goodness! Let’s try something a little different. Here is what you’ll hear on show #54: Track TitleArtistAlbumOriginal ArtistWall of SoundNaturally 7Naturally 7Where’s the Love?Brandeis University VoicemaleHansonPapercutThe Chorallaries of MITLinkin ParkZombieWellesley Colle ...…
Video is also available – click to open ובזה יובן היות המצוות במלכות, ה׳ של שם הוי׳ It will now be understood — in terms of the Sefirot and the corresponding letters of the Divine Name — why the mitzvot are in Malchut, the [latter] hei of the Four-Letter Name of G‑d, והתורה בזעיר אנפין, וא״ו של שם הוי׳ while the Torah is in Z’eir Anpin, the vav ...…
Video is also available – click to open As we have seen, the objective creation of the yesh takes place through the investment of the [infinite] Ein Sof-light in the kelim of all Ten Sefirot of Atzilut. However, as the Alter Rebbe now goes on to explain, the subjective yeshut of created beings — their self-perception as entities distinct and se ...…
Video is also available – click to open וקרוב לומר שגם האלפים ורבבות עלמין דיתבא בגולגלתא דאריך אנפין וזעיר אנפין It is reasonable to assume that also35 the thousands and myriads of worlds that are in the Gulgalta of Arich Anpin and Z’eir Anpin (abbreviated in the original Hebrew text as א״א and ז״א, respectively), as stated in the Kabbalah,36 ...…
Video is also available – click to open Having explained in general terms why the creation of a substantial yesh from spirituality can only come about in a manner of ex nihilo (and not in a manner of ilah and alul), the Alter Rebbe now goes on to explain that the first stage of the created yesh is the kelim of the Ten Sefirot of the Worlds of B ...…
Having explained in general terms why the creation of a substantial yesh from spirituality can only come about in a manner of ex nihilo (and not in a manner of ilah and alul), the Alter Rebbe now goes on to explain that the first stage of the created The post Epistle 20 – Part 05 – video podcast appeared first on…
Video is also available – click to open והגם שהיש הנברא הוא גם כן כלא חשיב קמיה And although created substance is also as naught before Him, for everything, including the created yesh, is as naught before Him — דהיינו: שבטל במציאות לגבי הכח והאור השופע בו that is, it is essentially non-existent (Insertion by the Rebbe: “not only in relation to ...…
Video is also available – click to open ויש מאין נקרא בריאה בלשון הקדש The coming about of substantiality ex nihilo (yesh me’ayin) is in the Holy Tongue called beriah (“creation”). As the Ramban points out in his commentary to the Torah,26 beriah is the only term in the Holy Tongue for absolutely innovative creation, creation ex nihilo. In any ...…
Video is also available – click to open איהו וחיוהי חד “He3 and His life-giving emanations (chayohi) are one; I.e., the “lights” (orot) of the Sefirot, which (like souls) animate the “vessels” (kelim) of the Sefirot, are not merely connected to G‑d: they are actually one with Him. איהו וגרמוהי חד בהון He and His causations (garmohi; lit., “orga ...…
Video is also available – click to open Audio only version. Same content, but in a smaller file size. ואין זאת אלא משום דרגלי דאדם קדמון מסתיימים בתחתית עשיה This is so only because the “feet” of Adam Kadmon culminate at the lowest level of Asiyah, The “feet” (i.e., the last and lowliest levels) of Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Thought that encom ...…
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