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I Like You
I Like You is a an irreverent podcast about dating, relationships, love and like. JP and Elah discuss triumphs, heartbreak, online dating horror stories, relationship conundrums and more with guests. Compelling stories and interesting guests interspersed with hilarious banter and the occasional original song mean never a dull moment.
The Drummers I Like network features 5 episodes a week focused on the many different elements of the Drumming spectrum. From weekly interviews with professional drummers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to drum lessons, career guidance, and gear reviews. Join Richard, Kevin, J.C. and Scott each week for a brand new drum related show and don’t forget to subscribe!
I Like To Movie Movie is a podcast about movies. Great movies. MOVIE MOVIES!
A podcast about queer Mormons, by queer Mormons, and for everyone.
Like What I Like
Two friends desperately try to engage each other in their own special interests, all for the listening pleasure of you, the viewer! As of the 9th of April 2017, this podcast has officially ended and no more episodes will be posted. We encourage you to sample our other podcasts, as they are just as good, if not better!
The ORIGINAL YEP! Movement, since 2011.
I Like This Beat
Mercury/Universal artist and house music's number One lady Tara McDonald, brings you 'I Like This Beat' formally known as (Shut Up & Dance). Each episode is one hour of pure unadulterated house music heaven and features famous shout outs and voices from the leaders & newbies of the EDM scene, showcasing the newest, biggest beats with a special guest in the '3-some", live jams from Tara and always ending on a high with a classic track.Join us on Facebook: I Like This Beathttps://www.facebook. ...
A podcast focusing on the greatest show to grace NBC, Parks and Recreation.
It's a podcast that attempts to answer the question I ask myself every goddamn day.
Do you get overly attached to things without any real explanation of why? Then this is the podcast for you. You Know What I Like...? is a regularly scheduled enthusiastic flailing about another piece of pop culture. After discovering a mutual love for the ever-beguiling TV show 90210, hosts Sophie Prewett and Mark Dickson decided to helm adventures that head into the deep nitty-gritty of pop culture and attempt to extract all of the positivity and happiness that there is to find.
I Like Beats.
Bi-weekly electronic music podcast. Music and commentary.
Monthly podcast of DJ Dane's dirty electro, house and breaks mixes overflowing with booty-shakin' goodness. Visit DJ Dane at
This is where I record conversations with people I care about.
Podcasts by Paul DeLeeuw
I Like Giving.
A podcast for a campaign to inspire generous living.
I Like Food!
I Like Food! Food tastes good! Descendents lyrics? Or the premise of this delicious podcast? YOU BE THE JUDGE. Listen as 91X’s Hilary explores San Diego’s food culture & the intersection of food and music in conversations with chefs, musicians, and other food lovers. Is your mouth watering yet?
I Like You
I Like You (ILU) is an NYC based weekly 15-minute long radio program produced by KatiePastiche Media and hosted by Kathryn Cole. Sponsored by Liquid Social LLC
All the things that I'm into will be rambled about on this station. From Music that I dj, MMA & UFC news, Nerd & Geek culture, Fitness & Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning routines, and Foods that are bad for you but oh so tasty! Cheers!
I Like Andy Podcast
I like it! Podcast
Life. Millennial interests. Sports and video games. If you like it, we talk about it.
Sounds I Like
I Like Church
I Like Church Is The Weekly Podcast Of Mars Hill Church.Mars Hill Church Is A Next Generation Church In Oklahoma City, OK . We Are In Strategic Partnership With 14,000-Member New Life Church Of Colorado Springs, Co And The Association Of Related Churches Of Baton Rouge, LA. Our Mission Is To Lead People Into The Full Reality Of Life, In God.
Welcome to the “ I like it listen podcast”, where amazing things happen.
Tired of everyone ragging on films? Us too, here we praise movies and are huge fans of every genre! We love film.
dance music | djing | technology | life | other rubbish that comes outta my brainz
Three brothers with very different tastes try to convince each other that the things they love are not stupid.
Podcast from the creators of and discussing life in Washington, D.C., music, popular culture and parenting twins.
Primarily a show about cricket and footy co hosted by Ross Hill and Rohan Graham (Fix). We want the average punter in the street who may have a wife and kids to join us if they haven’t got time to have a beer with their mates. Settle in for a dose of banter, sport and hopefully a few laughs. We don’t guarantee a high quality produced podcast with all the trimmings, just two blokes talking about what ever needs talking about. We hope you enjoy
Every Friday on PandoWeekly, we spend half an hour talking to entrepreneurs, investors, or other fascinating folks about tech issues that deserve more of the world's attention
I'm Not A DJ (But I Like It) is a Podcast created by Roberta Ayres, singer, songwriter and ofcourse a music lover! As a music lover, she always liked to make special song selections for her to use in many different ocasions...After sometime having fun with her hobbie, she decided to share it with the public. Then "I'm Not A DJ (But I Like It) was born. But as the name says it makes it clear that she is not a DJ but a lover of good music.
Dominik Eulberg
I like birds.
Every couple of weeks I invite someone I like to read me a poem from a poet that they really love. We then chat about the poem, and I also read them a poem by another poet that I love. If my guest is a writer, we conclude with them reading a piece of their own work that excites and interests me.
There are things I like so I meet the people who made them
Welcome to Transformations with Tara Sutphen. In these shows, we will explore what I like to call “sorcing” or ways that I can help you to transform your viewpoints and mental attitude. I will take you on a journey with me as I show you very practically how you can recognize the obstacles in your path, and what steps you can take to alleviate the blocks in your life, whether you are searching for success, health, spirituality, financial stability, relationships, or love. I believe we all can ...
My name is H.Kobayashi. REGGAE FAR EAST is my unit. I live in Yokohama, Japan. I like reggae music. I make it. My music is exotic and danceable. It is very unique. Listen to my music.
Welcome to Poly-ish Movie Reviews, where I watch the crap so you don't have to! I watch a lot of movies. Some of those movies are great. But a lot of them are crap. I'm here to help you sort out which is which, so that you don't have to waste your time on bad cinema, unless that's your thing. No judgement - I like a lot of terrible movies. I'm just saying that, as we polys know, love may be infinite, but time is not. Let me help you manage that increasingly rare and precious time of yours by ...
Hey, I'm Kyle. I like comedy. I have mental health problems. Let's talk about those things. To myself. Sometimes. Welcome to the podcast and subsequently my world. Goodbye.
I Jake Johannsen talk about things I am interested in with people I like. Hopefully it is funny and not too dirty but there might be a little swearing and some sex talk. Nothing Grandma can't handle.
Dede Nicole
Everything I like.
i like all kinds of house music... funky, tech, deep, tribal, soulful, etc. so i don't want to put myself in a box and say that you'll only hear one type of music. each mix will usually include tracks from one of those genres, but it all falls under that giant HOUSE MUSIC umbrella. it's all stuff i like. PLAY LOUD!
Aakash Yadav
I like this
I like to talk
Some songs I like.
I like to make things simple enough for me to understand. On this podcast, I talk to people who do that too.
I like to play with the sounds of the city...
Hair Co. Lab
I like hair, I like here is where I talk about it. Email me -
JR Media
Music I like and my opinions on music today
Dj Prooof
I like Music
Daniel Desroches
Music, i like to sing.
Fecal Matters
I like to talk about "progressive" stuff, poop, and mma.
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This weeks topic is finding the flow as Entrepreneurs with kids. We have over come several hardship and many many growing pains getting our little kingdom to have a flow with everyones different upbringings, beliefs, and special love languages. We would like to share and offer the successes we now get because of the example and communication we ...…
Celtics, Cavs, Rockets, Warriors. Who is moving on. Stop saying that about the Celtics....I like Lebron but I just. don’t. know. Do the Warriors win game 5?
Ralf and Dave are joined this episode by Donald Levandowski and Jessica Sutter to discuss 1985’s classics movie The Last Dragon and the new Ninja Batman movie. After that, Jessica talks and answers questions about gender fluidity and life as a gender fluid person. Follow Jessica on Twitter. We round out the episode with Donny talking about seei ...…
This adaptation was a happy musical accident - the kind I like. It’s been some time since I posted on ccMixter, but I was looking for a vocal for another project and stumbled across this remix event. I heard Snowflake’s amazing pell and, well, decided to adapt it - by sampling it live. Despite trying this several times, I came back to the first ...…
Synopsis: Foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (AKA. Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling cyborg, Cable. Director: David Leitch Writers: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin What I liked: The new c ...…
Occasionally I volunteer to give a sermon at our local nursing home, and included here is a recording of the the sermon I gave last July. The themes of Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day and July 4 are all wrapped into this episode. Your Christian faith, and what happens to you after you die, are legitimate prepper issues. Serious preppers should l ...…
I can’t believe you think I like attention (you got it all wrong... or do you?)Thank you for listening. If you like what you hear and you wish to support the show I have a link in the description where you can donate. All the money goes to paying for my education and attending seminars.…
Act I • http://NAJI.LANDWritten and Performed by NajiProduced by KEV (@whoiskev) & @heyvidi[VERSE 1]I just woke upWait, nevermindThat happened last weekIt's been 3 days (oh shit)I'm in a new homeNot getting any sleepMy fear moved out (bye bye)But she left her clothes on the floorThe pussy too good for a boyAnd I'm not one for affairs[CHORUS]Nah ...…
Necrot – BLOOD OFFERING- “Beneath” – – First listen/First Thoughts: not distracting like some black metal can be. Most bands or a few more than some, try to bludgeon you to death with drums going a thousand beats per or with low growled vocals. I like what Necrot is dishing out. Clean vocals, swaggering beat with all the heavines ...…
Have you ever been in a meeting with prospective clients and felt that they want to ask you something but don’t want to appear rude or offend you? Couples are investing a lot of money and trust in you as a wedding photographer and there are undoubtedly tons of questions they want to ask but may not always feel is appropriate. In this podcast ep ...…
Hey Guys! Quick little impulse rant today. got off the phone to my friend and wanted to document my current thoughts! there was no real direction, but thats why i like podcasting. summary- Just follow what you want to do, have RESPECT for your parents always, but understand that sometimes only you know whats best for you in terms of following y ...…
Welcome to episode 60! We have now been podcasting for two years, and the show has come a long way, as has WordPress. WordPress turns 15th this week, and what started as a basic blogging platform is now the most popular content management system around. WordPress powers over 30% of the Internet, so it's in use by more businesses than anything e ...…
Thinking about the Starbucks Story while listening to Howard Schultz tell it and Eirc Conger narrate it. This inspirational story fit inside one of my 150 mile journeys along the back roads of Ireland so I'm glad the audio book is an abridged version of the real text. I discovered Starbucks in Europe because I had left the States before Starbuc ...…
Today we’re going to talk all about dividend investing for Canadians, including shedding some light on using dividend investing as part of your investing strategy. We’ll take a look what to look for, and of course the different types of dividend investing available to Canadians. Now if you’re a long time listener of the show, then you know that ...…
In at #84 of the American Film Institute's top 100 movies is Easy Rider. Do I like this classic drama? Listen in and find out! Be sure to like Helix Reviews on FaceBook and Subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher! The American Film Institute's #84 Review: ...…
I think everyone has music that they've listened to at some point and really enjoyed it. Then you grow a little and look back at that music trying to be all nostalgic and ask yourselfs "What the literal F*** was I thinking when I liked this?"'s like those moments when you're drunk and think man I'm so cool, when in reality you look like a c ...…
In the second installment of the Torrent Podcast's Game Changer Series, the guys discuss first person shooter games. They also talk about the Laurel/Yanny controversy, Call of Duty Black Ops IV reveal, Sherlock Holmes and Pick of Destiny 2 announcement. All that and more in this episode! Enjoy! Music Picks: Small Town Boy - Dustin Lynch, I Like ...…
I hesitated posting this. I’m not ripped. I’m not jacked. I’m not the tallest guy. I have acne. I’m not perfect. But this is my body. This is me. I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am mentally. So here’s an inside look at the difference and the comparison. My neck. My shoulders. My torso. My chin. There’s so much I’m proud of. There’s so muc ...…
Podcast Episode 024 – Listen Below Meghan’s Royal Dog Gus, Dogs Rescued from Lava Flow, Zoe the Angel Little Pampered Dog News… Book Recommendations are Here! I’m excited to announce a new feature on Little Pampered Dog – Book Recommendations. I like to read and I love dogs but I don’t want to read a book where the dog dies. I am also admittedl ...…
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? From a societal standpoint, many of us are driven by competition, achievement, and status; hence, the creation and portrayal of our ideal selves. Or what I like to say our fantasy self .. Are you really presenting who you are or are you presenting who you think we should be?…
Like many of the things born in Silicon Valley, you might say Strava, the favorite app of millions of athletes, is a happy accident. Strava’s co-founder Mark Gainey, set to run cross-country as a freshman at Harvard in 1986, was sidelined by an injury. This led him to the crew team, where a junior rower named Michael Horvath took him under his ...…
Tech breakthrough sessions are advantageous to both the guest and the Tech of Business audience. We do something concrete for you in your business and the audience come away with an option to implement something similar in theirs. Geraldine’s tech struggle is: In her coaching practice, she relies on technology to get paid, do intake and schedul ...…
Title says it all. Big news and upcoming episodes to look for, Jordan Peele's got a new movie coming next year, Music recommendations transition to a discussion of This Is America, Childish Gambino's newest single, Netflix/Hulu recommendations, We play a game I like to call Pick Two Pills, We wrap up Season 1 of both A.P. Bio and Final Space, T ...…
Today I’m talking with Maggy Woodley, founder of the blog, Red Ted Art.This is a fascinating conversation where Maggy shares how to be successful on social media. Maggy has built an enormous presence with over over 2.2 million Facebook followers, 406k YouTube subscribers, and 376k Pinterest followers. She also shares the pros and cons of each p ...…
Welcome to the Purple People Podcast for the week of May 22nd, 2018 as hosted by Adam B. Carlson, Kyle J. West, and Kyle Smith! In which we discuss the latest news and rumors surrounding the Minnesota Vikings in our award-winning (at least in our hearts) podcast.This week’s episode we discuss the latest news and rumors surrounding the Minnesota ...…
Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off with a little update about last year's fires. How Santa Rosa is doing but then we get interrupted by a phone call from AB Silver. He has an update on the movie he's been working on.. From there we talk about Deadpool 2. I'll tell you what I liked, wha ...…
Let’s talk compost! This week, we’re getting in to why composting matters + how easy peasy it is to offset your environmental footprint. If you want to chat more, DM me on instagram (@lauraediez), my site ( or email me ( We can also be Facebook friends! References Here is any easy walk-through of setting up ...…
Kitty Baudoin Singer, performer, and bandleader Kitty Baudoin (also known as Miss Kitty), has been performing in New Orleans for decades. She took her talents to San Francisco and Hawaii in the 1980s and made a name for herself in the performance spaces of the time. Now back in her home, she performs with her band ‘Sleazeball Orchestra‘ at the ...…
In my most vulnerable episode yet, you'll hear about how I like to take care of my mental health via social media consumption. It's an honest episode that challenges you to take a hard look at your follow count. Enjoy!
This exposition of 2 Corinthians 4:13-18 by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday evening, May 20, 2018. Intro: It’s a basic biblical principle. One we often forget. Scripture encourages us to, lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, loo ...…
Three tunes from today's jar: Hi-Five - I Like The Way Pebbles - Girlfriend Jess Glynne - I'll Be There
I’ve been having quite a few conversations about being a remote company lately, so I thought i’d continue on the topic. Running a software company certainly has its lifestyle advantages, I must admit. Being able to work from literally anywhere in the world is pretty awesome. Mostly I work from my home office, but sometimes I like to get out and ...…
Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show Do you look outside of you to find out what is real for you or do you live your values and what is important to you (your reality)? Put in a different way; do you look from the outside in or from the inside out? Is the world affecting your life or are you affecting the world? What the heck does tha ...…
FatFly's House is brought to you each & every Saturday 4-6pm by FatFly on 2hrs of quality upfront house music.1. Dancing Kinda Close - Guz & Tough Love2. Lately (Somn3um Remix) - Soulshaker & Ruff Loaderz Ft Laura Green3. Love Commandments (Alaia & Gallo Remix) - Piem4. Runaway (Torrfisk Remix) - Brett Johnson Ft Mikey ...…
Nothing in particular. Just some things on my mind that I wanted to say. The song at the end is just something I like
(Previously uploaded this last December '17 and just accidentally deleted it off soundcloud, so here it is again)A load of bands I experienced in the last year through releasing, booking, playing gigs and a taste of what’s to come in 2018 on Permanent Slump! Thanks for the inspiration! Will graduate to some interviews for this in the future, li ...…
Has science disproven God? Is the Bible really trustworthy? Can intelligent people really believe in God? Questions like these pique curiosities, challenge our thinking, and confront our assumptions. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Reasons to Believe will help you develop a more meaningful and progressive faith perspective. Miss Sun ...…
I met up with Karl Kerschl about his new series Isola during the 2018 Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Karl was kind enough to chat with me about the title among a few other things too. Karl helped create a wide array of comics and graphic novels in his career, including Adventures of Superman, Majestic, All-Flash, Teen Titans: Year One and Gotham ...…
I'm not sure about you, but I like to reflect on the last year, what I've done, what I haven't.My mother was here, and we were talking about family stuff and how I was as a child, and actually, I realized something, and I'm pretty sure most of you can relate to it, because you are here, because you want to start your laptop lifestyle. You want ...…
Sam and her friend Meghan nerd out on all things FRIENDS trivia. They also do their best Monica and Rachel impressions. It's true love. Instagram Facebook Twitter Make sure you check out Meghan's "I Like That" Instagram series.
OMG! Big Things Poppin! Episode Number 5! A mini milestone for me that I am taking seriously! I realized that today's episode maybe should have been one of the first, but I like it as number 5. Today it's about me yall! Well, it's about you and me! No guest just me sharing with you the details about Who I am and my goal with Nosey AF! I never i ...…
Call the show with your Tips, Questions, or Comments: 1 (661) 368-5306 In this episode I cover the exciting world of Fudge Damage Factors, all the things that can affect them, and how to use them most effectively. This seems to be a very elusive part of the game for many people, and like THAC0 before it, I think its largely down to poor explana ...…
Welcome back to For The Creators, where its our job to demystify creativity. In these long form conversations we tease out tips and tricks from all kinds of creatives whether theyre Musicians, radio Presenters, Actors, Directors, DJs, Writers Entrepreneurs and everything in between.. Today we sit down with True Tiger. True Tiger is what I like ...…
I finally had a chance to go see I Can Only Imagine that tells the story behind the popular Christian song, and I’m gonna be honest, I liked it way more than The Avengers: Infinity Wars. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty burned out on superhero movies. Other than Star Wars, every big blockbuster now is a superhero movie and they’re pretty ...…
I talk about my top ten songs.Background music is by me!(Please bear with me while I try different recording and noise reduction techniques)
#TheWaddupMix par Dj Kool Style Playlist : 01 - Cardi B - Get Up 10 02 - Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li 03 - Nicki Minaj - Barbie Tingz 04 - Dj Ketibz ft JShades - Catch Feelings 05 - Drake - Nice For What 06 - DJ Aktive ft. Peedi Crakk & Ms. Jade - Cut It Up 07 - Chi Chi Ching ft. Fatman Scoop, Patoranking, & Stonebwoy - Rock Di World Remix 08 - Jahyan ...…
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