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Exploring the intersections of art, liturgy & wonder | Hosted by Stephen Proctor { experience curator, projection artist & visual liturgist } |
Illumination Cast
Illumination is a weekly podcast dedicated to Science, Technology, and Entertainment.Join our community and be a part of the discussion:
A Premium Torah Podcast. Ancient Jewish wisdom refracted though ideas and perspectives of modern Jewish thinkers.
Pastor Jason Fritz teaches the Word of God
Illuminating Feng Shui brings awareness and credibility to Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics, a time proven tool that has been successful for the past millennium. Kathleen interviews business professionals who offer their insights about Feng Shui in the workplace, as well as weaving in her own perspectives about Feng Shui, astrology and timing.brbr Kathleen’s goal is to help you tap into the universal energies of Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics by incorporating tips on how to opt ...
Shas Illuminated
All of Shas with Iyun from Shas Illuminated
The Illumined Heart
Orthodox dialogue to illumine the heart - Join Kevin Allen for another fascinating interview with an Orthodox Christian you should know.
Hope Illuminated
Sally Spencer-Thomas is a clinical psychologist, inspirational international speaker and an impact entrepreneur. Dr. Spencer-Thomas was moved to work in suicide prevention after her younger brother, a Denver entrepreneur, died of suicide after a difficult battle with bipolar condition. Known nationally and internationally as an innovator in social change, Spencer-Thomas has helped start up multiple large-scale, gap filling efforts in mental health including the award-winning campaign Man The ...
A weekly Theistic Satanism podcast covering news, current events, entertainment, and anything else of interest to Theistic Satanists.
Illuminate Podcast
Podcast by Illuminate Podcast
Anorexia and Eating Disorder Recovery Help with Health Professional, Author and Coach Michelle Sparkes
Practical wisdom to align your life and business with your Soul's Mission.
Orthodox dialogue to illumine the heart - Join Kevin Allen for another fascinating interview with an Orthodox Christian you should know.
The Illuminating the Message Podcast discusses the nature and purposes of man, life and all things. If you do not wish to subscribe to the Podcast and prefer direct download click here.
Illuminated By U
Reducing stigma and raising mental health awareness. Two girls with mental health stuff trying to make the world a little brighter and better informed.
Come meet Josephus & the Wisdom Council, a group of Higher Guides that channel through Laurel Bleadon-Maffei. The Guides are funny, joyful and inspiring. During each show, J&TWC will provide guidance and insights to assist you in living your most joyful life. During most shows they will field questions from callers & via the chat room. Laurel & Josephus are joined by co-host Marie Benard of Synchronicity Radio. Come join us for this uplifting, positive and inspiring show~!
Join the members of Illumination Cinema as they discuss film and television in the Illumination Cinema Movie Podcast! These dateless nerds cover a wide range of cinema from new releases, to the classic works of respected directors.
A message for those seeking truth and a connection with God
The website of Illuminate, the youth group of Neighborhood Life Center.
For those in need of relatable situations of mental and physical development.. you can start here
Podcast by Natalie Roberts-Day
For the past 10 years Art of Élan has been pioneering unique chamber music events and bringing the excitement of classical music to diverse audiences. Created by violinist Kate Hatmaker and flutist Demarre McGill, Art of Élan is continually expanding the scope of classical music in San Diego through innovative, one-hour programming in unique performance venues. This podcast offers in-depth views into the composers and their compositions which Art of Élan is continually presenting to add vigo ...
Shiurim by Rabbi Moshe Brown
Orthodox dialogue to illumine the heart - Join Kevin Allen for another fascinating interview with an Orthodox Christian you should know.
Leah talks about books. But, like, the books themselves, more than the texts inside them. Make sense? No? Welcome to the wonderful world of book history, friend!
A series of lightning talks illuminating the museums and what they do. Including the Ashmolean Museum, Pitt Rivers, The Museum of Natural History, the Oxford City museum and the Museum of the History of Science
Torchlight’s Eldercare Illuminated empowers family caregivers as they overcome obstacles and navigate the complexities of caring for an ill or aging loved one. Tune in for conversations with top eldercare experts, practitioners, or experienced caregivers who can provide practical advice and hands-on tips designed to help you simplify your life while meeting your loved one’s needs.Want full access to Torchlight’s online caregiving platform, including personalized action plans, eGuides, and to ...
Illuminated Live
Podcast by The Poughkeepsie Grind
Illuminate Podcast
Podcast by DJ ZEZST
Illuminate Stories
Everyone has a story to share. Sometimes in society, people lose their voices in the daily hustle. We shine light & empower these lost voices to speak.
Your place for news, reviews, and interviews with Hawthorn teachers
Engaging worship. Relevant talks. Real community.
The Hall of Blue Illumination is a podcast dedicated to M.A.R. Barker's legendary world of Tékumel.
Podcast by Illuminate Together Radio
Podcast by St. John Orthodox Church - Memphis, TN
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Bridges…they can be valuable tools in the area of personal evangelism. I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. So, what does a bridge have to do with evangelism? Well, God desires that we use our relationships as bridges to reach into the lives of those that are close to us, so that they may be, by God’s grace, broug ...…
From the rise and fall of the British and American Empires, to the killer apps that Western cultures have used to create prosperity, to a financial history of the world, Niall Ferguson writes and broadcasts about enormous topics, and brings them to life for contemporary audiences. A distinguished historian, currently the Laurence A Tisch Profes ...…
This week Stephanie talks to Aura healer Ziji Kaufman. Get a free reading with Ziji. Learn more at
Join us as we discuss the recent western Hostiles. The film has a star studded cast with roles by Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Jesse Plemmons, and Ben Foster. We discuss the performances of all of the actors. We also discuss the plot and how well it helps illuminate real life events even though it's not based specifically off of a real life e ...…
The other day as I was sitting in my recliner, reading, I saw the sun's rays pierce through the array of trees outside my living room window, resembling a glowing, illuminated cross. Special moments like these bring to mind thankfulness. As I sat and reflected, my mind turned to other parts of our planet that we call home, where our brothers an ...…
May 20, 2018 “The holy mystery of the day of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost, is to be understood in the following manner: the spirit of man must be completed and perfected by the Holy Spirit, that is, it must be sanctified, illuminated, and divinized by the Holy Spirit. This holy mystery is realized continually in the church of Christ and because o ...…
In this teaching, Rachel Wortman shares on the Acts 9 moment where Saul encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus. This teaching illuminates the reality of Jesus' presence in and through your life.
Spiritual Growth Happens by… 1. Seeing That God Is Good If you have tasted the kindness of the Lord. 1 Peter 2:1-3 (NASB) Taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8 (NIV) 2. Ridding Yourself of Sin Therefore, putting aside all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander… 1 Peter 2:1 (NASB) 3. Craving Spiritual Milk Therefo ...…
“At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”—von Goethe. Every movement is intentional and creates an intended result. Are you running up life's escalator or are you standing still? Intention is the difference between accomplishing everything you desire or simply living a life of regret. There is no middle ground. ...…
{I Corinthians 2:6-16} The sacraments are strange to outsiders. Eat the body? Drink the blood? Pour water on a baby? What do these sacraments really mean to our faith, and how does the Holy Spirit illuminate that for us? Pastor Drew explains in our morning service.
The May 21st episode of Music Unframed is featuring “Re|Flection”, a year 2018 released album by “Project: Patchwork” from Germany. In this episode, you will also hear new Music by Cell15, The Slyde, Joseph McDade, Royal Hunt, ESP 2.0, Tonochrome, Fabric Of Reality Project (Rick Lambe) and more! TimeArtistTitleDurationAlbumYear19:07:42AnubisPar ...…
Subscribe via itunes or using this. ... "tout le monde sait où" "cette route nous mène..." anhrefn - clutter from the gutter (peel session 21.05.1993) garland - bas.ic (preludes #1 - 2018) she spread sorrow to the light (midori - 2018) norberto lobo - estrela (estrela - 2018) theoretical girls contrary motion ( -197) the body - off script (Ihav ...…
05-02-18-- With a ball of light and a balled fist, Kelly and Nancy address dreams and relationship issues with gusto. An Illuminating dream that has Kelly lighting up with glee and a girlfriend who is enduring her man's raving about his ex and her beauty has Nancy oming with the world. #firstforwomen #dreams #relationships #exmesses…
Lectionary texts, illuminated by art, for Pentecost Sunday Year B - May 20, 2018 9:45 Service Sermon by Dr. Matthew Russell, Sr. Associate Pastor "The Great Reversal"
Lectionary texts, illuminated by art, for Pentecost Sunday Year B - May 20, 2018. 11:05 Service Sermon by Rev. Tommy Williams, Sr. Pastor "The Movement of God"
Surah Al Munafiqun is the 63rd Surah of the Holy Quran. The meaning of Al Munafiqun is the Hypocrites, which is from the root word nifaq, which means hypocrisy. Generally, we have learned that this Surah was revealed for three main reasons: There were Munafiq individuals at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and we should know of them, Alla ...…
This week on Arts Magazine, Melting Pot Productions will tell us about their new show, Ain’t No Such Thing As Midnight Black, and Stone Lion Puppet Theatre will discuss their upcoming production, Illuminated Waters and the Puppets For the World … The post “No Such Thing As Midnight Black”, “Illuminated Waters” & Puppets For The World Festival a ...…
This podcast is a recording of a live Q&A that took place at the QFT during our film festival, after the screening of Sinead O’Shea’s illuminating documentary, A Mother Brings Her Son to be Shot.
Radiant Power Hour Radio Show On this episode of Radiant Power Hour Tara is hosting author, & founder of Goddess Code Academy™, Radhaa Nilia who will be sharing how to bring the sacred into everyday life based on her work with Goddess Quan Yin. Radhaa is also the author of Quan Yin Goddess Code Activation's. Join special guest Radhaa as she sha ...…
In this philosophic episode of The Man Made podcast, join writer-philosopher Alen White as he dramatically illuminates the awe and wonder of the common television. The Man Made is a dramatic philosophical podcast about the awe and wonder of the man made. The podcast presents a unique and radiant spectacle: a heroic view of the man made. It dram ...…
We present a debut release that captures the essence of the underground progressive sound, Tinexis illuminates "The Dark Side of the Moon". major force in his home country's music scene, Tinexis is a mysterious artist in a world of social media noise. Pushing against the idea that high visibility is the key to s ...…
We present a debut release that captures the essence of the underground progressive sound, Tinexis illuminates "The Dark Side of the Moon". major force in his home country's music scene, Tinexis is a mysterious artist in a world of social media noise. Pushing against the idea that high visibility is the key to s ...…
Show Description - Digital Signage Stories, the official podcast of Digital Signage Expo and its editorial partner site, highlights successful digital signage projects and installations deployed around the world in a variety of different vertical markets. With this podcast, you will gain insight from industry expert ...…
Luscious Leadership with Danna Lewis Radio Show Join Danna for this very special series of intimate leading lady interviews with fascinating women Danna has had the honor of meeting. From the C-Suite and beyond, get to know (and glean valuable wisdom) from women choosing and creating deeper presence, strategic awareness and courageous kindness ...…
::: ^ clickable ^ ::: ::: DØWNLOAD | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE TO "LIQUIDE SESSIONS" ON ITUNES PØDCAST OR GOOGLE PLAY ... ENJØY! *** if yøutube & pødcast links are not working >>> live recørding is in process *** |:::|:::|::: :::|:::|:::| ::: 2016 HONORABLE MENTIONS::: Waterparks: Double Dare So I am a sucker for pop and when I heard the beginning of # ...…
In this episode of the podcast, Julie and Noelle offer up their key takeaways and insights from a previous interview with Juozas (Joe) Kaziukėnas, founder of Marketplace Pulse. Joe founded Marketplace Pulse with the idea to use data to educate and inform “behind the scenes’ businesses in the online retail space. Marketplace Pulse offers service ...…
James Vaughan is a coach at the AIK Academy in Sweden. He is a colleague of Mark O'Sullivan and Dennis Hortin (both previous podcast guests) and is a regular contributor to the fantastic website 'Player Development Project'. James has a rich background as a coach and as a researcher and has been fortunate to study under the guidance of some of ...…
Show Notes: Gramma’s illuminating fashion choices. Some timely Super Bowl hot takes. Jeff takes an on-air butt dial. Stub and Roach debate who would be the best celebrity to Freaky Friday with. Jeff decides he’s seen all entertainment, and Roach decides that it’s time. The guys pitch a frozen dinner cross-branding opportunity… are you listening ...…
1. Who is Joie Cheng 2. Using a unique blend of energy healing, life coaching, and transformation techniques, Joie’s hands on mentorship is masterful and life changing. 3. Check out: 4. Why Is It So Hard To Love Ourselves?? 5. Illuminate Your Self-Love 7. Joie's Secret To Working Out Her Own Problems 8. Why Joie I ...…
Richard explores the life and times and mysterious death of Jim Morrison, the charasmatic lead vocalist with The Doors. Was that really Jim's body that Pam found in the bath tub in their Paris apartment, or was it a doppleganger? Guests: Alan Graham is Jim Morrison's former brother-in-law. He was married to Jim's younger sister, Anne, beginning ...…
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