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Best IlmFeed podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best IlmFeed podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Inspirational discussions with inspirational Muslims.
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Actor Reshad speaks about how he turned down a leading role in a Hollywood show because of his commitment to his faith, starring in Diriliş: Ertuğrul and the need for more shows which highlight Islamic history.Help us produce more podcasts like this at: http://patreon.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
----more----Ustadha Fatima is joined by Headteacher, Someerah Butt, and son Hudhayfah Ashraf to discuss all things Muslims schools, childhood development and the controversies around the Relationships and Sex Education legislation. Help us produce more inspirational podcasts like this: http://patreon.com/ilmfeed…
Ustadh Shabbir is joined by Mustafa Briggs who speaks black history in Islam, Islam in America before Malcolm X, the prophets who were sent to Africa and how ignorance leads to racism.Support IlmFeed and help us produce more podcasts like this: http://www.patreon.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Dr. Wajid Akhter, the founder of Charity Weeks explains how it all began and how his vision to unite young Muslims was the driving force behind its inception.By ilmfeed
Ustadh Shabbir is joined by Shaykh Navaid Aziz who discusses the perils of social media, what conversations to have when choosing a spouse. Help us produce more inspirational podcasts like this: http://patreon.com/ilmfeed --- Shaykh Navaid Aziz is a Canadian Muslim public figure with a diverse academic and social background. He was raised in Mo ...…
Ustadh Shabbir Hassan and Ustadh Asim Khan discuss a range of topics in regards to marriage from romance to conflict resolution. Ustadh Asim also shares some top tips on how couples can improve their marital relationships. Help us produce more inspirational podcasts like this: http://patreon.com/ilmfeed…
Shabbir Hassan is joined by Dr Naveed Suhail Khan and Zakaria Rob who discuss how they dealt with being rejected from medical school, what lessons they learnt from that experience and how patience and perseverance enabled them to pursue their careers in medicine.By ilmfeed
Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief UK speaks about the challenges he faced growing up as an orphan and how the deen helped him recover from his downward spiral as a young man. He opens up about tragically losing his son whilst on holiday and shares valuable pieces of advice to those who may be experiencing similar tests.Help us produce ...…
In this episode, Ustadh Shabbir is joined by his former classmate Ustadh Haaris where they talk about their experiences in memorising the Qur'an and studying Alimiyyah in the UK.By ilmfeed
Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla is joined by Shaykha Dr. Tamara Gray to discuss how the idea of worshipping a “Male God” lead her to leave Christianity and embrace Islam, the struggles of being a female Muslim convert in the 80s, fasting while pregnant, the epidemic of missing Salah, women’s place in the Masjid, advice for budding scholars and so muc ...…
Shabbir Hassan is joined by the co-founder of the Freshly Grounded podcast Faisal Choudhry who shares some insights into how he got into podcasting and discusses whether or not going to university was beneficial for him. Watch this episode in 4K at http://youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Shabbir Hassan is joined by Zain Miah who talks about what it was like performing Hajj last year and he also discusses a project he founded called Umrah Fund which supports people who are undergoing severe hardships. Learn more at: http://umrahfund.co.uk/By ilmfeed
Fatima Barakatulla is joined by Lauren Booth to discuss conversion to Islam, challenges for new Muslims, growing up with alcoholic parents, Islamophobia, activism, politics and much much more! Help IlmFeed produce more episodes like this: http://patreon.com/ilmfeed Watch in 4K at http://youtube.com/ilmfeed…
Shabbir is joined by SQ (WayOfLifeSQ) from New York who speaks about how he is using social media to advise others not to fall into the same mistakes he did during his jahiliyyah days and he shares practical tips on how to avoid temptations. Watch in 4K at youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Abrar Hussain is the director of the documentaries One Day in the Haram & One Night in Al Aqsa. He discusses how he managed to gain unprecedented access to two of the holiest sites in Islam and shares his experiences of directing both documentaries.By ilmfeed
In this episode Shabbir Hassan is joined by Ali Official who discusses the challenges in pursuing a career in creativity and why he opened up about his mental health. Help IlmFeed produce more shows like this: http://patreon.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Fatima Barkatulla is joined by LaYinka Sanni to discuss parenting, not letting problems grow, what to do when children make mistakes and much more!By ilmfeed
Shabbir is joined by the Kazi brothers Abidur Rahman and Shafiqur Rahman to talk about business and entrepreneurship.By ilmfeed
Shaykh Shams Ad Duha calls on mosques to do more for the youth to save them from gang violence, drugs and other challenges.By ilmfeed
Ustadh Shabbir Hassan shares top tips on how to make powerful and meaningful Du'as.By ilmfeed
In this episode Essam talks about his struggles growing up and how he came to terms with forgiving someone who had hurt him. He also discusses the events which led him to try to become a better person and how he his now using rap to reach out to the youth. Watch in 4k at http://youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Shabbir Hassan is joined by Qari Fatih Seferagic who speaks about his experiences in becoming a Hafidh and how one video made him famous overnight. He discusses how he has matured as a person and the importance of having correct intentions when reciting the Qur'an. Watch in 4K at http://youtube.com/ilmfeed…
Talha Ghannam, the founder of the Quran Club app speaks about connecting with the Quran through reflection and understanding. He explains how he is building a community of Muslims who are coming together to read and complete the Quran.By ilmfeed
Musa Adnan discusses his days as a YouTuber, the need for self-development and the importance of seeking Islamic knowledge.Watch in 4K at http://youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Shaykh Hasan Ali shared many words of wisdom on topics such as protecting oneself from jinns, purification of the heart (tazkiyah), the importance of finding good company and raising children in the 21st century. Learn more about Safar Publications at: https://safarpublications.org/ and support his work at http://launchgood.com/safar…
Shabbir Hassan was joined by the founder of Ramadan Legacy Shahbaz Mirza to discuss how Muslims can make the most out of the blessed month of Ramadan. Learn more about Ramadan Legacy at: https://www.ramadanlegacy.comBy ilmfeed
Omar Salha speaks about the time he scored against Mourinho, his research on Muslims in Britain and explains his vision behind the Open Iftar Project. Learn more about the Open Iftar: http://openiftar.co.uk http://twitter.com/openiftarhttp://facebook.com/openiftarBy ilmfeed
Fatima Barkatulla and Umm Talha speak about some of the things people can do to ensure that their marriages remain healthy and what can be done to tackle difficulties. 4:23 - Having a supportive spouse5:30 - Benefits of marrying for the Deen7:22 - Growing up as an orphan without a father figure11:40 - Importance of circles of knowledge for wome ...…
Artist Mohammed Ali speaks about his teenage years as a graffiti artist to becoming an award-winning mainstream artist. He also speaks about his work with Syrian children and Islamic Relief.By ilmfeed
Mufti Wasim Khan discusses what it means to be a mufti, answering questions and how we should advise one another. Watch in 4K at youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
John Fontain had a chat with Sonny Bill Williams about the events at Christchurch. Support John's da'wah efforts in New Zealand: gofundme.com/dawahnewzealand Subscribe to John's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzBBG_OZUVVtNVb9HGVcm4ABy ilmfeed
Dean Mousad from Sydney shares his personal journey of how he transitioned from a life of drugs and alcohol to being active in Da'wah. He also talks about the work he does with people who have sinful addictions such as pornography and shares pieces of advice to those who may be in a similar situation. Watch in 4K at youtube.com/ilmfeed…
Shaykh Hasib Noor speaks about marriage and what Islam says about how men and women should interact. Watch in 4K at http://youtube.com/ilmfeed. Support IlmFeed at http://patreon.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Shaykh Bilal Ismail speaks about the Muslim community in South Africa and a training programme that has been developed to empower Imams. Watch in 4K at youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Ustadh Omar Hajaj speaks about student activism, his journey to Madinah University and how to connect with the youth.By ilmfeed
Shaykh Kazi Ashiqur Rahman (Darul Ummah Mosque) & Maulana Ebrahim Surti (Noor Ul Islam Mosque) share their experiences about being an Imam.By ilmfeed
Shaykh Hasib Noor discusses the need for Muslims to study Islamic History and speaks about the accuracy of dramas like Diriliş Ertuğrul. Note: *Contains Diriliş Ertuğrul spoilers.* Watch in 4K at http://www.youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
The founders of Islamic GPS (Ikbal Hussain) & Scoodle (Ismail Jeilani) speak about their apps and what inspired them to develop them. They also share tips for budding tech entrepreneurs in how to go about launching their own apps. Watch in HD at http://www.youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Ustadh Asim Khan speaks about studying in Egypt, how to connect with the Qur'an and the relevancy of the Qur'an in the 21st century.By ilmfeed
Shabbir and Salah discuss ways to be productive as students, employees or business people and how to prioritise studying the deen with student/work life. Watch in HD at http://www.youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Zeeshan Ali who runs the YouTube channel Smile2Jannah spoke about his story and shared tips about how platforms like YouTube can be used for Da'wah, tips on how to start a YouTube channel and what challenges Muslim YouTubers can face. Watch this episode in 4K at http://youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Qari Ziyaad Patel speaks about his journey in becoming a Qari and discusses the need for Muslims to engaging in local communities wherever they are. Guest presenter: Hafiz Abdus Samad. Watch podcast in HD on http://youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
Ilyas Mao, a nasheed artist from Canada speaks about how he transitioned from making Music to producing acapella nasheeds. He discusses the need for Muslim creatives to support each other in countering negative influences from mainstream music and movies. Presenter: Shabbir Hassan. Watch this episode in HD at youtube.com/ilmfeed…
Shaykh Sajid Umar discusses how communities can be ignited to benefit humanity. You can watch this episode in 4K at youtube.com/ilmfeedBy ilmfeed
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