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With all this talk about wall building, bad hombres and refugees as Skittles, comedian Maeve Higgins is beyond ready to change the conversation around immigration. She's traveled all the way here from Ireland to bring you funny, beautiful and sometimes maddening immigration stories, told by the people who’ve lived them.
This podcast is all about Canadian Immigration Law, Policy, and Practice. Periodically Canadian Immigration Lawyer Mark Holthe will address various topics related to the Canadian immigration process. He will also be responding to weekly questions from listeners seeking general information and advice on Canadian Immigration matters. Visit us at our new website for access to the show notes and other helpful information related to each Podcast. You can also go ...
Immigration Hour
Charles H. ("Chuck") Kuck is Managing Partner of Kuck Immigration Partners located in Atlanta, Georgia. Chuck previously served as the National President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association ("AILA") from 2008-2009. He is also the immediate past president of the international Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers, and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Emory Law School. Prior to his time at Emory Law School, Chuck was and adjunct professor of law at UGA for 13 y ...
REDIRECT is a weekly dive into the world of immigration law and its human consequences. Refugees and border walls, rhetoric and politics. We break it down and get to the truth.
In-Depth Discussions, Interviews and Legal Analysis of Immigration Law and Practice with Professionals in the Field, with Host John Khosravi, Esq. Intended for Immigration Lawyers and Attorneys. Attorney Advertisement, please consult with an attorney.
Podcast covering the latest information on Canadian Immigration law, policy, and practice.
Status tells the human stories that immigration impacts. Somebody might be in the US on an E-1, an H-1B, a J-2, or an F-1. They might be undocumented or they may have their green card. They might be moving to Canada for a job or to the UK to escape violence in their home country. In any case, every immigrant has a story. We tell those stories and how the complex reality of immigration weaves its way into the narrative. Status is produced by Matt Horton.
A monthly podcast discussing the law and legal issues relating to immigration, asylum and free movement in the UK
Immigration Nation
Host Kara Lynum tackles myths and misconceptions about immigrants and provides listeners with the reality of immigration in the United States
Intergate Immigration Service
Immigration MIC
Hosted by Long Island activist Hendel Leiva, each episode takes you through the individual journey and story of each guest, and the personal reasons why they're fighting for immigrants across the nation, in their own way. Follow Hendel on Twitter: @HendelMedia
This Week in Immigration gives you a rundown in 30 minutes or less of key immigration issues. Experts from the Bipartisan Policy Center discuss and analyze all that is new and noteworthy on immigration policy.
Immigration Lawyer Paris Lee discusses helpful tips, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid while filing for US Citizenship or for a family member's green card or immigration status. Mr. Lee is Founding and Managing Partner of Lee and Garasia, LLC, a firm that practices immigration law exclusively. He has over 17 years of experience in the field and currently serves as Chair of the Immigration Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association. This podcast is not legal advice nor is it intended ...
Learn about American immigration law from The Immigration Force™. We are the special forces of immigration lawyers.™
Countries with strong economies attract job seekers. Today an estimated 15% of the world's 7 billion people live in 22 countries most sound financially. Its believed that 50 million people have been displaced from from their place of birth for either economic or political reasons, or both. On this radio show we discuss issues related to legal immigration, brain drain of highly qualified professionals, success stories of immigrants and politics in the homeland. We bring experts from around th ...
Interviews with leaders in U.S. Immigration
Immigration law podcasts explaining the complexities of immigration law and guiding applicants on their immigration endeavors.The podcasts are unique because they are made by a well known and respected attorney. The podcast will cover issues related to visas with such as B1/B2 visas (visitor and business visas), H1B visas, L1 Visas, O visas, EB1 visas, student visas, perm labor certifications, national interest waivers (NIW), greencards, and citizenship. The podcasts will also cover immigrat ...
Podcast for Program: Oil Spill, Police Murder and Nazi Immigration Laws: We Don't Have to - and Shouldn't - Live This Way In series: The Michael Slate ShowVersion: Larry Everest and Orpheus Reed on the spot reporting from the Gulf Coast Oil Spill on the ecological devastation and the lies that cover it up; Carl Dix on the murder of 7 year old Aiyana Stanley Jones by the Detroit Police; The Band Outernational debuts their newly released cover of Deportees.
This is a podcast where we talk about the problems of how people in America view Haitian immigrants.
Immigration Attorney Heather L. Poole shares her insights & helpful tips for understanding and navigating through the complicated world of U.S. immigration law . Learn what to avoid in filing cases and ways to protect your rights, avoid long separations from loved ones, and learn to work with the system.and much more . . . IMPORTANT WARNING: This site and the postings to the site is offered as a public service and is intended only to be informational in nature. These podcasts are not meant t ...
Stephen Robbins and other immigration lawyers discuss the latest in immigration law.
This podcast acts as supportive material for the Clark County School District's Teaching American History Grant module on Immigration and Collaborative Biographies. During the module, third, fourth, and fifth grade classroom teachers learn about immigration from 1880-1920 through reading history books and children's literature, writing a book report, and writing a historical fiction chapter book.
Bringing you the latest news and information about the UK immigration system.
Dream Podcast The Truth About Immigration Hosted by Richie Maruffo and Cynthia Lopez
American immigration law, to help our listeners work beyond borders, live beyond borders, and love beyond borders.
For the first episode of the Purple State Paradigm our good friend and Philosophy Professor at the University of North Florida, Kyle Hodge, joins us as we discuss immigration, the Mueller investigation, Puerto Rico, and the NFL.
Today, we will be discussing a personal story from an Iraqi refugee, historical context, and a current event. Enjoy the show!
We cover various Immigration topics from the client perspective and the attorney perspective!
How and why do immigration experiences vary?Period 5 Aidan Jazmin and Linden
This is going to be able the Book of Unknown Americans. We are going to elaborate on themes, and talk about the characters. We will compare their immigration stories to each other, and discuss the book's plot.
Tahmina Talks Immigration is a talk show all about US immigration laws hosted by Tahmina Watson- Founder@WatsonImmigrationLaw, passionate #immigrationlawyer, #immigrationreform advocate 4 #entrepreneurs, author, blogger, radio show host, speaker mother&wife
Progressives for Immigration Reform exists to protect low-skill, low wage American workers from unemployment and wage suppression caused by unfair labor and trade practices, including importation of large numbers of low wage foreign workers who are subject to exploitation by foreign and domestic corporations working in the United States.
Immigration Compliance Group provides US and global visa services to individuals and employers throughout the USA and abroad. We specialize in business immigration and have a depth of experience in the IT, healthcare, arts/entertainment and sports industries, amongst others. Our talented staff of attorneys and case managers handle business visas for investors, multinational managers and executives, skilled and specialized knowledge professionals, outstanding individuals in science, technolog ...
Immigration Studies
Immigration Light
Immigration Nerds
Listen to the latest Immigration news and updates here, on Immigration Nerds.
...Latest Immigration News
This is my podcast!
Thinking creatively about the American immigration system. In this new and exciting series of short Immigration Sounds Bites, Immigration Attorney and podcaster, Jacob Sapochnick, takes the audience on a daily journey of discovery about Immigration in America.You ask, we answer, Simple. All your Immigration Questions, from our Facebook Page, Blog and Emails.Listen in on this no-holds-barred look at the current state of our Immigration system, we share stories of inspiring Immigrants, highlig ...
The Memphis immigration Project Podcast (MiPP) provides Immigration news, interviews, & stories right from the 901. This Podcast furthers the mission of our MiP organization to equip communities, & advance polices that are just & equitable for the welfare of the city.
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What is the definition of a Sanctuary City? You might be surprised to learn there isn't one. The term is just one of many meant to describe a growing number of policies aimed at making life better for immigrants in our communities. Ian Bratlie, an attorney with the ACLU of Minnesota, talks with host Kara Lynum about what these policies are (and ...…
02m08s Mr. West goes to Washington. (An improvement over what went before.)10m43s Speaking up fo [...]By (John Derbyshire).
This week, Matthew and I discuss what Brent Kavanaugh's robe modifications should be, and whether the democrats have an immigration problem (spoiler alert, they do).
Erickson Immigration Group Attorney’s Andy Finkle and Christine Annand join to discuss NAFTA’s trade agreement replacement, USMCA. What are the key changes in this new agreement between U.S, Mexico, and Canada? Are there any provisions that may impact work authorization for those on TN Visa’s? Was there an opportunity to do more?…
Dream Podcast recorded live at El Paso Last Thursdays. Featuring attorney Brenda Villalpando and musician Kiko Rodriguez.
This week host Jordan LaPier and his regular guests Theresa Cardinal Brown and Cris Ramón discuss the DHS inspector general’s highly critical report on the Trump administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy, the tent city shelter for migrant children in Tornillo, Texas, and the latest on the administration’s proposed “public charge rule.” This podcas ...…
Kara Lynum begins Season 2 looking back at the last several months and how immigration laws and policies continue to change at a rapid pace. She’s joined by Ana Pottratz Acosta to discuss the Flores settlement, family separation, ICE living outside its means, reports of abuse in detention centers, executive orders, DACA, the ACLU lawsuit in San ...…
Donald Trump’s Topeka rally on Saturday contained a lot of celebration of Brett Kavanaugh being confi [...]By (Brenda Walker).
Welcome to Radio VDARE and I’m your host Virginia Dare.We recently did a quick poll on Twitter aski [...]By (Virginia Dare).
This week Matthew and I are joined by actress and activist Alyssa Milano to discuss the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and her immigration activism (Also, is there a Charmed reunion in the mix?) She is incredibly engaged in the fight for immigrant rights, and it was an honor to talk to her. Alyssa talks about the Vera Institute of Justice (ww ...…
Welcome to Radio VDARE and I’m your host Virginia Dare. When observing the American Right today, one [...]By (Virginia Dare).
Special Guest David Bier. David serves as an Immigration policy expert at The Cato Institute with a focus on visa reform, border security, and interior enforcement. In a recent announcement, the White House has proposed key changes to the Public Charge Policy that is designed to reduce the number of immigrants eligible for green cards. In essen ...…
In this podcast we will discuss the steps in starting a application for a Asylum visa request.
In this podcast we will discuss the steps in starting a application for a VAWA request.
Matthew and I break down yesterday's Dr. Ford/Kavanaugh hearing. Spoiler alert: we're nauseated. Be sure to check out our patreon page at and our new Youtube channel!
All you want to know about the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (aka Green Card lottery, visa lottery, diversity lottery, etc).
Ya no quiero pedir a mi pariente. ¿Es muy tarde para cancelar la petición? Siga escuchando...
Is it too late to cancel the Green Card process if it started already? Can you back down from petitioning for someone?
¿Puede usar su visa de turista para venir a casarse a los Estados Unidos?
This week Jordan is joined by BPC’s Director of Immigration and Cross-Border Policy Theresa Cardinal Brown, Policy Analyst Cris Ramón, and Project Associate Katie Sullivan to discuss the latest immigration news. They cover the Trump administration’s announcement of a lower cap of refugees next year, the latest U.S.-Mexico border apprehension nu ...…
New USCIS Policy Update: Labor Unions can now send a negative consultations directly to USCIS if they have suspicion that a candidate has falsified their review. Erickson Immigration Group attorneys Katie Desmond and Krystal Kirst address the latest policy and share ways on how applicants can best prepare themselves during their application pro ...…
[74] Interview with Immigration Attorney Ammar Alo - Discussing Travel Ban Waivers & Managing a Solo Immigration Practice
This week we're joined by Matthew Hoppock to discuss the failure of ICE in complying with the law and the Supreme Court. Shrug. You can check out Matthew's work over at www.hoppocklawfirm.comMatthew and I also discuss how we're locking more and more kids up in cages, and where that money is coming from. The answer . . . depressingly might not s ...…
In this episode of our new series co-hosted by Seattle Globalist co-founder Alex Stonehill, Alex and Tahmina discuss a new USCIS memo which creates a policy to deny cases without requesting new evidence. This drastic new policy will have a severe effect on individuals and businesses alike. The new memo took effect on 9/11/18. Below is a link to ...…
Best selling author @julissaarce joins Immigration MIC to talk about her new book #SomeoneLikeMe!We talk about the success of her 1st book, #MyUndergroundAmericanDream, what she’s been up to the last couple of years (working with @crookedmedia, hosting a podcast with @graceparra360, and developing projects with @dianexguerrero), relaunching #30 ...…
This week we celebrate our 25th episode by revisiting some of our greatest hits. Director of Immigration and Cross-Border Policy Theresa Cardinal Brown and Policy Analyst Cris Ramón discuss with host Jordan LaPier a number of past topics that are due for an update, such as Immigrants’ use of public benefits, the Trump administration’s screening ...…
This week we're joined by Jodi Goodwin to talk about passport denials along the border. What's going on, and is it really something new? Jodi has been practicing immigration law along the border since 1996. Now she can say she's been on REDIRECT, a huge honor for her. Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Facebook, and to become a patr ...…
Dior Vargas, Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist, and White House Champion Of Change recipient is featured in this week’s episode of Immigration MIC. In this candid conversation, she talks about The Color Of My Mind; a book/ photo essay highlighting the diversity in the mental health community, the self-imposed pressures that can come with a ...…
This week we're joined by journalist Mike Faulk (twitter, @mike_faulk) to discuss the increased number of temporary agricultural visa applications. Matthew and I also discuss the Trump administration's revocation of US Citizen passports.
Join host Charles Kuck as he discusses public benefits and welfare for undocumented immigrants.By
This week we cover the latest efforts to reunite families separated at the border, the proposed “public charge” rule, and research on non-citizens’ use of public benefits. We also explain what continuances are in the immigration court system and why Attorney General Jeff Sessions has moved to curtail them. Host Jordan LaPier is joined by regula ...…
Travel Ban Update, USCIS Errors Increasing, Following up on Overstays, EOIR Independence, Public anti-immigration rage, Memos, Public Charge and Joint Sponsor Issues, Practice Tips, Visa Bulletin Retrogression and Per Country Limits, Citizenship Delays, Detention Phone Calls, Weed Investors and more
This week we're joined by fellow immigration attorney Greg McLawsen to discuss proposed regulation changes that would make it much harder for new immigrants to get papers. Another depressing show!
We're reversing roles for a new series of podcasts! Alex Stonehill, co-founder of The Seattle Globalist, a guest on our show before, will be hosting the series! Alex will interview Tahmina to talk immigration news updates! Immigration policies are changing fast and furiously with devastating consequences. In this first of the series, published ...…
Host Charles goes after the Attorney General.By
This week Matthew and I are joined by Ben Johnson, the Executive Director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). We ask Ben all the tough questions, but he makes a great case for AILA, and he also happens to have a tremendous podcast voice. Matthew and I also discuss Jeff Sessions' latest attack on the immigration courts, and M ...…
This week Matthew and I are joined by Ben Johnson, the Executive Director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). We ask Ben all the tough questions, but he makes a great case for AILA, and he also happens to have a tremendous podcast voice. Matthew and I also discuss Jeff Sessions' latest attack on the immigration courts, and M ...…
Join Charles as he esplains the crazy stuff that happening in D.C. and around the country with regard to immigrationBy
This week our host Jordan LaPier sits down with our regular cast and crew to cover what’s new on the DACA court battles and give a status update on family reunifications. We also look at our research and findings on whether rhetoric is effective in actually deterring unauthorized immigration. This podcast can also be found on Apple Podcasts, St ...…
Candidate for NYS Senate Jessica Ramos - the “proud daughter of immigrants”, and the former Director of Latino Media for the City of New York joins the Immigration MIC podcast! (Catch the full episode on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube today!) 🔵 Jessica is Colombian-American, born and raised in Elmhurst, and grew up in Astoria, and is currently ...…
This week on REDIRECT: Immigration Law & Perspectives we are joined by Judge Dana Leigh Marks, president emeritus of the National Association of Immigration Judges, to discuss a recent grievance filed against the Executive Office of Immigration Reform (EOIR). You can read more about that case here: ...…
Join host Charles Kuck and guest attorney Allen Orr from D.C. discussing the future of immigration and immigration attorneys in the U.S.By
Wasn’t selected for the H-1B lottery? Not a problem. How about spending a year working for your company in Australia, Singapore or Ireland? Erickson Global Attorneys’ Stephanie Tan and Salman Cheema give options on how to make your desire to travel and career goals work seamlessly together.
Join Charles Kuck host as he discusses threatened immigration and more law suits in D.C.
Join Charles Kuck as he brings us a Washington Immigration UpdateBy
This week Matthew and I are joined by former Immigration Judge Paul Schmidt to discuss the dwindling due process in our Immigration Courts. Matthew discusses his experience with Castro Tum, a case hand picked by the Attorney General to make life worse for literally everyone. Is the AG intentionally trying to overwhelm the Immigration Courts in ...…
Charles Kuck discusses immigration today.By
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